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Nekoda Singer



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This group was started on March 29th, 2013 and currently has:

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Art Inspired By Art

About This Group

Artworks of all possible mediums inspired by famous and less known classical and modern masterpieces of art. It may include direct quotations from the greatest pictures and sculptures or be reaction to or an interpretation of them. It may refer to another artist's style or subject or some inspiration gained from an architecture, music or performing art. But please don't submit plain or slightly processed photos of famous cathedrals and palaces!
Please, mention your sources. Still better - provide us with the images.
Comments are very welcome.
Nudity is allowed, stupidity is strictly forbidden!

Featured Images

Don McCunn - The Entertainers

The Entertainers

Don McCunn

Lianne Schneider - We Are Glass

We Are Glass

Lianne Schneider

Jukka Nopsanen - Three Icons

Three Icons

Jukka Nopsanen

James Barnes - One


James Barnes

Phyllis Beiser - Bay St. Louis Pelican

Bay St. Louis Pelican

Phyllis Beiser

Thomas Woolworth - Mickey Mouse Photo Art

Mickey Mouse Photo Art

Thomas Woolworth

Rumyana Whitcher - The Floral Door

The Floral Door

Rumyana Whitcher

Jukka Nopsanen - Through the Ashes

Through the Ashes

Jukka Nopsanen

Charlie Spear - Restless Wednesday

Restless Wednesday

Charlie Spear

Jerome Stumphauzer - Starry Night Revisited

Starry Night Revisited

Jerome Stumphauzer

Phyllis Beiser - White Tiger Sleeping

White Tiger Sleeping

Phyllis Beiser

Jolante Hesse - The Painting

The Painting

Jolante Hesse

Levin Rodriguez - The Geographer

The Geographer

Levin Rodriguez

Mike McGlothlen - Crutches


Mike McGlothlen

Ramona Matei - Blue Night

Blue Night

Ramona Matei

Michael Rucker - Guardian of the Gate

Guardian of the Gate

Michael Rucker

Nekoda  Singer - Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

Nekoda Singer

Mike McGlothlen - Time In Your Eyes - SQ

Time In Your Eyes - SQ

Mike McGlothlen

Nekoda  Singer - Mashbir Flowers

Mashbir Flowers

Nekoda Singer

Jukka Nopsanen - An Option

An Option

Jukka Nopsanen

Nekoda  Singer - lost in Time GD

lost in Time GD

Nekoda Singer

Phyllis Beiser - Fervent Egret

Fervent Egret

Phyllis Beiser

Esther Newman-Cohen - Fields of Grain

Fields of Grain

Esther Newman-Cohen

Nekoda  Singer - Aviv Flowers

Aviv Flowers

Nekoda Singer

Victor Arriaga - Maze


Victor Arriaga

Charlie Spear - Wildfire


Charlie Spear

Levin Rodriguez - The Scribe

The Scribe

Levin Rodriguez

Sasha Keen - Stripes


Sasha Keen

Douglas MooreZart - Cosmos A La Warhol

Cosmos A La Warhol

Douglas MooreZart

Jouko Lehto - Agatha


Jouko Lehto

Lianne Schneider - Braving the Storm

Braving the Storm

Lianne Schneider

Douglas MooreZart - Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest

Douglas MooreZart

Douglas MooreZart - Desert Ness

Desert Ness

Douglas MooreZart

Nekoda  Singer - Childrens

Childrens' New Year

Nekoda Singer

Michael Rucker - The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

Michael Rucker

Jukka Nopsanen - Apocalypse


Jukka Nopsanen

Douglas MooreZart - Haiku


Douglas MooreZart

Charlie Spear - The Other Big Splash

The Other Big Splash

Charlie Spear

Charlie Spear - Up Black Hill

Up Black Hill

Charlie Spear

Nekoda  Singer - Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Nekoda Singer

