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Sensational Colour - This group is all about the many beautiful shades of BLUE
:: Blått :: . . :: Blue :: . . :: Bleu :: . . :: Blau :: . . Scroll down to view our feature gallery . .

Blue is a colour, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm. It is considered one of the additive primary colours. On the HSV Colour Wheel, the complement of blue is yellow; that is, a colour corresponding to an equal mixture of red and green light. On a colour wheel based on traditional colour theory (RYB) where blue was considered a primary colour, its complementary colour is considered to be orange (based on the Munsell colour wheel).

In Modern English, 'Blue' is one of the basic colour terms, and one of the seven spectral colours, intermediate between violet (purple) and cyan. It comprises a considerable number of identifiable subcategories that can be identified with descriptive terms like navy blue (a dark blue), cyan blue (or 'blue-green', on the boundary to the green range), or sky blue (azure).

The word itself was loaned into Middle English from the Old French word bleu, blo ' 'pale, pallid, discoloured; blue, blue-grey', itself from an Old Frankish Blao.

The modern English word blue comes from Middle English bleu or blewe, from Old French bleu, bleve, blöe, a word of Germanic origin (Frankish or possibly Old High German blāo, 'pale, wan, blue-grey')

Bleu replaced Old English blāw 'blue' and blǣwen 'light blue'. The root of all these variations is Proto-Germanic blǣwaz, from Proto-Indo-European *bhlāw-, *bhlēw- 'light-coloured, yellow, grey, blue', from *bhel- 'to shine, be light or bright', also the root of Old Norse blār and the modern Icelandic blár, and the Scandinavian word blå, which can also refer to other non blue colours. Also in the French, bleau is a contraction of belleaue or belle eau, meaning 'beautiful water' (see Fontainebleau). In this vein, 'blue' is the colour of beautiful water as it clearly reflects the blue sky

The colours of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. As the collective colour of the spirit, it invokes rest and may cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate. Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic -- an engaging colour that expresses exhilaration.

Blue is the coolest colour - the colour of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven. A pure blue is the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

Blue is the calming colour.
Dark blue is the colour of truth and moderation.
Blue gemstones such as blue sapphire and blue topaz.
Lapis lazuli and azurite are said to heighten psychic power.

Turquoise is the symbol of youth, both the colour and the gemstone. This colour has a soothing affect. Turquoise is the colour of communication. It contains the growth quality of green with the blue quality of communication. Turquoise has long been used in amulets to provide protection, health, confidence and strength.

Aqua is the colour of high ideals.

Indigo, a deeper blue, symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization. While blue is the colour of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings.

Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra, also known as Visuddha. This chakra is located in the throat. It is linked to the throat, neck, hands, and arms. The Throat Chakra is connected with speech and hearing, and encourages spiritual communication. Opening the Throat Chakra is said to improve clairaudience. Gemstones that will aid the Throat Chakra include turquoise and aquamarine

In Chinese culture, colours correspond with the five primary elements, the directions, and the four seasons. Blue is associated with wood, east, and spring

In Aztec culture, blue symbolized sacrifice

Powder Blue is often used in products to promote cleanliness and purity

Blue is the only colour which maintains its own character in all its tones... -- Raoul Dufy

There is no blue without yellow and without orange -- Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Picasso's 'Blue Period' refers to a series of paintings in which the colour blue dominates and which he painted between 1901 and 1904. The Blue Period is a marvelous expression of poetic subtlety and personal melancholy and contributes to the transition of Picasso's style from classicism to abstract art

Owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue

The highest quality ultramarine blue is made with powdered lapis lazuli from Afghanistan

Blue Tigers (Maltese Tigers) have been sporadically reported in the mountains of the Fujian province in China. They are described as bluish-grey or slate-blue with white patches on the face and black stripes

Blue is power

Pastel Blues are soft and suggest springtime

Whether it be celestial or oceanic, Blue evokes wide open spaces, calm and serenity . .
Blue symbolizes peace, escape and dreams
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Birds of the World
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Still Life Fine Art

Featured Images

Tom Uhlenberg - Tokyo 31

Tokyo 31

Tom Uhlenberg

Sharon Mau - Hookipa Maui North Shore...
Bjoern Kindler - Santorini Blue Domed...
Sean Davey - Pipeline Turtle

Pipeline Turtle

Sean Davey

John Daly - Thunderbird Loop
Mark VanDyke - Full Moon Mountain...
Nikolyn McDonald - Barred Flagtail - Kuhlia...
Tony Beck - King Of The Beach
Dmitry Rezchikov - The Spirit Of Dream

