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Steven Macanka

Saint James, NY

United States

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This group was started on March 9th, 2013 and currently has:


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About This Group

Black and White photographs ONLY. Showing what CORE life is to the ARTIST. Dig deep down inside your mind or soul and show what life is. Do not limit yourself, this is your chance to be REAL and be YOU. A description must be included with each photograph.

Featured Images

A R Williams - Snow Day

Snow Day

A R Williams

Kirstie H - When The Night Feels...
Elena Elisseeva - Ocean wave III

Ocean wave III

Elena Elisseeva

Andre Paquin - Lost


Andre Paquin

Erhan OZBIYIK - The Reflection Of...

The Reflection Of...


Ilker Goksen - Occupy Gezi - Protests...
Ilker Goksen - Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Ilker Goksen

Maj Seda - Greenwich View
Christina Ochsner - A Walk In The Forest

A Walk In The Forest

Christina Ochsner

Erhan OZBIYIK - Peaceful Pier

Peaceful Pier


Jimm Roberts - Nude Noir

Nude Noir

Jimm Roberts

Kirstie H - Under my power

Under my power

Kirstie H

Rory Sagner - Nurturing


Rory Sagner

Kirstie H - Dear Unknown

Dear Unknown

Kirstie H

Traven Milovich - This is the way step...

This is the way step...

Traven Milovich

Joe Paradis - Mommas Little Hos Oneida...
Jimm Roberts - Atlanta Nude

Atlanta Nude

Jimm Roberts

Joe Paradis - Brothers Grieve A...
Michael Kelly-DeWitt - Wintertime


Michael Kelly-DeWitt

Jimm Roberts - Emerging Nude

Emerging Nude

Jimm Roberts

Andre Paquin - Le p

Le p'tit Philippe

Andre Paquin

Steven Huszar - Absolute Security

Absolute Security

Steven Huszar

Steven Huszar - Shadows... Day-by-day...
Charles E McNeal - The Last Standing

The Last Standing

Charles E McNeal

Michael Kelly-DeWitt - Wedding Gowns at One A.M.

Wedding Gowns at One A.M.

Michael Kelly-DeWitt

Domenico Guddo - Intime visioni

Intime visioni

Domenico Guddo

Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers In...
Kristie  Bonnewell - No one is watching

No one is watching

Kristie Bonnewell

Miriam Danar - Graffiti Noir

Graffiti Noir

Miriam Danar

Priscilla Burgers - Saddle Bronc Riding

Saddle Bronc Riding

Priscilla Burgers

Kristie  Bonnewell - Smile a Little

Smile a Little

Kristie Bonnewell

Didier HANSON - Ink



Trever Miller - Arches of Invermoriston
Martin Billings - Oasis


Martin Billings

Lin Haring - Egg


Lin Haring

Alexander Senin - Damp Weather

Damp Weather

Alexander Senin

Jessica Shelton - The one who waited

The one who waited

Jessica Shelton

Ana Julia Fishman - Sun Dance

Sun Dance

Ana Julia Fishman

Steve Godleski - Tightly Woven

Tightly Woven

Steve Godleski

Naomi Burgess - The Broken Road

The Broken Road

Naomi Burgess

Steven Huszar - Easy Morning

Easy Morning

Steven Huszar

Brittany Valenzuela - Blessed


Brittany Valenzuela

Jeff Burton - The Road Home

The Road Home

Jeff Burton

Didier HANSON - Some Happiness.just Try...
Theresa Tahara - Lisianthus Bouquet

Lisianthus Bouquet

Theresa Tahara

Priscilla Burgers - Loading Water at Chama...

Loading Water at Chama...

Priscilla Burgers

Zeljko Dozet - Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance

Zeljko Dozet

Jessica Shelton - The Woods

The Woods

Jessica Shelton

Elena Elisseeva - Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower

Elena Elisseeva

Laura  Fasulo - American Classic

American Classic

Laura Fasulo

Janet Kearns - Lion

Lion's Gate

Janet Kearns

Laura  Fasulo - Moonlit Pier Black And...
Trever Miller - Hauling Ass 2

Hauling Ass 2

Trever Miller

Miriam Danar - Old Railing - Vintage...
Ars Erotica - Venus in the Rain

Venus in the Rain

Ars Erotica

Henry Kowalski - Time Traveller

Time Traveller

Henry Kowalski

Dorothy Pinder - Time


Dorothy Pinder

Carolyn Pettijohn - Guthrie Brick Walkway in...

