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Long Time Exposure



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Prezi Co

Warszawa, Mazowieckie


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This group was started on May 24th, 2013 and currently has:


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Long Time Exposure

About This Group

This group is for photographers who create images using a long exposure time so that it is visible in the picture as one of the basic features. For example, please look at the avatar of the group. At least a few seconds up, there is no maximum. Each carrier analog or digital, color or black and white. Artistic nudity is accepted, in other words no offensive images. Only two photos per day allowed. Think your suggestion do not fret, not every picture will be part of the group. Only pictures taken consciously and with good composition. Add your best work. Thanks !

Featured Images

Mihai Florea - Point Nepean

Point Nepean

Mihai Florea

Mariusz Blach - Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock

Mariusz Blach

Chad Dutson - Smoky Stream

Smoky Stream

Chad Dutson

Alexander Kunz - Soul Sleeping

Soul Sleeping

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Shark Fin

Shark Fin

Alexander Kunz

Sean Foster - Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers

Sean Foster

Alexander Kunz - Channels of Time

Channels of Time

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Waiting for Rain

Waiting for Rain

Alexander Kunz

Mihai Florea - Path to the unknown

Path to the unknown

Mihai Florea

Alexander Kunz - Cardiff Fire and Ice

Cardiff Fire and Ice

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Last Light

Last Light

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - After Sunset

After Sunset

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Aeon Shores Color

Aeon Shores Color

Alexander Kunz

Mihai Florea - Last light

Last light

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Land

Land's end

Mihai Florea

Sean Foster - Twin Peaks Bender

Twin Peaks Bender

Sean Foster

Mihai Florea - St Kilda

St Kilda

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Waves


Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Angles


Mihai Florea

Dave Gordon - San Francisco Ocean...
Mihai Florea - Reflections


Mihai Florea

Sean Foster - Exposed at Shaw
Marty Saccone - Sunset at Gullivers Hole
Mihai Florea - Barge landing

Barge landing

Mihai Florea

Alexander Kunz - Remembered Dreams

Remembered Dreams

Alexander Kunz

Dave Gordon - Golden Gate Bridge Self...
Mihai Florea - Moonlight heads mist
Alexander Kunz - Elemental Forces

Elemental Forces

Alexander Kunz

Adam Mateo Fierro - Stillwater Lift Bridge

Stillwater Lift Bridge

Adam Mateo Fierro

Martin Slotta - Sunset - Seascape

Sunset - Seascape

Martin Slotta

Joel E Blyler - Tremont Treasure

Tremont Treasure

Joel E Blyler

Alexander Kunz - Flat Rock

Flat Rock

Alexander Kunz

Mr Bennett Kent - Miami flag in the breeze

Miami flag in the breeze

Mr Bennett Kent

Marty Saccone - Full Moon on the Bay of...
Alexander Kunz - Vistono


Alexander Kunz

Dave Gordon - Twists and Turns in San...
Alexander Kunz - Seawall


Alexander Kunz

Vivienne Gucwa - Brooklyn Bridge and New...
Brian Carson - Bloor


Brian Carson

Giuseppe SANSONNE - Passing peniche under...

Passing peniche under...


Alexander Kunz - Force and Form

Force and Form

Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Ethereal Gates

Ethereal Gates

Alexander Kunz

Marty Saccone - Into the Foggy Night

Into the Foggy Night

Marty Saccone

Marty Saccone - Straight Up Awesome

Straight Up Awesome

Marty Saccone

Andrea Goodrich - Mountain Shades

Mountain Shades

Andrea Goodrich

Brian Carson - Ashbridges Bay Toronto...
Giuseppe SANSONNE - 30 seconds of the Palais...

30 seconds of the Palais...


Michele Steffey - Luminous Waters VI

Luminous Waters VI

Michele Steffey

Mihai Florea - St Paul

St Paul's

Mihai Florea

Alexander Kunz - Dhyana


Alexander Kunz

Jeff  Swan - The Pirate Ship And Big...
Martin Slotta - Sunset Balticsea

Sunset Balticsea

Martin Slotta

Michele Steffey - Braided Water

Braided Water

Michele Steffey

Alexander Kunz - The Timeless Time

The Timeless Time

Alexander Kunz

Sean Foster - The Collection of Liquid
Vivienne Gucwa - Broadway Theater - Night...
Jeff  Swan - Sometimes Its Best To...
Alexander Kunz - Madari


Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz - Stranded


Alexander Kunz

Michael Herrmann - HDR Wasserfallsteig

HDR Wasserfallsteig

Michael Herrmann

Michele Steffey - Cascade In The Glen

Cascade In The Glen

Michele Steffey

Mihai Florea - Trinculo


Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - SS Speke

SS Speke

Mihai Florea

Martin Slotta - Stone - Sunset

Stone - Sunset

Martin Slotta

Martin Slotta - The stone

The stone

Martin Slotta

Michele Steffey - Taughannock Monochrome I

Taughannock Monochrome I

Michele Steffey

Mihai Florea - Lost at sea

Lost at sea

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Resting on the shore 2
Marty Saccone - West Quoddy Head...

West Quoddy Head...

Marty Saccone

Mihai Florea - Resting On The Shore
Mihai Florea - Ghost ship

Ghost ship

Mihai Florea

Brian Harig - Horsethief Falls -...
Michele Steffey - Fall Creek Flow II

Fall Creek Flow II

Michele Steffey

Tammo Strijker - Sunset at the Gironde

Sunset at the Gironde

Tammo Strijker

Sean Foster - Bonsai Island

Bonsai Island

Sean Foster

Michele Steffey - Ludlowville Falls in...

Ludlowville Falls in...

Michele Steffey

Jon Glaser - Power Stream

Power Stream

Jon Glaser

Mihai Florea - The refuge

The refuge

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Moonlight Heads

Moonlight Heads

Mihai Florea

Jon Glaser - Wavy Day

Wavy Day

Jon Glaser

Jon Glaser - Rush Rush

Rush Rush

Jon Glaser

Mihai Florea - Cat Bay 2

Cat Bay 2

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea - Silence


Mihai Florea

Andrew Taber - The Beacon

The Beacon

Andrew Taber

Marty Saccone - Rapids 2

Rapids 2

Marty Saccone

Jon Glaser - The Power of Water
Mihai Florea - Haunted beach

Haunted beach

Mihai Florea

Jon Glaser - The Motion of the...
Jon Glaser - Not in Kansas Anymore
Jon Glaser - Violet Vista

Violet Vista

Jon Glaser

Jim Carrell - Queen Mary - Nightside
Jim Carrell - Vincent Thomas Bridge -...