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I Am Woman



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Cindy Nunn

Simi Valley, CA

United States

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This group was started on January 25th, 2012 and currently has:

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I Am Woman

About This Group

A group for celebrating all the moods, feelings, emotions, joys, sorrows and infinite beauty of womanhood. Nudity is allowed but please keep it tasteful. Anything overtly pornographic or violent will be removed. Please do not submit landscapes, flowers, pets, abstracts, etc... Stay within the focus of this group. Thank you!

Logo by James Shepherd

Congratulations to the winners of our Sugar or Spice contest!

1st Place Winner - The Fashion Statement by Ali Oppy

Art Prints

2nd Place Winner - Glamour Pixie by Ali Oppy

Sell Art Online

3rd Place Winner - Sensuality by James Shepherd

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Jesse Cooper - KOI Dreams

KOI Dreams

Jesse Cooper

Dirk Richter - Martini Sunrise

Martini Sunrise

Dirk Richter

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Mark Spearman

Sasha Keen - Stripes


Sasha Keen

Robert Ricci - Desert Rain

Desert Rain

Robert Ricci

Paul Evelyn - Jet City Hellcat

Jet City Hellcat

Paul Evelyn

Jt PhotoDesign - Pinup Blonde in Blue

Pinup Blonde in Blue

Jt PhotoDesign

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Rockstar Energy Girl

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