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Frank Feliciano

Tallahassee, FL

United States

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Light House Images

About This Group

This group is specifically designed for images in any medium depicting light houses from all over the world.

Featured Images

Mark Miller - Basking On The Sandbar
Lynn Palmer - Lighthouse Cottage With...
Allan Lovell - Manistee Lighthouse 6
Leslie Kirk - Saint Simons Lighthouse
Lynn Palmer - Spiral Stair Steps

Spiral Stair Steps

Lynn Palmer

Joan Carroll - Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Francie Davis - Sunset at Choptank River...
Penny Lisowski - Currituck Beach Light...
Lisa Chorny - Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Mark VanDyke - Radiant - Bodie Island...
Joan Carroll - Ned

Ned's Point Light

Joan Carroll

Priscilla Burgers - Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse

Priscilla Burgers

Larry  Depee - Battery Point Lighthouse...
Allan Lovell - Pier Freeze

Pier Freeze

Allan Lovell

Betty Depee - Guardian


Betty Depee

Priscilla Burgers - Pemaquid Point Light

Pemaquid Point Light

Priscilla Burgers

Skip Willits - Hereford Inlet...

Hereford Inlet...

Skip Willits

Andrew  Craig - Storm Clouds Building
Joy Bradley - Morning Light

Morning Light

Joy Bradley

Bruce Wilbur - Toledo Harbor at high...
Ann Horn - Windblown Lake Michigan
Patricia Januszkiewicz - Ocracoke Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Patricia Januszkiewicz

Karol  Livote - Port Judith

Port Judith

Karol Livote

Madeline McDonald - Gulfport Blues

Gulfport Blues

Madeline McDonald

D Hackett - A View From The Top
Ann Horn - Grand Haven Panorama
Lee Piper - Bass Harbor Head Light
Skip Willits - Block Island Lighthouse
Bill Hubbard - Red Sky at Night a...
Mike Martin - Watch Hill Light

Watch Hill Light

Mike Martin

Joan Carroll - Sherwood Point Light
Marty Saccone - Fogbound


Marty Saccone

Ann Horn - Everywhere Whitecaps
Keith Stokes - Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal...
Brian Wallace - Sandy Pt Shoal...

Sandy Pt Shoal...

Brian Wallace

Amy Fearn - Point Montara Lighthouse
Finn Olav Olsen - Old Lighthouse gears

Old Lighthouse gears

Finn Olav Olsen

Finn Olav Olsen - Lighthouse


Finn Olav Olsen

Juli Scalzi - Lighthouse in Lake Dillon
Skip Willits - West Quoddy Lighthouse
Jillian Ryder - Fresnel Lens at...

Fresnel Lens at...

Jillian Ryder

Priscilla Burgers - Guiding Light

Guiding Light

Priscilla Burgers

Randall Nyhof - Stormy Weather at the...
Mark Miller - The Gardens of Hereford...
Jerry Fornarotto - Portland Breakwater...

Portland Breakwater...

Jerry Fornarotto

Randall Branham - Viewing Thatcher Island...
Keith Stokes - Round Island Lighthouse
Mal Bray - Trwyn Du Lighthouse
Randall Branham - Moon Light Light House

Moon Light Light House

Randall Branham

Ann Horn - Grand Haven Winter
Nina Stavlund - Swallowtail Lighthouse...
Roger Wedegis - Duncansby Head Scotland
James Potts - Cape Elizabeth Portland...
Cathy Lindsey - Currituck Light

Currituck Light

Cathy Lindsey

Keith Stokes - East Channel Lighthouse
Cathy Lindsey - Roadside Bodie Light

Roadside Bodie Light

Cathy Lindsey

Marty Saccone - Midnight Moonlight on...
Bill  Wakeley - Stage Harbor Lighthouse
Bill  Wakeley - Race point Light

Race point Light

Bill Wakeley

Nancy Patterson - Clear Day At Portland...

Clear Day At Portland...

Nancy Patterson

Joan Carroll - Portland Head Light II
Richard T Pranke - The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper

Richard T Pranke

James Peterson - Kayaking Beneath the...
Lee Piper - Sunset at Bass Harbor
Keith Stokes - Paradise Island...

Paradise Island...