The Spirit Of Dream

Dmitry Rezchikov

Hannes Cmarits - Sailing Ships

Sailing Ships

Hannes Cmarits

Debbie Oppermann - Lily Of The Nile On Blue

Lily Of The Nile On Blue

Debbie Oppermann

Sean Davey - Aqua Glide

Aqua Glide

Sean Davey

Tom Uhlenberg - Singapore 11

Singapore 11

Tom Uhlenberg

Sharon Mau - Akeakamai


Sharon Mau

Imran Ahmed - Couple flies kite Marina...
John Daly - Texan Lone Star

Texan Lone Star

John Daly

Sylvia Cook - Birds Nest

Birds Nest

Sylvia Cook

Elena Elisseeva - Flip-flops on beach

Flip-flops on beach

Elena Elisseeva

Rose-Maries Pictures - Blessed Moment

Blessed Moment

Rose-Maries Pictures

Sharon Mau - Keanae Maui Hawaii
Zina Zinchik - Winter fairy tale

Winter fairy tale

Zina Zinchik

Inge Johnsson - Heceta Head

Heceta Head

Inge Johnsson

Sotiris Filippou - Road trip

Road trip

Sotiris Filippou

Ann Horn - Seeing Spots

Seeing Spots

Ann Horn

Mike  Dawson - Juvenile Perch

Juvenile Perch

Mike Dawson

Marc Orphanos - Shelby Cobra 427 - Water...
Sean Davey - Octopuss
Carlos Caetano - Directions to Goals

Directions to Goals

Carlos Caetano

Elena Elisseeva - Spring pussy willows

Spring pussy willows

Elena Elisseeva

Variance Collections - Estillo - 05b2vt03

Estillo - 05b2vt03

Variance Collections

Nina Stavlund - Light Painting...

Light Painting...

Nina Stavlund

Bjoern Kindler - The Alps

The Alps

Bjoern Kindler

Tin Lung Chao - Blue lagoon

Blue lagoon

Tin Lung Chao

Elena Elisseeva - Christmas baubles on blue
Silvio Schoisswohl - Cute Turtle

Cute Turtle

Silvio Schoisswohl

Zina Zinchik - Icy blues

Icy blues

Zina Zinchik

Nina Stavlund - Desolation...


Nina Stavlund

Viaina     - Fairy Orchestra
Tony Beck - Two Blue

Two Blue

Tony Beck

Alexander Senin - Solar Power 1

Solar Power 1

Alexander Senin

Nikolyn McDonald - Clematis on Blue

Clematis on Blue

Nikolyn McDonald

Juergen Roth - New York City Empire...
Nafets Nuarb - Heart Cloudlet

Heart Cloudlet

Nafets Nuarb

Priya Ghose - Walk Gently

Walk Gently

Priya Ghose

Christine Till - New Orleans Front Door

New Orleans Front Door

Christine Till

Ann Horn - High Strung

High Strung

Ann Horn

Inge Johnsson - Mono Lake Twilight

Mono Lake Twilight

Inge Johnsson

Jenny Rainbow - Blue Power. Indian Ocean
Frank Wilson - Starry Couple Watching...
Tony Beck - Bubbles


Tony Beck

Bjoern Kindler - Santorini Caldera in the...
Sharon Mau - Kanaha Beach Kahului...
Renee Croushore - Dancing


Renee Croushore

Jennie Marie Schell - Tree Branches Abstract...

Tree Branches Abstract...

Jennie Marie Schell

Ann Horn - Colorful Chicago
Elena Elisseeva - Panorama of sky over...

Panorama of sky over...

Elena Elisseeva

Tony Beck - Blue Gray Jay

Blue Gray Jay

Tony Beck

Alexander Senin - The Light

The Light

Alexander Senin

Anne Gilbert - The Sun Deck

The Sun Deck

Anne Gilbert

Rick  Monyahan - Freedom


Rick Monyahan

Melanie Moraga - With Grace and Ease...

With Grace and Ease...

Melanie Moraga

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Fine Santorini Church...

Fine Santorini Church...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Zina Zinchik - Pompeii Ruins - Forum...
Juergen Roth - Boston Wishing You a...
Robert Bales - Bright Checkered Hot Air...
Nina Stavlund - Fishing...


Nina Stavlund

Lois Bryan - Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Lois Bryan

Tin Lung Chao - Waikiki Rainbow

Waikiki Rainbow

Tin Lung Chao

Mike  Dawson - Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic

Mike Dawson

Priska Wettstein - Blue Eyed Queen

Blue Eyed Queen

Priska Wettstein

Zoe Ferrie - Petronas Towers in KL...
Sharon Mau - Beautiful Paako Beach...
Stephen Anderson - A Perfect Beach

A Perfect Beach

Stephen Anderson

Kimberly Santini - At Peace

At Peace

Kimberly Santini

Sylvia Cook - Blue Feather

Blue Feather

Sylvia Cook

Chris Anderson - Aloft


Chris Anderson

Kym Clarke - Bottle of Blue

Bottle of Blue

Kym Clarke

Sharon Mau - Kohemalamalama O Kanaloa
Tin Lung Chao - Honolulu Waikiki early...
Robert Bales - Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend

Robert Bales

Carlos Caetano - Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Carlos Caetano

Juergen Roth - Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir

Juergen Roth

Steven Bateson - Church Door Blues

Church Door Blues

Steven Bateson

Hanza Turgul - Blue Space Flower

Blue Space Flower

Hanza Turgul

Suzanne Harford - Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Suzanne Harford