Guthrie Brick Walkway in...

Carolyn Pettijohn

Jessica Shelton - Mended Heart

Mended Heart

Jessica Shelton

Newd PhotoWerks - Voluptuous Nude 9

Voluptuous Nude 9

Newd PhotoWerks

Lisa Stout - Broken Among Many
Jeff Burton - Wawona Tunnel View

Wawona Tunnel View

Jeff Burton

Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers In...
Faith Williams - Lightning On The Wetlands
Art CineMedia - Going Where II

Going Where II

Art CineMedia

Lubos Kavka - Mighty Sun

Mighty Sun

Lubos Kavka

Debra Jayne - Roche Rock

Roche Rock

Debra Jayne

Geri Glavis - Camellia Study

Camellia Study

Geri Glavis

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska - Double Reflection

Double Reflection

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska

Steve Godleski - In the Night

In the Night

Steve Godleski

Carolyn Pettijohn - Reading by Lantern Light...

Reading by Lantern Light...

Carolyn Pettijohn

Karol  Livote - Ellie Up Close

Ellie Up Close

Karol Livote

Domenico Guddo - Il buio delle coscienze
Dee Browning - Black and white Fog...
Domenico Guddo - Jogging


Domenico Guddo

Steven Huszar - World Trade Center Two...
Phillip Garcia - Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Phillip Garcia

Miriam Danar - Chrysler Stark in Black...
Elena Elisseeva - Dew drops on leaf edge

Dew drops on leaf edge

Elena Elisseeva

Domenico Guddo - La Voce del Silenzio

La Voce del Silenzio

Domenico Guddo

Paulo Guimaraes - Reflection on the Past

Reflection on the Past

Paulo Guimaraes

William Beuther - Oh One Two

Oh One Two

William Beuther

Jeff Burton - Spring Training

Spring Training

Jeff Burton

William Beuther - Oak Alley

Oak Alley

William Beuther

Michael Kelly-DeWitt - Zion in Winter II

Zion in Winter II

Michael Kelly-DeWitt

Jessica Shelton - Alone in the dark I cry

Alone in the dark I cry

Jessica Shelton

Zeljko Dozet - Within The Stairs

Within The Stairs

Zeljko Dozet

Arne Hansen - Ice Bound

Ice Bound

Arne Hansen

Kathleen K Parker - Menage a Trois

Menage a Trois

Kathleen K Parker

Domenico Guddo - Bolle di sapone

Bolle di sapone

Domenico Guddo

Clara Wilson - Locked in the Mind

Locked in the Mind

Clara Wilson

Nude Impact - Abstract Nude Woman ...
Wayne Gill -  Princess Cottage
Jessica Shelton - Can I Exist

Can I Exist

Jessica Shelton

Lisa Stout - If I Fell

If I Fell

Lisa Stout

Rochelle Berman - Zen reflections

Zen reflections

Rochelle Berman

Brian Carson - Sticks Ashbridges Bay...
Lubos Kavka - Path 1

Path 1

Lubos Kavka

Rory Sagner - Into The Unknown

Into The Unknown

Rory Sagner

Jessica Shelton - Whispering


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Lotus Lights

Lotus Lights

Jessica Shelton

Wayne Gill - Train Station

Train Station

Wayne Gill

Newd PhotoWerks - Peek


Newd PhotoWerks

Lucy Jones - Untitled 77

Untitled 77

Lucy Jones

Nude Impact - Reclining Nude  ...

Reclining Nude ...

