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This group was started on September 20th, 2010 and currently has:


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About This Group

A group for all lovers of France and French culture. All media accepted as long as the artwork reflect French people, culture, geography, history, cuisine or art.

Featured Images

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives - Berliet CBA French C B A...

Berliet CBA French C B A...

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives

Danielle Arnal - Mer De Glace

Mer De Glace

Danielle Arnal

Ira Shander - Hemingway
Janelle Yeager - Morning Stroll

Morning Stroll

Janelle Yeager

Elvis Vaughn - French Tradition

French Tradition

Elvis Vaughn

Danielle Arnal - Aiguiles de Chamonix

Aiguiles de Chamonix

Danielle Arnal

Janelle Yeager - The Palace Stairs

The Palace Stairs

Janelle Yeager

Elvis Vaughn - Paris and the Seine in...
France  Art - Wine Country

Wine Country

France Art

Ira Shander - Paris Opera

Paris Opera

Ira Shander

Paul  Meijering - Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu

Paul Meijering

France  Art - The Travelers

The Travelers

France Art

Jean-Pierre Ducondi - Paysage de Normandie

Paysage de Normandie

Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Bob Phillips - Sacred Heart Basilica 2
Artur Dabrowski - Lafayette Stained Glass

Lafayette Stained Glass

Artur Dabrowski

Weston Westmoreland - Rocamadour Stone Tower...

Rocamadour Stone Tower...

Weston Westmoreland

France  Art - Menton Citrus Festival
Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Giverny Dreaming

Giverny Dreaming

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Tony Priestley - Cahors Cloisters

Cahors Cloisters

Tony Priestley

France  Art - The Sisters

The Sisters

France Art

Jean-Pierre Ducondi - L


Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Joey Agbayani - Cafe des 2 Moulins

Cafe des 2 Moulins

Joey Agbayani

Vivienne Gucwa - Paris - Medici Fountain...
Joey Agbayani - The Eiffel Tower- from...
Ross Henton - Somewhere on the Seine -...
David Bowman - Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

David Bowman

Dany  Lison - Golden ears of wheat
Alex Cassels - Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts

Alex Cassels

France Art - Medieval Art Carving
Bob Phillips - Stained Glass Crucifixion
California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives - A sea of helmets World...

A sea of helmets World...

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives

Lainie Wrightson - Climbing Old Stairs

Climbing Old Stairs

Lainie Wrightson

Greg Kluempers - Glanum Provence France...
Greg Kluempers - Les Baux de Provence...
Ross Henton - Sphinx of Tanis

Sphinx of Tanis

Ross Henton

Ross Henton - Candles and Window

Candles and Window

Ross Henton

Vivienne Gucwa - Paris - Eiffel Tower and...
Tony Priestley - Mist and Teasel

Mist and Teasel

Tony Priestley

France  Art - Spring in the Vineyard
Bob Phillips - Curious


Bob Phillips

Bill OConnor - Cafe au lait

Cafe au lait

Bill OConnor

France  Art - La Petite Iron Lady
Andre MEHU - The orchard of St Maudet
Inge Johnsson - Sainte-Chapelle Fenetre...
France  Art - Vieux Bleu

Vieux Bleu

France Art

Hugh Smith - Bride


Hugh Smith

Bob Phillips - Street Entrance

Street Entrance

Bob Phillips

Hugh Smith - Mannequin


Hugh Smith

Rick Gustafson - Louvre Afternoon

Louvre Afternoon

Rick Gustafson

Bob Phillips - Restaurant Leonard de...
Luke Karcz - Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe

Luke Karcz

Carla Parris - Parisian Macarons

Parisian Macarons

Carla Parris

Inge Johnsson - Arles Windows

Arles Windows

Inge Johnsson

Mona Edulesco - Place Du Petit College...
Jean Hall - Never Never Land
Andre MEHU - Dockyard


Andre MEHU

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives - French Lady with a very...

French Lady with a very...

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives

Maj Seda - Chateau de Chantilly
Bruce Nutting - Four Eloquent Coffee Cups
Jan Carr - Hut Reflections
Eric Tressler - Moulin in Black and White
Georgia Fowler - Stone Pine in the Mist

Stone Pine in the Mist

Georgia Fowler

Georgia Fowler - Cream Shutters and Rose...
Becky Kim - Thinking about Winter in...
Mona Edulesco - The Umbrellas Of...

The Umbrellas Of...

