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Female Artists - ONE WORK PER DAY



Group Administrator

RC DeWinter

Haddam, CT

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 1st, 2009 and currently has:


1,906 Members


56,423 Images


811 Discussions

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Female Artists - ONE WORK PER DAY

About This Group

This incredible group is the result of the vision and dedication of Madalena Lobao-Tello, who founded it to bring together women artists to share their work and thereby hopefully grow not only in their creativity but also in their humanity. Thank you, Mada, for your accomplishment in establishing a place where we can interact as creative women adding truth and beauty to the world.

We welcome all women artists on FAA who wish to share their inspiration, creativity and talent, shining a light on the brilliant and complicated lives of women artists. We come together in a spirit of respect, cooperation and appreciation, creating art and peace, acknowledging that we are different but accepting our diversity.

1. ONE WORK PER DAY, any more than that will be removed.
2. All work must be original; style, genre, and medium are open.
3. Only submit the work that you are proud of.
4. Nudes must be tasteful or they will be rejected.
5. All work submitted must list the media/medium or it will be rejected.
6. All work must have a title or it will be rejected.
7. The administrator will accept or reject images.
8. Works with superimposed text other than the FAA watermark will be rejected.

Be active, be creative, be positive: you are a woman artist. ~ RC deWinter


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Featured Images

Jenny Rainbow - The Horse Among the Stars
Jackie Mauritz - Dancing Nude

Dancing Nude

Jackie Mauritz

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Owl Alba  Spain

Owl Alba Spain

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Cynthia Sheffield - Spring Fantasy

Spring Fantasy

Cynthia Sheffield

Lucy Matta - Lulu - Espresso


Lucy Matta - Lulu

Asha Carolyn Young - Self Portrait  Bygone...

Self Portrait Bygone...

Asha Carolyn Young

First Star Art  - Just You and Me by jrr

Just You and Me by jrr

First Star Art

Helena Wierzbicki - In lone and silent hours

In lone and silent hours

Helena Wierzbicki

Kaye Menner - Seashell Wall Art 13 -...
Dorina  Costras - Colombina

Colombina's Sight

Dorina Costras

Mary Rogers - Among the Hostas

Among the Hostas

Mary Rogers

Carolyn LeGrand - Death Of A Clown

Death Of A Clown

Carolyn LeGrand

Patricia Keller - Read My Eyes

Read My Eyes

Patricia Keller

Nicole Philippi - Girl into the abstract

Girl into the abstract

Nicole Philippi

Nina Fosdick - Afternoons Light

Afternoons Light

Nina Fosdick

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Morning


Dragica Micki Fortuna

Anne Barberi - Copper Pot w/Fruit

Copper Pot w/Fruit

Anne Barberi

Loretta Luglio - Cello Player

Cello Player

Loretta Luglio

Chrisann Ellis - Basket Of Sunflowers

Basket Of Sunflowers

Chrisann Ellis

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Women With Her Guitar

Women With Her Guitar

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Ella Kaye - Gerber Daisy Bashful Red
Nikki Frazier - Diva in Ruffles

Diva in Ruffles

Nikki Frazier

Jessy Willemse - Dandelion


Jessy Willemse

P J Lewis - CoCo


P J Lewis

Jeanne Fischer - La Luna 6

La Luna 6

Jeanne Fischer

Belinda Borradaile - Prayer


Belinda Borradaile

Amy Weiss - Tiptoes


Amy Weiss

Alaina Ferguson - Luminosus


Alaina Ferguson

Svetlana Nikolova - Passion


Svetlana Nikolova

Jennifer Beaudet - The Moment

The Moment

Jennifer Beaudet

Carolyn Doe - Little Bird #12

Little Bird #12

Carolyn Doe

Stephanie Noblet  Miranda - Eve of Spring

Eve of Spring

Stephanie Noblet Miranda

Kae Cheatham - Dolphin Abstract - 2
Ashima Kaushik - Woman and pearl

Woman and pearl

Ashima Kaushik

Lee Owenby - Twirly Still Life
Maureen Tillman - Bette Davis Eyes

Bette Davis Eyes

Maureen Tillman

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Feeling Owlright

Feeling Owlright

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Claire Bull - Red Rubber Boots

Red Rubber Boots

Claire Bull

Karol  Livote - Rough Acoustic

Rough Acoustic

Karol Livote

Bev Conover - Mr. Carson and Mrs....
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Coffe Time

Coffe Time

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Hazel Billingsley - Be careful what you wish...

Be careful what you wish...