Keith Stokes

Amazing Jules - Point Gammon Lighthouse
Skip Willits - New Jersey Lighthouses
Joan Carroll - Dice Head Light

Dice Head Light

Joan Carroll

Joan Carroll - Spring Point Ledge Light
Keith Stokes - Mackinac Bridge and Light
Joan Carroll - Plum Island Light

Plum Island Light

Joan Carroll

Terri K Designs - Honor and Glory

Honor and Glory

Terri K Designs

Todd and candice Dailey - Split Rock lighthouse

Split Rock lighthouse

Todd and candice Dailey

Lee Piper - Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset

Lee Piper

Todd and candice Dailey - Little lonely ligthouse

Little lonely ligthouse

Todd and candice Dailey

Daniel Hebard - Portland Head Light House
Lee Piper - Eagle Harbor Light
Keith Stokes - Mackinac Island Harbor
Joan Carroll - Nubble Dawn

Nubble Dawn

Joan Carroll

David Bowman - Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island

David Bowman

Dorothy Cunningham - Ponce De Leon Light house

Ponce De Leon Light house

Dorothy Cunningham

Tim Devine - Bass Harbor Head Light
Werner Lehmann - Lighthouse


Werner Lehmann

Lee Piper - East Quoddy Head Light
Dorothy Cunningham - Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse

Dorothy Cunningham

Lee Piper - Christmas Island
Joan Carroll - Pemaquid Light

Pemaquid Light

Joan Carroll

Kiril Stanchev - Desenzano del Garda Old...
Flora Ehrlich - A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope

Flora Ehrlich

Will Gunadi - Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse
Joan Carroll - Portland Head Lighthouse
Bianca Nadeau - Presqu

Presqu'ile Lighthouse

Bianca Nadeau

Maj Seda - Calais Lighthouse
Randall Nyhof - Big Red Lighthouse by...
Don Fleming - Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light

Don Fleming

John Crothers - Storm Rolling In

Storm Rolling In

John Crothers

Barbara Manis - The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Barbara Manis

Keith Stokes - Grand Jardin lighthouse
John Haldane - Cape Cod Lighthouse

Cape Cod Lighthouse

John Haldane

Mike Martin - Portland Head Lamp

Portland Head Lamp

Mike Martin

Keith Stokes - Old Mackinac Point...
Miki De Goodaboom - Aguilas 01

Aguilas 01

Miki De Goodaboom

Randall Nyhof - Lighthead at the end of...
Randall Nyhof - White River Lighthouse...
Robert McCubbin - Leave Da Light On

Leave Da Light On

Robert McCubbin

David Rucker - Lighthouse Stairs

Lighthouse Stairs

David Rucker

Inge Johnsson - Lime Kiln Dawn

Lime Kiln Dawn

Inge Johnsson

Aaron Beeston - Port Maitland Light House
Keith Stokes - Top of the Lighthouse
Karol  Livote - As The Sky Reaches The...
Randall Nyhof - Fleeing the Coming Storm
Warren Thompson - Through The Prism

Through The Prism

Warren Thompson

Dave Glover - nature - lake - sunset -...
Lee Piper - California Lighthouse
Jerry Fornarotto - Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Jerry Fornarotto

Andrew  Craig - And Another Day Begins
Paul Fell - Lighthouse


Paul Fell

Lee Piper - New England Storm
Arterra Picture Library - 120920p004


Arterra Picture Library

Arterra Picture Library - 120715p094


Arterra Picture Library

Arterra Picture Library - 121213p127


Arterra Picture Library

Konni Jensen - Rubjerg Lighthouse

Rubjerg Lighthouse

Konni Jensen

Cathy Lindsey - Roanoke Marshes Light 4
Cathy Lindsey - Cape Hatteras Light...
Morag Bates - By the Light of the...
Andrew  Craig - Fire Island Light

Fire Island Light

Andrew Craig

Ann Horn - White Lighthouse...
Andrew Hewett - Very High Tide

Very High Tide

Andrew Hewett

Lynne Wright - The Beacon

The Beacon

Lynne Wright

Skip Willits - Hunting Island Lighthouse
Andrew  Hewett - Tranquil Awakening

Tranquil Awakening

Andrew Hewett

Marty Saccone - Full Moon on Quoddy

Full Moon on Quoddy

Marty Saccone

Lloyd Alexander - Pemaquids Reflection

Pemaquids Reflection

Lloyd Alexander

Daniel Dempster - Tawas Point Light -...

Tawas Point Light -...

Daniel Dempster

Marty Saccone - Foggy Night at West...
Jerry Fornarotto - Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

Jerry Fornarotto

Marty Saccone - West Quoddy Head Light...
Clarence Holmes - Cape Neddick Nubble...