Alexander Senin - Collage Spring Blossoms 1
Bernard MICHEL - City of Dreams 3

City of Dreams 3

Bernard MICHEL

Angel Ortiz - Tiempo y espacio 3th...
Kaye Menner - White and Blue to Ocean...
Tin Lung Chao - West Loch Sunrise

West Loch Sunrise

Tin Lung Chao

Sharon Johnstone - Crazy Cactus Droplets

Crazy Cactus Droplets

Sharon Johnstone

Alexander Senin - Cathedral of Christ the...
Sharon Mau - Hydrangea macrophylla
Sharon Mau - Good Morning Maui
Priska Wettstein - Summer Dream

Summer Dream

Priska Wettstein

Juergen Roth - Quebec Parlementaire and...
Alexander Senin - Ivanovskaya square of...

Ivanovskaya square of...

Alexander Senin

Shadi Samawi - The Beauty of Nightfall...
Reflective Moments  Photography and Digital Art Images - On Hallowed Ground

On Hallowed Ground

Reflective Moments Photography and Digital Art Images

Colin Utz - The Reichstag - Berlin -...
John Clark - Grape Tree on 7-Mile...
Jenny Rainbow - Blue Anemone. Flowers of...
Dorina  Costras -  In a Half Forgotten...
Sharon Mau - Beneath the illusion in...
Adam Romanowicz - Flying High

Flying High

Adam Romanowicz

Nina Stavlund - Wonderland...


Nina Stavlund

Mike  Dawson - Moonstone Beach...

Moonstone Beach...

Mike Dawson

Carlos Caetano - Tree On Dry Land

Tree On Dry Land

Carlos Caetano

Patrick Jacquet - Borromean Dusk

Borromean Dusk

Patrick Jacquet

Nina Stavlund - Red-legged Honeycreeper..
Sandra Bronstein - Winter on the Firehole...

Winter on the Firehole...

Sandra Bronstein

Jo Lynch - Big Mouth Bass Whimsical
Elise Palmigiani - By the Canyon

By the Canyon

Elise Palmigiani

Sharon Mau - Makena


Sharon Mau

Inge Johnsson - Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

Inge Johnsson

Caitlyn  Grasso - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Caitlyn Grasso

Svetoslav Stoyanov - Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Svetoslav Stoyanov

Sharon Mau - Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Sharon Mau

Ann Horn - Blue Water Bridge Sail
Sotiris Filippou - Dream full of Roses

Dream full of Roses

Sotiris Filippou

Paul Meijering -  Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Paul Meijering

Juergen Roth - Super Moon over Boston
Jennie Marie Schell - The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose

Jennie Marie Schell

Lisa Knechtel - Tic Tac Blue

Tic Tac Blue

Lisa Knechtel

Brian Harig - Kilauea Lighthouse -...
Carlos Caetano - Generic Background f

Generic Background f

Carlos Caetano

John Daly - Osprey Nest Closeup
Alexander Senin - Night View Of Moscow...

Night View Of Moscow...

Alexander Senin

Anne Gilbert - A Curious Bird

A Curious Bird

Anne Gilbert

Nigel Hamer - Faro Marina at Night
Juergen Roth - Strawberry Supermoon...
Sharon Mau - The Colours of Spring
Viaina     - Burning Earth
Nina Stavlund - Summer Night in Ottawa..
Dorina  Costras - Longing From The Depths
John Daly - Obtuse Osprey

Obtuse Osprey

John Daly

Kai Hyde - Teddy Bear Holding a...
Alexander Senin - Flying The Stormy Skies...
Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis - Night Serenity

Night Serenity

Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis

Inge Johnsson - Havasu Travertine

Havasu Travertine

Inge Johnsson

Jennie Marie Schell - Camellia Flower Midnight...

Camellia Flower Midnight...

Jennie Marie Schell

Saija  Lehtonen - Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm

Saija Lehtonen

Jola Martysz - Relaxing After Sail Trip
Brian Harig - Wind Blown Tree 2 -...
Paul  Meijering - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Paul Meijering

Viaina     - Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow


Sharon Mau - Olowalu Beach Maui Hawaii
Anne Gilbert - Mevagissey Lighthouse in...
Nina Stavlund - Spy-hopping...


Nina Stavlund

Ann Horn - Overlook


Ann Horn

Marc Orphanos - Jaguar XJ220 - Azure

Jaguar XJ220 - Azure

Marc Orphanos

Sandra Bronstein - Sunset At Great Fountain...
Paul  Meijering -  Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

Paul Meijering

John Daly - Cumulus Wisps

Cumulus Wisps

John Daly

Tom Uhlenberg - Tokyo 19

Tokyo 19

Tom Uhlenberg

Sharon Mau - Dichorisandra...