Hazel Billingsley

Karol  Livote - So Precious

So Precious

Karol Livote

P J Lewis - Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday

P J Lewis

Lianne Schneider - Still Life with Apples

Still Life with Apples

Lianne Schneider

Karishma Desai - Heart of Love

Heart of Love

Karishma Desai

Kendall Kessler - Boat Light

Boat Light

Kendall Kessler

Natalie Holland - Wild Jungle Woman

Wild Jungle Woman

Natalie Holland

Kathy Jennings - So Pure So White

So Pure So White

Kathy Jennings

Jenny Rainbow - Spring in the Heart

Spring in the Heart

Jenny Rainbow

Debi Pople - Orchids


Debi Pople

Christel  Roelandt - Dream On Aquarius

Dream On Aquarius

Christel Roelandt

Dora Sofia Caputo - Impressionistic Pink...

Impressionistic Pink...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Madison Etrela - Demeter

Demeter's Grief

Madison Etrela

Ismeta Gruenwald - Poppies 05

Poppies 05

Ismeta Gruenwald

Barbara Jacquin - Modigliani woman

Modigliani woman

Barbara Jacquin

Lee Owenby - Aunt Jane
Esther Newman-Cohen - Tovi

Tovi's Fairytale

Esther Newman-Cohen

Karen Whitworth - Raven in the Stillness

Raven in the Stillness

Karen Whitworth

Becky Kim - Self Portrait of Becky...
Laura Barbosa - Worlds Away

Worlds Away

Laura Barbosa

Mary Armstrong - Fire dancer

Fire dancer

Mary Armstrong

Karen Whitworth - Tali

Tali's Guard Chicken

Karen Whitworth

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Lilyana


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Kathy Stiber - Once Bitten

Once Bitten

Kathy Stiber

Jane Chesnut - I Love You

I Love You

Jane Chesnut

Ana Maria Edulescu - Her And His Coffee Cups

Her And His Coffee Cups

Ana Maria Edulescu

Francoise Dugourd-Caput - Sendhil


Francoise Dugourd-Caput

Lenore Senior - First Snow

First Snow

Lenore Senior

Christel  Roelandt - Enchantress of Florence

Enchantress of Florence

Christel Roelandt

Kathy Baccari - Downtown Myrtle Beach

Downtown Myrtle Beach

Kathy Baccari

Janet Gupta - Unburden Me

Unburden Me

Janet Gupta

Diane Miller - The Butterfly Project 1
Gea Scheltinga - Maxima


Gea Scheltinga

Agata Wisniowska - A Wink

A Wink

Agata Wisniowska

Helena Wierzbicki - Naked gaze

Naked gaze

Helena Wierzbicki

Debbie Portwood - Sunset Lady - Female...

Sunset Lady - Female...

Debbie Portwood

Viktoria K Majestic - Friendship


Viktoria K Majestic

Mariana Stauffer - Bridge


Mariana Stauffer

Stephanie Noblet  Miranda - Raspail


Stephanie Noblet Miranda

Cynthia Lassiter - Shine 3

Shine 3

Cynthia Lassiter

Tara Arnold - Balance Your Soul

Balance Your Soul

Tara Arnold

Jean Moore - PlayFall


Jean Moore

Kate Marion Lapierre - Undercover


Kate Marion Lapierre

Anne Barberi - Moonlight Reflections
Trudi Doyle - Purple clover-Queen Anne...
Ida Eriksen - Five trees

Five trees

Ida Eriksen

Corey Habbas - The Dream of a Warm Home
Laurie Search - Next Time I
Diane montana Jansson - Chin Up

Chin Up

Diane montana Jansson

Amy LaBonte - Warning Too

Warning Too

Amy LaBonte

Nancy Kane Chapman - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Nancy Kane Chapman

Sherri  Of Palm Springs - Abstract Stranded Ship

Abstract Stranded Ship

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Genevieve Esson - Woman Bass

Woman Bass

Genevieve Esson

Jordan Blackstone - Try Again Tomorrow -...

Try Again Tomorrow -...

Jordan Blackstone

Grace Liberator - Bazinga - Sun

Bazinga - Sun

Grace Liberator

Hilde Widerberg - Tree Time

Tree Time

Hilde Widerberg

P J Lewis - Looking Forward

Looking Forward

P J Lewis

Pamela Briggs-Luther - Golden Christmas Wreath

Golden Christmas Wreath

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Kathy Jennings - Market Front II

Market Front II

Kathy Jennings

The Art With A Heart By Charlotte Phillips - Annalina Litte Angel of...

Annalina Litte Angel of...

The Art With A Heart By Charlotte Phillips

Trish Mistric - Winter

Winter's Silence

Trish Mistric

Greta Corens - The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Greta Corens

Lois Bryan - Oh Christmas Tree In Snow
Hazel Holland - Daydreaming


Hazel Holland

Krista May - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Krista May

Linda Lees - Magnolia Belle

Magnolia Belle

Linda Lees

Veronica Silliman - Native American Pony...