Mona Edulesco

Bob Phillips - Grotte de St. Marcel
Bob Phillips - Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

Bob Phillips

Brian Sotak - Pillars


Brian Sotak

Hugh Smith - Tobacco Shop Paris
Julia Fine Art And Photography - Between The Trees

Between The Trees

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Thierry Borcy - Fine Shopping Bags

Fine Shopping Bags

Thierry Borcy

Alex Cassels - North Aspect of Notre...
Thierry Borcy - Collioure Street in...
Jean Hall - Notre Dame de Paris
Dominique Amendola - Champs de coquelicots

Champs de coquelicots

Dominique Amendola

Manuela Constantin - Door inside Notre Dame...

Door inside Notre Dame...

Manuela Constantin

Louise Fahy - Boulangerie


Louise Fahy

Jack Torcello - Peace Honfleur

Peace Honfleur

Jack Torcello

Karon Melillo DeVega - Cafe Chairs

Cafe Chairs

Karon Melillo DeVega

Jared Bendis - Musee du Louvre

Musee du Louvre

Jared Bendis

Jared Bendis - Chateau de...

Chateau de...

Jared Bendis

Dany  Lison - Straw hats

Straw hats

Dany Lison

Delphimages Photo Creations - Eiffel tower vintage...

Eiffel tower vintage...

Delphimages Photo Creations

Ira Shander - Paris Interlude

Paris Interlude

Ira Shander

Luke Karcz - Saint Michelle Abbey
Inge Johnsson - French Doors

French Doors

Inge Johnsson

Inge Johnsson - Afternoon Windows

Afternoon Windows

Inge Johnsson

Alan Toepfer - Au Lapin Agile

Au Lapin Agile

Alan Toepfer

Yuriy  Shevchuk - Paris Arc de Triomphie
Andre MEHU - Paul Guieysse Street
Carla Parris - Old Stone Steps

Old Stone Steps

Carla Parris

Robert Santuci - France  Our Lady of...

France Our Lady of...

Robert Santuci

Manuela Constantin - Vaucluse Provence

Vaucluse Provence

Manuela Constantin

Sarah Fowler - Les Halles Marais

Les Halles Marais

Sarah Fowler

Michael Flood - delightful Dolls In A...
Alex Cassels - Couleurs d

Couleurs d'automne

Alex Cassels

Inge Johnsson - Towering Sacre-Coeur

Towering Sacre-Coeur

Inge Johnsson

Eloise Schneider - Morning Tea for Two

Morning Tea for Two

Eloise Schneider

Lainie Wrightson - Vines on Red Shutters

Vines on Red Shutters

Lainie Wrightson

Jack Torcello - Snowdown


Jack Torcello

Jack Torcello - Walkers - Ice Cliff II
Steven Van Gucht - Dashed Dreams

Dashed Dreams

Steven Van Gucht

Steven Van Gucht - French Ruins

French Ruins

Steven Van Gucht

Jennifer Lyon - Vibrant Cathedral

Vibrant Cathedral

Jennifer Lyon

Inge Johnsson - Porte Rouge

Porte Rouge

Inge Johnsson

Alex Cassels - Basilique Du Sacre Coeur
Lainie Wrightson - Chair by the White Door

Chair by the White Door

Lainie Wrightson

Becky Kim - Reims Cathedral in France
Devan Gregori - Cotes du Rhone

Cotes du Rhone

Devan Gregori

Tony Stroh - Hallway


Tony Stroh

Suzanne Krueger - Eve


Suzanne Krueger

CR  Courson - Cucuron L

Cucuron L'etang

CR Courson

Charlotte Blanchard - Under The Bridge on the...

Under The Bridge on the...

Charlotte Blanchard

Charlotte Blanchard - The Alleyway

The Alleyway

Charlotte Blanchard

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Musee de Cluny Chapel...

Musee de Cluny Chapel...

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Lainie Wrightson - Robust Vine on Blue Door

Robust Vine on Blue Door

Lainie Wrightson

Anna  Duyunova -  Middle Ages Walk

Middle Ages Walk

Anna Duyunova

Greg Matchick - Village of Castelnau...
Inge Johnsson - Versailles Hallway

Versailles Hallway

Inge Johnsson

Dany  Lison - The blue shutters
Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Evening at the Louvre

Evening at the Louvre

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

David Abse - Justice Tonight

Justice Tonight

David Abse

Andre MEHU - Shipwrecks at Lanriot...
Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Montmartre Building

Montmartre Building

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Lainie Wrightson - Muguet de Bois