Sharon Mau

Melanie Moraga - Mi Sueno Azul

Mi Sueno Azul

Melanie Moraga

Richard Rizzo - Portal to Peace

Portal to Peace

Richard Rizzo

Priska Wettstein - In A Corner Of A Garden

In A Corner Of A Garden

Priska Wettstein

Juergen Roth - Majesty of Chateau...
Inge Johnsson - Sparks Lake Sunrise

Sparks Lake Sunrise

Inge Johnsson

Sabine Edrissi - Before Night Fall

Before Night Fall

Sabine Edrissi

Nina Stavlund - BLUtiFUL..


Nina Stavlund

Sharon Mau - Nature
Marc Orphanos - Shelby Cobra 427 - Bolt
Michael Walker - Lighthouse


Michael Walker

Michael Walker - Reflecting Arts and...

Reflecting Arts and...

Michael Walker

Yunjun Ma - Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Yunjun Ma

Sharon Johnstone - Sparkle in Blue

Sparkle in Blue

Sharon Johnstone

Mike  Dawson - Take Flight

Take Flight

Mike Dawson

Manny Lorenzo - Cornucopia


Manny Lorenzo

Frank Wilson - Hawaiian Dreams Mural
Richard Burr -  The Gathering

The Gathering

Richard Burr

Tony Beck - Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Ram Vasudev - Light and Shadows -...
Sharon Mau - A Delicate Way

A Delicate Way

Sharon Mau

Nina Stavlund - Quiscalus quiscula...

Quiscalus quiscula...

Nina Stavlund

Alexander Senin - Spacecraft Vostok-1 -...

Spacecraft Vostok-1 -...

Alexander Senin

Sharon Mau - Hookipa


Sharon Mau

Waldek Dabrowski - Scene in Santorini...

Scene in Santorini...

Waldek Dabrowski

Hannes Cmarits - enjoying a sunny day in...
Juergen Roth - The Mother Church and...
Mickey Harkins - Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Mickey Harkins

Carlos Caetano - Abstract Architecture

Abstract Architecture

Carlos Caetano

Teresa Wegrzyn - The Magnificent Waves

The Magnificent Waves

Teresa Wegrzyn

Alexander Senin - Sunlit tree head in...

Sunlit tree head in...

Alexander Senin

Andrew Hewett - Abstract Water...

Abstract Water...

Andrew Hewett

Neal  Eslinger - Blood Iris

Blood Iris

Neal Eslinger

Mike  Dawson - Salt Spray Rainbow

Salt Spray Rainbow

Mike Dawson

Jeff Breiman - Early Morning Blues

Early Morning Blues

Jeff Breiman

Jennifer Doll - The Mesmerizing Emerald...
Adam Pender - Millenium Bridge Blue...
Sharon Mau - Fiore Nel Cielo - The...
Marco Antonio Aguilar - HIdden Splendor

HIdden Splendor

Marco Antonio Aguilar

Karol  Livote - The Greens of Summer
Sharon Mau - Sing to the Sanctified
Marty Saccone - Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Marty Saccone

Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis - Drifting


Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis

Rebecca Sherman - Along the Sea-Coast

Along the Sea-Coast

Rebecca Sherman

Hannes Cmarits - Hypovereinsbank 2

Hypovereinsbank 2

Hannes Cmarits

Jessica Berlin - That

That's BS

Jessica Berlin

Sharon Mau - The Sea

The Sea

Sharon Mau

Carlos Caetano - Metallic Floor

Metallic Floor

Carlos Caetano

Jane McIlroy - Atlantic Coast Achill...
Donna Kennedy - Sierra Moonset

Sierra Moonset

Donna Kennedy

Juergen Roth - We are Boston

We are Boston

Juergen Roth

Minartesia - All Blue Myosotis
Claude Morris - High Country Trail

High Country Trail

Claude Morris

Priska Wettstein - Resting


Priska Wettstein

Sharon Johnstone - Feeling Blue but Dandy

Feeling Blue but Dandy

Sharon Johnstone

Dany  Lison - Night Colors Over the...
Anastasiya Malakhova - Blue Shells

Blue Shells

Anastasiya Malakhova

Sharon Mau -  . . Take Time To Enjoy...
Carole Hinding - Brown on Blue

Brown on Blue

Carole Hinding

Anne Gilbert - Lighthouse Abstract

Lighthouse Abstract

Anne Gilbert

Sharon Johnstone - Indigo Sparkles

Indigo Sparkles

Sharon Johnstone

Jennie Marie Schell - Rose Flower Petals Blue

Rose Flower Petals Blue

Jennie Marie Schell

Sean Davey - Aqua Dive

Aqua Dive

Sean Davey

Joan A Hamilton - Get Cracking

Get Cracking

Joan A Hamilton

Donna Kennedy - Jet Blue

Jet Blue

Donna Kennedy

Tony Beck - Raven


Tony Beck

Sandra Bronstein - Silent Pathway to the...

Silent Pathway to the...

Sandra Bronstein

Pawel Klarecki - North Coast

North Coast

Pawel Klarecki

Priska Wettstein - Spring Blues With A Hint...
Viaina     - Vaillante Square
Juergen Roth - Empire State Building In...
Carlos Caetano - Hanged Chains

Hanged Chains

Carlos Caetano

Sandra Bronstein - Dawn on Mono Lake

Dawn on Mono Lake

Sandra Bronstein

Jennie Marie Schell - Dandelion Fly Away...

