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Australian Painters



Group Administrator

Anne Gardner

Tomerong, NSW


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Group Overview

This group was started on June 16th, 2012 and currently has:

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Australian Painters

About This Group

This is a group that offers a community spirit to all painters in Australia. I think that painting needs its own niche in the wide community of art, a place where the unique nature of capturing something on canvas or paper can be appreciated and supported by people who understand the creative processes involved.
I hope that people in this community can offer critiques based on their own experiences with their chosen medium, and support for each artist.

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Featured Images

Anne Gardner - Horse lovers

Horse lovers

Anne Gardner

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Country Garden

Country Garden

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Anne Gardner - In the pink

In the pink

Anne Gardner

Jan Matson - Paddling


Jan Matson

Fiona Craig - Pink Lotuses

Pink Lotuses

Fiona Craig

Anne Gardner - Superb fairy wren

Superb fairy wren

Anne Gardner

Jan Matson - Forest Walk

Forest Walk

Jan Matson

Margaret Stockdale - Perky Pig

Perky Pig

Margaret Stockdale

Anne Gardner - Eastern spinebill

Eastern spinebill

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Have a Cool Yule

Have a Cool Yule

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Morning mist

Morning mist

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - I see a little frog

I see a little frog

Anne Gardner

Kathie Nichols - At first light......

At first light......

Kathie Nichols

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - The Boss

The Boss

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Kathie Nichols - Red Earth Blue Sky

Red Earth Blue Sky

Kathie Nichols

Eden Scott - Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

Eden Scott

Anne Gardner - Bee-utiful


Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - From the ashes

From the ashes

Anne Gardner

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - The Garden Path

The Garden Path

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Margaret Stockdale - Bonded Cow And Calf

Bonded Cow And Calf

Margaret Stockdale

Joseph Maul - After The Storm

After The Storm

Joseph Maul

Anne Gardner - Age old conflict

Age old conflict

Anne Gardner

Fiona Craig - Wattle and Lemons

Wattle and Lemons

Fiona Craig

John Cocoris - Down In The Valley

Down In The Valley

John Cocoris

Anne Gardner - Two

Two's company

Anne Gardner

Vipula Saxena - Breath


Vipula Saxena

Judi Goodwin - Nude


Judi Goodwin

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Poddy Calf

Poddy Calf

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Anne Gardner - Hello Cocky

Hello Cocky

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Rock my world

Rock my world

Anne Gardner

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Pelican

Pelican's Rest

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Anne Gardner - Rainbow explosion

Rainbow explosion

Anne Gardner

Christelle Grey - Almost There

Almost There

Christelle Grey

Margaret Stockdale - Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Margaret Stockdale

Anne Gardner - Old red truck

Old red truck

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Superb fairy wren 3

Superb fairy wren 3

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Magpie


Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - True blue

True blue

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Kookaburra 5

Kookaburra 5

Anne Gardner

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Spring Explosion

Spring Explosion

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Margaret Stockdale - Eye Of The Firestorm

Eye Of The Firestorm

Margaret Stockdale

Joseph Maul - Bushfire Survivors

Bushfire Survivors

Joseph Maul

Margaret Morgan - The Rock Woodend VIC

The Rock Woodend VIC

Margaret Morgan

Fiona Craig - Iris Garden 1

Iris Garden 1

Fiona Craig

Owen Jones - Afternoon Storm

Afternoon Storm

Owen Jones

Sandra Phryce-Jones - Blue


Sandra Phryce-Jones

Roberto Gagliardi - Silence


Roberto Gagliardi

Margaret Stockdale - Australian Koala

Australian Koala

Margaret Stockdale

Fiona Craig - Water Lilies 4

Water Lilies 4

Fiona Craig

Margaret Stockdale - Friendly Pig

Friendly Pig

Margaret Stockdale

Anne Gardner - Beyond words

Beyond words

Anne Gardner

Margaret Stockdale - Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Margaret Stockdale

