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Harmony and Happiness Member Limit 252



Group Administrator

Ernestine Manowarda

Odendaalsrus, Free State

South Africa

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Group Overview

This group was started on September 27th, 2013 and currently has:


252 Members


5,966 Images


188 Discussions

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Harmony and Happiness Member Limit 252

About This Group

This group is focused on happiness and harmony for life in all its forms
and our planet.

All mediums are welcome

2 Images a day

Guide Lines

1. Out of clutter, find simplicity. Albert Einstein

2. That is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged
to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe and the totality of life
in its mysterious, innate harmony. Hermann Hesse

3. The member limit of this group: 250 members + us = 252, giving a seven from the left and
a seven from the right, because 7 is my lucky number :))

4. Read the 'About Our Contests Page'

The Lucky Seven
1. Complete attention in everything I do
2. To always enjoy every moment of my life
3. Arrange all self-created duties in a way that brings pleasure
4. Quality time for Zohey
5. Quality time for myself
6. Reading in order to grow
7. Learn something new from every-one and everything I meet every day.

Featured Images

Elena Sokolova - Evening Gold

Evening Gold

Elena Sokolova

Gee Lyon - Reflections by the sea
Joy Watson - flower-Passionfruit
Hilde Widerberg - Safe Inside

Safe Inside

Hilde Widerberg

Hilde Widerberg - With Her Mum

With Her Mum

Hilde Widerberg

Fotosas Photography - Turtle Art

Turtle Art

Fotosas Photography

HH Photography - The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

HH Photography

Esther Newman-Cohen - Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri

Esther Newman-Cohen

Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  - Amigo


Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Karol  Livote - A Gentlemans Ride

A Gentlemans Ride

Karol Livote

Jordan Blackstone - A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Jordan Blackstone

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Before The Song

Before The Song

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Alexander Senin - Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven

Alexander Senin

Morgan  Ralston - Coquihalla Sunrise

Coquihalla Sunrise

Morgan Ralston

Scott Ohlman - Windmill Silhouette

Windmill Silhouette

Scott Ohlman

EricaMaxine  Price - Where Have All The...

Where Have All The...

EricaMaxine Price

Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers 28...
Eunice Miller - Big Yellow Sunflower

Big Yellow Sunflower

Eunice Miller

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Girl at the Window

The Girl at the Window

Esther Newman-Cohen

Karol  Livote - Winter White Out

Winter White Out

Karol Livote

Paul Meijering - Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

Paul Meijering

Christina Rollo - Winter Chickadee

Winter Chickadee

Christina Rollo

JoNeL Art  - In The Wind

In The Wind

JoNeL Art

Krista May - Cameras Eye

Cameras Eye

Krista May

Jacqueline Barden - This Little Piggy . . .

This Little Piggy . . .

Jacqueline Barden

Jordan Blackstone - Look Deep Into Nature

Look Deep Into Nature

Jordan Blackstone

Miriam Danar - Circles - Two Benches
Jolanta Shiloni - Border Collie Anna

Border Collie Anna

Jolanta Shiloni

Karen Wiles - A Gentle Soul

A Gentle Soul

Karen Wiles

Priscilla Burgers - Hooping His Heart Out

Hooping His Heart Out

Priscilla Burgers

Alys Caviness-Gober - Champagne Lady

Champagne Lady

Alys Caviness-Gober

Marian Palucci - Red White and Blue Heart
Diannah Lynch - Guard Dogs On Duty

Guard Dogs On Duty

Diannah Lynch

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Malavika

Malavika's magical touch

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Eunice Miller - Up Above

Up Above

Eunice Miller

Dotti Hannum - Drake
John Malone - Hotel Atlantis from...
Krista May - Eternal Love

Eternal Love

Krista May

Suzanne Blais - The rider

The rider

Suzanne Blais

Lou Magoncia - Sunset Solitude

Sunset Solitude

Lou Magoncia

EricaMaxine  Price - MIRROR MIRROR ON THE...


EricaMaxine Price

Chaline Ouellet - Word On A Wing

Word On A Wing

Chaline Ouellet

Judi Bagwell - Daisies in Pink

Daisies in Pink

Judi Bagwell

Gregory Ballos - Shining Through

Shining Through

Gregory Ballos

Cynthia Guinn - Creek Sunset

Creek Sunset

Cynthia Guinn

Daniel Furon - Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Daniel Furon

Elena Sokolova - Boats


Elena Sokolova

David Bowman - Lunch


David Bowman

Rosemary Colyer - The Emotion Of Dance

The Emotion Of Dance

Rosemary Colyer

Marian Palucci - Edge Of Desire

Edge Of Desire

Marian Palucci

Jordan Blackstone - White Chrysanthemum with...