Dandelion Fly Away...

Jennie Marie Schell

Randy Hall - Blue Hour

Blue Hour

Randy Hall

Carlos Caetano - Almond Branch

Almond Branch

Carlos Caetano

Tony Beck - Blue-Gray and Green
Bill Caldwell -        ABeautifulSky Photography - Quoddy Coast by Moonlight

Quoddy Coast by Moonlight

Bill Caldwell - ABeautifulSky Photography

Marco Antonio Aguilar - True Love

True Love's Kiss

Marco Antonio Aguilar

Daniel Lindquist - Marilyn Jay

Marilyn Jay

Daniel Lindquist

Andrew Paranavitana - Brooklyn Nights

Brooklyn Nights

Andrew Paranavitana

Karin Ubeleis-Jones - Lots of Drops

Lots of Drops

Karin Ubeleis-Jones

Alena Lazareva - Doomed


Alena Lazareva

Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Dorina  Costras - The Celestial Consonance
Sandra Bronstein - Winter

Winter's Splendor

Sandra Bronstein

Jenny Rainbow - Maldivian Boat Dhoni on...
Adam Pender - Glacial Fragments

Glacial Fragments

Adam Pender

Ralf Kaiser - Seagull


Ralf Kaiser

Reflective Moments  Photography and Digital Art Images - Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces

Reflective Moments Photography and Digital Art Images

Ann Horn - Where the Wind Blows
Tanja Riedel - Blueberries


Tanja Riedel

Inge Johnsson - Empire State Blue Night
Neil McBride - Richmond Market Place
Karol  Livote - The Blue Door

The Blue Door

Karol Livote

Jennie Marie Schell - Blue Roses with Raindrops

Blue Roses with Raindrops

Jennie Marie Schell

Nyla Alisia - Echo answers Pan

Echo answers Pan

Nyla Alisia

Karol  Livote - Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull

Karol Livote

Sharon Johnstone - Rainbow Blue Smokey Drops

Rainbow Blue Smokey Drops

Sharon Johnstone

Tatiana Parmeeva - Turquoise jacket

Turquoise jacket

Tatiana Parmeeva

Joachim G Pinkawa - Blue Is The Night

Blue Is The Night

Joachim G Pinkawa

EMONA Art - Irises



Elise Palmigiani - Lavender field

Lavender field

Elise Palmigiani

Kimberly Santini - Cooper


Kimberly Santini

Teresa Zieba - Sailing Away

Sailing Away

Teresa Zieba

Sipo Liimatainen - At destination

At destination

Sipo Liimatainen

Manny Lorenzo - Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

Manny Lorenzo

Nina Stavlund - Juley..


Nina Stavlund

Inge Johnsson - Fog in Tuscan Valley

Fog in Tuscan Valley

Inge Johnsson

Tony Beck - Sandwich Terns

Sandwich Terns

Tony Beck

Tracy  Hall - Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Tracy Hall

Ann Horn - Thames River Traffic
Ann Garrett - The Underground

The Underground

Ann Garrett

Manny Lorenzo - Debussy

Debussy's La Mer

Manny Lorenzo

Leland Howard - Basin Lake Sunrise

Basin Lake Sunrise

Leland Howard

Priska Wettstein - Bluebell Heaven

Bluebell Heaven

Priska Wettstein

Ann Powell - Abstract Block Print in...
Mareko Marciniak - Riverjack damselfly

Riverjack damselfly

Mareko Marciniak

Madeleine Holzberg - Blue Mood

Blue Mood

Madeleine Holzberg

Valeri Tsenov - Cycle Sea Legends

Cycle Sea Legends

Valeri Tsenov

Sandra Bronstein - Winter Solitude

Winter Solitude

Sandra Bronstein

David Cutts - Nutty Bluejay

Nutty Bluejay

David Cutts

Jean Hildebrant - When Twilight Fades

When Twilight Fades

Jean Hildebrant

Sol Luckman - Peninsular Ranges...
Sharon Johnstone - Half O

Half O'Clock in Blue

Sharon Johnstone

Guido Montanes Castillo - Volcanic reef

Volcanic reef

Guido Montanes Castillo

Clare Bambers - Coming in to Land

Coming in to Land

Clare Bambers

Juergen Roth - Zakim Bridge in Boston
Jennifer Alvarez - Jumbo Love

Jumbo Love

Jennifer Alvarez

Inge Johnsson - Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

Inge Johnsson

Priska Wettstein - Stick Together

Stick Together

Priska Wettstein

Sharon Mau - The Gate of Your...
S Csilla - -.-.


