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ART - It Is Good For You



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Nina Prommer

Beverly Hills, CA

United States

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This group was started on October 29th, 2012 and currently has:


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ART - It Is Good For You

About This Group

Welcome to this dynamic group. All mediums are accepted.

The primary requirement to be accepted in this gallery is that it must be good quality work (and keep it family friendly please).

Please submit your finest most beautiful images and limit your submissions to no more than 2 (TWO) images per day to ensure a good distribution of artists on each page.

This group will help its members to get more exposure and ultimately get more sales.

Have fun being here and check out our contests. Right now we have one going on for sunsets.

We just finished our contest - Last Days Of Summer

Please check out our winners:

First place: Triple Cheers

Sell Art Online

Second place: Double Cheers

Sell Art Online

Third place: Cheers

Art Prints

Featured Images

Karol  Livote - Taking It

Taking It

Karol Livote

Sherri  Of Palm Springs - Baby Jesus Is Born

Baby Jesus Is Born

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Patti Deters - Glacier National Park...
Caitlyn  Grasso - Street Musicians

Street Musicians

Caitlyn Grasso

Anthony Fishburne - Tropical Toucan

Tropical Toucan

Anthony Fishburne

Suzanne Stout - Horse Drawn Carriage

Horse Drawn Carriage

Suzanne Stout

John Haldane - Mockingbird


John Haldane

Lance Vaughn - NOLA - French Quarter...
Bruce Bley - Perfect in Pink

Perfect in Pink

Bruce Bley

Lindley Johnson - Chicago Sunrise from...

Chicago Sunrise from...

Lindley Johnson

Claire McCall - Playing In The Shallows
Robert Loe - Santa


Robert Loe

Teresa Wegrzyn - Evening


Teresa Wegrzyn

Thomas R Fletcher - Sunrise Grazing

Sunrise Grazing

Thomas R Fletcher

Geraldine Scull ART - Christmas kitty pillow

Christmas kitty pillow

Geraldine Scull ART

James Shepherd - Icu


James Shepherd

Hartmut Jager - Quo Vadis Earth ?

Quo Vadis Earth ?

Hartmut Jager

Carla Parris - Cozy Hearth

Cozy Hearth

Carla Parris

Aimee L Maher - Relaxing at Fort Myers...
Raymel Garcia - Charoum


Raymel Garcia

Don Johnson - Artistic Flamingo Pose
Michael Dillon - Texas Wildflowers Tp B

Texas Wildflowers Tp B

Michael Dillon

Barbara D Richards - Did You Say Photo

Did You Say Photo

Barbara D Richards

Alicia Hollinger - Holiday Dreams

Holiday Dreams

Alicia Hollinger

Joseph Mosley - Piezoelectric...


Joseph Mosley

Roselynne Broussard - Tropical Seascape

Tropical Seascape

Roselynne Broussard

Anne Barberi - Taking A Rest

Taking A Rest

Anne Barberi

Sandy  Haight - Angel

Angel's Pirouette

Sandy Haight

Norman Johnson - Blue Koi

Blue Koi

Norman Johnson

Leslie Crotty - Midnight Near The Sea In...
Katerina Kovatcheva - Good morning

Good morning

Katerina Kovatcheva

TeshiaArt - Bear Daze

Bear Daze


Melissa Bittinger - Carousel Horse Bokeh

Carousel Horse Bokeh

Melissa Bittinger

Tolga Meric - 444


Tolga Meric

Linda Lin - Beautiful Lady

Beautiful Lady

Linda Lin

George Katechis  - Close to Shore

Close to Shore

George Katechis

Melissa Vijay Bharwani - Van Gogh

Van Gogh's Starry Night...

Melissa Vijay Bharwani

Thomas Woolworth - Mickey Mouse Photo Art

Mickey Mouse Photo Art

Thomas Woolworth

Laura Barbosa - The Chicken Farmer

The Chicken Farmer

Laura Barbosa

Pics by Jody Adams - Good Morning

Good Morning

Pics by Jody Adams

Inge Johnsson - Reynolds Mountain...

Reynolds Mountain...

Inge Johnsson

Joseph Coulombe - A Fun Day For A Biker

A Fun Day For A Biker

Joseph Coulombe

John Straton - Great horned owl v4

Great horned owl v4

John Straton

Scott Phillips - One Last Trip

One Last Trip

Scott Phillips

Janet Pancho Gupta - Misty Watercolor Painting

Misty Watercolor Painting

Janet Pancho Gupta

Lori Deiter - Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf

Lori Deiter

Laurie Search - Gradually


Laurie Search

Jennifer White - Stroll Along St. Pete...
Lucia Stewart - Upside down

Upside down

Lucia Stewart

Joe Jake Pratt - Seven Come Eleven

Seven Come Eleven

Joe Jake Pratt

Ken Morris - Old Town Christmas Eve
Alexander Alexandrovsky - Red hotel in Konevets

Red hotel in Konevets

Alexander Alexandrovsky

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset Arches National...