White Chrysanthemum with...

Jordan Blackstone

Marian Palucci - Awakening


Marian Palucci

Alexander Senin - Collage Undispited Chess...
Marian Palucci - Breath of Life

Breath of Life

Marian Palucci

Karen Ilari - Repose


Karen Ilari

Donna Tuten - Mascots of The Inn

Mascots of The Inn

Donna Tuten

Rose-Maries Pictures - Soon the day is over

Soon the day is over

Rose-Maries Pictures

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Robin in the Holly

Robin in the Holly

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Oh My Soul

Oh My Soul

Sweet Moments Photography

Gregory Ballos - Turret Arch and North...
Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  - August


Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Priscilla Burgers - Into the Light

Into the Light

Priscilla Burgers

Jordan Blackstone - I Walk Through The...

I Walk Through The...

Jordan Blackstone

Randall Branham - Sams Road Barn Once ina...
Priscilla Burgers - Saddle Bronc Riding at...

Saddle Bronc Riding at...

Priscilla Burgers

Paul Meijering - Laurent Fignon

Laurent Fignon

Paul Meijering

Eunice Miller - Walking The Dunes

Walking The Dunes

Eunice Miller

Susan Greenwood Lindsay - Looking for a Better...

Looking for a Better...

Susan Greenwood Lindsay

Inge Riis McDonald - Island Sunset

Island Sunset

Inge Riis McDonald

Dora Sofia Caputo - Beautiful Dahlias

Beautiful Dahlias

Dora Sofia Caputo

Davandra Cribbie - Breaking Out

Breaking Out

Davandra Cribbie

Davandra Cribbie - Can You See My Reflection

Can You See My Reflection

Davandra Cribbie

Miriam Danar - Fruitstand with Blue Van
Joy Watson - ...


Joy Watson

Doug Norkum - Penchant


Doug Norkum

Michel Soucy - Grey Seal Pup

Grey Seal Pup

Michel Soucy

Crystal Socha - Glass


Crystal Socha

Peter Lessey - On The Humber

On The Humber

Peter Lessey

Rosemary Colyer - Spring


Rosemary Colyer

Juergen Roth - Quebec City

Quebec City

Juergen Roth

Karen Wiles - MAGIC of FLIGHT


Karen Wiles

Sue Chisholm - The Quirky Nuthatch

The Quirky Nuthatch

Sue Chisholm

Krista May - Night Valentine

Night Valentine

Krista May

Cynthia Guinn - Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Cynthia Guinn

Randall Branham - Gathering of CARDINALS

Gathering of CARDINALS

Randall Branham

Krista May - When in Rome 2

When in Rome 2

Krista May

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Young Robin

Young Robin

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Mary Lee Dereske - Blue Grama Grass in Snow

Blue Grama Grass in Snow

Mary Lee Dereske

Krista May - Goodnight Stonehenge
Ernestine Manowarda - Reading a Bit

Reading a Bit

Ernestine Manowarda

Teresa Wegrzyn - Into The Light 2

Into The Light 2

Teresa Wegrzyn

Diana Sainz - At Sandi
Ari Salmela - Fragile Winter Day

Fragile Winter Day

Ari Salmela

Jean Noren - Tiny Gerbera Spikes
Alexander Senin - Greetings From Texas...

Greetings From Texas...

Alexander Senin

Ellen Ryan - Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Ellen Ryan

Diana Sainz - Sunset Mission San Luis...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Into The Mist III

Into The Mist III

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Lori Frisch - How Is Your Heart

How Is Your Heart

Lori Frisch

Joey Nash - Otter Woman Find Your Joy
Piero C - Ligure


Piero C

Jacqueline Barden - Maia


Jacqueline Barden

Anne Gilbert - Love Heart Heart

Love Heart Heart

Anne Gilbert

Esther Newman-Cohen - Faded Flowers and Fruit

Faded Flowers and Fruit

Esther Newman-Cohen

HH Photography - On The Deep Blue Sea

On The Deep Blue Sea

HH Photography

Alexander Senin - Red Rose - Featured 3

Red Rose - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Alexander Senin - Serenity


Alexander Senin

Gregory Ballos - Sun Setting on Grand...
Therese Alcorn - Dreamworld 2

Dreamworld 2

Therese Alcorn

Karen Wiles - WAVES of GOLD


Karen Wiles

Brian Carson - Ashbridges Bay Toronto...
Davandra Cribbie - Abandoned


Davandra Cribbie

Davandra Cribbie - Egyptian Style

Egyptian Style

Davandra Cribbie

Kathie Chicoine - Crux


Kathie Chicoine

Sue Chisholm - Love Snow Days

Love Snow Days

Sue Chisholm

Miriam Danar - Afternoon Sun - New York...
Shawna  Rowe - Tea Time

Tea Time

Shawna Rowe

Lianne Schneider - Bayou Sunrise

Bayou Sunrise

Lianne Schneider

Marcia Breznay - Pastoral


Marcia Breznay

Daniel Furon - Morning Love

Morning Love

Daniel Furon

Joseph Hawkins - Bernie and Joe Skull...
EricaMaxine  Price - Savannah GA Spanish...

Savannah GA Spanish...

EricaMaxine Price

Rose-Maries Pictures - The sun rises over our...

The sun rises over our...

Rose-Maries Pictures

Marty Saccone - Beached Dory In Sub Zero...
Peta Thames - Tangalooma Wrecks

Tangalooma Wrecks

Peta Thames

Brian Carson - Ashbridges Bay Toronto...
Kathy Bassett - I Must Go

I Must Go

Kathy Bassett

Gee Lyon - Flying


Gee Lyon

Gee Lyon - It
Mim White - Morning Treasure
Hilde Widerberg - Man in the moon

Man in the moon

Hilde Widerberg

HH Photography - Quiet Time

Quiet Time

HH Photography

Krista May - Big Bang

Big Bang

Krista May

Karen Wiles - Mojitos in the Making
Krista May - Entrance


Krista May

Cindy Lee Longhini - Springtime Marsh-New...

Springtime Marsh-New...

Cindy Lee Longhini

Stanza Widen - Moonlight Wolves

Moonlight Wolves

Stanza Widen

EricaMaxine  Price - This Way Kids

This Way Kids

EricaMaxine Price

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Into The Mist II

Into The Mist II

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Asha Carolyn Young - Old Stove and Shadows

Old Stove and Shadows

Asha Carolyn Young

Karol  Livote - Peaceful Moments

Peaceful Moments

Karol Livote

Joy Watson - Flower-hebe


Joy Watson

James Elmore - Sugar and Simon

Sugar and Simon

James Elmore

Julia Fine Art And Photography - Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Judy Palkimas - Swirls of Love And Hope
Lauren Hunter - Seven


Lauren Hunter

Jordan Blackstone - A Garden of Color

A Garden of Color

Jordan Blackstone

Dotti Hannum - Heart Valentine

Heart Valentine

Dotti Hannum

Alexander Senin - Main Building Of Moscow...
Esther Newman-Cohen - Branches in Sway

Branches in Sway

Esther Newman-Cohen

Shawna  Rowe - Lake Erie Lace

Lake Erie Lace

Shawna Rowe

Dora Sofia Caputo - A Day in Winter

A Day in Winter

Dora Sofia Caputo

Piero C - Tramonto sulla costa
Kathy Bassett - Love Will

Love Will

Kathy Bassett

Asha Carolyn Young - Alexander Valley Vinyards

Alexander Valley Vinyards

Asha Carolyn Young

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Tides

The Tides

Esther Newman-Cohen

Elena Sokolova - Autumn


Elena Sokolova

Anne Gilbert - Watching You

Watching You

Anne Gilbert

Stanza Widen - Fly Dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly

Stanza Widen

Juergen Roth - Atlantic Avenue with One...
Charline Xia - Snowy Shore

Snowy Shore

Charline Xia

Nava Jo Thompson - Red Barn Scene

Red Barn Scene

Nava Jo Thompson

Michael Durst - Rejoice


Michael Durst

Rose-Maries Pictures - Hopes of a New Morning

Hopes of a New Morning

Rose-Maries Pictures

Karen Wiles - STAIRS to HEAVEN on EARTH
Gregory Ballos - Flower of Lights

Flower of Lights

Gregory Ballos

Juergen Roth - Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly

Juergen Roth

Glenn McCurdy - Cape May Nites

Cape May Nites

Glenn McCurdy

Jordan Blackstone - Reflections of Lake...

Reflections of Lake...

Jordan Blackstone

Sue Chisholm - Pink Sky At Night

Pink Sky At Night

Sue Chisholm

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Fresh Grapes

Fresh Grapes

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Marcia Fontes Photography - Sunrise Over Whidbey...

Sunrise Over Whidbey...

Marcia Fontes Photography

Cynthia Guinn - Hello


Cynthia Guinn

Randall Branham - Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Randall Branham

Inge Riis McDonald - A different time

A different time

Inge Riis McDonald

Krista May - Warrior


Krista May

Stanza Widen - Ice Curves

Ice Curves

Stanza Widen

Charline Xia - Sunset On Ice

Sunset On Ice

Charline Xia

Rose-Maries Pictures - Endless Peace

Endless Peace

Rose-Maries Pictures

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Sweet Happy Heart

Sweet Happy Heart

Sweet Moments Photography

Karol  Livote - Ever Love

Ever Love

Karol Livote

Rachel Cohen - Muskallonge Lake in the...
Denise Dube - Light House in the Firey...
Priscilla Burgers - Pulling on Her Boots in...

