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Encaustic Art



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CJ Rider

Mesa, AZ

United States

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This group was started on November 16th, 2011 and currently has:

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Encaustic Art

About This Group

PLEASE READ THIS PAGE to participate and submit artworks to this group -

This group is all about the art of ENCAUSTIC.


**Post 'Encaustic painting' images ONLY**

* EACH ARTIST MAY POST UP TO 3 of their BEST encaustic images to represent them in the group.

If you create an image at a later date that you feel better represets your Encaustic talents - we can swap it out for one of the existing images. Submitted images should be an example of your very best work to represent you as an Encaustic artist.

Submissions over 3 will be 'rejected' which stores them in a file within the group for later use if you are a featured artist, and so on.


*share our Encaustic painting experiences

*Offer brief tutorials or 'how to' or 'How I did it' etc.

*Talk about encaustic experiments (good and otherwise)

*Talk about our journey as an encaustic artist.

*Discuss tools of the trade - even marketing of encaustic works.

*Basically discuss all that is encaustic!!

*Maybe have group experiments where we all utilize the same method on the same type of subject matter and share the results.

>>> Everyone and any style artist is welcome to join this Encaustic group to learn about encaustic but only images of encaustic works will be placed onto the 'Artwork' tab. <<<

***Images that are not of Encaustic artwork will not be approved. You will be given the opportunity to submit another image that fits the requiremens***

Discussions must be on the topic of Encaustics or Encaustic processes or subjects as an Encaustic Artist. Topics advertising sales, will be removed.

Thank you everyone!

PS, All images must comply with FAA regulations

Featured Images

Verlie Murphy - Blue with Sunshine

Blue with Sunshine

Verlie Murphy

Courtney Putnam - Contentment


Courtney Putnam

Terry Sussman - Driftwood


Terry Sussman

Terri  Willits - Impersonator


Terri Willits

Simon Bratt Photography LRPS - Cavern of Castles

Cavern of Castles

Simon Bratt Photography LRPS

Shelli Finch - Machinations


Shelli Finch

Sally Clark - Think Green

Think Green

Sally Clark

Ruth Koller - Serenity


Ruth Koller

Rochelle Mayer - The Irishman

The Irishman

Rochelle Mayer

Regina Quinn - Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf

Regina Quinn

Rebecca Stahr - Oak Leaf Pair

Oak Leaf Pair

Rebecca Stahr

Rebbecca Caya - Planetary Dreams

Planetary Dreams

Rebbecca Caya

Rachel Nelson - Living in a Microwave

Living in a Microwave

Rachel Nelson

Peter Moffat - Eye of the Dragon

Eye of the Dragon

Peter Moffat

Patrick Carey - Across the River

Across the River

Patrick Carey

Pat Purdy - A Bugs Life

A Bugs Life

Pat Purdy

Moe Hussain - Haunting Moon

Haunting Moon

Moe Hussain

Michael Jewel Haley - Fracture


Michael Jewel Haley

Melinda Etzold - Midnight


Melinda Etzold

Mary Schiros - Magic Tree

Magic Tree

Mary Schiros

Marita McVeigh - Garden Angel Abstract

Garden Angel Abstract

Marita McVeigh

Marianne Clancy - Cupcakes


Marianne Clancy

Maria Varga-Hansen - Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty

Maria Varga-Hansen

Marcelle Larochelle - Bella


Marcelle Larochelle

Marcela Elena Moada - Stone Footprint

Stone Footprint

Marcela Elena Moada

Lori FitzRandolph - Rough Waters

Rough Waters

Lori FitzRandolph

Liz Vernand - Wax Art Abstract 3

Wax Art Abstract 3

Liz Vernand

Lisa Kramer - Praying Iris

Praying Iris

Lisa Kramer

Leslie Rock - Summer


Leslie Rock

Lamia Stanton - River of Stars

River of Stars

Lamia Stanton

Justyna Pastuszka - Girasoles-unfinished


Justyna Pastuszka

Julie Wrathall - Golden Shards

Golden Shards

Julie Wrathall

Jeanne Mytareva - On the island of Buyan.

On the island of Buyan.

Jeanne Mytareva

Jay D Anderson - Murdercycle


Jay D Anderson

Janelle Schneider - Infinity


Janelle Schneider

Jana Skolaudyova - Abstract


Jana Skolaudyova

Jackie Cort - Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Jackie Cort

Holly  Suzanne - Birds in The Yard

Birds in The Yard

Holly Suzanne

Heather Hennick - Finding Home

Finding Home

Heather Hennick

Heather Douglas - Bay Head Steps

Bay Head Steps

Heather Douglas

Hakon Soreide - Encaustic 467

Encaustic 467

Hakon Soreide

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Seashore


Dragica Micki Fortuna

Diana Riukas - S.o.s.


Diana Riukas

Denise Nickey - Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear

Denise Nickey

Debbie Smith - In the Wind

In the Wind

Debbie Smith

Darcy Schultz - I Pull My Own Strings

I Pull My Own Strings

Darcy Schultz

Danita Cole - Mermaid Reef

Mermaid Reef

Danita Cole

Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair - Rosslyn Castle

Rosslyn Castle

Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair

Cristina Handrabur - Ambrosia


Cristina Handrabur

Claire Cundiff - Continental Swim

Continental Swim

Claire Cundiff

Cheryl Lynn Looker - Crystaline Waterfall

Crystaline Waterfall

Cheryl Lynn Looker

Cheryl Irwin - Transformation


Cheryl Irwin

Caylin Spear - Glass Waves II

Glass Waves II

Caylin Spear

Cathy Minerva - Desert Skyline

Desert Skyline

Cathy Minerva

Carolyn Goodridge - Galactic Consciousness

Galactic Consciousness

Carolyn Goodridge

Barry Moulton - Icy Depths

Icy Depths

Barry Moulton

Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Orange Bushes

Orange Bushes

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Ara Lyman - Ask


Ara Lyman

Antonin Sedlacik - Apple Calyx

Apple Calyx

Antonin Sedlacik

CJ  Rider - Koi


CJ Rider

Ana Lusi - Spring colors

Spring colors

Ana Lusi

Amelia Kraemer - Hidden Dance

Hidden Dance

Amelia Kraemer

Tia Gillespie - Alive


Tia Gillespie

Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair - Cascade


Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair