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Guns Are A Unique Art Form



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Paul Mashburn

Harriman, TN

United States

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This group was started on February 18th, 2012 and currently has:


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Guns Are A Unique Art Form

About This Group

Could not believe there is no group on FAA related to firearms! So, let us start one!

This group is all about modern and vintage firearms - handguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, anything along these lines that is artfully captured! Color or black and white photography, or any other artistic medium is acceptable.

Photos that are posted trying to reflect negatively on gun use or ownership will be rejected!

Items posted may show firearms in use, such as target shooting, cowboy scenes, law enforcement, or in military scenarios, as long as the scene, or depiction, is not an attempt to vilify the subject of this group. That subject is the unique beauty of firearms, and the pleasure they provide the gun owner!

For your own protection, I would not show serial numbers, or give specific locations, of firearms shown.

Remember, guns don\\\\\\\'t kill...people do!

Featured Images

Daniel Dempster - Skb 20 - D009313

Skb 20 - D009313

Daniel Dempster

Susan Leggett - Target Practice

Target Practice

Susan Leggett

Mike McGlothlen - Indian 841 And The B-17...
Varian Zingaro - 45 Auto #1

45 Auto #1

Varian Zingaro

Phil Rispin - Smith and Wesson 439
Paul Ward - Cowboy Gun in Holster
Paul Mashburn - Cravens House Cannon

Cravens House Cannon

Paul Mashburn

Paul Ward - US Marshal  Lawman
Dave Young - Guns and Guitar

Guns and Guitar

Dave Young

Joseph Juvenal - Time Marches On

Time Marches On

Joseph Juvenal

Tom Mc Nemar - Bullets and Broadheads
Mark McReynolds - No Target Practice

No Target Practice

Mark McReynolds

John Harding - Colt Revolver drawing
Jason ODell - Tribute


Jason ODell

John Wills - G43 Kar43 Study

G43 Kar43 Study

John Wills

John Wills - M1 Garand

M1 Garand

John Wills

Tom Mc Nemar - Smith and Wesson 1911SC...
Paul Ward - The Duck Hunter

The Duck Hunter

Paul Ward

Susan Leggett - Wild West

Wild West

Susan Leggett

Paul Ward - How the West was Won
Tommy Anderson - B-17 on the Tarmac 2

B-17 on the Tarmac 2

Tommy Anderson

JC Findley - Iconic Texas

Iconic Texas

JC Findley

Tommy Anderson - 1860 Colt Union Pistol

1860 Colt Union Pistol

Tommy Anderson

Elaine Haberland - We Don

We Don't Dial 911

Elaine Haberland

John Kiss - Winchester Model 92
Elaine Haberland - Six Gun

Six Gun

Elaine Haberland

AK Photography - Dressed to kill

Dressed to kill

AK Photography

JC Findley - Old School

Old School

JC Findley

JC Findley - Tools of the Trade
Paul Mashburn - Cowboy Single Action

Cowboy Single Action

Paul Mashburn

Paul Mashburn - Hartford and Ruger Colt...
Robert Hudnall - Billy and Pat

Billy and Pat

Robert Hudnall

Paul Ward - Cowboy - Ready To Ride -...
Paul Ward - US Marshall - American...
Michael Porchik - Lone Cannon

Lone Cannon

Michael Porchik

Mike Savad - Police - Gun - Mr Fancy...
Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Tail Guns

Tail Guns

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Paul Mashburn - German Soldier With MG-42
Susan Capuano - Grammas Gun

Grammas Gun

Susan Capuano

John Kiss - Winchester Lever Action
Wilma  Birdwell - Vintage Shotgun Macro

Vintage Shotgun Macro

Wilma Birdwell

Paul Ward - The Gambler

The Gambler

Paul Ward

Paul Holman - Side By Side

Side By Side

Paul Holman

Daniel Dempster - Beretta 28 Gauge -...

Beretta 28 Gauge -...

Daniel Dempster

Tommy Anderson - Union Gattling Gun

Union Gattling Gun

Tommy Anderson

JC Findley - Readiness


JC Findley

Tommy Anderson - WI Colored Infantry...

WI Colored Infantry...

Tommy Anderson

Paul Ward - Steampunk - Gun - The...
Paul Ward - Steampunk - Gun - The...
Mike Savad - Gun - Pistol - Romance...
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Gun -The...
Mike Savad - Gun - Police - True Grit
Randy Steele - Unspoiled Beauty

Unspoiled Beauty

Randy Steele

Steven  Digman - Springfield Rifle 1861
Tom Mc Nemar - The Judge

The Judge

Tom Mc Nemar

Daniel Dempster - Brittany and Pheasants -...
Pair of Spades - Dead mans hand

Dead mans hand

Pair of Spades

Daniel Dempster - Holland and Holland -...

Holland and Holland -...

Daniel Dempster

James C Thomas - Ain

Ain't No Cheatin

James C Thomas

Mike Savad - Gun - The adventures...
Mike Savad - Gun - Pistols at dawn
Randy Steele - Union Civil War Soldier...
JC Findley - USS Texas BW

USS Texas BW

JC Findley

Deniece Platt - Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

Deniece Platt

Randy Steele - Black Powder Rifle

Black Powder Rifle

Randy Steele

Paul Mashburn - MG-42 Machine Gun

MG-42 Machine Gun

Paul Mashburn

Erik Hovind - AK-47 Closeup 4

AK-47 Closeup 4

Erik Hovind

Paul Mashburn - M1917 Browning Machine...
Paul Mashburn - M2 Browning

M2 Browning

Paul Mashburn

Wilma  Birdwell - Shooting Clays

Shooting Clays

Wilma Birdwell

John Harding - 1851 Colt drawing

1851 Colt drawing

John Harding

Paul Mashburn - Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

Paul Mashburn

Tommy Anderson - Model 1911-A1

Model 1911-A1

Tommy Anderson

Tommy Anderson - The Garand

The Garand

Tommy Anderson

Tommy Anderson - Union Artillery Firing
Christopher Holmes - At The Ready

At The Ready

Christopher Holmes

Mike Hendren - Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up

Mike Hendren

Mike Savad - Fantasy - Emergency...
Mitchell Williams - .357


Mitchell Williams

Mike Hendren - The Defender

The Defender

Mike Hendren

Carolyn Marshall - Veterans at Vietnam Wall

Veterans at Vietnam Wall

Carolyn Marshall

Randy Steele - Battle of Bushy Run...
Mike Savad - Collector - Guns - How...
Randy Steele - Faces of the French and...
Bob  George - That Particular Moment
Bonnie Stillman - Keeping things safe....

Keeping things safe....

Bonnie Stillman

John Harding - Smith and Wesson drawing
Paul Mashburn - Best of Times

Best of Times

Paul Mashburn

Bob  George - Highway 13

Highway 13

Bob George

JC Findley - The Barbette

The Barbette

JC Findley

Carolyn Marshall - M1 Pyramid

M1 Pyramid

Carolyn Marshall

JC Findley - Go Ahead Punk   Make my...
Steven  Digman - 1861 Tower Enfield Rifle
Mike Savad - Collector - Gun - Rifle...
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Gun - The...