Native American Pony...

Veronica Silliman

Sylvia Sotuyo - Passion


Sylvia Sotuyo

Karen Butscha - Shimmered


Karen Butscha

Jackie Mestrom - Hat


Jackie Mestrom

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Calla lilies collage

Calla lilies collage

Madalena Lobao-Tello

Jane Schnetlage - Birth Of The Cosmos

Birth Of The Cosmos

Jane Schnetlage

Angela  Gannicott - Fruit Tuscany Italy

Fruit Tuscany Italy

Angela Gannicott

Robin Mahboeb - Snowflakes


Robin Mahboeb

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES -  Boquet Of Beauty

Boquet Of Beauty


Jolante Hesse - Nomsa


Jolante Hesse

Valerie Garner - One Jelly Fish

One Jelly Fish

Valerie Garner

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Young School Girl of...

Young School Girl of...

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Nina Fosdick - Waiting There

Waiting There

Nina Fosdick

Catalina Lira - Waiting in cafe

Waiting in cafe

Catalina Lira

Lianne Schneider - Perch Rock - New...

Perch Rock - New...

Lianne Schneider

Debi Pople - Serendipity


Debi Pople

Marilyn Wilson - Cabin in the...

Cabin in the...

Marilyn Wilson

May Ling Yong - Yesterday when I was...
Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Can

Can't fence me in -...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Gun Legler - Memory etched in wood
EMONA Art - Hotel Dieu De Lyon
Chrisann Ellis - What Lies Ahead Series

What Lies Ahead Series

Chrisann Ellis

Angela A Stanton - Fancy Antique Saxophone...
Dominique Amendola - Bathing in the holy...

Bathing in the holy...

Dominique Amendola

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Jan Bickerton - Cottontails on Blue

Cottontails on Blue

Jan Bickerton

Maureen Tillman - Shrouded Woman

Shrouded Woman

Maureen Tillman

Flow Fitzgerald - Organic 3

Organic 3

Flow Fitzgerald

Delona Seserman - Saturday

Saturday 's night fever

Delona Seserman

Lisbeth Sabol - Arching Nude

Arching Nude

Lisbeth Sabol

Wes and Dotty Weber - Heaven

Heaven's Beams in BW...

Wes and Dotty Weber

Christel  Roelandt - Afterglow


Christel Roelandt

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Samsoe island Denmark

Samsoe island Denmark

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Victoria Sheridan -   Figure with red canoe

Figure with red canoe

Victoria Sheridan

Mariana Stauffer - Old town evening

Old town evening

Mariana Stauffer

Carolyn LeGrand - I Don

I Don't Believe You

Carolyn LeGrand

Laura Lee Zanghetti - They

They're Waterproof

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Sharon Burger - Bite Me

Bite Me

Sharon Burger

Susan McLean Gray - Poppies


Susan McLean Gray

Karen Butscha - Tess


Karen Butscha

Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis - Fly Away

Fly Away

Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis

Becky Kim - The Green Chair

The Green Chair

Becky Kim

Sylvia Sotuyo - Desert Hill

Desert Hill

Sylvia Sotuyo

Barbara Orenya - Don

Don't hold your breath

Barbara Orenya

Kendall Kessler - Red Roof at Isle of Palms
Jean Moore - God is Love

God is Love

Jean Moore

Cat Connor - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Cat Connor

Ester  Rogers - Steeping Out In Style
Marina Hanson - Turbulence


Marina Hanson

Angela A Stanton - The Wind Fairy

The Wind Fairy

Angela A Stanton

Karen Wiles - Smokey Mountain High
Barbara Keith - Remembering


Barbara Keith

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - The Scarlet Lady Vintage

The Scarlet Lady Vintage

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Marilyn  Sahs - Empress I  Top of the...
Victoria Sheridan - A study in grey

A study in grey

Victoria Sheridan

Catalina Lira - A Girl

A Girl

Catalina Lira

Angela L Walker - Warm Vibes

Warm Vibes

Angela L Walker

Saundra Myles - She Left in the Rain

She Left in the Rain

Saundra Myles

Sarah Vernon - Lighthouse in the Mist
Gun Legler - Like a breeze

Like a breeze

Gun Legler

Lianne Schneider - Autumn Harvest at...

Autumn Harvest at...

Lianne Schneider

Lori Miller - Squish


Lori Miller

Katie Black - Patent


Katie Black

Patricia Januszkiewicz - Not Seeing You

Not Seeing You

Patricia Januszkiewicz

First Star Art  - First Star by  jrr

First Star by jrr

First Star Art

Rachel Carmichael - Sisters United

Sisters United

Rachel Carmichael

Lenore Senior - Red Rain

Red Rain

Lenore Senior

Catherine Swerediuk - Ballerina


Catherine Swerediuk

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez - Don

Don't Drink...