Muguet de Bois

Lainie Wrightson

Yuriy  Shevchuk - Paris 04

Paris 04

Yuriy Shevchuk

Yuriy  Shevchuk - Paris Pont Alexandre III
Lainie Wrightson - Cafe Des Sports

Cafe Des Sports

Lainie Wrightson

Dominique Serusier - Pas Vue Pas Pris

Pas Vue Pas Pris

Dominique Serusier

Alan Toepfer - Palais Garnier Grand...
Lainie Wrightson - Life in Rocamadour

Life in Rocamadour

Lainie Wrightson

Debbie Cochener - French Market

French Market

Debbie Cochener

Dominique Serusier - La Marche Du Temps

La Marche Du Temps

Dominique Serusier

GIStudio Photography - The Louvre

The Louvre

GIStudio Photography

Chuck Kuhn - Eiffel HD

Eiffel HD

Chuck Kuhn

Lainie Wrightson - Fountain Face

Fountain Face

Lainie Wrightson

Yuriy  Shevchuk - Paris Montmartre

Paris Montmartre

Yuriy Shevchuk

Freddy Kirsheh - Haydn 2

Haydn 2

Freddy Kirsheh

Karon Melillo DeVega - Willows at Sunset -...

Willows at Sunset -...

Karon Melillo DeVega

Jan Lowe - Paris in the Autumn
Karon Melillo DeVega - Fruit and Wine

Fruit and Wine

Karon Melillo DeVega

John Gaffen - Argentiere Glacier I
Kathy Yates - Musee de Cluny

Musee de Cluny

Kathy Yates

Laurel Talabere - Melons at Les Halles

Melons at Les Halles

Laurel Talabere

Evgeny Prokofyev - Chateau de Peyrou in...

Chateau de Peyrou in...

Evgeny Prokofyev

Kiril Stanchev - Winter In Paris

Winter In Paris

Kiril Stanchev

Kathy Yates - Bois de Boulogne Boats
Marilyn MacGregor - Luxembourg Garden Gate

Luxembourg Garden Gate

Marilyn MacGregor

Georgia Fowler - Villeneuve sur Lot

Villeneuve sur Lot

Georgia Fowler

John Gaffen - Summit of Aiguille Verte
Carla Parris - Perched Village of Gordes
Gra Howard - Visions of France
Jonathan Ellison - Abbesses


Jonathan Ellison

Jonathan Ellison - Eiffel at Dusk

Eiffel at Dusk

Jonathan Ellison

Lainie Wrightson - St. Tropez

St. Tropez

Lainie Wrightson

David Abse - Night Driver

Night Driver

David Abse

John Gaffen - Summit of Mont Blanc and...
Donna Acheson-Juillet - Owls


Donna Acheson-Juillet

Marilyn MacGregor - French Market Day

French Market Day

Marilyn MacGregor

Alex Cassels - Jardin d

Jardin d'eau

Alex Cassels

Lainie Wrightson - 2 Boules

2 Boules

Lainie Wrightson

Jan Carr - Steps


Jan Carr

Lainie Wrightson - Vine Covered Stone House

Vine Covered Stone House

Lainie Wrightson

Chuck Kuhn - Louvre Paris

Louvre Paris

Chuck Kuhn

Chuck Kuhn - Louvre Sunset VI

Louvre Sunset VI

Chuck Kuhn

Inge Johnsson - La Trappa

La Trappa

Inge Johnsson

Joan  Minchak - Saint Emilion Window
Laurel Talabere - Park It Where You Can

Park It Where You Can

Laurel Talabere

Inge Johnsson - Arles Roman Arena

Arles Roman Arena

Inge Johnsson

Lainie Wrightson - Red Mailbox at White Door

Red Mailbox at White Door

Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - No Parking

No Parking

Lainie Wrightson

Aaron Stokes - Alzette River

Alzette River

Aaron Stokes

Aaron Stokes - Nature

Nature's Architect

Aaron Stokes

Carla Parris - Rose Garlic

Rose Garlic

Carla Parris

Dominique Amendola - Water lilies in France

Water lilies in France

Dominique Amendola

Lainie Wrightson - Stone and Shadows

Stone and Shadows

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - Bank of the Seine

Bank of the Seine

Keith Stokes

Joan  Minchak - Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles

Joan Minchak

Lainie Wrightson - Windows of Sarlat

Windows of Sarlat

Lainie Wrightson

Carla Parris - Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel

Carla Parris

David Abse - Fauvist Flowers

Fauvist Flowers

David Abse

Jan Carr - Apothecary


Jan Carr

Jan Carr - Loire Lock

Loire Lock

Jan Carr

Ronald Haber - Playing Boules in St...
Pauline Cutler - French Bike

French Bike

Pauline Cutler

Lainie Wrightson - Cabanon


Lainie Wrightson

Alex Cassels - Water Garden 2 at Giverny
Carla Parris - Eze Cobblestone Patio
Carla Parris - Pink Umbrella and Garlic
Aaron Stokes - Musee d

