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I Love Photography 2 A Day



Group Administrator

Tracy Hall

USA Utah, Utah

United States

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This group was started on March 26th, 2012 and currently has:

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I Love Photography 2 A Day

About This Group

Photography is about capturing and collecting all the little moments in life that you want to remember. Itís also a way of finding unique and beautiful things in this world. Itís away to show your creative side as well as giving you a reason to go to places you might not ever go to. Itís also about going to places you have been before and finding something new to capture. So if you love photography please join this group and show the world what you can do.

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT 2 IMAGES PER DAY!! Any others will be Deleted from the group!!

No Heavy Manipulation, No Heavy HDR
No Fractals
Please photography only
No Nudes
PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT 2 IMAGES PER DAY!! Any others will be DELETED from the group!!
Hosts have the Final say

Winners of the Contest, Fall/Autumn






Featured Images

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Autumn in Chester County

Autumn in Chester County

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Nick Boren - Dahlia Art

Dahlia Art

Nick Boren

DJ MacIsaac - Mayday Blooms

Mayday Blooms

DJ MacIsaac

Andrew Soundarajan - Last Light

Last Light

Andrew Soundarajan

Michael Scott - Yellow Snow

Yellow Snow

Michael Scott

Tracy Hall - Velvet Red

Velvet Red

Tracy Hall

Elmar Langle - Erly Morning Beauty

Erly Morning Beauty

Elmar Langle

Doug Norkum - Pearly


Doug Norkum

Tracy Hall - The Pink Rose

The Pink Rose

Tracy Hall

Lisa Phillips - Sunrise on the Farm

Sunrise on the Farm

Lisa Phillips

Adrian Evans - In The Light

In The Light

Adrian Evans

Michelle Meenawong - The Green Bicycle

The Green Bicycle

Michelle Meenawong

Nick Boren - More Fall Color

More Fall Color

Nick Boren

Lisa Phillips - Should Have Been

Should Have Been

Lisa Phillips

Michael Scott - Bella Coola Stream

Bella Coola Stream

Michael Scott

Steve Luther - Forbidden Entry

Forbidden Entry

Steve Luther

Tom Mc Nemar - Fruit With Vase

Fruit With Vase

Tom Mc Nemar

Tracy Hall - The Gerbera

The Gerbera

Tracy Hall

Elmar Langle - Cloudy Skies

Cloudy Skies

Elmar Langle

Beth Wolff - Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm

Beth Wolff

Mariola Bitner - Glass Fantasy

Glass Fantasy

Mariola Bitner

Maria Coulson - Yosemite View

Yosemite View

Maria Coulson

Tracy Hall - The Gathering

The Gathering

Tracy Hall

Mike Griffiths - A Dicken

A Dicken's Christmas

Mike Griffiths

Jennifer Lyon - Forest in the Water

Forest in the Water

Jennifer Lyon

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Lake O

Lake O'Hara Daydream

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Lake O

Lake O'Hara Reflection

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Michael Scott - Colorado Gold

Colorado Gold

Michael Scott

Tracy Hall - Red Rose

Red Rose

Tracy Hall

Richard Andrews - The Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden

Richard Andrews

Christy Gendalia - The Twin Towers

The Twin Towers

Christy Gendalia

Larry McMahon - Dams edge

Dams edge

Larry McMahon

Donna Kennedy - Time Passages

Time Passages

Donna Kennedy

Jenny Rainbow - Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy

Jenny Rainbow

Tom Mc Nemar - Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Tom Mc Nemar

Bill Morgenstern - Boulevard Lake

Boulevard Lake

Bill Morgenstern

Michael Ver Sprill - Iceland Seascape at Vik

Iceland Seascape at Vik

Michael Ver Sprill

Tracy Hall - Rosie


Tracy Hall

Steve Luther - Golden Veil

Golden Veil

Steve Luther

Elmar Langle - Last Call

Last Call

Elmar Langle

Peter Coskun - Revived


Peter Coskun

Pierre Leclerc Photography - O

O'Hara Lake Lodge twilight

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Nick  Boren - Your Dahlia

Your Dahlia

Nick Boren

Stephen Stookey - Enfield Falls Cascade #1

Enfield Falls Cascade #1

Stephen Stookey

Tracy  Hall - The Eye

The Eye

Tracy Hall

Tracy  Hall - November Rains

November Rains

Tracy Hall

Peter Coskun - Reflection


Peter Coskun

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Emerald Lake Sunset

Emerald Lake Sunset

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Mike  Dawson - Around the Bend

