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Labrador photography



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Agata Wisniowska

Brighton, MA

United States

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This group was started on November 26th, 2013 and currently has:


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Labrador photography

About This Group

Got a great shot of a lab? Post it!

Labradors only please and labrador-like looking dogs!

Our June logo entitled Charlie was provided by Lisa Phillips.

Our March contest is over. CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:
First place: Charlie by Lisa Phillips
Second place: Puppy Dog Eyes by Christina Rollo
Third place: Eyes by Leslie Leda

To view winners:

Featured Images

Jennie Marie Schell - Labrador Retriever...

Labrador Retriever...

Jennie Marie Schell

Beth Schultz Gagliano - Heart Shaped Nose

Heart Shaped Nose

Beth Schultz Gagliano

Jean Noren - The Duck Hunting Team
Diane Reed - Black Lab

Black Lab

Diane Reed

Barbara Hayward  - Splish Splash

Splish Splash

Barbara Hayward

Barbara Hayward  - Pup Leaping

Pup Leaping

Barbara Hayward

Barbara Hayward  - Puppy Portrait

Puppy Portrait

Barbara Hayward

Melissa Darnell Glowacki  - Puppy Paws

Puppy Paws

Melissa Darnell Glowacki

Photos By  Cassandra - Chocolate Dreams

Chocolate Dreams

Photos By Cassandra

Rita Mueller - Yoga Dog

Yoga Dog

Rita Mueller

Jennie Marie Schell - Yellow Labrador...

Yellow Labrador...

Jennie Marie Schell

Betty Baker - Teamwork


Betty Baker

Kristina Deane - Playful Labradoodle

Playful Labradoodle

Kristina Deane

Kimberly Cohne - Overlook


Kimberly Cohne

Kimberly Cohne - The Trio

The Trio

Kimberly Cohne

Bill Averette - Faithful Friend

Faithful Friend

Bill Averette

Arterra Picture Library - 120920p238


Arterra Picture Library

Suzanne Oesterling - On the Lookout

On the Lookout

Suzanne Oesterling

Donna Doherty - Sisters


Donna Doherty

Kristina Deane - Lab Puppy at Sunset

Lab Puppy at Sunset

Kristina Deane

Jennie Marie Schell - Labrador Retriever Puppy...

Labrador Retriever Puppy...

Jennie Marie Schell

Gerald Marella - Tracking


Gerald Marella

Dog Photos - 8 Labrador Retriever...
Suzanne Oesterling - Please Come Back

Please Come Back

Suzanne Oesterling

LCS Art - Skye in the sand
Lauren Kunkler - Golden Sand Lab

Golden Sand Lab

Lauren Kunkler

Gerald Marella - Keep Looking

Keep Looking

Gerald Marella

Gerald Marella - Retriever Walking Out Of...
Jean Noren - The Flying Lab

The Flying Lab

Jean Noren

Jonathan Whichard - Sleepy Portrait of a...

Sleepy Portrait of a...

Jonathan Whichard

Gerald Marella - Stick Work 2

Stick Work 2

Gerald Marella

Debra Roberts - Handsome Calvin

Handsome Calvin

Debra Roberts

Kristina Deane - Black and White Puppy

Black and White Puppy

Kristina Deane

Susan Wiedmann - Dog on Water Mirror

Dog on Water Mirror

Susan Wiedmann

Kristina Deane - Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Kristina Deane

LCS Art - Beautiful Skye
Jennie Marie Schell - Black Labrador Retriever...

Black Labrador Retriever...

Jennie Marie Schell

Trenton  Badillo - Fall fashion

Fall fashion

Trenton Badillo

Pamela Patch - Black Dog Sundown

Black Dog Sundown

Pamela Patch

Nav Unger - Mara


Nav Unger

Nav Unger - Mara


Nav Unger

Mike Gnatkowski - Snow Goose Retrieve

Snow Goose Retrieve

Mike Gnatkowski

Mike Gnatkowski - Midnight


Mike Gnatkowski

Steve Jamsa - Black Lab

Black Lab

Steve Jamsa

Bev  Brown - Dog in the Bells
Christina Rollo - Puppy Dog Eyes

Puppy Dog Eyes

Christina Rollo

Loriental Photography - Dog Posing

Dog Posing

Loriental Photography