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Israel in Photography



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Meir Jacob



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This group was started on March 22nd, 2014 and currently has:


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Israel in Photography

About This Group

This group is dedicated to the various aspects of Israel in Photography:
- Landscape and nature
- CityScape
- Flowers and plants
- Cultural typical Still Life & Decorative Motifs
Customers and Home Designers will find here a great display of images representing the various aspects of Israel.
Visitors are welcome to enjoy the beauty of Bible Country Today
Artists are invited to post here their Creme Dela Creme works, (photography only) in order to make any visitor's time worthwhile!
This group orientation is decorative, conflict-free, representing all that's beautiful about Israel from nature to history through multicultural diversity.
Any images of political, conflictual nature will be rejected by administrator.

Featured Images

Dubi Roman - Shepherd and sheep
David T Wilkinson - Ruins at the Pool of...

Ruins at the Pool of...

David T Wilkinson

David T Wilkinson - Church of the Nativity...

Church of the Nativity...

David T Wilkinson

Alan Marlowe - Looking down into...
Meir  Jacob - Migrating Cranes Before...
Thomas Schreiter - Masada Fortress

Masada Fortress

Thomas Schreiter

Meir  Jacob - Harvest in Israel
Thomas Schreiter - Nimrod Fortress

Nimrod Fortress

Thomas Schreiter

Thomas Schreiter - Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Thomas Schreiter

Meir  Jacob - Oriental Jewlery at...
Thomas Schreiter - Inside Nimrod Fortress

Inside Nimrod Fortress

Thomas Schreiter

Dubi Roman - Three at the poppies
Meir  Jacob - That
Meir  Jacob - Dandelion Against Blue...
Meir  Jacob - Sunflower Burning With...
David T Wilkinson - Arches at Church of the...

Arches at Church of the...

David T Wilkinson

David T Wilkinson - Aqueduct at Caesarea

Aqueduct at Caesarea

David T Wilkinson

Meir  Jacob - Oats In The Wind

Oats In The Wind

Meir Jacob

Meir  Jacob - Hulla Reserve just...
Plamen Matanski - Baha

Baha'i gardens

Plamen Matanski

Meir  Jacob - Stalactites at Avshalom...
Dubi Roman - At the poppies
Dubi Roman - Sunset over Riding...
Delace Canada - Sunlight Reflection in...
Meir  Jacob - Wheat Stalk In Buttercup...
Meir  Jacob - Anemone Macro

Anemone Macro

Meir Jacob

Meir  Jacob - Oxalis Macro

Oxalis Macro

Meir Jacob

Meir  Jacob - Green Wheat Stalk
Meir  Jacob - Cotton Harvest

Cotton Harvest

Meir Jacob

Meir  Jacob - White Anemone Macro
Meir  Jacob - Asphodelus Blossom
Meir  Jacob - Almond Tree Blossom