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez

Elisheva Nesis - LOVE and FRIENDSHIP


Elisheva Nesis

Anne Barberi - Sunshine and Poppies
Beth Arroyo -   Evolution  Of  The ...
Sylvia Sotuyo - Golden glory

Golden glory

Sylvia Sotuyo

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Shyness


Dragica Micki Fortuna

Linda Apple - Sewing Memories

Sewing Memories

Linda Apple

P J Lewis - Zelda


P J Lewis

Leanne Seymour - Universal Feminine

Universal Feminine

Leanne Seymour

Hazel Billingsley - I give a hoot

I give a hoot

Hazel Billingsley

Kandy Hurley - Long Before Pan

Long Before Pan

Kandy Hurley

 Andrea Lazar - Tulip Reassembled 2

Tulip Reassembled 2

Andrea Lazar

Susan McLean Gray - Dragonfly Irises

Dragonfly Irises

Susan McLean Gray

Liz Viztes - Exotic Jewel I

Exotic Jewel I

Liz Viztes

Kathy Jennings - In The Distance

In The Distance

Kathy Jennings

Christa Friedl - Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Christa Friedl

Albena Vatcheva - The Umbrella

The Umbrella

Albena Vatcheva

Chris Berry -  Support for Cancer
Francoise Dugourd-Caput - Spirale


Francoise Dugourd-Caput

Susan Capuano - Tentacles


Susan Capuano

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Heart of a Dove

Heart of a Dove

Sweet Moments Photography

Kelly Nowak - Blue Bottle with Apples
Flow Fitzgerald - Inception 1

Inception 1

Flow Fitzgerald

Maria Terese Angelica Smith - Birth of Thought

Birth of Thought

Maria Terese Angelica Smith

Pamela Phelps - Creating Rhythms

Creating Rhythms

Pamela Phelps

Selma Glunn - Veggies


Selma Glunn

Trudi Doyle - You Are a Child of the...
Jolanta Anna Karolska - Shine on me..

Shine on me..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Laurie Perry - Cowgirls


Laurie Perry

Christina Rollo - Sunflower Motion Blur

Sunflower Motion Blur

Christina Rollo

Ester  Rogers - Coming Home

Coming Home

Ester Rogers

Cynthia Snider - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Cynthia Snider

Karen Whitworth - Layers Of Light - Self...
C  Lythgo - Red


C Lythgo

Ruth Jolly - Yellow In The Desert
Suzanne Theis - Monkey for Elli

Monkey for Elli

Suzanne Theis

Wes and Dotty Weber - Young Indiian Brave D8382

Young Indiian Brave D8382

Wes and Dotty Weber

Lee Piper - Western Barn

Western Barn

Lee Piper

Rosalinda Markle - Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

Rosalinda Markle

P J Lewis - My Shoes

My Shoes

P J Lewis

Naomi Gerrard - I Could Have Danced All...
Gloria Koch - Cloud Dancer

Cloud Dancer

Gloria Koch

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch -  648 - Little Monster...

648 - Little Monster...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Tomorow I will be...

Tomorow I will be...

Madalena Lobao-Tello

Gun Legler - Come dance with me
Ella Kaye - Small Talk

Small Talk

Ella Kaye

Sophie Vigneault - Travelling


Sophie Vigneault

Priska Wettstein - Secret Affair

Secret Affair

Priska Wettstein

Dominique Amendola - At the museum

At the museum

Dominique Amendola

Karen Slagle - Trotting Into the Night
Jane Bucci - Little Rising Hawk
Carol De Bruyn - Miracle of DNA

Miracle of DNA

Carol De Bruyn

Cassandra Allsworth - Innocence


Cassandra Allsworth

Carolyn LeGrand - The Last Flower Girl

The Last Flower Girl

Carolyn LeGrand

Colleen Kammerer - Memories of Summer

Memories of Summer

Colleen Kammerer

Angela A Stanton - Coral Tree in Spring

Coral Tree in Spring

Angela A Stanton

Jutta Maria Pusl - Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

Jutta Maria Pusl

Lucia Stewart - Tea for one

Tea for one

Lucia Stewart

Karen Wiles - Photographer
Valerie Loetscher - Girl with the Butterfly

Girl with the Butterfly

Valerie Loetscher

Eloise Schneider - Animal House

Animal House

Eloise Schneider

Gun Legler - Seduced by the wind
Sue Gardner - Braeburns


Sue Gardner

Dagmar Helbig - Joker 3

Joker 3

Dagmar Helbig

Alana Ranney - Purple


Alana Ranney

Tracy  Hall - Sunny Gerberas

Sunny Gerberas

Tracy Hall

Svetlana Sewell - Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Svetlana Sewell

