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Jani Freimann

Port Orchard, WA

United States

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Horse Pictures

About This Group

This group celebrates the beauty and power of the PAINTED or DRAWN horse or horses ONLY. No zebras or mules or donkeys and NO PHOTOGRAPY.
The best horse art available - affordable and museum quality.
At the bottom of this page are some gorgeous equestrian paintings and drawings. Feel free to browse through these and the HORSE IMAGES under the image tab above.
Help out the artists in this group by clicking the like, favorite, G +, tweet, Pin It, SU, commenting, and/or purchasing any image you feel is worthy.

Group's image: PAINTED BY THE WIND
by Jani Freimann

All horse artwork is for sale as prints and cards. Contact the artist about their available originals, licensing or commissions.

1. Enter 3 per day.
3. No digitally altered photos.
4. Digital art must be 100% drawn or painted digitally. No painting over a photograph.
5. Horse related items or people or other animals are okay as long as they are next to or on the horse(s) and the horse(s) remains the focal point.
6. Images that are blurry, too dark (under exposed), blown (over-exposed), show reflection, show frames or edges of artwork, pixelated, and/or over-saturated cannot be accepted into the group because they are not printable to FAA's standards. For tips on photographing your artwork see the threads on that subject in the group's DISCUSSIONS.
(Images not following the rules will be rejected without warning.)

Looking for a specific piece? Here are links to some of the group's art that fit in these themes:

Most Current Contests:
(Click link to see all the entries) FOALS ARE A SIGN OF SPRING PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS contest winners

(Click link to see all the entries) HORSES IN THE WIND PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS contest winners


To see all the group's horse art click HERE and page through.

Featured Images

AmyLyn Bihrle - Majestic Friesian 123

Majestic Friesian 123

AmyLyn Bihrle

AmyLyn Bihrle - Majestic Palomino Pinto...
Bob Fox - Hay


Bob Fox

Valerie Anne Kelly - The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa

Valerie Anne Kelly

Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Beach Girls

Beach Girls

Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Hanne Lore Koehler - For The Roses

For The Roses

Hanne Lore Koehler

Julie Olsen - Phantom


Julie Olsen

Konni Jensen - Arabian Horse with...
Bob Fox - First Steps

First Steps

Bob Fox

Sean Parnell - Black Stallion

Black Stallion

Sean Parnell

Silvana Gabudean - Memories of a grass leaf

Memories of a grass leaf

Silvana Gabudean

Robyn Green - Wild Courage

Wild Courage

Robyn Green

Shaila Yovan Tenorio - Wind


Shaila Yovan Tenorio

Robyn Green - Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Robyn Green

Dell Eddins - Indian Pony

Indian Pony

Dell Eddins

Gosia K - White Horse

White Horse

Gosia K

Julie Olsen - Spirit


Julie Olsen

Julie Olsen - Barn Horse

Barn Horse

Julie Olsen

Irina Viatkina - Andalusian Horse Running
Emma Cooper - Moon Spirit

Moon Spirit

Emma Cooper

Diane Wallace - Parking Spots

Parking Spots

Diane Wallace

Angel  Tarantella - Feeling A Bit Crazy Today

Feeling A Bit Crazy Today

Angel Tarantella

Joni Beinborn - The Hunter

The Hunter

Joni Beinborn

Jonelle T McCoy - #35 June 26th

#35 June 26th

Jonelle T McCoy

Angel  Tarantella - Blue Horse 2014 06 16

Blue Horse 2014 06 16

Angel Tarantella

Jonelle T McCoy - #16 June 7th

#16 June 7th

Jonelle T McCoy

Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Nightlight II

Nightlight II

Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Jonelle T McCoy - #20 June 11th

#20 June 11th

Jonelle T McCoy

Shelly Asche - Hallowed Dreams

Hallowed Dreams

Shelly Asche

Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Nightlight


Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Feisty Lady

Feisty Lady

Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Angel  Tarantella - Arabian Horse Drawing 8

Arabian Horse Drawing 8

Angel Tarantella

Janine Riley - In your eyes

In your eyes

Janine Riley

Kate Black - Pain Inside Me

Pain Inside Me

Kate Black

Angel  Tarantella - Arabian horse drawing...

Arabian horse drawing...

Angel Tarantella

Shaila Yovan Tenorio - Sabiduria


Shaila Yovan Tenorio

Michelle Wrighton - Pretty Palomino Pony...

Pretty Palomino Pony...