Pulling on Her Boots in...

Priscilla Burgers

Priscilla Burgers - Trail West of Nashville

Trail West of Nashville

Priscilla Burgers

Krista May - Sweet Woods

Sweet Woods

Krista May

Krista May - Heart of the Music
Rose-Maries Pictures - Winter Idyll

Winter Idyll

Rose-Maries Pictures

Hilde Widerberg - Black Stallion

Black Stallion

Hilde Widerberg

Shawna  Rowe - Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams

Shawna Rowe

Alexander Senin - Immortal Chess -...

Immortal Chess -...

Alexander Senin

Joseph Hawkins - What Car Should We Take
EricaMaxine  Price - Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty

EricaMaxine Price

Jacqueline Barden - Trouble


Jacqueline Barden

James Elmore - Flower Cart

Flower Cart

James Elmore

Krista May - Bubble Wand Magic
Leslie Manley - The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper

Leslie Manley

Svetlana Nikolova - Cheerful Mandala

Cheerful Mandala

Svetlana Nikolova

Karol  Livote - Mysterious Peace

Mysterious Peace

Karol Livote

Randall Branham - Cataract Falls Swimming...
Diannah Lynch - Petals in Pink

Petals in Pink

Diannah Lynch

Sarah Batalka - Angels Of Peace

Angels Of Peace

Sarah Batalka

Dora Sofia Caputo - So Romantic

So Romantic

Dora Sofia Caputo

Dora Sofia Caputo - Pink and Yellow Roses...

Pink and Yellow Roses...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Amethyst Range

Amethyst Range

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Jordan Blackstone - Look Beyond The...

Look Beyond The...

Jordan Blackstone

Andrea Anderegg  - 1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

Andrea Anderegg

Nina Stavlund - Blue Ice...

Blue Ice...

Nina Stavlund

Douglas MooreZart - 5 cent Coca-Cola from...

5 cent Coca-Cola from...

Douglas MooreZart

Esther Newman-Cohen - Vegetables at the...

Vegetables at the...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Krista May - Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Krista May

Paul Meijering - John Hiatt

John Hiatt

Paul Meijering

Rosemary Colyer - Aylesford Bridge

Aylesford Bridge

Rosemary Colyer

EricaMaxine  Price - Not Far From The City

Not Far From The City

EricaMaxine Price

Davandra Cribbie - The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Davandra Cribbie

Davandra Cribbie - Fantasy Globe

Fantasy Globe

Davandra Cribbie

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Egrets


Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Karen Wiles - Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Karen Wiles

Donna Kennedy - Milk and Eggs

Milk and Eggs

Donna Kennedy

Piero C - Riflessi a Schilpario
Janis Knight - Old Barn in Sparks

Old Barn in Sparks

Janis Knight

Kathleen Bishop - Two Ravens on a Fence

Two Ravens on a Fence

Kathleen Bishop

Mary Ann Perkins - Surreal Maui Sunset

Surreal Maui Sunset

Mary Ann Perkins

Eunice Miller - Winter Walk Beside The...
Eunice Miller - Orchids Blooms

Orchids Blooms

Eunice Miller

Krista May - Spring Day

Spring Day

Krista May

Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  -  Food Chain

Food Chain

Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Kristy Tracy - Tally In The Snow

Tally In The Snow

Kristy Tracy

Gun Legler - Winter sleep

Winter sleep

Gun Legler

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Curly


Dragica Micki Fortuna

Donna Kennedy - Yummy Flower

Yummy Flower

Donna Kennedy

Lianne Schneider - Begonia Shadows II...

Begonia Shadows II...

Lianne Schneider

Nina Stavlund - Sunday Family Outing...
Randall Branham - Tulips Galore

Tulips Galore

Randall Branham

Krista May - Bubble Dreams

Bubble Dreams

Krista May

Karen Ilari - Best Buds

Best Buds

Karen Ilari

Karen Wiles - Moon Dance

Moon Dance

Karen Wiles

Lou Magoncia - Loves Bouquet

Loves Bouquet

Lou Magoncia

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Krista May - A Distant Wish

A Distant Wish

Krista May

Martin Davey - Children and Snowman...
Karen Wiles - Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

Karen Wiles

Johnny Hildingsson - Rose in red

Rose in red

Johnny Hildingsson

Ernestine Manowarda - Kissing Again

Kissing Again

Ernestine Manowarda

Ernestine Manowarda - Dreams Are Life

Dreams Are Life

Ernestine Manowarda

Carolina Liechtenstein - Thumb Piano in Blue

Thumb Piano in Blue

Carolina Liechtenstein

Douglas MooreZart - Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Douglas MooreZart

Lil Taylor - Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty

Lil Taylor

EricaMaxine  Price - Hot Days-Featured in...

