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Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

Albuquerque, NM

United States

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This group was started on February 22nd, 2013 and currently has:


38 Members


565 Images


6 Discussions

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About This Group

The idea of Curvism or Curvismo, is a manifestation in Ricardo’s art after years of contemplation and hard work. He has a strong following of students now painting in this style. Students that have come to him timid in their approach to the art now swirl with the movement changing ideas onto canvas into forms of emanating colors, morphing real objects into abstract movement. Ricardo has truly inspired and renewed the artist within those that seek his teaching and he now presents this movement to the world.

This group will have no restrictions other than an upload limit of 5 images per day. In the month of March, being our first month as a new group, we will feature all who join on the homepage. Come April we will limit the homepage featured artists to a small few. But we feel Art shouldn't be no restrictions. Most art, unless particularly linear is created on a curve...if you look at art well executed, the curve itself is the composition in which retains the eye within the image....that's curvismo! If you feel you are a Curvista or if you live life on a curve...join our movement!

Below are some images of students of Ricardo. Be sure to visit their pages because they are truly becoming Curvistas! Enjoy!

Featured Images

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez - Xiuhcoatl The Fire...

Xiuhcoatl The Fire...

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Fall


Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Dancing


Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Bursting Blossoms

Bursting Blossoms

Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Cool Ascension

Cool Ascension

Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Infiltration


Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Birgit Seeger-Brooks - Cosmic Invader

Cosmic Invader

Birgit Seeger-Brooks

Sherry Strong - We
Sherry Strong - Rainbow Kachina

Rainbow Kachina

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Star Kachina

Star Kachina

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Sky People

Sky People

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Humming Vibrations

Humming Vibrations

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Macaw


Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Montana Hay field

Montana Hay field

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Let

Let's Play

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Shade Tree Hot Rods

Shade Tree Hot Rods

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Sharing the Pond

Sharing the Pond

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Who

Who's Looking at You

Sherry Strong

Jennifer Ober - Queen of the Deck

Queen of the Deck

Jennifer Ober

Jennifer Ober - Enchantment


Jennifer Ober

Sherry Strong - Spirits of the Earth

Spirits of the Earth

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Snow Geese

Snow Geese

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Jack  Rabbit

Jack Rabbit

Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong - Bro and Tracy

Bro and Tracy

Sherry Strong

Sue Stake - Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Cave Dwellers

Cave Dwellers

Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Mountain Streams
Sue Stake - Faces


Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Sea of Love

Sea of Love

Sue Stake

Jennifer Ober - In a Hole in the...

In a Hole in the...

Jennifer Ober

Sue Stake - Don
Sue Stake - Wind Runner

Wind Runner

Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Nature Wild Moose
Sue Stake - Nature Wild Buffalo
Sue Stake - Nature Wild Elk

Nature Wild Elk

Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Sue Stake

Sue Stake - Boy Those Mushrooms
Jennifer Ober - Speedy Cheetah

Speedy Cheetah

Jennifer Ober

Jennifer Ober - Curvismo Butterflower

Curvismo Butterflower

Jennifer Ober

Jennifer Ober - Blue-billed Beauty

Blue-billed Beauty

Jennifer Ober

Jennifer Ober - Medusa


Jennifer Ober

Sherry Strong - Can You See Me Now

Can You See Me Now

Sherry Strong

Claudia Goodell - Spring


Claudia Goodell