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Distinctive Images



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Walter Holland

Columbia, SC

United States

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This group was started on December 12th, 2013 and currently has:


266 Members


609 Images


45 Discussions

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Distinctive Images

About This Group

Distinctive Images is for photographs only. That said, it is open to any subject with the exception of nudes. If you think it speaks to the viewer, please submit the image.

Please submit only one image per day. And make sure it is of high quality and some of your best work.

A special hello to collectors, potential buyers, window shoppers, and those that simply love to see the work of excellent photographers.

This gallery has been carefully, and very selectively, assembled so that you may see the work of a variety of artistic photographers without being overwhelmed by the sheer number of images placed in many of the more popular galleries here on Fine Art America.

For the members: I have posted a message regarding what makes a Distinctive Image in the group discussions. I would urge anyone considering joining the group to read this post first.

Photographs of other works of art by other artists---statues, sculptures, murals, eta all...will not be included in the gallery.

If I feature one of your images please post such thanks as you will in the discussion topic so labeled. You may, as well, post them in the comments under your featured photograph. (This helps keep the discussion page from being clogged with new threads simply offering thanks. While the thanks to me for featuring photographs is appreciated, I believe the discussion page should be held open for discussions.)

I am looking for Outstanding Photography. And this does not always mean * slick * “Madison Avenue type” Commercial photography.

Nor does it mean clean, near perfect, macro images captured in their “bird studio”, or “butterfly garden”.

That said: All photographic images will be considered, and some of these advertising type images, and the macro shots may very well be included. I encourage all members, and prospective members to visit the discussion page here to both learn more about the vision I have for the group, and join in the dialog.

Addendum: Just to let the members know... While there is certainly nothing wrong with pet photography, or photographing animals at the zoo, these images do not conform with the vision I have for this group.

While I have, and continue to receive images of toys, and miniatures---and I have great respect for such---I must say that they play no role in keeping with the criteria for this group. Please do not submit these to the group.

Announcing the winners of the latest contest: Docks, and Piers.

First Place: Art Prints Sell Art Online Second Place.

Third Place. Photography Prints Photography Prints Honorable Mention

Featured Images

Miguel Winterpacht - Time to Relax

Time to Relax

Miguel Winterpacht

Tamara Al Bahri - Ghostly Sounds

Ghostly Sounds

Tamara Al Bahri

Dan Myers - Frosty Morn 2

Frosty Morn 2

Dan Myers

Deanna Proffitt - Lifes a Beach

Lifes a Beach

Deanna Proffitt

Tamara Al Bahri - On Fire

On Fire

Tamara Al Bahri

Priscilla Burgers - Done Shrimping at Tybee...

Done Shrimping at Tybee...

Priscilla Burgers

Geoffrey Coelho - Steadman Pond in Early...
Brian Carson - Allan Gardens...

Allan Gardens...

Brian Carson

Rachel Cohen - Sky Light Sky Bright
Haren Images- Kriss Haren - The garden pump

The garden pump

Haren Images- Kriss Haren

James Roemmling - Maui Pastels

Maui Pastels

James Roemmling

Inge Riis McDonald - Password Please

Password Please

Inge Riis McDonald

Scott Thorp - J.D. Dreaming the Day...
Robert McCubbin - Follow The Yellow Brick...
Yuri Pictures - Midnight Train

Midnight Train

Yuri Pictures

Kent Taylor - After the Fire

After the Fire

Kent Taylor

Lynn Bolt - Through the Mists of Time
Inge Johnsson - Lago Pehoe

Lago Pehoe

Inge Johnsson

Jeff  Swan - The Long Walk To No...
David Millenheft - Heat of the Battle

Heat of the Battle

David Millenheft

Susan Sidorski - SunRise Flight

SunRise Flight

Susan Sidorski

Lisa  Phillips - Mama and Goslings

Mama and Goslings

Lisa Phillips

Byron Varvarigos - Floating Bouquet Of...

Floating Bouquet Of...

Byron Varvarigos

Terry Cobb - Leopard Head Orchid
Ryan Smith - Fire In The Sky

Fire In The Sky

Ryan Smith

Lisa Knechtel - Magical Bokeh

Magical Bokeh

Lisa Knechtel

Laurie Perry - Violets and Dew

Violets and Dew

Laurie Perry

Penny Meyers - Spring Splash

Spring Splash

Penny Meyers

Karen Wiles - Rise and Behold

Rise and Behold

Karen Wiles

Patrick Jacquet - Misty reflections

Misty reflections

Patrick Jacquet

Bob Christopher - Morning Light Maligne...

Morning Light Maligne...

Bob Christopher

Nina Fosdick - Hell Upon Earth

Hell Upon Earth

Nina Fosdick

Steven Barrows - Through The Looking...

Through The Looking...

Steven Barrows

Itai Stoler - Keep Running

Keep Running

Itai Stoler

Parker Cunningham - Dandelion


Parker Cunningham

Kim Bemis - Liquid Gold Sunrise
Lindy Whiton - Connecticut River

Connecticut River

Lindy Whiton

Marie Spence - Hanging Leaf 2

Hanging Leaf 2

Marie Spence

Robert Riordan - Tidal Trap

Tidal Trap

Robert Riordan

Jean Noren - Idyllic


Jean Noren

Miriam Danar - Ruby Tuesday
Nikolyn McDonald - Moored Boat and Kelp

Moored Boat and Kelp

Nikolyn McDonald

Cheryl Baxter - Frozen Rainbow

Frozen Rainbow

Cheryl Baxter

Inge Riis McDonald - One way

One way

Inge Riis McDonald

Jason Moynihan - Show Off

Show Off

Jason Moynihan

Penny Meyers - One of a Kind

One of a Kind

Penny Meyers

Inge Riis McDonald - Morning Ferry Ride

Morning Ferry Ride

Inge Riis McDonald

Jean Noren - Sunrise Conch

Sunrise Conch

Jean Noren

Linda Cox - Autumn Leaf Suspended
Faith Williams - Colored Glass

Colored Glass

Faith Williams

Okan YILMAZ - Fishermen



Nick Kloepping - Tunnel Effect

Tunnel Effect

Nick Kloepping

Priscilla Burgers - Hotel Stanton

Hotel Stanton

Priscilla Burgers

Nikolyn McDonald - Conduit


Nikolyn McDonald

John Babis - Night Vision

Night Vision

John Babis

Gary Keesler - Winter Stream Media

Winter Stream Media

Gary Keesler

Anthony Bean - Leg Stretch

Leg Stretch

Anthony Bean

Byron Varvarigos - Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue

Byron Varvarigos

Deana Glenz - Swim Away

Swim Away

Deana Glenz

Inge Riis McDonald - Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Inge Riis McDonald

Kandy Hurley - Tropical Bliss

Tropical Bliss

Kandy Hurley

Faith Williams - Fly Free

Fly Free

Faith Williams

Alexander Senin - Window of opportunities...
John  Glass - The Power of Suggestion