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Hippie Art



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Bill Cannon

Philadelphia, PA

United States

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This group was started on October 2nd, 2011 and currently has:


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Hippie Art

About This Group

Psychedelicized Hippie Art.... Peace and Love

Featured Images

Bill Cannon - Love


Bill Cannon

Gerri Rowan - Psychedelic  Peace Vision
Bill Cannon - Tapestry


Bill Cannon

Ed Weidman - The Smoker

The Smoker

Ed Weidman

Rachel Carmichael - Undecided


Rachel Carmichael

Chrisann Ellis - Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Chrisann Ellis

Gerri Rowan - Snake Happy

Snake Happy

Gerri Rowan

Bill Cannon - Herbie the Love Bug
Chrisann Ellis - John Lennon..Up Close

John Lennon..Up Close

Chrisann Ellis

Jen Santa - Lost in Translation Pt. 4
Bill Cannon - Red White and Blues
Bill Cannon - Psychedelic Dancer

Psychedelic Dancer

Bill Cannon

Keith Schwitzer - Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Keith Schwitzer

Keith Schwitzer - George Harrison color

George Harrison color

Keith Schwitzer

Bill Cannon - World Peace Tye Dye
Bill Cannon - Hippie Heaven

Hippie Heaven

Bill Cannon

Juls Adams - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Juls Adams

Bill Cannon - Going My Way

Going My Way

Bill Cannon

Veronika Rose - How to dissapear...

How to dissapear...

Veronika Rose

Bill Cannon - The Illusion of Love
Claire Decker - Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic Mushrooms

Claire Decker

Bill Cannon - Peace


Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - World Peace

World Peace

Bill Cannon

Chrisann Ellis - Let Your Music Flow In...
Bill Cannon - It
Bill Cannon - Abe


Bill Cannon

Chrisann Ellis - Thinking of Peace

Thinking of Peace

Chrisann Ellis

Chrisann Ellis - Abstract Sunflowers

Abstract Sunflowers

Chrisann Ellis

Bill Cannon - Musical DNA

Musical DNA

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Rock and Roll Woman
Kate Farrant - Colorful Bessie the Cow
Bill Cannon - Psychedelicize


Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Hippie Face

Hippie Face

Bill Cannon

Kate Farrant - Hippie Chick No 3

Hippie Chick No 3

Kate Farrant

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Spirit


Thomas MacPherson Jr

Bill Cannon - No Hippies Allowed

No Hippies Allowed

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Peace Flag

Peace Flag

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Hippie guitar

Hippie guitar

Bill Cannon

Joy Bradley - Blast From The Past