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ART BY GOD 1 per day



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Karen Wiles

Hampstead, NC

United States

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This group was started on August 17th, 2013 and currently has:

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ART BY GOD 1 per day

About This Group

A fantastic collection of photography artworks found in nature that will represent our world Art that was created by God...
There will be a limit of 1 upload per day.
I hope this group will represent the very best creations of world beauty found on FAA.
Please upload only the very best of what you have to offer...
Please keep your uploads to a maximum of 25 TOTAL images of color photography and only 1 upload per day so that we can create one of the most beautiful, positive, and successful groups offered on Fine Art America.

Featured Images

Paulette Thomas - Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill

Paulette Thomas

Bill Wakeley - On the Rocks 2015

On the Rocks 2015

Bill Wakeley

Kim and Joe Brownfield - Dawning of a Beautiful Day

Dawning of a Beautiful Day

Kim and Joe Brownfield

Radek Hofman - Monumental


Radek Hofman

Chad Dutson - Grand Arizona

Grand Arizona

Chad Dutson

Jordan Blackstone - Begin Doing - Eagle Art

Begin Doing - Eagle Art

Jordan Blackstone

Frank J Casella - Wintery Forest Pine

Wintery Forest Pine

Frank J Casella

Dustin  LeFevre - Swiss Cheese Falls

Swiss Cheese Falls

Dustin LeFevre

Caitlyn  Grasso - Subdued Anemone

Subdued Anemone

Caitlyn Grasso

Valia Bradshaw - Butterfly Beauty

Butterfly Beauty

Valia Bradshaw

Debbie Oppermann - The Shallows

The Shallows

Debbie Oppermann

David T Wilkinson - Morning Dew at the Marina

Morning Dew at the Marina

David T Wilkinson

Lynn Bauer - Bluebonnet Glory

Bluebonnet Glory

Lynn Bauer

Donna Kennedy - Stone Path

Stone Path

Donna Kennedy

Rona Black - Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Rona Black

Mitch Shindelbower - Frostbite


Mitch Shindelbower

Dustin  LeFevre - Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar

Dustin LeFevre

Rick Furmanek - Reflections of Fall

Reflections of Fall

Rick Furmanek

Bill Wakeley - In the Fog

In the Fog

Bill Wakeley

Paulette Thomas - What A Catch

What A Catch

Paulette Thomas

Don Schwartz - Dreamy Autumn

Dreamy Autumn

Don Schwartz

Sharon Johnston - Fall Trees

Fall Trees

Sharon Johnston

Sue Melvin - Tropical Bliss

Tropical Bliss

Sue Melvin

Jim Garrison - Poor Man

Poor Man's Gold

Jim Garrison