Alex Mortensen - Threads


Alex Mortensen

Anne Gardner - Snowy

Snowy's in summer

Anne Gardner

Margaret Stockdale - Barnyard Buddies

Barnyard Buddies

Margaret Stockdale

Antoinette  Andersen - Gentle Lace

Gentle Lace

Antoinette Andersen

Christelle Grey - Guinea Fowls

Guinea Fowls

Christelle Grey

Anne Gardner - Even cows dream

Even cows dream

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Tawny frogmouth

Tawny frogmouth

Anne Gardner

Skye Wieland - Ready for Action

Ready for Action

Skye Wieland

Christelle Grey - Companion


Christelle Grey

Cheryl Miller - Australian Gumnuts

Australian Gumnuts

Cheryl Miller

Margaret Stockdale - Chilli Peppers And Pot

Chilli Peppers And Pot

Margaret Stockdale

Marie Green - Dance of the Iris

Dance of the Iris

Marie Green

Lynda Robinson - The Gentle Rain

The Gentle Rain

Lynda Robinson

Lynda Robinson - Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

Lynda Robinson

Jan Lawnikanis - Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching

Jan Lawnikanis

Lynda Robinson - Winter at Wickham

Winter at Wickham

Lynda Robinson

Paula Wiegmink - Breakaway Country

Breakaway Country

Paula Wiegmink

Paula Wiegmink - Kununurra Sunset

Kununurra Sunset

Paula Wiegmink

Marie Green - Windy Day

Windy Day

Marie Green

Marie Green - Spring Sunrise

Spring Sunrise

Marie Green

Marie Green - The Mermaid

The Mermaid

Marie Green

Marie Green - Lets Party

Lets Party

Marie Green

Marie Green - Touring Turtle

Touring Turtle

Marie Green

Kathy  Karas - Yellow Rock Road

Yellow Rock Road

Kathy Karas

Therese Alcorn - Women Trackside

Women Trackside

Therese Alcorn

Paul Miners - Bluebird


Paul Miners

Anne Gardner - The gum tree

The gum tree

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Bend in the river

Bend in the river

Anne Gardner

Glenda Bosanquet - Having a Chat

Having a Chat

Glenda Bosanquet

Glenda Bosanquet - Friends


Glenda Bosanquet

Glenda Bosanquet - Colorful Boy

Colorful Boy

Glenda Bosanquet

Paul Miners - Wave in Motion

Wave in Motion

Paul Miners

Anne Gardner - Superb fairy wren

Superb fairy wren

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - Baby Kookaburra

Baby Kookaburra

Anne Gardner

Pamela  Meredith - Flagstaff Point

Flagstaff Point

Pamela Meredith

Anne Gardner - A fine romance

A fine romance

Anne Gardner

Paul Miners - Modest Burgundy

Modest Burgundy

Paul Miners

Carol McLagan - Romany Girl

Romany Girl

Carol McLagan

Roberto Gagliardi - Australian beach downsouth

Australian beach downsouth

Roberto Gagliardi

Therese Alcorn - Fine Wine and Figs

Fine Wine and Figs

Therese Alcorn

Jan Lawnikanis - After the Show

After the Show

Jan Lawnikanis

Mary Ann Fox - Rosellas


Mary Ann Fox

Therese Alcorn - Poppies of Provence

Poppies of Provence

Therese Alcorn

Anne Gardner - A tear

A tear

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner - River stones

River stones

Anne Gardner

Paul Miners - Skyline


Paul Miners

Judith Chantler - Outback Australia Sunset

Outback Australia Sunset

Judith Chantler

Jan Lawnikanis - The Chorus

The Chorus

Jan Lawnikanis

Alex Mortensen - Desert Hills 2013

Desert Hills 2013

Alex Mortensen

Charmaine P Jackson - Sunshine Tea

Sunshine Tea

Charmaine P Jackson

Anne Gardner - Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls

Anne Gardner

Carol De Bruyn - Dancing Flames

Dancing Flames

Carol De Bruyn

Margaret Stockdale - Mini Mare Pastel

Mini Mare Pastel

Margaret Stockdale

Charmaine P Jackson - Silver Bowl and Fresh Produce