Musee d'Orsay

Aaron Stokes

Pauline Cutler - St Savin France

St Savin France

Pauline Cutler

L Diane Johnson - Monet

Monet's Window

L Diane Johnson

Debbie Cochener - Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Debbie Cochener

Georgia Fowler - Yellow autumn trees in...
Jack Torcello - Shutter and Vine France...
Pauline Cutler - French December

French December

Pauline Cutler

Brigitte Grange - Aubade Provencale

Aubade Provencale

Brigitte Grange

Barbara Craig - Pink Doors

Pink Doors

Barbara Craig

Barbara Craig - Fishing in France

Fishing in France

Barbara Craig

Dominique Serusier - La Vieille Radio    Old...

La Vieille Radio Old...

Dominique Serusier

L Diane Johnson - Monet

Monet's Entry

L Diane Johnson

Freddy Kirsheh - French elegance

French elegance

Freddy Kirsheh

Jack Torcello - Toulouse Reflections I
Keith Stokes - Musee d

Musee d'Orsay

Keith Stokes

L Diane Johnson - Monets Pond in Spring

Monets Pond in Spring

L Diane Johnson

Lainie Wrightson - Provence Door 2

Provence Door 2

Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - Provence Door 26

Provence Door 26

Lainie Wrightson

David Abse - Cezanne meets Interflora
Keith Stokes - Chopin Grave Paris

Chopin Grave Paris

Keith Stokes

Lainie Wrightson - Garden Gate

Garden Gate

Lainie Wrightson

L Diane Johnson - Mermaid


L Diane Johnson

Carol Wisniewski - Reaping the Seasons...

Reaping the Seasons...

Carol Wisniewski

David Abse - Autumn Bouquet

Autumn Bouquet

David Abse

David Bowman - St Joseph

St Joseph's Spire

David Bowman

Andre MEHU - Kerliezec


Andre MEHU

Lainie Wrightson - Grapes Over Blue Door

Grapes Over Blue Door

Lainie Wrightson

Dominique Serusier - Le Vieil Accordeoniste ...

Le Vieil Accordeoniste ...

Dominique Serusier

Dominique Serusier - Un Petit Ballon - A...

Un Petit Ballon - A...

Dominique Serusier

Patricia Caldwell - Please Have a Seat

Please Have a Seat

Patricia Caldwell

Lainie Wrightson - Poppies on the Vineyard

Poppies on the Vineyard

Lainie Wrightson

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Chateau de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Paul Madura - Face of Life Lived