Jan Bickerton - Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Jan Bickerton

Alys Caviness-Gober - Shy Di

Shy Di

Alys Caviness-Gober

Inge Riis McDonald - Hitching a ride

Hitching a ride

Inge Riis McDonald

Heather King - Beyond the illusion

Beyond the illusion

Heather King

Margaret Merry - Blue Doors

Blue Doors

Margaret Merry

Dorina  Costras - Peacock Enigma

Peacock Enigma

Dorina Costras

Dale   Ford - Barefoot Boy

Barefoot Boy

Dale Ford

Art by Kar - Fishscape Side 2

Fishscape Side 2

Art by Kar

Robbi  Musser - Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Robbi Musser

Angela L Walker - In My Sister

In My Sister's Garden

Angela L Walker

Jolante Hesse - Watchful Girl

Watchful Girl

Jolante Hesse

Nina Fosdick - That Distant Shore

That Distant Shore

Nina Fosdick

Becky Kim - Self Portrait 2013 - 4
Pamela Phelps - Hudson River Foggy...

Hudson River Foggy...

Pamela Phelps

Svetlana Sewell - Nymph


Svetlana Sewell

Ulrich De Balbian - Hj1109


Ulrich De Balbian

Nikki Frazier - Passion For Flamenco

Passion For Flamenco

Nikki Frazier

Ann Powell - abstract - art-...
Dagmar Helbig - Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth Salander

Dagmar Helbig

Wes and Dotty Weber - Calla Circle D4423

Calla Circle D4423

Wes and Dotty Weber

Kendall Kessler - Kathleen Mahin

Kathleen Mahin

Kendall Kessler

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - This Summer

This Summer

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Oksana Semenchenko - Rare Pearl. Inspirations...

Rare Pearl. Inspirations...

Oksana Semenchenko

Priska Wettstein - Ivory and Turquoise

Ivory and Turquoise

Priska Wettstein

Tracy  Hall - Heavens Pearls

Heavens Pearls

Tracy Hall

Malinda Prudhomme - A Mark Of Beauty -...

A Mark Of Beauty -...

Malinda Prudhomme

Nina Stavlund - Waxwing Love..

Waxwing Love..

Nina Stavlund

Xueling Zou - Spring Stanza

Spring Stanza

Xueling Zou

Kelly Nowak - The Wren Quintet

The Wren Quintet

Kelly Nowak

Linda Armstrong - Flight


Linda Armstrong

Julia Moral - Olimpia


Julia Moral

Debbie Portwood - Apple Blossom Painted...

Apple Blossom Painted...

Debbie Portwood

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch -  027 - Sisters  blue

027 - Sisters blue

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

R J - Abstract Painting
Sydne Archambault - A Summer

A Summer's Evening

Sydne Archambault

Natalie Holland - Carnavale


Natalie Holland

Jacky Parker - Simply Stitchwort

Simply Stitchwort

Jacky Parker

Janet Ashworth - Black Lady

Black Lady

Janet Ashworth

Gabriela Maria PASCENCO - Grail


Gabriela Maria PASCENCO

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Yuck


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Liz  Alderdice - Red Phone Box

Red Phone Box

Liz Alderdice

Sharyn Rich - Rue


Sharyn Rich

Rosie T - Idaho Wildflowers
Trudi Doyle - Pickling Pears

Pickling Pears

Trudi Doyle

Marlene Burns - Double Diptychin

Double Diptychin'

Marlene Burns

Talya Johnson - Sammy in Blue - portrait...
Tracy  Hall - Tulip Display

Tulip Display

Tracy Hall

Francoise Dugourd-Caput - Heimatlos


Francoise Dugourd-Caput

Stephanie Moore - Boston


Stephanie Moore

Ruth Clotworthy - Queen Of Queens

Queen Of Queens

Ruth Clotworthy

Barbara McMahon - Reclaimed Life

Reclaimed Life

Barbara McMahon

Liz Viztes - Springtime Flapper
Liane Wright - Sign - The Blue Room -...
Kathleen Struckle - Rachel Rachel

Rachel Rachel

Kathleen Struckle

Lenore Senior - Symbols


Lenore Senior

Lesley Rigg - Vintage Woman

Vintage Woman

Lesley Rigg

Ana Lusi - Floating


Ana Lusi

Seija Talolahti - a Girl from the Mountains
Angie Brown - Lascaux


Angie Brown

Margaret Merry - Maite


Margaret Merry

Viktoria K Majestic - Lemons in copper pan

Lemons in copper pan

Viktoria K Majestic

P J Lewis - That Moment

That Moment

P J Lewis

Trudi Doyle - Still Life with Roses
Sandra Conceicao - Women with cat

Women with cat

Sandra Conceicao

Ernestine Manowarda - Dream Your Dream

Dream Your Dream

Ernestine Manowarda

Jenny Rainbow - Ghost of Love 1

Ghost of Love 1

Jenny Rainbow

Lee Piper - Boat In Maine

Boat In Maine

Lee Piper

Joan Butler Gore - Detail from Correggio
Randi Grace Nilsberg - A Piece of America

