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Life Is What Happens



Group Administrator

Alec Drake

Dallas, TX

United States

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This group was started on March 23rd, 2012 and currently has:


524 Members


22,738 Images


154 Discussions

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Life Is What Happens

About This Group

This group is dedicated to all the events and changes that happen in our life without expectation. The unforeseen joy that brightens a day and the downdrafts that test our faith and strength. a wind that blows across our face just before the storm, can lead us to a path worn by the steps of creative discovery. Share your experience, as life is what happens to all of us.

Group Rules:
1. Paintings, photographs, digitally altered images and digital art are all welcome.

2. Strong limits on nudity. Please keep a PG rating so we can be family friendly.

3. Submission limit of two (2) images per member per day please. This provides balanced exposure for all members in the group.

We feature the unexpected when it arrives that reflects the spirit of the group.. We welcome your submissions and look forward to the benefit we will all experience when 'Life Is What Happens'.

You are invited to visit all of my art groups 'Life Is what Happens' or 'Kaleidoscopes & Mandalas' or 'How Bold Thou Art' Each group includes wonderful artists from around the world.


Congratulations to Hugo Bussen our Showcased Artist for April. Hugo Bussen was born January 31, 1953 in Katwijk a/d Rijn, Netherlands. He did various photography studies and learned a great deal from the masters of his time. Finally, in 2013, he obtained the master title himself. His Still Life gallery is an amazing tour of his widely recognized work throughout Europe.

I will visit each work below to comment, vote and like the work. Please join me and visit him with your support by clicking any image below.

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Featured Images

Helena Wierzbicki - Cityscape


Helena Wierzbicki

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Sunset Songs

Sunset Songs

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Lloyd Goldstein - Feel The Love

Feel The Love

Lloyd Goldstein

Gee Lyon - Sunrise Play05

fire Dance


Alexander Senin - Acapulco


Alexander Senin

Chrisann Ellis - Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

Chrisann Ellis

Robert Riordan - Afternoon in the Park

Afternoon in the Park

Robert Riordan

Ed Weidman - Did I Really Die

Did I Really Die

Ed Weidman

Joe Jake Pratt - Schizoid Personality...
Ana Maria Edulescu - Barcelona View At...

Barcelona View At...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Harsh Malik - Chakra Sadhna

Chakra Sadhna

Harsh Malik

Liane Wright - Transportation - Rusted...
Frank Winters - Seattle 2014.

Seattle 2014.

Frank Winters

Steven Bateson - Guitar Man

Guitar Man

Steven Bateson

Jolly Van der Velden - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Jolly Van der Velden

France  Art - The Travelers 1

The Travelers 1

France Art

Ana Maria Edulescu - Autumn Colorful Flowers

Autumn Colorful Flowers

Ana Maria Edulescu

Teresa Zieba - Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca Glacier

Teresa Zieba

Shoshana Donaya - A Rainbow In A Waterfall...
Brian Buckley - Fish For Supper

Fish For Supper

Brian Buckley

Darren Fisher - Stand Out

Stand Out

Darren Fisher

Gary Keesler - Country Boy

Country Boy

Gary Keesler

Chris Berry - Blues Woman

Blues Woman

Chris Berry

Charlie Spear - After the Winds Go

After the Winds Go

Charlie Spear

Joseph Coulombe - Urban Chess

Urban Chess

Joseph Coulombe

Gee Lyon - Contemplation


Gee Lyon

Joe Jake Pratt - Patience In Practice

Patience In Practice

Joe Jake Pratt

Joe Schofield - Unite


Joe Schofield

Joanna Madloch - Withdrawal


Joanna Madloch

John Malone - Finding Ones Self Means...
Ed Weidman - Legalize


Ed Weidman

Mike Savad - Country - A day out with...
Alfio Finocchiaro - Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train

Alfio Finocchiaro

Krista May - Night Flight

Night Flight

Krista May

Lois Bryan - One Room School

One Room School

Lois Bryan

Mikhail Savchenko - Blind beauty

Blind beauty

Mikhail Savchenko

Janice Rae Pariza - Abandoned Colorado...

Abandoned Colorado...

Janice Rae Pariza

Joan Carroll - Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Joan Carroll

Steven Milner - Hands Of Time

Hands Of Time

Steven Milner

John Malone - Egypt Tourist Security
Ana Maria Edulescu - The Strength Of Grace...

The Strength Of Grace...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Tim Allen - Market Buskers 4
Karol  Livote - At Bat

At Bat

Karol Livote

Alfio Finocchiaro - One step from the unknown

One step from the unknown

Alfio Finocchiaro

Steve Harrington - A New Orleans Tale

A New Orleans Tale

Steve Harrington

Rois Bheinn - It
Nick Mares - Cuban lady with cigar
Joanna Madloch - Various Angles

Various Angles

Joanna Madloch

Karen Wiles - Philipsburg


Karen Wiles

Jim Fitzpatrick - Filipina Woman and her...
Omaste Witkowski - Reality Disguised As...