Michelle Wrighton

Bill Dunkley - Running Wild

Running Wild

Bill Dunkley

Elizabeth Parashis - Polo 1

Polo 1

Elizabeth Parashis

Elizabeth Parashis - Turning


Elizabeth Parashis

Gail Finger - Watching You

Watching You

Gail Finger

Jonelle T McCoy - Together Again

Together Again

Jonelle T McCoy

Crista Forest - Morgan Horse - Flame

Morgan Horse - Flame

Crista Forest

Elena Kolotusha - Wind in the mane

Wind in the mane

Elena Kolotusha

Elena Kolotusha - Morning glow

Morning glow

Elena Kolotusha

Kim Lockman - Lasso and Leather

Lasso and Leather

Kim Lockman

Jani Freimann - White Stallion 1

White Stallion 1

Jani Freimann

Kate Black - Hypnotized


Kate Black

Daliana Pacuraru - Horse ink drawing

Horse ink drawing

Daliana Pacuraru

Ashley Gatewood - Vibe


Ashley Gatewood

Jani Freimann - Painted Determination 1
Joni Beinborn - Ready and Willing

Ready and Willing

Joni Beinborn

Jani Freimann - Painted Determination

Painted Determination

Jani Freimann

Kate Black - Hope Of The Mustangs
Go Van Kampen - Horses together in colour
Shannon Story - Racing the Stars

Racing the Stars

Shannon Story

Jonelle T McCoy - Work Together

Work Together

Jonelle T McCoy

Suzette Kallen - Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Suzette Kallen

Rob Corsetti - Fallen comrade

Fallen comrade

Rob Corsetti

Jonelle T McCoy - Love Makes the World go...
Jani Freimann - Determination


Jani Freimann

JK Dooley - Ride to Raton

Ride to Raton

JK Dooley

Crista Forest - Horse Painting -...

Horse Painting -...

Crista Forest

Suzette Kallen - Prussian Night

Prussian Night

Suzette Kallen

Valerie Anne Kelly - On sugar mountain

On sugar mountain

Valerie Anne Kelly

Amy Sorrell - Apples and Horses

Apples and Horses

Amy Sorrell

Stu Thompson - Three Amigos

Three Amigos

Stu Thompson

Malcolm Regnard - Elegant Enigma

Elegant Enigma

Malcolm Regnard

Heather Gessell - Blue Horse

Blue Horse

Heather Gessell

Kim Lockman - Reflections


Kim Lockman

Rob Corsetti - Lost And Found

Lost And Found

Rob Corsetti

Marcia Baldwin - POWER of SIX


Marcia Baldwin

Silvana Gabudean - The Secret

The Secret

Silvana Gabudean

Laurie Pace - Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Laurie Pace

Sherry Shipley - Horse 1

Horse 1

Sherry Shipley

Lori Brackett - Dream Racer

Dream Racer

Lori Brackett

Dawn Gray Moraga - La Perla

La Perla

Dawn Gray Moraga

Dorota Zdunska - Fantail- arabian foal

Fantail- arabian foal

Dorota Zdunska

Maria Evangelina Rodriguez - Morning in the red field

Morning in the red field

Maria Evangelina Rodriguez

Nancy Gebhardt - Picasso

Picasso's Bro

Nancy Gebhardt

Jeanne Fischer - Mare and Colt

Mare and Colt

Jeanne Fischer

Joni Beinborn - She

She's a Workin Girl

Joni Beinborn

Joni Beinborn - The Black

The Black

Joni Beinborn

Karen Kennedy Chatham - Wisdom Of The Wild

Wisdom Of The Wild

Karen Kennedy Chatham

Jani Freimann - War Horse - Zentangle

War Horse - Zentangle

Jani Freimann

Jonelle T McCoy - Go for the Gold

Go for the Gold

Jonelle T McCoy

True Image - White Horse

White Horse

True Image

Rick Unger - Horse of a Different...
Susan A Becker - Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Susan A Becker

Jana Goode - Storm Warning

Storm Warning

Jana Goode

Robin Birrell - Runaway Rocker

Runaway Rocker

Robin Birrell

Nancy Van - Running Free

Running Free

Nancy Van

Frances Marino - Three Horses on the...

Three Horses on the...