A Piece of America

Randi Grace Nilsberg

Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg - Lover

Lover's dance

Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg

Lynn Hughes - Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal Drawing

Lynn Hughes

Jacky Parker - Anemone Blanda

Anemone Blanda

Jacky Parker

Gun Legler - Mermaid longing

Mermaid longing

Gun Legler

Angela A Stanton - The Contagion of Laughter

The Contagion of Laughter

Angela A Stanton

Debra Kent - Lean On Me....

Lean On Me....

Debra Kent

Barbara Orenya - B. grateful

B. grateful

Barbara Orenya

Ana Maria Edulescu - Colorscape


Ana Maria Edulescu

Zeana Romanovna - Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

Zeana Romanovna

Kathy Brecheisen - Lilly Pond

Lilly Pond

Kathy Brecheisen

Natalie Holland - William


Natalie Holland

Phyllis Beiser - Williamsburg Stieff Tea...
Catalina Lira - Morning Tea

Morning Tea

Catalina Lira

Ester  Rogers - Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Ester Rogers

Marianna Mills - Heat of The Moment

Heat of The Moment

Marianna Mills

Anne Lacy - Heart Love

Heart Love

Anne Lacy

Debi Pople - Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

Debi Pople

Mo T - Above Positano
Amy Weiss - Sophistication II
Robin-lee Vieira - Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Robin-lee Vieira

Ruth Clotworthy - Vengeful


Ruth Clotworthy

Anastasija Kraineva - After a long sleep

After a long sleep

Anastasija Kraineva

Mucha Kachidza - My Queendom For Your Song
Ruth Jolly - touch of Pink

touch of Pink

Ruth Jolly

P Maure Bausch - Under Glass

Under Glass

P Maure Bausch

Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg - Fragile silence

Fragile silence

Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg

Dagmar Helbig - The Other Joker

The Other Joker

Dagmar Helbig

Lea Sutton - Reflections


Lea Sutton

Farfallina Art -Gabriela Dinca- - Beautiful Ocean Girl

Beautiful Ocean Girl

Farfallina Art -Gabriela Dinca-

Dora Sofia Caputo - The English Cottage...

The English Cottage...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Linda Lees - Dance series - Burlesque
Susan Richardson - For the love of three...

For the love of three...

Susan Richardson

Mariana Stauffer - Soft rain

Soft rain

Mariana Stauffer

Catalina Lira - Flowers


Catalina Lira

Sandra Conceicao - Women2


Sandra Conceicao

Robin-lee Vieira - Analects of Wisdom

Analects of Wisdom

Robin-lee Vieira

Karen Whitworth - Samantha Painted From...

Samantha Painted From...

Karen Whitworth

Claire Bull - Pink Present

Pink Present

Claire Bull

Debbie Portwood - Chickadee Early Bird I

Chickadee Early Bird I

Debbie Portwood

Joanna Madloch - Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe

Joanna Madloch

Asha Carolyn Young - Gypsy Spirit Woman...

Gypsy Spirit Woman...

Asha Carolyn Young

Margaret Merry - Bailaora


Margaret Merry

Joan Butler Gore - Portrait of Maureen

Portrait of Maureen

Joan Butler Gore

Robin-lee Vieira - Golden


Robin-lee Vieira

Dagmar Helbig - Beauty Has No Age II

Beauty Has No Age II

Dagmar Helbig

Natalie Holland - Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Natalie Holland

Dominique Amendola - Radha Krishna on the...

Radha Krishna on the...

Dominique Amendola

Lucia Stewart - Side by Side

Side by Side

Lucia Stewart

Becky Kim - Flowers in Blue Vase 2
Claire Bull - Venice Canal

Venice Canal

Claire Bull

Robin-lee Vieira - Catching the Rays

Catching the Rays

Robin-lee Vieira

Catia Cho - Feeling Love

Feeling Love

Catia Cho

Diane Schuster - Heavens Gate

Heavens Gate

Diane Schuster

Nina Stavlund - All You Need is Love...
Kathy Stiber - Funky Rooster

Funky Rooster

Kathy Stiber

Jane Bucci - The New Shoes

The New Shoes

Jane Bucci

Naomi Gerrard - Swinging With Friends

Swinging With Friends

Naomi Gerrard

Nikki Marie Smith - Confidence is Sexy

Confidence is Sexy

Nikki Marie Smith

Virginia Palomeque - Paradise


Virginia Palomeque

Doris Wood - Orange Glow

Orange Glow

Doris Wood

Emily Stauring - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Emily Stauring