Sunset Arches National...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Nan Wright - Love Zentangled Design
Diane Schuster - Riding Into The Night

Riding Into The Night

Diane Schuster

Randall Branham - 1800

1800's General...

Randall Branham

Phyllis Beiser - Diamondhead Pond Great...
Christina Rollo - Pine Chickadee

Pine Chickadee

Christina Rollo

Cynthia Guinn - Four Boats

Four Boats

Cynthia Guinn

Megan Walsh - A path unknown

A path unknown

Megan Walsh

Stwayne Keubrick - Long wait in the shade

Long wait in the shade

Stwayne Keubrick

Jerry Cowart - Inspirational Sun Rays...
John Straton - Great horned owl v3

Great horned owl v3

John Straton

Nick Difi - Happy Holidays from...
Jennifer Marie Napolitano - Passage


Jennifer Marie Napolitano

John Straton - Hawk v2c

Hawk v2c

John Straton

Kathy Barney -  Lilly of Hope

Lilly of Hope

Kathy Barney

Robert Loe - Hickory Regional Airport...
David Broome - Summer Bloom

Summer Bloom

David Broome

Janette Boyd - One Cardinal and Two...
Jim Garrison - Whisper


Jim Garrison

Katerina Kovatcheva - Sleepy white fox

Sleepy white fox

Katerina Kovatcheva

Becky Kim - Freedom


Becky Kim

Brian Stevens - Somewhere Stream

Somewhere Stream

Brian Stevens

Edward Paul - In Memory Of Lou Reed
Oliver Thom - Window Sky

Window Sky

Oliver Thom

Raymel Garcia - Rachiel


Raymel Garcia

Andy Za - The iris.

The iris.

Andy Za

Sarah McDowall -


Sarah McDowall

Lisa  Telquist - Amongst The Stars

Amongst The Stars

Lisa Telquist

Karen Cook - Oh What A Beautiful...
Leanne Seymour - Birth of Soul

Birth of Soul

Leanne Seymour

Vineet Pal - Portraits Of A Tribe
Shelley Neff - Let it Snow - No Text
Dave Byrne - Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Dave Byrne

Laur Iduc - Remember the Time ll
Michael Ver Sprill - Maine

Maine's Golden Sky LE...

Michael Ver Sprill

Karen Butscha - The Fine Line Between...
James Shepherd - Attitude


James Shepherd

Ed Weidman - Woman Of Peace

Woman Of Peace

Ed Weidman

Kay Novy - Beautiful Grounds At...
Maria June - Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

Maria June

Geraldine Scull ART - Christmas Pillow

Christmas Pillow

Geraldine Scull ART

Allen Beatty - Prometheus Under the Tree
Laura Duhaime - Boston Harbor Sunset

Boston Harbor Sunset

Laura Duhaime

Ken Smith - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Ken Smith

Barbara D Richards - Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Barbara D Richards

Toni Abdnour - Michigan Magic

Michigan Magic

Toni Abdnour

Roselynne Broussard - Parrot Flair

Parrot Flair

Roselynne Broussard

Kathleen Bishop - Grand Tetons in Autumn

Grand Tetons in Autumn

Kathleen Bishop

Choco Friedrich - Fried Film

Fried Film

Choco Friedrich

Darren Wilkes - Face Of Thought

Face Of Thought

Darren Wilkes

Susan Savad - Old Fashioned Fire Truck
Lena Wilhite - Arkansas River Crossing
Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Mist

Blue Ridge Mist

Kendall Kessler

Tomasz Dziubinski - Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine

Tomasz Dziubinski

Cathie Richardson - Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

Cathie Richardson

Diane Schuster - French Lavender

French Lavender

Diane Schuster

Diannah Lynch - Glory Train In The Sky
Julian Darcy - Malltastic


Julian Darcy

Lucia Stewart - Feeding the crows

Feeding the crows

Lucia Stewart

Michael Hodgson - Alone With An Ocean of...
Nigel Jones - Marshall Stack

Marshall Stack

Nigel Jones

Matthew Miller - Western-Aggie Barn-Color
Gary Whitton - Stairway to Heaven -...
Ian Mitchell - Magical Snowy Garden
Lucia Stewart - The dog and the crow

The dog and the crow

Lucia Stewart

Ashraf Ghori - Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Ashraf Ghori

Karolena Cabral - Circles


Karolena Cabral

Bradley R Youngberg - Red Tail Hawk On Loop...