Reality Disguised As...

Omaste Witkowski

Jack Zulli - John Lennon Mosaic
Georgina Noronha - Hands full of nothing

Hands full of nothing

Georgina Noronha

Charlie Spear - Fog Moon

Fog Moon

Charlie Spear

Kip DeVore - Arcadia Sporting Goods...
Mo T - Je Taime
Daliana Pacuraru - Valentine
Jeff  Swan - Frontier Nineteen Xto...
Lee Piper - Morning Light On The...
Hilde Widerberg - Look For Birds

Look For Birds

Hilde Widerberg

Ana Maria Edulescu - Search Of Lost Time In...

Search Of Lost Time In...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Helena Wierzbicki - Urban camouflage

Urban camouflage

Helena Wierzbicki

Joseph Hawkins - Clothes Line

Clothes Line

Joseph Hawkins

Karen Wiles - Feather Abstract

Feather Abstract

Karen Wiles

Chrisann Ellis - What Lies Ahead...

What Lies Ahead...

Chrisann Ellis

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Egrets


Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Ed Weidman - The Metro

The Metro

Ed Weidman

Roger Leege - Your Dancing Clown

Your Dancing Clown

Roger Leege

Brian Buckley - Macgrumpy


Brian Buckley

Joe Schofield - We
Daliana Pacuraru - Silent must be heard -...

Silent must be heard -...

Daliana Pacuraru

Kellice Swaggerty - Shopper


Kellice Swaggerty

Laur Iduc - John Lennon

John Lennon

Laur Iduc

Jim Fitzpatrick - Muhammad Ali formerly...

Muhammad Ali formerly...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Diana Sainz - Cy Curnin The Fixx by...
Karol  Livote - Monkey Eyes

Monkey Eyes

Karol Livote

Nekoda  Singer - Keep thy foot

Keep thy foot

Nekoda Singer

Andrew Penman - Fishing for lost souls
Steve Harrington - A Tujagues Night

A Tujagues Night

Steve Harrington

Ana Maria Edulescu - Lisbon Impression

Lisbon Impression

Ana Maria Edulescu

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Violeta Parra and the...

Violeta Parra and the...

Madalena Lobao-Tello

Liane Wright - Route US 66

Route US 66

Liane Wright

Mo T - Pit Stop
Georgina Noronha - Dating in the belvedere

Dating in the belvedere

Georgina Noronha

Hilde Widerberg - Flying In The City

Flying In The City

Hilde Widerberg

iina  Van Lawick - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

iina Van Lawick

Nina Stavlund - The Water Girl...

The Water Girl...

Nina Stavlund

Daliana Pacuraru - Nelson Mandela Portrait

Nelson Mandela Portrait

Daliana Pacuraru

Gun Legler - Reaching for the limit
Dagmar Helbig - Jump In The Air

Jump In The Air

Dagmar Helbig

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman - Jump for my Love

Jump for my Love

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman

Ed Weidman - The Other Side Of Love
Anita Lewis - Freedom


Anita Lewis

Krista May - Letting Go

Letting Go

Krista May

Robert Holewinski - Canal Grande Venice

Canal Grande Venice

Robert Holewinski

Jerry L Barrett - Music


Jerry L Barrett

Kristie  Bonnewell - Daddy

Daddy's Lil Country Girl

Kristie Bonnewell

Ana Maria Edulescu - Viennese Cappuccino...

Viennese Cappuccino...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Omaste Witkowski - Miracles Can Happen...

Miracles Can Happen...

Omaste Witkowski

Charlie Spear - Woods Hole

Woods Hole

Charlie Spear

Helena Wierzbicki - Perfect bliss

Perfect bliss

Helena Wierzbicki

Jeff  Swan - The Design Of Paradise
Kathy Budd - This Street Scene Will...
Paul Calabrese - South Street Seaport...
Tom Druin - Classic 1956...

Classic 1956...

Tom Druin

Joan Carroll - New Recruit

New Recruit

Joan Carroll

Emona - Trinite Square Lyon
Jeff Breiman - The Ring Bearer

The Ring Bearer

Jeff Breiman

Rob Van Heertum - Connect


Rob Van Heertum

Jolly Van der Velden - twice in Paris

twice in Paris

Jolly Van der Velden

Rois Bheinn - Not All Memories Are Bad
Lianne Schneider - We Are Glass

We Are Glass

Lianne Schneider

Karen Wiles - Cookie Delight

Cookie Delight

Karen Wiles

Julia Fine Art And Photography - You never know how...

You never know how...

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Digital Art Photo Studio - The Big Game

The Big Game

Digital Art Photo Studio

Christi Kraft - Paddington Station

Paddington Station

Christi Kraft