Face of Life Lived

Paul Madura

Andre MEHU - The herd of Troverne
Brigitte Grange - Croisade En Avignon

Croisade En Avignon

Brigitte Grange

Brigitte Grange - Martigues


Brigitte Grange

Lainie Wrightson - Thoronet Chapter House

Thoronet Chapter House

Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - Tieing the Bow

Tieing the Bow

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - Pyramide du Louvre

Pyramide du Louvre

Keith Stokes

Elise Palmigiani - Mary Lou

Mary Lou

Elise Palmigiani

Brigitte Grange - La danseuse

La danseuse

Brigitte Grange

Brigitte Grange - Arlesienne


Brigitte Grange

Brigitte Grange - Lac De Mison

Lac De Mison

Brigitte Grange

Brigitte Grange - Un banc en automne

Un banc en automne

Brigitte Grange

Andre MEHU - Doelan the red...
Lainie Wrightson - Garlic and Carrots

Garlic and Carrots

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - Les Trois Perdants

Les Trois Perdants

Keith Stokes

Lainie Wrightson - Lavabo


Lainie Wrightson

Alex Cassels - Willows and Water-Lilies
Madeleine Holzberg - Flower Market

Flower Market

Madeleine Holzberg

Lainie Wrightson - Hat and Wheat

Hat and Wheat

Lainie Wrightson

Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 14

A Walk Through Paris 14

Mike McGlothlen

Lainie Wrightson - Stone Stairs to Hamlet

Stone Stairs to Hamlet

Lainie Wrightson

Alex Cassels - Claude Monet
Lainie Wrightson - Le Petit Pierre II

Le Petit Pierre II

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - Notre Dame at Night

Notre Dame at Night

Keith Stokes

Lainie Wrightson - Souvenirs de Bretagne

Souvenirs de Bretagne

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - Paris Pyramids

Paris Pyramids

Keith Stokes

Lainie Wrightson - Roses in Blue Glass Vase

Roses in Blue Glass Vase

Lainie Wrightson

Lee Stickels - Auberge Des Arcades

Auberge Des Arcades

Lee Stickels

Joan  Minchak - Saint Emilion Door

Saint Emilion Door

Joan Minchak

Al Bourassa - Monte Carlo At Night
Lee Stickels - Le Sevigne

Le Sevigne

Lee Stickels

Lainie Wrightson - Enchanting Door

Enchanting Door

Lainie Wrightson

Mike McGlothlen - Shinning Through

Shinning Through

Mike McGlothlen

David Abse - Provence Alps 4

Provence Alps 4

David Abse

Lainie Wrightson - Honey


Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - Weathered


Lainie Wrightson

Patricia Caldwell - Morning on the Meuse

Morning on the Meuse

Patricia Caldwell

CR  Courson - Omaha Beach At Peace
David Bowman - Water Tower

Water Tower

David Bowman

Joan  Minchak - Welcome to Bordeaux

Welcome to Bordeaux

Joan Minchak

Sue Melvin - The Blockhead

The Blockhead

Sue Melvin

David Abse - At the cafe

At the cafe

David Abse

Joan  Minchak - Red and White Wine...
Manuela Constantin - Wild horses drinking...

Wild horses drinking...

Manuela Constantin

M S - Monet



Alex Cassels - Old Harbour of Honfleur
Robert  SORENSEN - Alfred

Alfred's Last Days


Robert  SORENSEN - Chaville



Carol Wisniewski - Sunflowers in a Vase...

Sunflowers in a Vase...

Carol Wisniewski

Manuela Constantin - View from Sisteron...

View from Sisteron...

Manuela Constantin

Manuela Constantin - Roussillon colours

Roussillon colours

Manuela Constantin

CR  Courson - View of Gigondas

View of Gigondas

CR Courson

Robert  SORENSEN - Eglise Onze - Onze

Eglise Onze - Onze


CR  Courson - Honfleur At Night
CR  Courson - Honfleur Harbour

Honfleur Harbour

CR Courson

David Abse - Relax


David Abse

David Abse - Coffee and Tabasco
Richard Wetterer - French Village Life

French Village Life

Richard Wetterer

Dominique Amendola - L

L'homme qui lit

Dominique Amendola

Robert  SORENSEN - Madame Wourms

Madame Wourms


Alina Vidulescu - Provence Corner

Provence Corner

Alina Vidulescu

Joan  Minchak - French Countryside Corner
Al Bourassa - No Rowboats Allowed
Elise Palmigiani - Sunset Over the Village

Sunset Over the Village

Elise Palmigiani

Alina Vidulescu - Cote D

Cote D'Azur View

Alina Vidulescu

Robert  SORENSEN - Tour Eiffel et OVNI

Tour Eiffel et OVNI


Madeleine Holzberg - A Place to Be II

A Place to Be II

Madeleine Holzberg

Madeleine Holzberg - Aix-en-Provence


Madeleine Holzberg

Madeleine Holzberg - Bridge at Giverny

Bridge at Giverny

Madeleine Holzberg

Joan  Minchak - Ceramics at Market Day
Joan  Minchak - Lone Bike in France

Lone Bike in France

Joan Minchak

David Abse - Garrigue path up Pic...
Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Preparing Giselle

Preparing Giselle

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Julie Palencia - Warmth of Old...

Warmth of Old...

Julie Palencia

Alan Toepfer - St Chapelle Paris

St Chapelle Paris

Alan Toepfer

Alan Toepfer - Gordes Provence France
Al Bourassa - La Tour Eiffel II

La Tour Eiffel II

Al Bourassa

David Bowman - Window to Mont St Michel
Ick - Chute de la Druise
Dominique Amendola - Three men with a dog

Three men with a dog

Dominique Amendola

Andrzej Szczerski -  Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Andrzej Szczerski

Jeni Westcott - Verteuil Charente

Verteuil Charente

Jeni Westcott

Carol Wisniewski - The Archways of...

The Archways of...