Red Tail Hawk On Loop...

Bradley R Youngberg

Jerry Cowart - Calm Clouds With...

Calm Clouds With...

Jerry Cowart

Michele  Avanti - Bees In Lavender

Bees In Lavender

Michele Avanti

Joaquin Abella Ojeda - Discus Thrower Archangel

Discus Thrower Archangel

Joaquin Abella Ojeda

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

John Straton - civil war confederate...
Alias Alma - Forgiveness Is ...
Karolena Cabral - Line Art

Line Art

Karolena Cabral

Melissa Herrin - Gone for the Weekend

Gone for the Weekend

Melissa Herrin

Alison Caltrider - Espiritu del cielo

Espiritu del cielo

Alison Caltrider

Roselynne Broussard - Up Up And Away

Up Up And Away

Roselynne Broussard

Raymel Garcia - Vohamanah


Raymel Garcia

Del Gaizo - La Vie en Fumier
Diane Schuster - Pretty In Pink Gerbera...
Diannah Lynch - Rocky Road On Ice

Rocky Road On Ice

Diannah Lynch

Diannah Lynch - The Light Leading Home
Janice Rae Pariza - Canal Along The Animas...

Canal Along The Animas...

Janice Rae Pariza

Mariola Bitner - Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Mariola Bitner

Laurie Search - I
Melissa Herrin - Lovers Sunset

Lovers Sunset

Melissa Herrin

Eric Tressler - Nine Oranges

Nine Oranges

Eric Tressler

Bradley R Youngberg - Avengers Foursome

Avengers Foursome

Bradley R Youngberg

Linda Brody - Bee on New Zealand Tea...
Janette Boyd - Old Weathered Blue Chair
Habib Ayat - Nature In Red

Nature In Red

Habib Ayat

Michele  Avanti - Gated Heart

Gated Heart

Michele Avanti

Trudi Doyle - My Summer Garden with...
Bill  Wakeley - Fritillary Butterfly
Randall Branham - Star Of Bethlehem

Star Of Bethlehem

Randall Branham

Michael Ver Sprill - Dawn of A New Day

Dawn of A New Day

Michael Ver Sprill

K Hines - Love On The Rocks
Eunice Miller - Holiday Card 3

Holiday Card 3

Eunice Miller

Edward Paul - Seeds Of Truth

Seeds Of Truth

Edward Paul

Melissa Peterson - Daybreak at Artist

Daybreak at Artist's...

Melissa Peterson

Alison Caltrider - The Path to Forever

The Path to Forever

Alison Caltrider

Allan Van Gasbeck - Stanley Plays

Stanley Plays

Allan Van Gasbeck

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bridge 9896

Bridge 9896

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Richard Andrews - White Crocus - f2g

White Crocus - f2g

Richard Andrews

Lance Vaughn - Memphis - Stax Records...
Pixel Chimp - Abraham Lincoln Abstract
Pedro L Gili - Clotheslines


Pedro L Gili

Zeana Romanovna - Poppy Flowers At Dusk

Poppy Flowers At Dusk

Zeana Romanovna

Chad Dutson - Deep in Antelope

Deep in Antelope

Chad Dutson

Del Gaizo - Ninja Making Toast
Steve Dininno - Travelers 2

Travelers 2

Steve Dininno

Carol Wisniewski - Dog and Cat Merry...

Dog and Cat Merry...

Carol Wisniewski

Ivete Basso Photography - Scenic View

Scenic View

Ivete Basso Photography

David Millenheft - Above The Surf

Above The Surf

David Millenheft

Maria June - Quartet


Maria June

Sue Jacobi - Shopping Colorful...
Bruce Bley - Sneak a Peek

Sneak a Peek

Bruce Bley

Stefania Vignotto - A study of flowers

A study of flowers

Stefania Vignotto

Lori Pittenger - Lamplight in Snow

Lamplight in Snow

Lori Pittenger

Lance Vaughn - Arizona - Antelope...
Marion Johnson - Nature Freedom

Nature Freedom

Marion Johnson

Anna Elia - Roses In Red Background
Gun Legler - Little lake

Little lake

Gun Legler

Brian Harig - Sandy Beach Sunrise 2 -...
Bob Christopher -  Earth Third Planet From...
Gareth Lewis - 5120.2.32


Gareth Lewis

Maria June - Circle Of Life

Circle Of Life

Maria June

Pedro L Gili - Cyborgian Synthesis

Cyborgian Synthesis

Pedro L Gili

Nigel Jones - Daylight Moon

Daylight Moon

Nigel Jones

Sumit Jain - Thinking


Sumit Jain

Linda Apple - Old and Rusty Vintage...
Mike Savad - Machine Shop - An old...
Randall Branham - Boots And Saddles

Boots And Saddles

Randall Branham

Karunita Kapoor - Christmas Rush

Christmas Rush

Karunita Kapoor

Wendy J St Christopher - Austin Speaks In The...