Cape Neddick Nubble...

Clarence Holmes

Josephine Caruana - Sugarpoint Point...

Sugarpoint Point...

Josephine Caruana

Clarence Holmes - Cleveland Harbor West...

Cleveland Harbor West...

Clarence Holmes

Clarence Holmes - Pemaquid Point Light I

Pemaquid Point Light I

Clarence Holmes

Michael Weeks - Ocracoke Lighthouse...
Michael Weeks - Sullivan

Sullivan's Island...

Michael Weeks

Michael Weeks - Hunting Isalnd Lighthouse
Betty Depee - Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Penny Rinker - Cockspur Lighthouse

Cockspur Lighthouse

Penny Rinker

Randy Pollard - Big Sable Lighthouse

Big Sable Lighthouse

Randy Pollard

John Telfer - Vintage Looking Montauk...
Troy Stapek - North Shore Lighthouse...
Michael Allen - Old Fort Niagara...

Old Fort Niagara...

Michael Allen

Joan Carroll - Neenah


Joan Carroll

Dan Mihai - At Land

At Land's End

Dan Mihai

Roger Swieringa - Grand Haven Pier at Night
Roger Swieringa - Standing Strong in the...
Joan Carroll - Asylum Point Lighthouse
Randall Nyhof - Grand Haven Michigan...
Randall Nyhof - Footprints leading from...
Charline Xia - Lighthouse Sunset

Lighthouse Sunset

Charline Xia

Ann Horn - Lake Michigan Winds
Steve Sturgill - 0105 Cape Mears...

0105 Cape Mears...

Steve Sturgill

Ann Horn - Detroit Lighthouse...
Dan Myers - Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light

Dan Myers

Daniel Hebard - Curtis Island Lighthouse
Dave Allen - Roanoke Marshes...
Lloyd Alexander - Summer Waves Red Stroke...
Nina Stavlund - The End of the World...
Richard Bean - West Quoddy Head Light
Farol Tomson - Leaning Lighthouse of...
George Cousins - Guidance


George Cousins

Glenn Gordon - Nubble Lighthouse Cape...
Bruce Wilbur - Cape Mudge Lighthouse
Richard Bean - Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

Richard Bean

Sarah Vernon - LIghthouse Impasto

LIghthouse Impasto

Sarah Vernon

Penny Rinker - Still shining

Still shining

Penny Rinker

Thomas Marchessault - Harbourtown Harbor

Harbourtown Harbor

Thomas Marchessault

Warren Thompson - The Lens of the Tybee...

The Lens of the Tybee...

Warren Thompson

Kay Novy - Historic Pierhead...
Susan Wyman - The Manistee Lights
Melly Terpening - Monhegan Island...

Monhegan Island...

Melly Terpening

Brian Inscore - Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie Lighthouse

Brian Inscore

Glenn Gordon - Pemaquid Point...

Pemaquid Point...

Glenn Gordon

Andrew  Hewett - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Andrew Hewett

Dick Botkin - San Felipe Light

San Felipe Light

Dick Botkin

Daniel Dempster - Marblehead Lighthouse...

Marblehead Lighthouse...

Daniel Dempster

Jerry Fornarotto - Pemaquid Sunrise

Pemaquid Sunrise

Jerry Fornarotto

Kay Novy - Early Morning Rays
Lynne Wright - Savior


Lynne Wright

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis - A View Of Barry

A View Of Barry's...

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis

Anne Gilbert - Vapour Trail

Vapour Trail

Anne Gilbert

Warren Thompson - ST. Marks Lighthouse-2

ST. Marks Lighthouse-2

Warren Thompson

Dan Mihai - Dreaming of San Juan
William Walker - Highlands Lighthouse

Highlands Lighthouse

William Walker

Susan Wyman - On the Florida Coast
Randall Branham - Lobster boat Cape Cod

Lobster boat Cape Cod

Randall Branham

Eileen Patten Oliver - Daybreak


Eileen Patten Oliver

Mel Steinhauer - Roanoke Marshes Light 2
Mel Steinhauer - Yaquina Head Light

Yaquina Head Light

Mel Steinhauer

Darren Fisher - Pemaquid Point

Pemaquid Point

Darren Fisher

Nick Kloepping - Reflected in the Fog

Reflected in the Fog

Nick Kloepping

Bob Christopher - Lighthouse at Point Reyes
George Cousins - Evening at Peggy
Jerry Fornarotto - Pemaquid in Early...

