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Artistic nudes



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Mats Eriksson

Stockholm, St


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This group was started on April 29th, 2008 and currently has:

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Artistic nudes

About This Group

For artists with a general interest to create beauty from the human body. Maximum 2 images per day

Featured Images

Anna Rose Bain - Zelda Seated

Zelda Seated

Anna Rose Bain

Sergey Sovkov - Morning dream

Morning dream

Sergey Sovkov

Douglas Simonson - Marcus on the Rocks

Marcus on the Rocks

Douglas Simonson

Eric Kent Wallis - Panties and Pillows

Panties and Pillows

Eric Kent Wallis

Helena Wierzbicki - Flame


Helena Wierzbicki

Sergey Sovkov - At the waterfall

At the waterfall

Sergey Sovkov

Richard Hemingway - Life on another planet

Life on another planet

Richard Hemingway

David Ralph - Freedom


David Ralph

Sergey Sovkov - Bathing Faune

Bathing Faune

Sergey Sovkov

Escha Van den bogerd - Splendente


Escha Van den bogerd

Douglas Simonson - Black White and Yellow

Black White and Yellow

Douglas Simonson

AnneKarin Glass - 01311 Red

01311 Red

AnneKarin Glass

Robert D McBain - Shadows


Robert D McBain

Sergey Sovkov - Summer


Sergey Sovkov

Sergey Sovkov - Exile


Sergey Sovkov

Helena Wierzbicki - Falling to dust

Falling to dust

Helena Wierzbicki

Sergey Sovkov - Friends


Sergey Sovkov

Greg Hester - Air Man

Air Man

Greg Hester

Anna Rose Bain - Seated Figure

Seated Figure

Anna Rose Bain

Sergey Sovkov - Orange


Sergey Sovkov

Gheorghe Iergucz - In the photo studio

In the photo studio

Gheorghe Iergucz

Sergey Sovkov - Torso


Sergey Sovkov

Helena Wierzbicki - Young and fair

Young and fair

Helena Wierzbicki

Alfons Niex - Nude With Bird

Nude With Bird

Alfons Niex

Yelena Tylkina - Pearl And Sea Dragon

Pearl And Sea Dragon

Yelena Tylkina

Sergey Sovkov - Bowed his head

Bowed his head

Sergey Sovkov

Escha Van den bogerd - Trasformazione


Escha Van den bogerd

Greg Hester - Fire Man

Fire Man

Greg Hester

 Fli Art - Integra


Fli Art

Jan Camerone - Daydreaming


Jan Camerone

Robbert Struwer - Tears


Robbert Struwer

Sergey Sovkov - Splatter


Sergey Sovkov

AnneKarin Glass - 01303 The News

01303 The News

AnneKarin Glass

Troy Caperton - Man and Bath

Man and Bath

Troy Caperton

Douglas Simonson - Victor at Rocky Beach

Victor at Rocky Beach

Douglas Simonson

Sergey Sovkov - Ball game

Ball game

Sergey Sovkov

Asha Carolyn Young - Nude in Pink and Charcoal

Nude in Pink and Charcoal

Asha Carolyn Young

Tom  Acevedo - The Visitor

The Visitor

Tom Acevedo

Vidya Vivek - Soul


Vidya Vivek

 Henry Scott Tuke - Boys Bathing

Boys Bathing

Henry Scott Tuke

Sousa Rodrigues -  Modelo


Sousa Rodrigues

Paul Davenport - Bradley


Paul Davenport

Greg Hester - Water Rising

Water Rising

Greg Hester

Sergey Sovkov - Moonlight


Sergey Sovkov

Sergey Sovkov - Hot day

Hot day

Sergey Sovkov

Kimmo Matias - By The Lake

By The Lake

Kimmo Matias

Diego Velazquez - Mars


Diego Velazquez

Greg Hester - Silent Power

Silent Power

Greg Hester

Douglas Simonson - Tiririca


Douglas Simonson

Sergey Sovkov - Shap


Sergey Sovkov

Chris  Lopez - Sunny Day 2

Sunny Day 2

Chris Lopez

Bob Bienpensant - Wellness


Bob Bienpensant

Evelyn De Morgan - Boreas and Oreithyia

Boreas and Oreithyia

Evelyn De Morgan

Sheridan Furrer - Butterfly Caught II

Butterfly Caught II

Sheridan Furrer

GPaul Lucas - Pink and Blonde

Pink and Blonde

GPaul Lucas

Becky Kim - Nude Study

Nude Study

Becky Kim

Joan  Jones - Pink Chenille

Pink Chenille

Joan Jones

Chris  Lopez - In the Darkness 5

In the Darkness 5

Chris Lopez

Robert D McBain - Sunspots


Robert D McBain

John Worthington  - Drifting


John Worthington

Ion vincent DAnu - Male Nude

Male Nude

Ion vincent DAnu

Liz Viztes - Contemplation


Liz Viztes

Edgar Degas - After the Bath

After the Bath

Edgar Degas

Chris  Lopez - Posing


Chris Lopez

Pauline Adair - Secret Life

Secret Life

Pauline Adair

Herbert James Draper - The Mountain Mists

The Mountain Mists

Herbert James Draper

Henry Scott Tuke - Morning Splendour

Morning Splendour

Henry Scott Tuke

John Silver - Meditation


John Silver

Guillaume Seignac - The Jewel Case

The Jewel Case

Guillaume Seignac

Paul Albert Laurens - Catching waves

Catching waves

Paul Albert Laurens

Renate Dartois - Girlfriends.


Renate Dartois

Quim Abella - Fairy Virgin

Fairy Virgin

Quim Abella

Mak Art - Travail


Mak Art

Paul Fischer - Summer on the Beach

Summer on the Beach

Paul Fischer

Catherine Abel - Agnes


Catherine Abel

Catherine Abel - Opium Dreamer

Opium Dreamer

Catherine Abel

Chris  Lopez - Tom 2011

Tom 2011

Chris Lopez

Pierre Auguste Renoir - Seated Bather

Seated Bather

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Kurt Van Wagner - I Love You

I Love You

Kurt Van Wagner

Larry Richardson - Survivors


Larry Richardson