Dorina  Costras - Romance Echo

Romance Echo

Dorina Costras

Albena Vatcheva - Blanche


Albena Vatcheva

Jolante Hesse - Self Portrait 2011

Self Portrait 2011

Jolante Hesse

Xueling Zou - Summer Lily Pond

Summer Lily Pond

Xueling Zou

Angela Davies - A Cottage For Two

A Cottage For Two

Angela Davies

Pat Saunders-White             - Night Eyes

Night Eyes

Pat Saunders-White

Anne Barberi - Look Out Point

Look Out Point

Anne Barberi

Mariana Stauffer - Colors of the night

Colors of the night

Mariana Stauffer

Lynda Robinson - Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

Lynda Robinson

Lois Bryan - On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

Lois Bryan

Ruth Clotworthy - Caribbean delight

Caribbean delight

Ruth Clotworthy

Lisa Bentley - Baby Tiger

Baby Tiger

Lisa Bentley

Phyllis Beiser - Vanity


Phyllis Beiser

Anne Lacy - Tulips


Anne Lacy

Anastasija Kraineva - Crimean pine

Crimean pine

Anastasija Kraineva

Carol Wisniewski - Tarn Lake Scotland

Tarn Lake Scotland

Carol Wisniewski

Kendall Kessler - Near the Dedmon Center

Near the Dedmon Center

Kendall Kessler

Timi Johnson - In My Room

In My Room

Timi Johnson

Emily Stauring - Foxy Snow

Foxy Snow

Emily Stauring

Mj Olsen - Trailer Park Community...
Lori Kallay - Autumn Birch Stand

Autumn Birch Stand

Lori Kallay

Joanna Madloch - Late for Interurban

Late for Interurban

Joanna Madloch

Julie Palencia - Venice City of Water 2

Venice City of Water 2

Julie Palencia

Luciana Raducanu - Love is everywhere

Love is everywhere

Luciana Raducanu

Trudi Doyle - Winter Habitat No.1
Debbie Portwood - Soft pink Iris Photo art

Soft pink Iris Photo art

Debbie Portwood

Cheri Randolph - Ghostly


Cheri Randolph

Hanne Lore Koehler - Autumn Memories

Autumn Memories

Hanne Lore Koehler

Margaret Merry - Peppers and Chairs

Peppers and Chairs

Margaret Merry

Becky Kim - Hills in Dream 1
Leone Lund - Anybody Home

Anybody Home

Leone Lund

Linda Simon - Divine Beginnings

Divine Beginnings

Linda Simon

Jane Chesnut - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Jane Chesnut

Joyce Dickens - Mornings Early Light...
Lovejoy Creations - Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger

Lovejoy Creations

Alexandra Jordankova - Night In Pudong

Night In Pudong

Alexandra Jordankova

Lynda Robinson - Swirls and Ripples -...
Xueling Zou - Silver Girl

Silver Girl

Xueling Zou

Phyllis Beiser - Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Phyllis Beiser

Catia Cho - Breakfast with Yorkie
Debi Pople - Veronica


Debi Pople

RC deWinter - Flamboyant


RC deWinter

Shijun Munns - Balance


Shijun Munns

Timi Johnson - Shiny man shoes

Shiny man shoes

Timi Johnson

Betsy A Cutler Islands and Science - Peace


Betsy A Cutler Islands and Science

Deepti Mittal - Clement Combatant

Clement Combatant

Deepti Mittal

Dawn Senior-Trask - Sorrow


Dawn Senior-Trask

Shijun Munns - Sunflower


Shijun Munns

Linda Lees - Not Pretty Enough
Patricia Hiltz - My Husky Puppy-Misty

My Husky Puppy-Misty

Patricia Hiltz

Deborah Benoit - Osprey Wild

Osprey Wild

Deborah Benoit

Barbara Walsh - Emerald wave

Emerald wave

Barbara Walsh

Dominique Amendola - Lovers on a bench

Lovers on a bench

Dominique Amendola

Naomi Gerrard - Exploring Puddles

Exploring Puddles

Naomi Gerrard

Natalie Holland - Rebel


Natalie Holland

Kim Hojnacki - Endless Beauty

Endless Beauty

Kim Hojnacki

Lil Taylor - Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

Lil Taylor

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Winter -...
Karen Ilari - Slow 15

Slow 15

Karen Ilari

Christine Till - Rose is a Rose is a Rose
 Margaret Merry - Ayesha


Margaret Merry

Lynda Robinson - My Little Mozart

My Little Mozart

Lynda Robinson

Elisheva Nesis - The Angel Of January

The Angel Of January

Elisheva Nesis

Lois Bryan - The Overlook

The Overlook

Lois Bryan

Debi Pople - Peace Love and Heart Art
Lisa Bentley - Pretty Pink Hibiscus...
Diane Schuster - Hey Susan There Is That...
Deepti Mittal - Majestic


Deepti Mittal

Barbara Orenya - Aniolina Felicslawa

Aniolina Felicslawa

Barbara Orenya

Emily Stauring - Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Emily Stauring

Dominique Amendola - Couple under the leafy...

