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Copyright Infringement



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Jeffrey Campbell

Lemoore, CA

United States

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This group was started on September 17th, 2013 and currently has:

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Copyright Infringement

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Did someone steal your artwork for their own use on a website or product? There is a misconception, though, to using the words - steal or stolen. As long as you still have your images on your hard drive your work has not been stolen, they have infringed on your copyright. Using the correct terminology to properly identify what has transpired is very important, especially if you plan on taking your case to Federal court.

Please do not upload any images directly to the Group as they will be deleted, and please do not post any personal names, or the business names of anyone you may have conflict with. We need to respect everyone's privacy information. Thank you.

This Group has been created as a place to discuss, provide guidance, and assist others who have been victims of copyright infringement. Having found my artwork on many unauthorised websites, I feel it's important to educate people through the sharing of knowledge.

Please feel free to open a new discussion and talk about copyright infringement. If your work has been infringed upon by another member here and they are offering it for sale on this website you should notify Fine Art America immediately.

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