Around the Bend

Mike Dawson

Lingfai Leung - Sunburst Orange

Sunburst Orange

Lingfai Leung

Tracy  Hall - Precious


Tracy Hall

Arlane Crump - On the Vine

On the Vine

Arlane Crump

Martin Wall - Lily Macro

Lily Macro

Martin Wall

Beverly Canterbury - Cabin In The Fall

Cabin In The Fall

Beverly Canterbury

Beverly Canterbury - Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive

Beverly Canterbury

Rachel Cohen - Reaching my Peak 2

Reaching my Peak 2

Rachel Cohen

Joy Watson - Carpet Rose Red

Carpet Rose Red

Joy Watson

Emerita Wheeling - A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Emerita Wheeling

Emerita Wheeling - Maple Beauty

Maple Beauty

Emerita Wheeling

Courtney Dagan For Poet

A Bees Eye View

Courtney Dagan For Poet's Eye

Mike Dawson - Staircase of Water

Staircase of Water

Mike Dawson

Laurie Search - It Shines For You

It Shines For You

Laurie Search

Tracy  Hall - Lemon Starburst

Lemon Starburst

Tracy Hall

Tom Mc Nemar - Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight

Tom Mc Nemar

Chad Dutson - Grand Arizona

Grand Arizona

Chad Dutson

DJ MacIsaac - Morning Splendor

Morning Splendor

DJ MacIsaac

Rachel Cohen - That Glow

That Glow

Rachel Cohen

Tracy  Hall - Fire Tree

Fire Tree

Tracy Hall

Bill Wakeley - On the Rocks 2015

On the Rocks 2015

Bill Wakeley

Bill Morgenstern - Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl

Bill Morgenstern

Johan Hakansson - Todd Creek Serenade

Todd Creek Serenade

Johan Hakansson

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Moraine Lake Reflection

Moraine Lake Reflection

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Eddie Yerkish - Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

Eddie Yerkish

Tracy  Hall - Molton Bronze

Molton Bronze

Tracy Hall

Mario Morales Rubi - Fresh Crown

Fresh Crown

Mario Morales Rubi

Tony Ambrosio - The Upper Class

The Upper Class

Tony Ambrosio

Donna Kennedy - Mossy Cave Trail 2

Mossy Cave Trail 2

Donna Kennedy

Alana Thrower - Memories


Alana Thrower

Elmar Langle - Rathtrevor Park

Rathtrevor Park

Elmar Langle

Colleen Kammerer - A Twisted Tree

A Twisted Tree

Colleen Kammerer

Lee Harland - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Lee Harland

Tony Beck - Harvest Sky

Harvest Sky

Tony Beck

Elfriede Fulda - Fickle


Elfriede Fulda

Johan Hakansson - Blue Ridge Sunrise

Blue Ridge Sunrise

Johan Hakansson

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Pisgah Pathway

Pisgah Pathway

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Angela Davies - Firelight


Angela Davies

Richard Andrews - Miss Sunshine

Miss Sunshine

Richard Andrews

Tracy  Hall - Scattered


Tracy Hall

Steve Luther - Bend in the Tracks

Bend in the Tracks

Steve Luther

Jennifer White - Naturally Blue

Naturally Blue

Jennifer White

Donna Kennedy - High On the Hill

High On the Hill

Donna Kennedy

Allen Beatty - Leading Lines 2

Leading Lines 2

Allen Beatty

Janet Ballard - Old Fashioned Vermont

Old Fashioned Vermont

Janet Ballard

Emerita Wheeling - Maple Vibrance

Maple Vibrance

Emerita Wheeling

Adrian Evans - Pier at Llandudno

Pier at Llandudno

Adrian Evans

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Emerald Lake Lodge Reflection

Emerald Lake Lodge Reflection

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Tracy  Hall - The Ombre Cake