S Csilla

Robert Harmon - Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights

Robert Harmon

Saija  Lehtonen - The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

Saija Lehtonen

Rebecca Sherman - Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore

Rebecca Sherman

Sharon Johnstone - Dandelion Drops in Blue

Dandelion Drops in Blue

Sharon Johnstone

Sharon Mau - Ocean in Motion

Ocean in Motion

Sharon Mau

Marco Antonio Aguilar - Old Man of the Sea

Old Man of the Sea

Marco Antonio Aguilar

Graham Hughes - Three Preserving Jars

Three Preserving Jars

Graham Hughes

Lianne Schneider - First League Out From...

First League Out From...

Lianne Schneider

Viaina     - Dew Drop

Dew Drop


Inge Johnsson - Seattle at Full Moon

Seattle at Full Moon

Inge Johnsson

Ann Horn - Iconic Dome

Iconic Dome

Ann Horn

John Daly - The Dance

The Dance

John Daly

Ralf Kaiser - Tree In White Sands
Valeri Tsenov - Cycle Sea Legend

Cycle Sea Legend

Valeri Tsenov

Hannes Cmarits - Buddha Enlightenment Blue
Viaina     - Baby
Benjamin Matthijs - Hamburg city hall

Hamburg city hall

Benjamin Matthijs

Tony Beck - Prairie Migration
Sandra Bronstein - San Xavier Del Bac

San Xavier Del Bac

Sandra Bronstein

Stanza Widen - Blue-Day Butterfly

Blue-Day Butterfly

Stanza Widen

Kimberly Santini - Curl


Kimberly Santini

Guido Montanes Castillo - Monsul


Guido Montanes Castillo

Carol Wisniewski - Isle of Santorini Thiara...
Mike  Dawson - Majesty Revealed

Majesty Revealed

Mike Dawson

Lora Marsh - Glimmer


Lora Marsh

Steve Munch - Strolling Shorebird
Tony Beck - Black-browed Albatross
Steve Munch - Dolphins Life

Dolphins Life

Steve Munch

Andrew Paranavitana - Ornamental Nature

Ornamental Nature

Andrew Paranavitana

Angel Ortiz - Tortuguin


Angel Ortiz

Sorin Apostolescu - Quiet Ice

Quiet Ice

Sorin Apostolescu

Wallace Kong - Ehukai


Wallace Kong

Igor Zenin - Sky Express

Sky Express

Igor Zenin

Waldek Dabrowski - West Highland White...

West Highland White...

Waldek Dabrowski

Frank Wilson - Tropical Beach Wall Mural
Nina Stavlund - Pussy Willow...

Pussy Willow...

Nina Stavlund

EMONA Art - Greek Harbor

Greek Harbor


Sharon Johnstone - Sparkling Dandy in Blue

Sparkling Dandy in Blue

Sharon Johnstone

Suzanne Theis - The Blues

The Blues

Suzanne Theis

Adam Romanowicz - Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Adam Romanowicz

Raymond Salani III - Crescent Moon Reflection

Crescent Moon Reflection

Raymond Salani III

Adam Pender - 22 Minutes in Heaven
Boris  Vargovic - Open gate to Sydney city
Adam Pender - Millenium Bridge Blue...
Nina Stavlund - Bad hair day..

Bad hair day..

Nina Stavlund

Adam Romanowicz - Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

Adam Romanowicz

James Eddy - Blossoms In Blue

Blossoms In Blue

James Eddy

RochVanh   - Centric-102-c



Karin Ubeleis-Jones - Blue Bubbles

Blue Bubbles

Karin Ubeleis-Jones

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Stairs down to oceon...

Stairs down to oceon...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Mike  Dawson - Moonlight Glow

Moonlight Glow

Mike Dawson

Inge Johnsson - Eiffel Tower by Night

Eiffel Tower by Night

Inge Johnsson

Peta Thames - Turquoise Blue Waterfall
Dawn Nickel - Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas

Dawn Nickel

Manny Lorenzo - The Complexities of Life
Cynthia Adams - Mountain Ridge Horizon
Sabrina L Ryan - Prettiest Plumpago...

Prettiest Plumpago...

Sabrina L Ryan

Jenny Rainbow - Blue Anemones. Flowers...
Sharon Mau - Blue Hyacinth Macaw -...
Inge Johnsson - Flower Mound

Flower Mound

Inge Johnsson

Maria Urso  - Captivating Campanula
Roseann Caputo - Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky

Roseann Caputo

Adam Pender - Thames Riverside Blues
Philip Guiver - Mediterranean Mountains
Sharon Johnstone - Dandy Sprinkle

Dandy Sprinkle

Sharon Johnstone

Anne Gilbert - Oxeye


Anne Gilbert

RochVanh   - Centric-95



Rebecca Sherman - Muscari


Rebecca Sherman

Janine Riley - The Stag King

The Stag King

Janine Riley

Daniel Dempster - Texas Bluebonnets -...

Texas Bluebonnets -...

Daniel Dempster

Juergen Roth - Boston


Juergen Roth

Anna Ewa Miarczynska - Silence


Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Maria Gaellman - River Clyde Shipwreck at...
Priska Wettstein - Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue

Priska Wettstein

Mike  Dawson - Homebuilder


Mike Dawson

Marty Saccone - Full Moon on Quoddy

Full Moon on Quoddy

Marty Saccone

Carlos Caetano - Almond Branch

Almond Branch

Carlos Caetano

Matthias Hauser - Summer day blue sky...