Nude Impact

David Longstreath - A Touch of Timor

A Touch of Timor

David Longstreath

William Beuther - Vagabond


William Beuther

Theresa Tahara - Chinese Grave Markers

Chinese Grave Markers

Theresa Tahara

Loriental Photography - From Holes to Asteroids

From Holes to Asteroids

Loriental Photography

Arne Hansen - Sunrise White Mtns

Sunrise White Mtns

Arne Hansen

Martin Billings - Burnished Radiance

Burnished Radiance

Martin Billings

Diana Sainz - Desert Night Death...
Kendra DeBarr - Rustic Pines

Rustic Pines

Kendra DeBarr

Domenico Guddo - The silence of the master
Jessica Shelton - Molt


Jessica Shelton

Rory Sagner - Forgotten Dreams - BW
Laura  Fasulo - Soul Of The Sea

Soul Of The Sea

Laura Fasulo

Miriam Danar - Liquor Shop - New York...
William Beuther - Marostica


William Beuther

Kandy Hurley - California Gothic

California Gothic

Kandy Hurley

Domenico Guddo - Memories


Domenico Guddo

Marty Saccone - Sea Smoke and Hoar...

Sea Smoke and Hoar...

Marty Saccone

Alexander Senin - Happy Valentine
Domenico Guddo - A Tribute

A Tribute

Domenico Guddo

Jessica Shelton - He Never Came Home

He Never Came Home

Jessica Shelton

Menega Sabidussi - Snowy Lamp Post by the...

Snowy Lamp Post by the...

Menega Sabidussi

Kristie  Bonnewell - Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her

Kristie Bonnewell

Karol  Livote - In The Shadows Beyond...
William Beuther - Street Beat

Street Beat

William Beuther

Domenico Guddo - Illumina questa casa

Illumina questa casa

Domenico Guddo

Laura  Fasulo - Metamorphosis


Laura Fasulo

Clara Wilson - The Eyes Series #3

The Eyes Series #3

Clara Wilson

Lauren Hunter - Mettle


Lauren Hunter

Domenico Guddo - Hommage a Rodin III

Hommage a Rodin III

Domenico Guddo

Lucy Jones - In black

In black

Lucy Jones

Joe Jake Pratt - Texas Jack Smiles

Texas Jack Smiles

Joe Jake Pratt

Ana Julia Fishman - Black Bird Raising

Black Bird Raising

Ana Julia Fishman

William Beuther - The English Reader

The English Reader

William Beuther

Jessica Shelton - Delay


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - The Hunt

The Hunt

Jessica Shelton

Domenico Guddo - Bagliori sospesi

Bagliori sospesi

Domenico Guddo

William Beuther - Coaster Entrance

Coaster Entrance

William Beuther

Maj Seda - Richmond Riverside
Trever Miller - Edinburgh Tourists

Edinburgh Tourists

Trever Miller

Jessica Shelton - Quietly


Jessica Shelton

Carolyn Pettijohn - Lost in Time

Lost in Time

Carolyn Pettijohn

Didier HANSON - Didier 13

Didier 13


Paulo Guimaraes - Boston Bucket Man

Boston Bucket Man

Paulo Guimaraes

Arne Hansen - Untitled 510

Untitled 510

Arne Hansen

Lucy Jones - Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

Lucy Jones

Didier HANSON - It

It's A Hold Up.


Jessica Shelton - Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

Jessica Shelton

Lisa  Phillips - Newborn in Arms

Newborn in Arms

Lisa Phillips

Zeiko Duka -   Disappointment        ...
Geri Glavis - Fine Lines Black and...
Jessica Shelton - Scars are souvenirs you...
Didier HANSON - Suicide Note.

Suicide Note.


Jessica Shelton - Trepidation


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Bare


Jessica Shelton

Thomas Woolworth - Early Morning Glow

Early Morning Glow

Thomas Woolworth

Domenico Guddo - Personaggio in cerca...
Loriental Photography - Chinese Chess Players

Chinese Chess Players

Loriental Photography

Didier HANSON - Old Men Slowly Die Too.
Steve Godleski - Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

Steve Godleski

Alexander Senin - Pioneering The Alley -...
Didier HANSON - Man With Xray Eyes.

Man With Xray Eyes.