The Ombre Cake

Tracy Hall

Donna Kennedy - Cedar Breaks View

Cedar Breaks View

Donna Kennedy

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Cavell Lake Reflection

Cavell Lake Reflection

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Alana Ranney - Rangeley Vista

Rangeley Vista

Alana Ranney

Luv Photography - Wonderful  Autumn

Wonderful Autumn

Luv Photography

Bruce Bley - Red Explosion

Red Explosion

Bruce Bley

Bruce Bley - Beyond the Pines

Beyond the Pines

Bruce Bley

Nick  Boren - October Red

October Red

Nick Boren

Elfriede Fulda - The Dream

The Dream

Elfriede Fulda

Mark Papke - Mount Minsi 2

Mount Minsi 2

Mark Papke

Calazones Flics - Quiet Corner

Quiet Corner

Calazones Flics

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Soco Falls

Soco Falls

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Nick  Boren - Lantana Macro

Lantana Macro

Nick Boren

Lingfai Leung - Peony Bowl of Beauty

Peony Bowl of Beauty

Lingfai Leung

Lingfai Leung - Pink Peony Blossoms

Pink Peony Blossoms

Lingfai Leung

Tracy  Hall - Sunrise Rose

Sunrise Rose

Tracy Hall

Johan Hakansson - The Cove

The Cove

Johan Hakansson

Lisa Phillips - Looking Pretty

Looking Pretty

Lisa Phillips

Doug Norkum - Vibrant


Doug Norkum

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Autumn at the Opabin Plateau

Autumn at the Opabin Plateau

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Lake Junaluska Stitch

Lake Junaluska Stitch

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Nick  Boren - Autumn Color

Autumn Color

Nick Boren

Tracy  Hall - Romance Novel

Romance Novel

Tracy Hall

Michelle Meenawong - Fishing Before Dark

Fishing Before Dark

Michelle Meenawong

SK Pfphotography - Three o0o

Three o0o

SK Pfphotography

Claire Walsh - Mountain Spirits

Mountain Spirits

Claire Walsh

Joy Watson - Bottle


Joy Watson

Tracy  Hall - Chocolate Shells

Chocolate Shells

Tracy Hall

Lisa Phillips - A Little Closer

A Little Closer

Lisa Phillips

Mike Griffiths - Copeland Bridge

Copeland Bridge

Mike Griffiths

Adrian Evans - Autumn Ambiance

Autumn Ambiance

Adrian Evans

James Markey - Santa Maria Sunrise

Santa Maria Sunrise

James Markey

Tracy  Hall - Pumpkins


Tracy Hall

Luv Photography - Leaves


Luv Photography

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Calm Lake Louise reflection

Calm Lake Louise reflection

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Hendrik Mandla - Fall


Hendrik Mandla

Thomas Todd - October Love

October Love

Thomas Todd

Thomas Todd - The magic of fall

The magic of fall

Thomas Todd

Janice Drew - Burst of Gold

Burst of Gold

Janice Drew

Nick  Boren - Cedar Canyon

Cedar Canyon

Nick Boren

Jennifer Phlieger Ansier - Windsurfing in Bonaire

Windsurfing in Bonaire

Jennifer Phlieger Ansier

Tracy  Hall - The Single One

The Single One

Tracy Hall

Ken Smith - Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill

Ken Smith

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Mount Rundle from Second Vermilion Lake

Mount Rundle from Second Vermilion Lake

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Janet Ballard - Mist on the Pond

Mist on the Pond

Janet Ballard

Tracy  Hall - Candyland Cake

Candyland Cake

Tracy Hall

Larry McMahon - Fall Trail

Fall Trail

Larry McMahon

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Autumn in Central Park 2

Autumn in Central Park 2

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Bruce Bley - Morning Sunshine

Morning Sunshine

Bruce Bley

Tom Mc Nemar - Sunny Day in Autumn

Sunny Day in Autumn

Tom Mc Nemar

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Fog Rolling In

Fog Rolling In

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Tiffany Anthony - A Seat with a View