Frances Marino

Silvana Gabudean - Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Silvana Gabudean

Janina  Suuronen - Ansata El Naseri

Ansata El Naseri

Janina Suuronen

Sherry Shipley - Wind Dancers

Wind Dancers

Sherry Shipley

Shaila Yovan Tenorio - Riyadh on the Hill

Riyadh on the Hill

Shaila Yovan Tenorio

Sherry Shipley - Horse Hues

Horse Hues

Sherry Shipley

Shaila Yovan Tenorio - The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf

Shaila Yovan Tenorio

Elizabeth Oliver - Fino


Elizabeth Oliver

Jani Freimann - Greetings Friend

Greetings Friend

Jani Freimann

Silvana Gabudean - Glorious Lipizzaner

Glorious Lipizzaner

Silvana Gabudean

Marcia Baldwin - The Meeting

The Meeting

Marcia Baldwin

Bretislav Stejskal - Girl With Horses

Girl With Horses

Bretislav Stejskal

Frances Marino - Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Frances Marino

Tamer Elsharouni - Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait

Tamer Elsharouni

Sally Buffington - Lubombo Open

Lubombo Open

Sally Buffington

Ashley Gatewood - Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn

Ashley Gatewood

Kim Lockman - Making the Cut

Making the Cut

Kim Lockman

Silvana Gabudean - Morning Light

Morning Light

Silvana Gabudean

Paul  Meijering - Anky van Grunsven...

Anky van Grunsven...

Paul Meijering

Jani Freimann - The King

The King's Horse -...

Jani Freimann

Marina Likholat - Arabian horse

Arabian horse

Marina Likholat

Pauline Sharp - Jadanli- After the race.
Laurie Pace - Colors of Wind

Colors of Wind

Laurie Pace

Laurie Pace - The Advantage

The Advantage

Laurie Pace

Jani Freimann - Del Sol

Del Sol

Jani Freimann

Silvana Gabudean - Fiery Spirit

Fiery Spirit

Silvana Gabudean

Michelle Wrighton - Galloping Horse Painting

Galloping Horse Painting

Michelle Wrighton

Heidi Carson - Warlander Stallion

Warlander Stallion

Heidi Carson

Jani Freimann - Peace And Justice

Peace And Justice

Jani Freimann

Pauline Sharp - Elsa

Elsa's shake

Pauline Sharp

Heidi Carson - Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse

Heidi Carson

Birgit Schnapp - Spanish Horse

Spanish Horse

Birgit Schnapp

Tamer Elsharouni - Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait

Tamer Elsharouni

Heather Gessell - Miner - Bay Horse...

Miner - Bay Horse...

Heather Gessell

JK Dooley - OK Guys Heres the Plan
Jayne Wilson - Indian Pony

Indian Pony

Jayne Wilson

Jani Freimann - Peace And Justice Sketch
Silvana Gabudean - Spring Energy

Spring Energy

Silvana Gabudean

Silvana Gabudean - Wondering


Silvana Gabudean

Silvana Gabudean - Majestic Lipizzan

Majestic Lipizzan

Silvana Gabudean

Victoria Champion - Horses #1

Horses #1

Victoria Champion

Marcia Baldwin - POLO HORSE by MARCIA...
Jani Freimann - Lead Stallion

Lead Stallion

Jani Freimann

Nancy Van - Stampede


Nancy Van

Sally Buffington - Foal At Play

Foal At Play

Sally Buffington

Jani Freimann - Reciprocity


Jani Freimann

Ron Haist - Hero


Ron Haist

Silvana Gabudean - Fire Within

Fire Within

Silvana Gabudean

Marcia Baldwin - Equus Blue Ghost

Equus Blue Ghost

Marcia Baldwin

Randy Follis - Cattle King

Cattle King

Randy Follis

Karen Kennedy Chatham - Salt River Foal

Salt River Foal

Karen Kennedy Chatham

Randy Follis - Green Broke Grey

Green Broke Grey

Randy Follis

Silvana Gabudean - Tempest


Silvana Gabudean

Jani Freimann - My Final Notice

My Final Notice

Jani Freimann

Kim Lockman - Pals


Kim Lockman

Jana Goode - Mare and foal

Mare and foal

Jana Goode

Marcia Baldwin - Appaloosa Spirit 3618

Appaloosa Spirit 3618

Marcia Baldwin

Jonelle T McCoy - 24 Carrot

24 Carrot

Jonelle T McCoy

Jani Freimann - Celestial Stallion

Celestial Stallion

Jani Freimann

Marcia Baldwin - MOHICAN the INDIAN WAR...
Albena Vatcheva - SONATA for two and...

SONATA for two and...

Albena Vatcheva

Albena Vatcheva - Centaur in love

Centaur in love

Albena Vatcheva

Albena Vatcheva - Serenade


Albena Vatcheva

Albena Vatcheva - Troyka


Albena Vatcheva

Karen Kennedy Chatham - Salt River Horseplay

Salt River Horseplay

Karen Kennedy Chatham

Janina  Suuronen - Blue Team

Blue Team

Janina Suuronen

Gail Finger - A Little Piece of Heaven
Janice Rae Pariza - CADET the Blue Horse

CADET the Blue Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Bob Fox -  Listening


Bob Fox

Jill Parry - Paralympian Gold

Paralympian Gold

Jill Parry

Joe  Triano - Amegos


Joe Triano

Frances Marino - The Horse As Art

The Horse As Art

Frances Marino

Jani Freimann - Clydesdale Foal -...