Couple under the leafy...

Dominique Amendola

Selena Boron - Cool Blue Smile 070709
Margaret Merry - Puerta Elvira

Puerta Elvira

Margaret Merry

Christiane Schulze - Confident


Christiane Schulze

Liz Viztes - Amore


Liz Viztes

Xueling Zou - Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Xueling Zou

Lucia Stewart - Flo

Flo's flowers

Lucia Stewart

Dominique Amendola - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Dominique Amendola

Linda Simon - Lessons to Last a...
Linda Lees - Words of the Crow
Catia Cho - Sleeping Babies

Sleeping Babies

Catia Cho

Diane Schuster - A Vase Of Gerbera...

A Vase Of Gerbera...

Diane Schuster

Lynda Robinson - Winter at Wickham

Winter at Wickham

Lynda Robinson

Natasa Dobrosavljev - Coast


Natasa Dobrosavljev

Carol Berning - Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Carol Berning

Natalie Holland - Aurora


Natalie Holland

Ann Powell - Winter Tree At The  Lake...
Karen Roncari - My Reflections

My Reflections

Karen Roncari

AnnaJo Vahle - Tropical Trail
Susan Richardson - Hidden Mooring

Hidden Mooring

Susan Richardson

Nan Wright - Chuckleberry


Nan Wright

Ana Maria Edulescu - Talkative Baby Bird...

Talkative Baby Bird...

Ana Maria Edulescu

EMONA Art - Parrot Lovers

Parrot Lovers


Dale   Ford - Sunrise


Dale Ford

Renata Vogl - Break...


Renata Vogl

Tracey Harrington-Simpson - Pablo Picasso The Blue...

Pablo Picasso The Blue...

Tracey Harrington-Simpson

Hanne Lore Koehler - The Bubble Gang

The Bubble Gang

Hanne Lore Koehler

Christina Rollo - Violet Iris

Violet Iris

Christina Rollo

Karen Wiles - Alone With The Sun

Alone With The Sun

Karen Wiles

Quin Sweetman - Painterly - Bold Seascape
Alexandra Jordankova - Mesmerizing Spectacle of...

Mesmerizing Spectacle of...

Alexandra Jordankova

Natalie Holland - Face 14

Face 14

Natalie Holland

Carolyn LeGrand - Overwhelmed


Carolyn LeGrand

Marina Likholat - Kenyan Sunrise

Kenyan Sunrise

Marina Likholat

Timi Johnson - Parade Day

Parade Day

Timi Johnson

Stephanie Noblet  Miranda - Dans les nuages

Dans les nuages

Stephanie Noblet Miranda

Carol Wisniewski - The Melaleucas

The Melaleucas

Carol Wisniewski

Jennifer Hotai - Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Jennifer Hotai

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Hold On

Hold On

Laura Lee Zanghetti

EMONA Art - Coco The Talkative Parrot
Kyong Burke - Amaryllis


Kyong Burke

Nina Fosdick - New Road To Travel

New Road To Travel

Nina Fosdick

Linda Simon - Timeless


Linda Simon

Kim Hojnacki - Sweetness


Kim Hojnacki

Sladjana Endt - Trust


Sladjana Endt

Connie Valasco - Fall Creek Oregon

Fall Creek Oregon

Connie Valasco

Marie  Gale - The Gallery

The Gallery

Marie Gale

Gloria Turner - Little Granny Smith

Little Granny Smith

Gloria Turner

Joy Nichols - Oranges


Joy Nichols

Mary Ellen Anderson - Sunset Over Serenity Lake

Sunset Over Serenity Lake

Mary Ellen Anderson

Elise Palmigiani - Oliviers en Provence

Oliviers en Provence

Elise Palmigiani

RC deWinter - Snow Moon Embrace

Snow Moon Embrace

RC deWinter

Deepti Mittal - My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

Deepti Mittal

Trudi Doyle - Not Waving but Drowning
Hanne Lore Koehler - Frosty Webs And Weeds

Frosty Webs And Weeds

Hanne Lore Koehler

Emily Stauring - The Odd Hour

The Odd Hour

Emily Stauring

Fania Simon - Posture Moralist 2

Posture Moralist 2

Fania Simon

Kathy Jennings - Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Kathy Jennings