A Seat with a View

Tiffany Anthony

Elmar Langle - True Blue

True Blue

Elmar Langle

Kathi Mirto - Luxurious Autumn

Luxurious Autumn

Kathi Mirto

Michel Soucy - Pillar Rock Drama

Pillar Rock Drama

Michel Soucy

Tracy  Hall - Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

Tracy Hall

Stuart Deacon - Morning Mist

Morning Mist

Stuart Deacon

Calazones Flics - Beautiful Journey

Beautiful Journey

Calazones Flics

John Bartelt - Pathway to the Gold

Pathway to the Gold

John Bartelt

Angela Davies - October Evening

October Evening

Angela Davies

Steve Luther - Fall Mosaic

Fall Mosaic

Steve Luther

Tracy  Hall - Red Ruby

Red Ruby

Tracy Hall

Richard Andrews - True Colours

True Colours

Richard Andrews

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Autumn in Chester County II

Autumn in Chester County II

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Randy Dyer - Waterfall 8

Waterfall 8

Randy Dyer

Adrian Evans - Autumn Bridge

Autumn Bridge

Adrian Evans

Tracy  Hall - The Red Maples

The Red Maples

Tracy Hall

Doug Norkum - Sparkly


Doug Norkum

Larry McMahon - Fall in love

Fall in love

Larry McMahon

Mick Anderson - Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Mick Anderson

Elmar Langle - Spirit of Autumn

Spirit of Autumn

Elmar Langle

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Chester County Covered Bridge

Chester County Covered Bridge

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Lake Louise Sunrise

Lake Louise Sunrise

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Luv Photography - Still  Red

Still Red

Luv Photography

Angela Davies - A Canopy Of Color

A Canopy Of Color

Angela Davies

Hendrik Mandla - Winding Road

Winding Road

Hendrik Mandla

Brian MacLean - Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day

Brian MacLean

Eddie Yerkish - Krog Street Tunnel

Krog Street Tunnel

Eddie Yerkish

Kathi Mirto - Autumn Stroll

Autumn Stroll

Kathi Mirto

Priscilla Burgers - The John Moulton Barn

The John Moulton Barn

Priscilla Burgers

Mike Santis - Forrest in Fall

Forrest in Fall

Mike Santis

Adrian Evans - Gwenfaens Pillar

Gwenfaens Pillar

Adrian Evans

Rosanne Jordan - Autumn Memories

Autumn Memories

Rosanne Jordan

Tracy  Hall - Fire Leaf

Fire Leaf

Tracy Hall

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Lake O

Lake O'Hara Lodge

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Doug Norkum - Prolific


Doug Norkum

Elizabeth Duggan - Letchworth Train Trestle

Letchworth Train Trestle

Elizabeth Duggan

Tracy  Hall - Red Maples

Red Maples

Tracy Hall

Elfriede Fulda - Shy


Elfriede Fulda

Jeff  Swan - Up Up and away

Up Up and away

Jeff Swan

Angela Davies - Lead Me Home

Lead Me Home

Angela Davies

Tracy  Hall - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Tracy Hall

Larry McMahon - Fall


Larry McMahon

Elmar Langle - You and Me

You and Me

Elmar Langle

Dianne Cowen - Churning Sea

Churning Sea

Dianne Cowen

Nick  Boren - Ready To Blossom

Ready To Blossom

Nick Boren

Rona Black - Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Rona Black

Beverly Canterbury - Rejoice


Beverly Canterbury

Beverly Canterbury - Going to Someplace Special

Going to Someplace Special

Beverly Canterbury

Ruth  Housley - Beautiful Zinnia

Beautiful Zinnia

Ruth Housley

Rosanne Jordan - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Rosanne Jordan

Pierre Leclerc Photography - The Iconic Moraine Lake

The Iconic Moraine Lake

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Tracy  Hall - Beaded Rose

Beaded Rose

Tracy Hall

Elmar Langle - Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze

Elmar Langle

Mike Dawson - Green and Gold

Green and Gold

Mike Dawson

Kirkodd Photography Of New England - Signs of Autumn in the Cemetery

Signs of Autumn in the Cemetery

Kirkodd Photography Of New England

Rumyana Whitcher - The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose

Rumyana Whitcher

Luv Photography - Leaves Changing Colors

Leaves Changing Colors

Luv Photography

Jeff  Swan - In the big room

In the big room

Jeff Swan

Tracy  Hall - Sunset Rose

Sunset Rose

Tracy Hall

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Most Beautiful Mountain Scenery