Austin Speaks In The...

Wendy J St Christopher

Christina Rollo - Just Looking

Just Looking

Christina Rollo

Linda Lin - Beautiful Blue Kimono
Hilde Widerberg - Dont Dream Of The Old...

Dont Dream Of The Old...

Hilde Widerberg

Jean Macaluso - Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Jean Macaluso

Juergen Roth - Spiral Rose

Spiral Rose

Juergen Roth

Tim Richards - The Crossing

The Crossing

Tim Richards

Robert Loe - Blue Porsche 911 Emblem
Stanza Widen - Delphinium and Doris...
Miss Dawn - At The Edge Of A Shore
Kathy Barney - Artistic Junk

Artistic Junk

Kathy Barney

Isabel Poulin - Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach

Isabel Poulin

Mariola Bitner - Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Mariola Bitner

Photos By Jeff - The Lone Hut

The Lone Hut

Photos By Jeff

David Broome - Autumn Glacier

Autumn Glacier

David Broome

Claire McCall - Child

Child's Play

Claire McCall

Arnie Goldstein - Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck

Arnie Goldstein

Ian Mitchell - Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

Ian Mitchell

Kay Novy - The Last Snow Storm
Neal  Eslinger - Melting Point

Melting Point

Neal Eslinger

Chrystyne Novack - Autumn Rustle

Autumn Rustle

Chrystyne Novack

Joann Vitali - Holidays on Beacon Hill...
Karen Wiles - FLORAL and ICE


Karen Wiles

Katherine Williams - Snoopy and Cookies

Snoopy and Cookies

Katherine Williams

James Welch - Drama


James Welch

Doug Norkum - Uplifting


Doug Norkum

Daniel Thompson - 2014 Butterfly 1

2014 Butterfly 1

Daniel Thompson

Heidi Sieber - Golden flow of abundance
Darren Wilkes - Tewkesbury At Christmas
Ken Figurski - Holiday sleigh ride

Holiday sleigh ride

Ken Figurski

Dc Dorey - Three Sisters

Three Sisters

Dc Dorey

Lori Deiter - Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah's Falls

Lori Deiter

Laur Iduc - The Soul of God

The Soul of God

Laur Iduc

Carolina Matthes - Swirly Portrait

Swirly Portrait

Carolina Matthes

Pixel Chimp - Che Guevara Abstract
Ken Figurski - Sailboat sunset

Sailboat sunset

Ken Figurski

Thomas Carroll - Deconstructed Friends...
Joseph Levine - Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Joseph Levine

Nancy Merkle - Whirl


Nancy Merkle

Robert McCubbin - NET Worth

NET Worth

Robert McCubbin

Lilia D - Crazy Red Hair Morning
Heidi Sieber - Love around the world
Barbara Manis - The Hunter

The Hunter

Barbara Manis

Shelley Neff - Awakening Your Senses
Alexander Shandor - Old beech

Old beech

Alexander Shandor

Sara Wormell - Wild Delight

Wild Delight

Sara Wormell

Gregory Ballos - Reflective Morning

Reflective Morning

Gregory Ballos

David Broome - North Atlantic Fjordland...
Pete Edmunds - HP Sauce Abstract

HP Sauce Abstract

Pete Edmunds

Bruce Bley - Sunset on New York
Gavin Kutil - Wildgoose Island Photo...
Barbara Walsh - Walking Inch beach

Walking Inch beach

Barbara Walsh

Linda Apple - Only Carrots

Only Carrots

Linda Apple

Jeffrey Koss - 10 Christmas Snowmen
Sergio B - Gota Ride

Gota Ride

Sergio B

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Jingle Jangle Morning...

Jingle Jangle Morning...

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Nick Difi -  Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Nick Difi

John Straton - Pirates of the Caribbean...
Paul Meijering - Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Paul Meijering

L Wright - 1937 Chrysler
Terazaki - Young Girls Making Paper...
Kawanabe Kyosai - White Eagle Eyeing a...

White Eagle Eyeing a...