Hot Days-Featured in...

EricaMaxine Price

Davandra Cribbie - Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Davandra Cribbie

Steven Reed - Across the Valley

Across the Valley

Steven Reed

Diannah Lynch - Wings


Diannah Lynch

Gee Lyon - Dance like no one
Peta Thames - Eclipse Diamond Ring
Peta Thames - Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Peta Thames

Andrea Anderegg  - Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind

Andrea Anderegg

Beverley Harper Tinsley - A Lemon

A Lemon

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Juergen Roth - Daydreamer


Juergen Roth

Nina Stavlund - Calling Out...

Calling Out...

Nina Stavlund

Dora Sofia Caputo - Winter by the Lake

Winter by the Lake

Dora Sofia Caputo

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Lovelight


Sweet Moments Photography

Kathleen Bishop - Glorious Snow Goose

Glorious Snow Goose

Kathleen Bishop

Marcia Fontes Photography - Save Our Farms

Save Our Farms

Marcia Fontes Photography

Penny Homontowski - Give it to Me I

Give it to Me I'm Hungry

Penny Homontowski

Gregory Ballos - Arches National Park...
Mim White - Zoom


Mim White

Karen Wiles - SKIES of SILK


Karen Wiles

Gun Legler - Mystery


Gun Legler

Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  - Sharing the Moment

Sharing the Moment

Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Paul  Meijering - Anouk 3

Anouk 3

Paul Meijering

Joy Watson - Flower- Dahlia-red-white
Donna Kennedy - Ahoy Matey

Ahoy Matey

Donna Kennedy

Dora Sofia Caputo - Dahlia in Pink and...

Dahlia in Pink and...

Dora Sofia Caputo

James Elmore - Village Boats

Village Boats

James Elmore

James Elmore - Abundance


James Elmore

Michael Durst - Evanston Garden

Evanston Garden

Michael Durst

Marcia Breznay - Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Marcia Breznay

Ernestine Manowarda - Red Rose Wisdom

Red Rose Wisdom

Ernestine Manowarda

Jordan Blackstone - Fields of Heather

Fields of Heather

Jordan Blackstone

Rose-Maries Pictures - Bohemian Waxwing blue

Bohemian Waxwing blue

Rose-Maries Pictures

Alexander Senin - Panoramic view of Moscow...
Alexander Senin - Small fly on a small...

Small fly on a small...

Alexander Senin

Diana Sainz - Wave Crasher La Jolla By...
Sweet Moments Photography                  - Of Lace and Love

Of Lace and Love

Sweet Moments Photography

Lianne Schneider -  Avec Toute Mon Ame

Avec Toute Mon Ame

Lianne Schneider

Donna Kennedy - 5271 Westbound

5271 Westbound

Donna Kennedy

Karen Wiles - Mother Natures Fireworks
Cheryl McKeeth - Watcher


Cheryl McKeeth

Juergen Roth - Boston Skyline Panoramic
Esther Newman-Cohen - A Magic Carpet Nude

A Magic Carpet Nude

Esther Newman-Cohen

Alexander Senin - Poker Hands - Straight...
EricaMaxine  Price - The Girl with...

The Girl with...

EricaMaxine Price

Kim Andelkovic - Black Buddha

Black Buddha

Kim Andelkovic

Jordan Blackstone - Degrees Of Grace

Degrees Of Grace

Jordan Blackstone

Henryk Gorecki - Sunset in Rostov

Sunset in Rostov

Henryk Gorecki

Samira Butt - After the rain image 9
Joy Watson - Flower-lavender-purple
Davandra Cribbie - Year Of The Horse

Year Of The Horse

Davandra Cribbie

Jenny Rainbow - I Cant Forget this...

I Cant Forget this...

Jenny Rainbow

Jordan Blackstone - Rockwall Lake -...

Rockwall Lake -...

Jordan Blackstone

Dotti Hannum - Waterfall in New Zealand
Marcia Fontes Photography - Pacific Northwest Towhee...

Pacific Northwest Towhee...

Marcia Fontes Photography

Inge Riis McDonald - Canadian Rockies in the...

Canadian Rockies in the...

Inge Riis McDonald

Randall Branham - Lamborghini Maple Lane...
Julia Fine Art And Photography - Bye Bye 2013 Welcome 2014

Bye Bye 2013 Welcome 2014

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Jacqueline Barden - San Francisco Skyline at...