Most Beautiful Mountain Scenery

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Bob Christopher - Intimidated


Bob Christopher

Ruth  Housley - Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and Gourds

Ruth Housley

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Autumn Mood

Autumn Mood

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Johan Hakansson - Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Johan Hakansson

Mike  Deutsch - Skyline Over Pylons

Skyline Over Pylons

Mike Deutsch

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Incredible Peyto Lake

Incredible Peyto Lake

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Doug Norkum - Emanate


Doug Norkum

Tracy  Hall - Crimson Roses

Crimson Roses

Tracy Hall

Lucinda Walter - Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Lucinda Walter

Janice Drew - Country Road

Country Road

Janice Drew

Guido Montanes Castillo - Gold autumn

Gold autumn

Guido Montanes Castillo

Angela Davies - October Stroll

October Stroll

Angela Davies

Tracy  Hall - Change Of Time

Change Of Time

Tracy Hall

Donna Kennedy - Grand Canyon Train

Grand Canyon Train

Donna Kennedy

Larry McMahon - Lindenlure


Larry McMahon

Michael Ver Sprill - Autumn Colors Panorama

Autumn Colors Panorama

Michael Ver Sprill

Brad Walters - TC Twist

TC Twist

Brad Walters

Mick Anderson - Red and Green

Red and Green

Mick Anderson

Nick  Boren - Fall Color

Fall Color

Nick Boren

Dan Myers - Autumn Display

Autumn Display

Dan Myers

Mike Santis - Autumn colors

Autumn colors

Mike Santis

Yves Gagnon - Fogy Sunrise

Fogy Sunrise

Yves Gagnon

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Bryce Hoodoos

Bryce Hoodoos

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Mark Papke - Barn in Autumn

Barn in Autumn

Mark Papke

Elfriede Fulda - Derriere


Elfriede Fulda

Tracy  Hall - Natures Way

Natures Way

Tracy Hall

Chad Dutson - Acadian Glow

Acadian Glow

Chad Dutson

Elmar Langle - Sunlight


Elmar Langle

Luv Photography - Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

Luv Photography

Bill Wakeley - Autumn Hay

Autumn Hay

Bill Wakeley

Doug Norkum - Ruby


Doug Norkum

Tracy  Hall - Foliage Leaves

Foliage Leaves

Tracy Hall

Luv Photography - Autumn Begins

Autumn Begins

Luv Photography

Nick  Boren - Side By Side

Side By Side

Nick Boren

Christy Ricafrente - Fall Painting

Fall Painting

Christy Ricafrente

Tracy  Hall - Autumnal Maples

Autumnal Maples

Tracy Hall

Mike Dawson - Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing

Mike Dawson

Doug Norkum - Cheery


Doug Norkum

Angela Davies - Lakeside Color

Lakeside Color

Angela Davies

Elmar Langle - Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

Elmar Langle

Lee Harland - Tepona Point

Tepona Point

Lee Harland

Beverly Canterbury - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Beverly Canterbury

Stuart Deacon - Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest

Stuart Deacon

Tracy  Hall - Mini Maple Tree

Mini Maple Tree

Tracy Hall

Nick  Boren - She

She's A Looker

Nick Boren

Tracy  Hall - Tangerine


Tracy Hall

Doug Norkum - Unfoldment


Doug Norkum

Christina Rollo - Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red

Christina Rollo

Tracy  Hall - Elegance


Tracy Hall

Bill Wakeley - Foggy Fall Morning

Foggy Fall Morning

Bill Wakeley

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography - #763 D71 FISHERMEN Horizontal.JPG

#763 D71 FISHERMEN Horizontal.JPG

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography

Mike Dawson - Orca Surfaces

Orca Surfaces

Mike Dawson

Tracy  Hall - Love Lemons

Love Lemons

Tracy Hall

Peter Coskun - November Canyon

November Canyon

Peter Coskun

Doug Norkum - Satellite


Doug Norkum

Tracy  Hall - Poppy Love

Poppy Love

Tracy Hall

Luv Photography - Red  And  Yellow  Leaves

Red And Yellow Leaves

Luv Photography

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Emerald Lake Dreamscape

Emerald Lake Dreamscape

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Neal  Eslinger - Orange Sunshine

