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Berkshire County Region Scenic Photography



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Geoffrey Coelho

Otis, MA

United States

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Berkshire County Region Scenic Photography

About This Group

This group is intended to showcase scenic images from Berkshire County, Massachusetts. That may include landscapes, architecture (exterior and interior), roadside attractions, towns and villages, objects and Americana. The emphasis should be on natural beauty, historic significance, or any scene that typifies and defines the nature of the county and its people.

Digitally modified images are acceptable, including HDR.

Please submit only 2 photographs per day, and choose only your best.

EDITED 4/17/2014: Some members may have noticed that I've let a picture or two slip through that is not actually IN Berkshire County. Given the small size of the group and the limited nature of the theme, I will continue to allow photos from the close by areas, including the Hilltowns bordering eastern Berkshire and areas close to the border in southern Vermont, western New York and northwest Connecticut.

In truth, these nearby locations share the flavor of the greater Berkshire region, and should be included. The group's name change, to include the word 'region', reflects this. Please be judicious in determining what constitutes 'close by', though.

Featured Images

Bill  Wakeley - Winter Dream

Winter Dream

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - New England Winter

New England Winter

Bill Wakeley

Thomas Schoeller - Rural Farmhouse...

Rural Farmhouse...

Thomas Schoeller

Thomas Schoeller - Red Barns and Stone...

Red Barns and Stone...

Thomas Schoeller

Bill  Wakeley - Ethereal Autumn

Ethereal Autumn

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - Autumn Maple Tree

Autumn Maple Tree

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - Midnight Falls

Midnight Falls

Bill Wakeley

Thomas Schoeller - Swamp Music - A Late...

Swamp Music - A Late...

Thomas Schoeller

Bill  Wakeley - Nonnewaug Falls Square
Thomas Schoeller - Pride


Thomas Schoeller

Bill  Wakeley - Enders State Forest...
Thomas Schoeller - Tobin

Tobin's Barn

Thomas Schoeller

Bill  Wakeley - Nonnewaug Falls

Nonnewaug Falls

Bill Wakeley

Thomas Schoeller - Its Got to be Good

Its Got to be Good

Thomas Schoeller

Bill  Wakeley - Enders Falls Spring

Enders Falls Spring

Bill Wakeley

Thomas Schoeller - Bulls Bridge and the...

Bulls Bridge and the...

Thomas Schoeller

Thomas Schoeller - Cascades along Race Brook

Cascades along Race Brook

Thomas Schoeller

Jeff Heimlich - Sentry


Jeff Heimlich

Bill  Wakeley - Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections

Bill Wakeley

Jeff Heimlich - Goldmine Falls

Goldmine Falls

Jeff Heimlich

Bill  Wakeley - Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - Upstream Fog

Upstream Fog

Bill Wakeley

Linda Galok - Day In Day Out

Day In Day Out

Linda Galok

Mike Martin - I Love Martin

I Love Martin's

Mike Martin

Mike Martin - Pecks Falls

Pecks Falls

Mike Martin

Thomas Schoeller - Berkshire Autumn - Old...

Berkshire Autumn - Old...

Thomas Schoeller