San Francisco Skyline at...

Jacqueline Barden

Donna Kennedy - Pastel Sunset

Pastel Sunset

Donna Kennedy

John Malone - Towel Swans in Love
John Malone - Big Surf at Sunset

Big Surf at Sunset

John Malone

Mary Lee Dereske - White Sands and San...

White Sands and San...

Mary Lee Dereske

Loriental Photography -  Perennial Gardens -...

Perennial Gardens -...

Loriental Photography

Sue Chisholm - She Is Beautiful

She Is Beautiful

Sue Chisholm

Anne Gilbert - Very Bold Bunch

Very Bold Bunch

Anne Gilbert

Cheryl Baxter - Snowy Owl Perfection

Snowy Owl Perfection

Cheryl Baxter

Ernestine Manowarda - About Prince Charming

About Prince Charming

Ernestine Manowarda

Imran Ahmed - Singapore Cenotaph...
Esther Newman-Cohen - A Celebration in Pink

A Celebration in Pink

Esther Newman-Cohen

HH Photography - Feed Me

Feed Me

HH Photography

Phyllis Denton - Oak Creek Canyon Mist

Oak Creek Canyon Mist

Phyllis Denton

Juergen Roth - Opening Night

Opening Night

Juergen Roth

Paul  Meijering - Status Quo

Status Quo

Paul Meijering

Kathleen Bishop - Mallard Reflections

Mallard Reflections

Kathleen Bishop

Gregory Ballos - Open Fences

Open Fences

Gregory Ballos

Douglas MooreZart - Shoeshine on the...

Shoeshine on the...

Douglas MooreZart

Marty Saccone - A Winter Dusk at West...
Juergen Roth - Pansy


Juergen Roth

Alexander Senin - Pink Mists Of Spring 7

Pink Mists Of Spring 7

Alexander Senin

Rosemary Colyer - Bleak House

Bleak House

Rosemary Colyer

Karen Ilari - Summer Daydream

Summer Daydream

Karen Ilari

Kim Andelkovic - Angkor Wat Sunset

Angkor Wat Sunset

Kim Andelkovic

John Malone - Time for a Solo

Time for a Solo

John Malone

Joy Watson - Flower-agapanthus-blue
Nina Donner - Boulder Red Rocks Glowing
Davandra Cribbie - All Bottled Up

All Bottled Up

Davandra Cribbie

EricaMaxine  Price - Marilyn Monroe...

Marilyn Monroe...

EricaMaxine Price

Carolina Liechtenstein - Joshua Tree National...

Joshua Tree National...

Carolina Liechtenstein

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - A Foggy Morning

A Foggy Morning

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Janis Knight - Frosted Rosehips

Frosted Rosehips

Janis Knight

Donna Kennedy - Winter Repose

Winter Repose

Donna Kennedy

Dotti Hannum - Christmas Lights in...
Juergen Roth - Boston Panoramic

Boston Panoramic

Juergen Roth

Karen Wiles - Night of the Sun

Night of the Sun

Karen Wiles

Gregory Ballos - Indianapolis Skyline -...
Eunice Miller - Natural Tifany Lampshade
Nava Jo Thompson - Brown Beauty In White...

Brown Beauty In White...

Nava Jo Thompson

Randall Branham - Show me the way

Show me the way

Randall Branham

Davandra Cribbie - Harmony


Davandra Cribbie

Jenny Rainbow - Beauty all Around. Rest...
Debby Pueschel - Suspension of a...

Suspension of a...

Debby Pueschel

Jean Noren - Hawksbill


Jean Noren

Paul  Meijering - Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

Paul Meijering

David Dehner - Simply Spring

Simply Spring

David Dehner

Hilde Widerberg - Fantasy Waterfall

Fantasy Waterfall

Hilde Widerberg

Kim Andelkovic - Togetherness


Kim Andelkovic

Christina Rollo - Male Ruby-Throated...

Male Ruby-Throated...

Christina Rollo

Thierry Borcy - Burning Sun on Icy Waters
Alexander Senin - Three cherry flowers -...
James Elmore - Lotus Reflection

Lotus Reflection

James Elmore

HH Photography - Morning Light

Morning Light

HH Photography

Dora Sofia Caputo - Tulips in Purple and...

Tulips in Purple and...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - In the Mothers Embrace

In the Mothers Embrace

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Asha Carolyn Young - Old Yellow House in...

Old Yellow House in...