Maureen Tillman - Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine

Maureen Tillman

Jukka Nopsanen - Metamorphosis


Jukka Nopsanen

Carolyn LeGrand - Lack Of Communication

Lack Of Communication

Carolyn LeGrand

Nekoda  Singer - Sparkles and Spangles

Sparkles and Spangles

Nekoda Singer

Douglas MooreZart - Caffe Retro No. 1

Caffe Retro No. 1

Douglas MooreZart

Lianne Schneider - Oglala Homeland

Oglala Homeland

Lianne Schneider

Darlene Graeser - Just Scream

Just Scream

Darlene Graeser

Levin Rodriguez - Johannes Vermeer left

Johannes Vermeer left

Levin Rodriguez

Maureen Tillman - The Welcomer

The Welcomer

Maureen Tillman

Don McCunn - Dance All Night

Dance All Night

Don McCunn

Sasha Keen - Elephantiatis


Sasha Keen

Sasha Keen - Pov


Sasha Keen

Charlie Spear - Woods On Fire

Woods On Fire

Charlie Spear

Jouko Lehto - Up and Under

Up and Under

Jouko Lehto

Zoia  Luecht - Traeume


Zoia Luecht

Douglas MooreZart - Poppy Collage a la Warhol

Poppy Collage a la Warhol

Douglas MooreZart

Michael Rucker - Big Ben

Big Ben

Michael Rucker

Zoia  Luecht - Alchemist


Zoia Luecht

Jouko Lehto - Spinning wheel

Spinning wheel

Jouko Lehto

Charlie Spear - Renoirs Canoe

Renoirs Canoe

Charlie Spear

Amber Stanford - The Scream

The Scream

Amber Stanford

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman - The Cool Girls

The Cool Girls

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman

Zoia  Luecht - Alegria V

Alegria V

Zoia Luecht

Mike Nahorniak - Masks 2

Masks 2

Mike Nahorniak

Michael Rucker - River Walk

River Walk

Michael Rucker

Nekoda  Singer - Elephant music

Elephant music

Nekoda Singer

Mike Nahorniak - Time


Mike Nahorniak

Carolyn LeGrand - Nature In Chaos

Nature In Chaos

Carolyn LeGrand

Michael Rucker - Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Michael Rucker

Charlie Spear - Half Past Seven

Half Past Seven

Charlie Spear

Jukka Nopsanen - Mozart


Jukka Nopsanen

Craig Pearson - Picasso


Craig Pearson

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman - Mary Astor and I

Mary Astor and I

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman

Mike McGlothlen - Electrical Meltdown II

Electrical Meltdown II

Mike McGlothlen

Brian Tran - Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess

Brian Tran

Michael Rucker - Ackley Covered Bridge

Ackley Covered Bridge

Michael Rucker

Darlene Graeser - Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

Darlene Graeser

Jukka Nopsanen - History


Jukka Nopsanen

Craig Pearson - Buy Art

Buy Art

Craig Pearson

Amber Stanford - Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Amber Stanford

Nekoda  Singer - Music and war

Music and war

Nekoda Singer

Carolyn LeGrand - Pisces In Love

Pisces In Love

Carolyn LeGrand

Nekoda  Singer - The Dead Sea Bathing

The Dead Sea Bathing

Nekoda Singer

Jukka Nopsanen - A Whisper

A Whisper

Jukka Nopsanen

Karon Melillo DeVega - Oleanders


Karon Melillo DeVega

Nekoda  Singer - Long live Beethoven

Long live Beethoven

Nekoda Singer

Helen Tatulyan - In Olive Tones

In Olive Tones

Helen Tatulyan

Larry Lamb - Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Larry Lamb

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Primary Study III Into The Light

Primary Study III Into The Light

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Nekoda  Singer - Gaudi

Gaudi's legasy

Nekoda Singer

Felix Freudzon - Bathsheba dona Mariana

Bathsheba dona Mariana

Felix Freudzon

Delphimages Photo Creations - Pop Liberty

Pop Liberty

Delphimages Photo Creations

Phyllis Beiser - Bayou Blues

Bayou Blues

Phyllis Beiser

Don McCunn - Sirens

Sirens' Cave

Don McCunn

Nekoda  Singer - Ben-Maimon flowers

Ben-Maimon flowers

Nekoda Singer

Craig Pearson - Monallelogram


Craig Pearson

John Silver - Mona Lisa II

Mona Lisa II

John Silver

Craig Pearson - AvantGuard


Craig Pearson

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman - The Last Last Supper

The Last Last Supper

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman

Loriental Photography - Passed in Glory

Passed in Glory

Loriental Photography

Sydne Archambault - Moi


Sydne Archambault

Nekoda  Singer - Keren Kayemet Flowers

Keren Kayemet Flowers

Nekoda Singer

Jerome Stumphauzer - Cosmic Van Gogh Portrait

Cosmic Van Gogh Portrait

Jerome Stumphauzer

Maria Jesus Hernandez - Ancient History

Ancient History

Maria Jesus Hernandez

Nekoda  Singer - German Colony flowers

German Colony flowers

Nekoda Singer

Alexandra Jordankova - Bird On A Tree After Picasso

Bird On A Tree After Picasso

Alexandra Jordankova

Nekoda  Singer - Lachish flowers

Lachish flowers

Nekoda Singer

Mike McGlothlen - Soft Guitar II

Soft Guitar II

Mike McGlothlen

Michael Rucker - General Custer

General Custer

Michael Rucker

Loriental Photography - Why is she looking at me

Why is she looking at me

Loriental Photography

Nekoda  Singer - Cafe Salome

Cafe Salome

Nekoda Singer

Nekoda  Singer - Metudela Flowers

Metudela Flowers

Nekoda Singer

Mike McGlothlen - Soft Grand Piano SE 2

Soft Grand Piano SE 2

Mike McGlothlen

Alessandro Della Pietra - Magritte


Alessandro Della Pietra

Nekoda  Singer - Ettis flowers

Ettis flowers

Nekoda Singer

Elisheva Nesis - Trip For The Justice

Trip For The Justice

Elisheva Nesis