Clydesdale Foal -...

Jani Freimann

Lawrence Tripoli - Home Stretch

Home Stretch

Lawrence Tripoli

Lynn Jackson - Ard Ri

Ard Ri

Lynn Jackson

Janina  Suuronen - Paso Espanol

Paso Espanol

Janina Suuronen

Janina  Suuronen - Race 2

Race 2

Janina Suuronen

Janina  Suuronen - Emperador


Janina Suuronen

Jani Freimann - Chinese Horse - Zentangle
Jill Parry - White Beauty

White Beauty

Jill Parry

Sherry Shipley - Horse


Sherry Shipley

Sherry Shipley - Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

Sherry Shipley

Svetlana Novikova - Two mustang horses...

Two mustang horses...

Svetlana Novikova

Svetlana Novikova - Soulful Horse painting

Soulful Horse painting

Svetlana Novikova

Jonelle T McCoy - The Fire Within

The Fire Within

Jonelle T McCoy

Michael  Pattison - Keeneland


Michael Pattison

Bob Fox - Moonlight


Bob Fox

Melita Safran - Magical Christmas

Magical Christmas

Melita Safran

Jani Freimann - Painted By The Wind

Painted By The Wind

Jani Freimann

Bob Fox - Curious


Bob Fox

Nancy Gebhardt - Picasso


Nancy Gebhardt

Ann Marie Chaffin - Veterinarian

Veterinarian's Warm...

Ann Marie Chaffin

Daliana Pacuraru - Horse face - pencil...

Horse face - pencil...

Daliana Pacuraru

Yenni Harrison - Shadow


Yenni Harrison

Janina  Suuronen - Quitapenas on the run

Quitapenas on the run

Janina Suuronen

Josette SPIAGGIA - Amour d Etalon

Amour d Etalon


Leigh Banks - Winter Gallops

Winter Gallops

Leigh Banks

Leigh Banks - King Midas

King Midas

Leigh Banks

Josette SPIAGGIA - Cheval arabe monte en...

Cheval arabe monte en...


Jani Freimann - Andalusian Stallion

Andalusian Stallion

Jani Freimann

Kristine Plum - Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Kristine Plum

Janina  Suuronen - Pensador other way

Pensador other way

Janina Suuronen

Susan A Becker - So Give Me the Carrot...
Natasha Denger - Herd of Horses

Herd of Horses

Natasha Denger

Lesley Alexander - Untitled


Lesley Alexander

Melita Safran - Forever


Melita Safran

Jayne Wilson - Mare and Foal in Winter
Margaret Stockdale - Palomino


Margaret Stockdale

Melita Safran - Spanish horse

Spanish horse

Melita Safran

Melita Safran - Freedom and friendship
Joe  Triano - Appaloosa Dawn

Appaloosa Dawn

Joe Triano

Cate McCauley - A Joyful Ride

A Joyful Ride

Cate McCauley

Lesley Alexander - Jumper


Lesley Alexander

Jani Freimann - A Cool Morning Breeze

A Cool Morning Breeze

Jani Freimann

Burcu Alisan - Albino


Burcu Alisan

Svetlana Novikova - Contemporary vibrant...

Contemporary vibrant...

Svetlana Novikova

Fawn McNeill - Passing It On

Passing It On

Fawn McNeill

Debbie Hart - Clydesdale Duo

Clydesdale Duo

Debbie Hart

Michelle Wrighton - Summer Heat

Summer Heat

Michelle Wrighton

Jani Freimann - Leopard Appy

Leopard Appy

Jani Freimann

Margaret Stockdale - Fancy Portrait

Fancy Portrait

Margaret Stockdale

Yenni Harrison - April the Horse

April the Horse

Yenni Harrison

Jani Freimann - Zentangle Circus Horse
Rayne Van Sing - Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Rayne Van Sing

Cate McCauley - Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally

Cate McCauley

Louise Charles-Saarikoski - White Horse

White Horse

Louise Charles-Saarikoski

Susan A Becker - Legend


Susan A Becker

Thierry Keruzore - Horse in the paddock

Horse in the paddock

Thierry Keruzore

Elena Kolotusha - Arabian


Elena Kolotusha

Dagmar Galleithner- Steiner - Close to the Finish Line

Close to the Finish Line

Dagmar Galleithner- Steiner

Elena Kolotusha - Andalusian


Elena Kolotusha

Patrick Webster - Rapunzel


Patrick Webster

Jani Freimann - Spooked


Jani Freimann

Bill Searle - Brothers


Bill Searle