Summer day blue sky...

Matthias Hauser

Tony Beck - In The Crab Apple Tree
Matthias Hauser - White blossoms and blue...
Sylvia Cook - Shilshole Bay Marina
Earl Butch Curtis - Fisherman

Fisherman's Cove

Earl Butch Curtis

Stephen Abbott - Power and Sail

Power and Sail

Stephen Abbott

Tom Uhlenberg - Tokyo 15

Tokyo 15

Tom Uhlenberg

Earl Butch Curtis - Raid On St Augustine

Raid On St Augustine

Earl Butch Curtis

Sharon Johnstone - Dandy Rain

Dandy Rain

Sharon Johnstone

Betty LaRue - Flower Love

Flower Love

Betty LaRue

Marty Saccone - Into the Night

Into the Night

Marty Saccone

Sharon Mau - The Music of Language
Carlos Caetano - Ursa Beach

Ursa Beach

Carlos Caetano

Anne Gilbert - Burmilla Nose

Burmilla Nose

Anne Gilbert

Iris Lehnhardt - Blue Blossom

Blue Blossom

Iris Lehnhardt

Eti Reid - Beautiful British...
Kym Backland - Crystal Mountain Bluest...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Winter Night

Winter Night

Teresa Wegrzyn

John Daly - Carpinteria Blue and Gold
Sipo Liimatainen - Listen - Surrealism

Listen - Surrealism

Sipo Liimatainen

Angie McKenzie - Sarah Flower

Sarah Flower

Angie McKenzie

Kendall Kessler - Clouds over the Blue...

Clouds over the Blue...

Kendall Kessler

Sandra Bronstein - Peaceful Afternoon in...

Peaceful Afternoon in...

Sandra Bronstein

Shirley  Seah - Magnificent Mountains
Jennie Marie Schell - Dahlia Flower Blue

Dahlia Flower Blue

Jennie Marie Schell

Donna Tuten - Ocean Life

Ocean Life

Donna Tuten

Sharon Johnstone - Dreamy Feather Drops

Dreamy Feather Drops

Sharon Johnstone

Jenny Rainbow - Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love

Jenny Rainbow

Fran McMullen - Full Moon Madison

Full Moon Madison

Fran McMullen

Mindy Newman - Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

Mindy Newman

Nina Stavlund - Slipper Iceberg..

Slipper Iceberg..

Nina Stavlund

Andreas Levi - Brocken in winter

Brocken in winter

Andreas Levi

Viaina     - Scarabea



Tony Beck - Red-billed Tropicbird
Elise Palmigiani - Sunset Over the Village

Sunset Over the Village

Elise Palmigiani

Inge Johnsson - Texas Bluebonnet Field
Sharon Mau - Blue Sounds to Echo...
Andreas Levi - on the Wurmberg III

on the Wurmberg III

Andreas Levi

AM Ruttle - Mountain Goat on Blue
Tony Beck - Black-capped Chickadee...
Nina Stavlund - Baby Blues..

Baby Blues..

Nina Stavlund

Andrew Paranavitana - Robot Views

Robot Views

Andrew Paranavitana

Alena Lazareva - Queen


Alena Lazareva

Sharon Mau - Hookipa Maui North Shore...
Reflective Moments  Photography and Digital Art Images - Winter Time Blues

Winter Time Blues

Reflective Moments Photography and Digital Art Images

Priska Wettstein - Beauty In Blue

Beauty In Blue

Priska Wettstein

Priya Ghose - Moonlit Veronica

Moonlit Veronica

Priya Ghose

Anne Gilbert - Sun Worship

Sun Worship

Anne Gilbert

Natasha Denger - River Rocks

River Rocks

Natasha Denger

Rick  Monyahan - Drip


Rick Monyahan

Sorin Apostolescu - Chrysanthemums


Sorin Apostolescu

Manny Lorenzo - Sierpinski Wrap

Sierpinski Wrap

Manny Lorenzo

Daniel Dempster - Winter Starburst -...

Winter Starburst -...

Daniel Dempster

Christine Till - Chicago Navy Pier...

Chicago Navy Pier...

Christine Till

Daniel Dempster - Mackinac Bridge - D002813
Cynthia Lagoudakis - Old Kenay Church

Old Kenay Church

Cynthia Lagoudakis

Guido Montanes Castillo - Blue wave

Blue wave

Guido Montanes Castillo

Sandra Bronstein - Hoarfrosted Elk Calf

Hoarfrosted Elk Calf

Sandra Bronstein

Raymond Salani III - The Clearing Storm

The Clearing Storm

Raymond Salani III

Kimberly Santini - For Melissa

For Melissa

Kimberly Santini

Sharon Mau - Tropical Paradise
Priska Wettstein - Hillside Blues

Hillside Blues

Priska Wettstein

Tony Beck - Snowy Moon

Snowy Moon

Tony Beck

Lisa Knechtel - Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Lisa Knechtel

Inge Johnsson - CN Tower at Dusk

CN Tower at Dusk

Inge Johnsson

Nigel Hamer - The Guiding Light

The Guiding Light

Nigel Hamer

Mike  Dawson - Flight of the Patriot
Reflective Moments  Photography and Digital Art Images - In the Moment

In the Moment

Reflective Moments Photography and Digital Art Images

Betty LaRue - Top of My Game

Top of My Game

Betty LaRue

Jean Hildebrant - Into the Black Forest

Into the Black Forest

Jean Hildebrant

Clare Bambers - Abstract in Blues.