Victoria Saperstein - Beautiful Rome

Beautiful Rome

Victoria Saperstein

Jeff Burton - Manistee Pierhead Light
Trever Miller - Keep Watch

Keep Watch

Trever Miller

Kandy Hurley - Tempest


Kandy Hurley

Chris Pietraroia - Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

Chris Pietraroia

Daniel Furon - Stormy Promise

Stormy Promise

Daniel Furon

Terri  Waters - Foggy Grave Yard Gates
Steven Macanka - What The Hell Are You...
Loriental Photography - Beyond the Stable

Beyond the Stable

Loriental Photography

Ildar Youssoupov - Crossroad in Venice

Crossroad in Venice

Ildar Youssoupov

Theresa Tahara - Summer Joy

Summer Joy

Theresa Tahara

Jessica Shelton - Say What

Say What

Jessica Shelton

Trever Miller - Wind Farm

Wind Farm

Trever Miller

Odd Jeppesen - Coma Cell

Coma Cell

Odd Jeppesen

Brian Carson - Bench


Brian Carson

Ana Julia Fishman - View Point

View Point

Ana Julia Fishman

Kandy Hurley - Kickin
Lauren Hunter - Babel in Black and White
Didier HANSON - Organic Aesthetics.

Organic Aesthetics.


Wayne Gill - Almost There

Almost There

Wayne Gill

Jeff Burton - Peace Lily II

Peace Lily II

Jeff Burton

Lauren Hunter - Wasted


Lauren Hunter

Didier HANSON - E Is Mc2 And More.

E Is Mc2 And More.


Kathleen K Parker - Behind the Fence

Behind the Fence

Kathleen K Parker

Brian Carson - Toronto Distillery...
Karol  Livote - Catching The Five Thirty
Odd Jeppesen - A Road Not Taken

A Road Not Taken

Odd Jeppesen

Lubos Kavka - In The Shadows

In The Shadows

Lubos Kavka

Eunice Miller - Half Open

Half Open

Eunice Miller

Alexander Senin - Sleeping Beauty -...

Sleeping Beauty -...

Alexander Senin

Steve Godleski - Bleeding Cross

Bleeding Cross

Steve Godleski

Odd Jeppesen - Here Lies...

Here Lies...

Odd Jeppesen

Kristie  Bonnewell - He Never Came Home

He Never Came Home

Kristie Bonnewell

Oleksandr Maistrenko - Sunlight


Oleksandr Maistrenko

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude 2

Nude 2

Newd PhotoWerks

Geri Glavis - Mum

Mum's The Word

Geri Glavis

Alexander Senin - Love Protectors -...

Love Protectors -...

Alexander Senin

Geri Glavis - Secured


Geri Glavis

Jessica Shelton - The Abyss

The Abyss

Jessica Shelton

Ilker Goksen - Occupy Gezi - Protests...
Ana Julia Fishman - Compass


Ana Julia Fishman

Jessica Shelton - Still Waiting

Still Waiting

Jessica Shelton

Wayne Gill - Drum for Change

Drum for Change

Wayne Gill

Jessica Shelton - Resurrection


Jessica Shelton

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude on a Night Stand

Nude on a Night Stand

Newd PhotoWerks

Jessica Shelton - Lonely


Jessica Shelton

Kathleen K Parker - Bride and Daughter Kiss...

Bride and Daughter Kiss...

Kathleen K Parker

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude And Hair

Nude And Hair

Newd PhotoWerks

Steven Macanka - Paradise Hell

Paradise Hell

Steven Macanka

Jessica Shelton - Maybe I Should Hurt You

Maybe I Should Hurt You

Jessica Shelton

Ana Julia Fishman - Little Wings

Little Wings

Ana Julia Fishman

David Gordon - Mannequin Lineup

Mannequin Lineup

David Gordon

Jessica Shelton - Fuck


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Into the Fear Factory

Into the Fear Factory

Jessica Shelton

Kathleen K Parker - Dancing

Dancing' on Decatur for...