Pemaquid in Early...

Jerry Fornarotto

Bob Christopher - Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
Lloyd Alexander - Summer Waves

Summer Waves

Lloyd Alexander

Daniel Lowe - Milky Way inside...
Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Horseshoe Reef Lighthouse

Horseshoe Reef Lighthouse

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Rick Berk - Autumn Storm at Cape...
Meldra Driscoll - Oregon Lighthouse with...
Patrick M Lynch - Tybee Light on Rainy...

Tybee Light on Rainy...

Patrick M Lynch

Patrick M Lynch - Boca Chita by Moonlight

Boca Chita by Moonlight

Patrick M Lynch

Darleen Stry - Cleveland Lighthouse
Dennis Dugan - 213 Steps Up

213 Steps Up

Dennis Dugan

Thomas Marchessault - Portland Head Light Cape...

Portland Head Light Cape...

Thomas Marchessault

Chuck De La Rosa - Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Chuck De La Rosa

Chuck De La Rosa - Marblehead Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse

Chuck De La Rosa

Nina Stavlund - Quiet Morning..

Quiet Morning..

Nina Stavlund

AmaS Art - The Lighthouse
Patrick M Lynch - Cape Florida

Cape Florida

Patrick M Lynch

Patrick M Lynch - American Shoal Lighthouse
Ginger Harris - Port Sanilac Lighthouse...
Ginger Harris - Pte. Aux Barques...

Pte. Aux Barques...

Ginger Harris

Ginger Harris - Fort Gratiot Lighthouse...
Allen Sindlinger - Things Forgotten

Things Forgotten

Allen Sindlinger

Frank Feliciano - I See a Bad Storm...

I See a Bad Storm...

Frank Feliciano

Mal Bray - Old Lighthouse
Mahlon Sabo - Lighthouse


Mahlon Sabo

Randall Branham - Inland Lighthouse in...

Inland Lighthouse in...

Randall Branham

Nabucodonosor Perez - Lighthouse


Nabucodonosor Perez

Bruce Wilbur - Saint John Harbor Light
Bruce Wilbur - Trial Island

Trial Island

Bruce Wilbur

Anthony Sacco - Historic Absecon...

Historic Absecon...

Anthony Sacco

Bruce Wilbur - Lime Kiln Light

Lime Kiln Light

Bruce Wilbur

Bruce Wilbur - Guard Island Lighthouse
Bruce Wilbur - The Tourist at Peggy
Bruce Wilbur - Point Wilson Lighthouse
Dennis Dugan - Light House on the Lake
Inge Johnsson - Madrone and Lighthouse
Janice Drew - Plymouth Light

Plymouth Light

Janice Drew

Inge Johnsson - West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse

Inge Johnsson

Matthias Hauser - Lindau harbor with ship...
Pat Morrissey - Boston Light

Boston Light

Pat Morrissey

Kathleen Struckle - Lighthouse Of Stone

Lighthouse Of Stone

Kathleen Struckle

Kathleen Struckle - Egg Rock Lighthouse

Egg Rock Lighthouse

Kathleen Struckle

Jerry Fornarotto - Nubble Lighthouse and...

Nubble Lighthouse and...

Jerry Fornarotto

George Atsametakis - Saint Theodori lighthouse

Saint Theodori lighthouse

George Atsametakis

George Atsametakis - Lighthouse in Chania city

Lighthouse in Chania city

George Atsametakis

George Bostian - Key West Lighthouse 01

Key West Lighthouse 01

George Bostian

Joy Bradley - Morning At Nubble...
Joy Bradley - Nubble Light House York...
Nop Briex - Het Paard light house
Cheryl Butler - Blizzard


Cheryl Butler

Nop Briex - Lighthouse at Isola del...
Jack Torcello - Godspeed at Brant Point...
Shana Rowe - Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me

Shana Rowe

Clare Bambers - Phare de Ouistreham or...
Carol Wisniewski - Desanzano Lighthouse and...
Dennis Dugan - Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Betty Depee - Battery Point Storm
Carol Wisniewski - Portland Head Lighthouse...
George Bostian - Lighthouse in Nassau

Lighthouse in Nassau

George Bostian

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Macquarie Lightstation

Macquarie Lightstation

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Bob Swanson - East Quoddy lighthouse
Dan Mihai - San Juan Sunset

San Juan Sunset

Dan Mihai

Roger Wedegis - Cape Canaveral...

Cape Canaveral...