Silver Bowl and Fresh Produce

Charmaine P Jackson

Paul Miners - Morning Wave

Morning Wave

Paul Miners

Kate Farrant - Vertical Landscape

Vertical Landscape

Kate Farrant

Alex Mortensen - Marbled


Alex Mortensen

Selena Boron - Gold Coast 180810

Gold Coast 180810

Selena Boron

Lynda Robinson - Hot Day at Tarcombe

Hot Day at Tarcombe

Lynda Robinson

Charmaine P Jackson - Spring Flowers in Autumn Cup

Spring Flowers in Autumn Cup

Charmaine P Jackson

Anne Gardner - Gum trees

Gum trees

Anne Gardner

Judi Goodwin - Spirit Flower 2

Spirit Flower 2

Judi Goodwin

Judi Goodwin - Colour Blast 2

Colour Blast 2

Judi Goodwin

Judi Goodwin - Blue Haze

Blue Haze

Judi Goodwin

Rita Palm - Gulls


Rita Palm

Margaret Stockdale - Paint Foal

Paint Foal

Margaret Stockdale

Carol De Bruyn - Rose


Carol De Bruyn

Alex Mortensen - Her Body

Her Body

Alex Mortensen

Zofia  Kijak - Zinnias 3

Zinnias 3

Zofia Kijak

Pamela  Meredith - Waves Crashing

Waves Crashing

Pamela Meredith

Lynda Robinson - My Little Mozart

My Little Mozart

Lynda Robinson

Jean Marc Charles Van Cauwelaert - Uluru tjukurpa

Uluru tjukurpa

Jean Marc Charles Van Cauwelaert

Zofia  Kijak - Life


Zofia Kijak

Margaret Stockdale - Cow On The Lookout

Cow On The Lookout

Margaret Stockdale

Rita Palm - Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds

Rita Palm

Margaret Saheed - Bromeliad Pink

Bromeliad Pink

Margaret Saheed

Zofia  Kijak - Birds on the Bay

Birds on the Bay

Zofia Kijak

Therese Alcorn - Cafe Scene

Cafe Scene

Therese Alcorn

Margaret Saheed - Shell Ginger

Shell Ginger

Margaret Saheed

Marie Green - Advocate of Dreams

Advocate of Dreams

Marie Green

Pamela Pretty - Silver Lining

Silver Lining

Pamela Pretty

Therese Alcorn - The Paddy Field

The Paddy Field

Therese Alcorn

Margaret Stockdale - On The Moove

On The Moove

Margaret Stockdale

Alex Mortensen - The Breakaways 4  2012

The Breakaways 4 2012

Alex Mortensen

Scott Woyak - Kangaroo


Scott Woyak

Sandra Phryce-Jones - Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Sandra Phryce-Jones

Tony Northover - Dinghy at Low Tide

Dinghy at Low Tide

Tony Northover

Therese Alcorn - Scout - original sold

Scout - original sold

Therese Alcorn

Therese Alcorn - Kookaburra Dreaming

Kookaburra Dreaming

Therese Alcorn

Anne Gardner - Koori elder

Koori elder

Anne Gardner

Marie Green - Tide of Dreams

Tide of Dreams

Marie Green

Zofia  Kijak - Grotto


Zofia Kijak

Sandra Phryce-Jones - Ethereal Rose

Ethereal Rose

Sandra Phryce-Jones

Margaret Saheed - Pelican Pals

Pelican Pals

Margaret Saheed

Pamela Pretty - The Pool

The Pool

Pamela Pretty

Margaret Stockdale - Fancy Portrait

Fancy Portrait

Margaret Stockdale

Kathy  Karas - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Kathy Karas

Susan McLean Gray - Swimming with Jellyfish

Swimming with Jellyfish

Susan McLean Gray

Susan McLean Gray - Green Vase Red Poppies

Green Vase Red Poppies

Susan McLean Gray

Paul Miners - Beautiful Curves

Beautiful Curves

Paul Miners

Pamela  Meredith - Walomwolla Beach

Walomwolla Beach

Pamela Meredith

Kathy  Karas - Seagulls


Kathy Karas

Pamela Pretty - Storm Watchers

Storm Watchers

Pamela Pretty

Rita Palm - Dawn


Rita Palm

Rita Palm - Nullarbor


Rita Palm

Carol McLagan - Mighty Gum

Mighty Gum

Carol McLagan

Karlie Stewart - Different Scenes

Different Scenes

Karlie Stewart

Paul Miners - Koala


Paul Miners

Margaret Saheed - A Quiet Moment Together

A Quiet Moment Together

Margaret Saheed