Kathleen K Parker

Ilker Goksen - Streetball


Ilker Goksen

Domenico Guddo - Winds of passion

Winds of passion

Domenico Guddo

Dorothy Pinder - Perish


Dorothy Pinder

Joe Jake Pratt - Old Testament Wisdom

Old Testament Wisdom

Joe Jake Pratt

Odd Jeppesen - Out Of Control

Out Of Control

Odd Jeppesen

Jessica Shelton - Translation is lost

Translation is lost

Jessica Shelton

Jeff Burton - Working Hands

Working Hands

Jeff Burton

Kathleen K Parker - Nun of That

Nun of That

Kathleen K Parker

Ilker Goksen - Occupy Gezi Park -...
Kristie  Bonnewell - Emotions


Kristie Bonnewell

Rona Black - Grace


Rona Black

Martin Billings - Shameless


Martin Billings

Kristie  Bonnewell - Wedding Jitters

Wedding Jitters

Kristie Bonnewell

Jessica Shelton - Silhouette of an Oddity

Silhouette of an Oddity

Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - In The Wire

In The Wire

Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Ashamed


Jessica Shelton

Karon Melillo DeVega - Cow Elk Skull and...

Cow Elk Skull and...

Karon Melillo DeVega

Rona Black - Lunchtime at Chelsea...
Ilker Goksen - Wall Street in New York...
Jessica Shelton - Aggressive


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Ominous


Jessica Shelton

Ilker Goksen - Occupy Gezi - Protests...
Kathleen K Parker - Zombie Run Nola 11

Zombie Run Nola 11

Kathleen K Parker

Theresa Tahara - Black And White Meadow

Black And White Meadow

Theresa Tahara

Andre Paquin - Melting Ice Castle

Melting Ice Castle

Andre Paquin

Odd Jeppesen - Interlock


Odd Jeppesen

Lauren Hunter - String Theory

String Theory

Lauren Hunter

Jessica Shelton -  10th Power Pose

10th Power Pose

Jessica Shelton

Oleksandr Maistrenko - Small village

Small village

Oleksandr Maistrenko

Rona Black - Disney Hall Abstract...
Brian Carson - No 123 Front St W...
Trever Miller - Minimus Maximus

Minimus Maximus

Trever Miller

Karol  Livote - What Lurks Around The...
Clara Wilson - The Awakening

The Awakening

Clara Wilson

Rory Sagner - Think of Things To Come
Kathleen K Parker - Just Shoot Me Said The...

Just Shoot Me Said The...

Kathleen K Parker

Didier HANSON - Japan.



Trever Miller - Alone Together

Alone Together

Trever Miller

Jessica Shelton - I Wanna See

I Wanna See

Jessica Shelton

Lisa  Phillips - Father and Son

Father and Son

Lisa Phillips

Jessica Shelton - Silverlight


Jessica Shelton

Lauren Hunter - Depth of Soul in Black...
Wayne Gill - Atlas


Wayne Gill

Martin Billings - Unforgettable


Martin Billings

Kathleen K Parker - The Day the Music Died...

The Day the Music Died...

Kathleen K Parker

Jessica Shelton - Wicked


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Frightened by the light

Frightened by the light

Jessica Shelton

Art CineMedia - Velo sur Place

Velo sur Place

Art CineMedia

Trever Miller - The near future

The near future's...

Trever Miller

Odd Jeppesen - Strength Of Strings

Strength Of Strings

Odd Jeppesen

Ilker Goksen - Streets of Kadifekale...
Jessica Shelton - Detachment


Jessica Shelton

Newd PhotoWerks - Black and White...

Black and White...

Newd PhotoWerks

Jessica Shelton - Solitude


Jessica Shelton

Kristie  Bonnewell - I Cross Your Heart

I Cross Your Heart

Kristie Bonnewell

Newd PhotoWerks - Let It Shine

Let It Shine

Newd PhotoWerks

Dorothy Pinder - When I Last Saw You

When I Last Saw You

Dorothy Pinder

Jessica Shelton - Smoldering


Jessica Shelton

Steven Macanka - Triangles In The Shade

Triangles In The Shade

Steven Macanka

Jessica Shelton - Unconnected


Jessica Shelton