Abstract in Blues.

Clare Bambers

Earl  Butch Curtis - Beach Entrance

Beach Entrance

Earl Butch Curtis

Adam Romanowicz - Breezy Island Life

Breezy Island Life

Adam Romanowicz

Christine Till - American Flags - Navy...
Ann Horn - Museum Wings

Museum Wings

Ann Horn

Tony Beck - Prairie Morning

Prairie Morning

Tony Beck

Earl  Butch Curtis - Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach

Earl Butch Curtis

Sharon Mau - Toujours subtile et...
Art Block Collections - Blue Bottle Shadow

Blue Bottle Shadow

Art Block Collections

Saija  Lehtonen - Twilight


Saija Lehtonen

Waldek Dabrowski - Scene in Santorini...

Scene in Santorini...

Waldek Dabrowski

Tanja Riedel - Winterland


Tanja Riedel

Nina Stavlund - Ice Age...

Ice Age...

Nina Stavlund

Karol  Livote - Balloon Blue

Balloon Blue

Karol Livote

James Eddy - Icicles In The Moonlight
Ann Horn - Pelee Winter

Pelee Winter

Ann Horn

Andreas Levi - On The Wurmberg

On The Wurmberg

Andreas Levi

Nina Stavlund - Blue Dream...

Blue Dream...

Nina Stavlund

Frank Wilson - By The Light Of The Moon
Jean Hildebrant - The Nativity

The Nativity

Jean Hildebrant

Sharon Mau - The Hour of...

The Hour of...

Sharon Mau

Svetoslav Stoyanov - Christmas Imagination

Christmas Imagination

Svetoslav Stoyanov

D Rogale - Angel of Prosperity and...
Inge Johnsson - Leavenworth Alpine View
Viaina     - Angelo



John Daly - Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Nina Stavlund - Blue Ice...

Blue Ice...

Nina Stavlund

Brian Harig - Beehive Geyser -...
Christine Till - Mullersches Volksbad...
Nina Stavlund - Ice Ice Baby..

Ice Ice Baby..

Nina Stavlund

Inge Johnsson - Leprechaun Tamaracks

Leprechaun Tamaracks

Inge Johnsson

Sol Luckman - Japanese Waves original...
Anne Gilbert - The Selfridges Building
Lara Ellis - End of December...
Thomas Woolworth - Drum Major Baton

Drum Major Baton

Thomas Woolworth

Sharon Mau - Hookipa Beach Maui North...
Lois Bryan - On Top Of The World
Sharon Mau - The Divine Child

The Divine Child

Sharon Mau

Maria Urso  - Northward Blowing

Northward Blowing

Maria Urso

Mike  Dawson - Over the Water

Over the Water

Mike Dawson

James Eddy - The Lighthouse At Cape...
Juergen Roth - Good Night Boston

Good Night Boston

Juergen Roth

Inge Johnsson - Burning Peak

Burning Peak

Inge Johnsson

Nigel Hamer - Snowfields Of Faro

Snowfields Of Faro

Nigel Hamer

Tony Beck - Tails from Antarctica
Sharon Mau - Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues

Sharon Mau

Anne Gilbert - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Anne Gilbert

Frank Wilson - Aurora Borealis Wall...
Jennie Marie Schell - Love

Love's Eternal Blue Rose

Jennie Marie Schell

Earl Butch Curtis - Two Chairs On The Beach

Two Chairs On The Beach

Earl Butch Curtis

Eric Glaser - Blue Chasm

Blue Chasm

Eric Glaser

Betty LaRue - Mabel...Who Invited Her
Andreas Levi - Into The Sun

Into The Sun

Andreas Levi

James Eddy - Hat Creek Reflections
Ann Horn - Shading Summer
Angel Ortiz - Blue light house

Blue light house

Angel Ortiz

Sol Luckman - Blue Kachina original...
Sandi OReilly - My First Gift

My First Gift

Sandi OReilly

Anastasiya Malakhova - Pine Tree Snowflakes -...

Pine Tree Snowflakes -...

Anastasiya Malakhova

Lisa Knechtel - Under Water

Under Water

Lisa Knechtel

Ann Horn - A Wealth of Windows
Manny Lorenzo - Transdifferentiation


Manny Lorenzo

Hannes Cmarits - Grapes - Blue

Grapes - Blue

Hannes Cmarits

Nina Stavlund - Floating away...

Floating away...

Nina Stavlund