Carol Wisniewski

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Chenonceau


Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Robert  SORENSEN - Bread and Wine of Life

Bread and Wine of Life


Robert  SORENSEN - La Grande Arche

La Grande Arche


Joan  Minchak - France thru a Window
Joan  Minchak - Window and Roses

Window and Roses

Joan Minchak

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - La Sainte-Chapelle

La Sainte-Chapelle

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Al Bourassa - The Kiss by Auguste Rodin
Carol Wisniewski - Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

Carol Wisniewski

Julie Palencia -  Grand Eiffel Tower

Grand Eiffel Tower

Julie Palencia

John Gaffen - White Cap

White Cap

John Gaffen

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Elevation of the Maritime

Elevation of the Maritime

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Al Bourassa - Welcome To Hell

Welcome To Hell

Al Bourassa

David Bowman - Birds-Eye View

Birds-Eye View

David Bowman

Dominique Amendola - At the museum

At the museum

Dominique Amendola

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Champagne and Flowers

Champagne and Flowers

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Chuck Kuhn - Paris Seine River
John Julio - Eiffel Square

Eiffel Square

John Julio

Luca Spanu - Paris


Luca Spanu

Gra Howard - Chateau


Gra Howard

Joan  Minchak - Palais des Papes View
Jeni Westcott - Geese by the river

Geese by the river

Jeni Westcott

Pascal VERSAVEL - Nympheas 06

Nympheas 06


Carol Wisniewski - Giverny Gardens Pathway...
Jeni Westcott - Le Pont

Le Pont

Jeni Westcott

Michael King - Eiffel Tower I

Eiffel Tower I

Michael King

Al Bourassa - Winged Saviour

Winged Saviour

Al Bourassa

Chuck Kuhn - Blk Wht Louvre

Blk Wht Louvre

Chuck Kuhn

Carol Wisniewski - Les Escaliers en...

Les Escaliers en...

Carol Wisniewski

Jeni Westcott - Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Jeni Westcott

Alina Vidulescu - Paris Street

Paris Street

Alina Vidulescu

Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 9

A Walk Through Paris 9

Mike McGlothlen

Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 7

A Walk Through Paris 7

Mike McGlothlen

Elise Palmigiani - Village Street in...

Village Street in...

Elise Palmigiani

Elise Palmigiani - Lonely Olive Tree

Lonely Olive Tree

Elise Palmigiani

Joan  Minchak - Chateau Chenonceau Window
Andre MEHU - Le Bas Pouldu Low tide
Joan  Minchak - Paris Rooftop

Paris Rooftop

Joan Minchak

Chuck Kuhn - Night scene Paris
Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 26

A Walk Through Paris 26

Mike McGlothlen

Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 3

A Walk Through Paris 3

Mike McGlothlen

Andrzej Szczerski - Happy New Year 2011....

Happy New Year 2011....

Andrzej Szczerski

Mike McGlothlen - Eiffel Art 17

Eiffel Art 17

Mike McGlothlen

Mike McGlothlen - A Walk Through Paris 13

A Walk Through Paris 13

Mike McGlothlen

Chuck Kuhn - Old Shutters

Old Shutters

Chuck Kuhn

Andrzej Szczerski -   Paris.....


Andrzej Szczerski

Debbie Cochener - Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Debbie Cochener

Gra Howard - Le Fort. Viols Le Fort
Andre MEHU - Locmaria


Andre MEHU

Elise Palmigiani - Lavender field

Lavender field

Elise Palmigiani

Barbara McDevitt - Just Say Cheese

Just Say Cheese

Barbara McDevitt

Andre MEHU - Cours de la Bove

Cours de la Bove

Andre MEHU

Frances Evans - Boulangerie Montbron...
Andre MEHU - Doelan little harbour in...
Frances Evans - Le Petit Vendangeur -...
Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Azay-le-Rideau Chateau

Azay-le-Rideau Chateau

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Eiffel Skyscape

Eiffel Skyscape

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Frances Evans - French Cottage

French Cottage

Frances Evans

Debbie Cochener - Galleries Lafayette Paris
Nigel Fletcher-Jones - The Little Prince and...

The Little Prince and...

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Frances Evans - Lavender and Gold

Lavender and Gold

Frances Evans

Frances Evans - French Pigeonnier

French Pigeonnier

Frances Evans

John Julio - Musee d

Musee d'Orsay

John Julio

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Seine Spirit

Seine Spirit

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - The Lamb of God

The Lamb of God

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Debbie Cochener - Poppy


Debbie Cochener

Debbie Cochener - Abessess Metro

Abessess Metro

Debbie Cochener

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Northern Light

Northern Light

Nigel Fletcher-Jones