Roger Wedegis

RC DeWinter - Ocean Oasis

Ocean Oasis

RC DeWinter

Nikki Marie Smith - Lindau Lighthouse in...

Lindau Lighthouse in...

Nikki Marie Smith

Anne Norskog - Heceta Head Oregon

Heceta Head Oregon

Anne Norskog

Viaina     - Lighthouse



Bob Swanson - Lima Naval Faro

Lima Naval Faro

Bob Swanson

Anne Norskog - Point Cabrillo California
Anne Norskog - Fanad Head Lighthouse...
Carla Parris - Cape San Blas Lighthouse
Lynn Bawden - Standing Guard

Standing Guard

Lynn Bawden

John Turek - Nauset Lighthouse.01
Deborah Smolinske - Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

Deborah Smolinske

Dan Mihai - The Remains of the Day
Yvette Pichette - Fog At The Coast

Fog At The Coast

Yvette Pichette

Larry Carr - Lake Michigan Fishing
Larry Carr - Grand Haven Lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Cape Henry Lighthouses
Bob Swanson - Old Cape Henry...

Old Cape Henry...

Bob Swanson

Lynn Bawden - Awesome View

Awesome View

Lynn Bawden

Bob Swanson - Cape Henry lights IR
Bob Swanson - Faro Cabo de la Barca...
Susan Savad - Rhode island -...

Rhode island -...

Susan Savad

Bob Swanson - Faro Isla Pancha Ribadeo
Roupen  Baker - Point Judith Lighthouse...
Frank Feliciano - Saint Marks Light House...
John Carncross - Lighthouse Stairway

Lighthouse Stairway

John Carncross

Dan Mihai - Diamond Head Lighthouse
George Cousins - Hurricane Watch

Hurricane Watch

George Cousins

Frank Feliciano - St. George Island Light...
Bob Swanson - Faro Estaca de Bares...
RC DeWinter - The Beacon

The Beacon

RC DeWinter

RC DeWinter - Night Light

Night Light

RC DeWinter

RC DeWinter - The Light at Covehead...
Bob Swanson - faro Cabo Torinan...
Bob Swanson - faro Isla Tapia...

faro Isla Tapia...

Bob Swanson

Dan Mihai - Point Wilson Lighthouse
Yvette Pichette - Lighthouse at Dusk

Lighthouse at Dusk

Yvette Pichette

Bob Swanson - Sanibel Island lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Anderson Hollow light NB
Bob Swanson - St. John Harbor light NB
Steve Goddard - Frozen Port

Frozen Port

Steve Goddard

Steve Goddard - Last Ship

Last Ship

Steve Goddard

Steve Goddard - Bay Sunrise

Bay Sunrise

Steve Goddard

Bob Swanson - Corolla light

Corolla light

Bob Swanson

Bob Swanson - Assateague light

Assateague light

Bob Swanson

Bob Swanson - Hatteras lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Cantabria faro lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Ponce Inlet lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Cabo San Agustin

Cabo San Agustin

Bob Swanson

Bob Swanson - Hatteras Solar old...
Bob Swanson - Faro de San Vincente...
Bob Swanson - East Quoddy lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Bodie Island lighthouse
Bob Swanson - Lighthouse Spain

Lighthouse Spain

Bob Swanson

Bob Swanson - Mabou Harbor lighthouse
Carla Parris - Crooked River Lighthouse
Spencer Hudon II - An Afternoon By The...

An Afternoon By The...

Spencer Hudon II

Carla Parris - Pt. Loma Lighthouse

Pt. Loma Lighthouse

Carla Parris

Carla Parris - St. Marks Lighthouse
Carla Parris - St. George Island...
Carla Parris - St. Catherine

St. Catherine's...

Carla Parris

Jessica Cruz - Harbor Lighthouse

Harbor Lighthouse

Jessica Cruz

Tom Jennerwein - Ledge Light

Ledge Light

Tom Jennerwein

Jack Torcello - Aquinnah Light I Marthas...
Dan Mihai - Admiralty Head Lighthouse
Correy DeWindt - The Light of Sandy Hook
Michael  Cryer - Lighthouse at Peggy
Arline Wagner - Nubble Lighthouse - Maine
Paul Mashburn - Portland Head

Portland Head

Paul Mashburn

Giovanni Marco Sassu - Porto peschereccio di...

Porto peschereccio di...

Giovanni Marco Sassu

Frank Feliciano - By The Sun

By The Sun's Setting...

Frank Feliciano