Asha Carolyn Young

Juergen Roth - Water Drunk

Water Drunk

Juergen Roth

Juergen Roth - Power and Poise

Power and Poise

Juergen Roth

Martin Capek - Fractal flower

Fractal flower

Martin Capek

Denise Dube - Friendships Grow By...
Lou Magoncia - Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Lou Magoncia

Douglas MooreZart - Forest Sun Moon

Forest Sun Moon

Douglas MooreZart

Joy Watson - Flower-gaura-white
Denise Dube - Sunset on 24 Winters...
Juergen Roth - Pink Tulips Splendor
Jeffrey Koss - Man In Black Johnny Cash
Rose-Maries Pictures - A peaceful moment

A peaceful moment

Rose-Maries Pictures

Andrea Anderegg  - Nuances 1

Nuances 1

Andrea Anderegg

Piero C -  The Cliffs of Moher
Matt  Davis - Christmas Sunset over...
EricaMaxine  Price - Which Way Should I Go-...

Which Way Should I Go-...

EricaMaxine Price

Gun Legler - Geisha with a fan.
Esther Newman-Cohen - Wildflowers Tryptich 2

Wildflowers Tryptich 2

Esther Newman-Cohen

Davandra Cribbie - Christmas Day At The...

Christmas Day At The...

Davandra Cribbie

Priscilla Burgers - Doodle Dum House

Doodle Dum House

Priscilla Burgers

Rachel Cohen - Shadows of Brilliance
Debby Pueschel - Blown Away

Blown Away

Debby Pueschel

James Elmore - Bottega Toscana

Bottega Toscana

James Elmore

Priscilla Burgers - Touring Route 66

Touring Route 66

Priscilla Burgers

Eunice Miller - Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Eunice Miller

Martin Capek - Fractal flower blossom
Nina Stavlund - Ice Crystal Magic...

Ice Crystal Magic...

Nina Stavlund

Alexander Senin - At The Background Of...

At The Background Of...

Alexander Senin

David Bowman - Simplicity


David Bowman

Rachel Cohen - Niagara Falls and...
Miriam Danar - Summer Fruits - Peaches...
Gun Legler - Magic


Gun Legler

Samira Butt - After the rain image 7
Miriam Danar - Pink White and Green...
Douglas MooreZart - Rembrandt

Rembrandt's Tree

Douglas MooreZart

Loriental Photography - Perennial Gardens - Fall...

Perennial Gardens - Fall...

Loriental Photography

Matt Konar - The Reader

The Reader

Matt Konar

Thierry Borcy - The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

Thierry Borcy

Douglas MooreZart - Full Moon Oak

Full Moon Oak

Douglas MooreZart

EricaMaxine  Price - Dancing With the...

Dancing With the...

EricaMaxine Price

Juergen Roth - Innocent Beauty

Innocent Beauty

Juergen Roth

Marco Macelli - Oktoberfest


Marco Macelli

Juergen Roth - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Juergen Roth

Asha Carolyn Young - San Francisco and...

San Francisco and...

Asha Carolyn Young

Glenn McCurdy - Life Imitates Art

Life Imitates Art

Glenn McCurdy

Rachel Cohen - Peaking Desire

Peaking Desire

Rachel Cohen

Sweet Moments Photography                  - My Birthday Rose

My Birthday Rose

Sweet Moments Photography

Gun Legler - Swept in a bubbly dream
Jenny Rainbow - The Unbearable Lightness...
Miriam Danar - The Conversation - A...
Jordan Blackstone - Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty

Jordan Blackstone

Jordan Blackstone - Softness Overcoming...

Softness Overcoming...

Jordan Blackstone

Piero C - Comacchio


Piero C

Priscilla Burgers - Yellowstone Hoarfrost

Yellowstone Hoarfrost

Priscilla Burgers

Esther Newman-Cohen - My Dear Grandma

My Dear Grandma

Esther Newman-Cohen

Randall Branham - Cardinals on Snowy Holly...
Karen Wiles - Why We Sail

Why We Sail

Karen Wiles

Cynthia Guinn - Sun Setting At The River
Joy Watson - Flower-mint Bush-pink
Joseph Hawkins - Kauiai Tunnel of trees

Kauiai Tunnel of trees

Joseph Hawkins

Marcia Breznay - Joy


Marcia Breznay

Davandra Cribbie - Magical


Davandra Cribbie

James Elmore - Spring


James Elmore

Alexander Senin - Moscow Kremlin And Big...
Rose-Maries Pictures - Lift Your Eyes Towards...

Lift Your Eyes Towards...

Rose-Maries Pictures

Karen Whitworth - Winter Harvest 2...

Winter Harvest 2...