Orange Sunshine

Neal Eslinger

Tracy  Hall - Golden Gerbera

Golden Gerbera

Tracy Hall

Elmar Langle - Morning Tranquility

Morning Tranquility

Elmar Langle

Luv Photography - Dogwood  Leaves

Dogwood Leaves

Luv Photography

Juergen Roth - Morning Adventure

Morning Adventure

Juergen Roth

Nick  Boren - Between


Nick Boren

Tracy  Hall - Lean On Me

Lean On Me

Tracy Hall

Roger Wedegis - Sunset Over The Lake

Sunset Over The Lake

Roger Wedegis

SK Pfphotography - Autumn in yellow

Autumn in yellow

SK Pfphotography

Brian Chase - October Oak Leaves

October Oak Leaves

Brian Chase

Nick  Boren - The Autumn Touch

The Autumn Touch

Nick Boren

Mike Dawson - On top of it

On top of it

Mike Dawson

Tracy  Hall - Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose

Tracy Hall

Beverly Canterbury - Just Peachy

Just Peachy

Beverly Canterbury

Michael Ver Sprill - Cloud Gate Sunrise

Cloud Gate Sunrise

Michael Ver Sprill

Nick  Boren - Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind

Nick Boren

Tracy  Hall - Maple Delight

Maple Delight

Tracy Hall

Barbara Middleton - From me to You Winter Rose

From me to You Winter Rose

Barbara Middleton

Nick Kloepping - Fresh Lilies

Fresh Lilies

Nick Kloepping

Guido Montanes Castillo - Trevenque  2079 m

Trevenque 2079 m

Guido Montanes Castillo

Bruce Bley - Orange Euphoria

Orange Euphoria

Bruce Bley

Mike Dawson - Five on the WAter

Five on the WAter

Mike Dawson

Tracy  Hall - Showered


Tracy Hall

Donna Kennedy - Green and Gold

Green and Gold

Donna Kennedy

Luv Photography - Color Photography

Color Photography

Luv Photography

Arnie Goldstein - A Romantic Walk

A Romantic Walk

Arnie Goldstein

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Autumn by the Creek

Autumn by the Creek

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - On the Shore of the Hudson

On the Shore of the Hudson

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Colleen Kammerer - Old Village Grist Mill

Old Village Grist Mill

Colleen Kammerer

Elmar Langle - The Unexpected One

The Unexpected One

Elmar Langle

Bruce Bley - Rasberry Delight

Rasberry Delight

Bruce Bley

Beverly Canterbury - Basking In The Sun

Basking In The Sun

Beverly Canterbury

Nick  Boren - Nettie


Nick Boren

Tracy  Hall - Illuminate


Tracy Hall

Elfriede Fulda - The View..

The View..

Elfriede Fulda

Christina Rollo - Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Christina Rollo

Eddie Yerkish - Pirate

Pirate's Cove

Eddie Yerkish

Christina Rollo - Reflecting Autumn

Reflecting Autumn

Christina Rollo

Elmar Langle - New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Elmar Langle

Peter Coskun - Explore Beyond

Explore Beyond

Peter Coskun

Nick  Boren - A Burst Of Color

A Burst Of Color

Nick Boren

Doug Norkum - Surround


Doug Norkum

Tracy  Hall - Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Tracy Hall

Steve Luther - Harmony


Steve Luther

Chad Dutson - Moments of Fall

Moments of Fall

Chad Dutson

Johan Hakansson - Brasstown Veil

Brasstown Veil

Johan Hakansson

Alana Thrower - Union Pacific 844

Union Pacific 844

Alana Thrower

Tracy  Hall - Blazing Leaves

Blazing Leaves

Tracy Hall

Jennifer White - Tranquil Folly Beach

Tranquil Folly Beach

Jennifer White

Mike Dawson - Making Waves

Making Waves

Mike Dawson

Nick  Boren - Just After Rain

Just After Rain

Nick Boren

Maria Coulson - Trees Water and Rocks

Trees Water and Rocks

Maria Coulson

Matthew Hesser - City Park

City Park

Matthew Hesser

Johan Hakansson - Enchantment.


Johan Hakansson