Karen Whitworth

Marcia Fontes Photography - P C - Perfect Cat

P C - Perfect Cat

Marcia Fontes Photography

Davandra Cribbie - The Chickadee

The Chickadee

Davandra Cribbie

Diannah Lynch - Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

Diannah Lynch

Juergen Roth - Pairing Zebra Longwing...
Krista May - The Calling

The Calling

Krista May

Alys Caviness-Gober - A Vintage Tambourine

A Vintage Tambourine

Alys Caviness-Gober

Alexander Senin - Don
Michael Durst - Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Michael Durst

Dotti Hannum - Street Jazz Band in New...
Dotti Hannum - New Orleans Homes

New Orleans Homes

Dotti Hannum

HH Photography - Sun Shade

Sun Shade

HH Photography

Esther Newman-Cohen - Cyclamen in a Blue...

Cyclamen in a Blue...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Dwight Cook - Alvin York Mill

Alvin York Mill

Dwight Cook

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - A Cradle In Bethlehem

A Cradle In Bethlehem

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Daniel Furon - Calm and Delight

Calm and Delight

Daniel Furon

Nancy Graham - Boats in the Caribbean
Mim White - Black Capped Chickadee
Christy Ricafrente - Moon Shine

Moon Shine

Christy Ricafrente

Karen Wiles - Bogart Dreams

Bogart Dreams

Karen Wiles

Diana Sainz - New Year
Juergen Roth - Quebec Parlementaire and...
Juergen Roth - Pink Sensation

Pink Sensation

Juergen Roth

Lianne Schneider - Allonby - Fishing...

Allonby - Fishing...

Lianne Schneider

Kathy Bassett - Swan Journey

Swan Journey

Kathy Bassett

Kathleen Scanlan - Munch Time

Munch Time

Kathleen Scanlan

Eunice Miller - Still Cold

Still Cold

Eunice Miller

Alexander Senin - Yellow Rose 1

Yellow Rose 1

Alexander Senin

Dora Sofia Caputo - Christmas Bouquet

Christmas Bouquet

Dora Sofia Caputo

Alys Caviness-Gober - Abstract Landscape...

Abstract Landscape...

Alys Caviness-Gober

James Elmore - Arden


James Elmore

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flowers Light and Dark

Flowers Light and Dark

Esther Newman-Cohen

Martin Capek - Futuristic flower

Futuristic flower

Martin Capek

Inge Riis McDonald - Tigers in the snow

Tigers in the snow

Inge Riis McDonald

John Malone - Ice Cream Bench

Ice Cream Bench

John Malone

John Malone - Lighthouse Across the Bay
Denise Dube - Wishing you The Best...
Anne Gilbert - Stroud Sunrise

Stroud Sunrise

Anne Gilbert

Cynthia Guinn - Christmas Setting

Christmas Setting

Cynthia Guinn

Diana Sainz - You Hold My Heart...
Piero C - Tramonto a Punta di mare
Dragica  Micki Fortuna - I

I'll be home for...

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Janis Knight - Storm over Mt Rose

Storm over Mt Rose

Janis Knight

Krista May - Suburbia


Krista May

Doug Norkum - StarBright


Doug Norkum

David Bowman - Old Books

Old Books

David Bowman

Victor Minca - Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Victor Minca

Mim White - Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

Mim White

Priscilla Burgers - Out in the Snow

Out in the Snow

Priscilla Burgers

Paul Meijering - Robert de Niro

Robert de Niro

Paul Meijering

Michel Soucy - Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait

Michel Soucy

Michel Soucy - Harbor Seal with Texture
Dora Sofia Caputo - Autumn Blossoms

Autumn Blossoms

Dora Sofia Caputo

Krista May - Sacramento Palm Trees
Jordan Blackstone - Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

Jordan Blackstone

Priscilla Burgers - House Hunting

House Hunting

Priscilla Burgers

Miriam Danar - Balcony and Bricks -...
Miriam Danar - Night Walk in the City
Sweet Moments Photography                  - Hope

Hope's Little Gift

Sweet Moments Photography

Gregory Ballos - Adeline Hornbeck...

Adeline Hornbeck...

Gregory Ballos

Thierry Borcy - Frozen Saw Mill River...
Daniel Furon - After Rain

After Rain

Daniel Furon

Krista May - The Truth In Reflections
Nava Jo Thompson - Glowing In The Snow

Glowing In The Snow

Nava Jo Thompson

Inge Riis McDonald - Teslin Lake

Teslin Lake

Inge Riis McDonald

Donna Kennedy - Sunset Flight With Full...
James Elmore - Zen Path

Zen Path

James Elmore

David Bowman - Houses and Windows

Houses and Windows

David Bowman

Donika Nikova - ShaynART - Flamingo


Donika Nikova - ShaynART

Henryk Gorecki - The Rocks in Starachowice
Jane Linders - Fallen Oak

Fallen Oak

Jane Linders

Rima Biswas - Enter the dreamland
Kristin  Hoerter - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Kristin Hoerter