Kawanabe Kyosai

Habib Ayat - City With Green

City With Green

Habib Ayat

Tina Wentworth - cascade Lock Trail 2

cascade Lock Trail 2

Tina Wentworth

Glenn McCarthy - Rustic Country Home

Rustic Country Home

Glenn McCarthy

Maria Bobrova - Two Wine Glasses 3

Two Wine Glasses 3

Maria Bobrova

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Autumn impression with...

Autumn impression with...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Jennie Breeze - Egrets Flamingoed

Egrets Flamingoed

Jennie Breeze

Thomas Woolworth - Busch Stadium BW A View...
James Welch - Corn Crib

Corn Crib

James Welch

Nick McCamy - 1959 Cadillac

1959 Cadillac

Nick McCamy

Carla Parris - Fairy Tale Pond with...
Meijering Manupix - David Bowie Aladdin Sane

David Bowie Aladdin Sane

Meijering Manupix

Thanh Tuan Anh Nguyen -

Thanh Tuan Anh Nguyen

Laurie Perry - Ford Flyer

Ford Flyer

Laurie Perry

Barbara D Richards - Salmon Shark

Salmon Shark

Barbara D Richards

Claire Decker - Find the Puppy face

Find the Puppy face

Claire Decker

Theo Danella - MM 126 d 4

MM 126 d 4

Theo Danella

PainterArtist FIN - On The Way To Heaven

On The Way To Heaven

PainterArtist FIN

Theresa Tahara - Cold Nights On The...

Cold Nights On The...

Theresa Tahara

Charles McNeal - Island Dream

Island Dream

Charles McNeal

Jeff Mize - Stand Out

Stand Out

Jeff Mize

Stanza Widen - A Tethered Butterfly
Julie Ketchman - Point Betsie Lighthouse...
Sandra Foster - Rose With Vintage Feel
Del Gaizo - Dance of the Ectoplasmic...
Lori Pittenger - Ranch Bench in Winter

Ranch Bench in Winter

Lori Pittenger

Maria June - Wonder Tree

Wonder Tree

Maria June

Archibald Thorburn - Blackcocks at the Lek

Blackcocks at the Lek

Archibald Thorburn

KarishmaticArt -  Karishma Desai - Lovely Poppies

Lovely Poppies

KarishmaticArt - Karishma Desai

Alexander Del Rey - Fantasy


Alexander Del Rey

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - An old windmill

An old windmill

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Loredana Messina - Speranza di pace

Speranza di pace

Loredana Messina

Jeff Breiman - A Walk To The Beach On...
Zulfiya Stromberg - Peacock at sunrise

Peacock at sunrise

Zulfiya Stromberg

Daniel Butler - Florida Oranges- Days of...
Giada Rossi - Love goddess - fantasy...
Chad Dutson - Saturated Forest

Saturated Forest

Chad Dutson

Gary Whitton - Sneffels Range Fall...
Toni Abdnour - The Wheel of Brisbane
Gun Legler - Entering a new dimension
Linda Brody - Near the Front Gate...
Laurine Baumgart - Snowy shelter

Snowy shelter

Laurine Baumgart

Lois Bryan - Pride


Lois Bryan

Steve Dininno - Airport


Steve Dininno

John Clark - Palms at the Island
Barbara Orenya - Free yourself

Free yourself

Barbara Orenya

Leanne Seymour - Ensemble


Leanne Seymour

Bill  Wakeley - Coast Guard Beach Sunset
Mihira Karra - Guru Dakshina

Guru Dakshina

Mihira Karra

David Simons - Reflected Sunset

Reflected Sunset

David Simons

Allen Beatty - Help We
Robert Loe - Honda S2000 Black and...
Helena Wierzbicki - Time Passing

Time Passing

Helena Wierzbicki

Shawna  Rowe - Ohio - Point Retreat...
Linda Apple - Seadog - Dalmation...
Diane Schuster - Giraffe Antics Oh There...
John Straton - Ford Thunderbird...

Ford Thunderbird...

John Straton

Joseph Coulombe - California Farmers

California Farmers

Joseph Coulombe

Mark Kremer - Moonlit Night. The trail
Leona Borge - Lovely Lola

Lovely Lola

Leona Borge

Sonali Gangane - Spring Spirit

Spring Spirit

Sonali Gangane

Shadowlea Is - The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Shadowlea Is

Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Pheasant Feathers...

Pheasant Feathers...

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

William Beuther - In the Piazza

In the Piazza

William Beuther

Zeana Romanovna - Wisdom Of An Owl

Wisdom Of An Owl

Zeana Romanovna

Gavin Kutil - Autumn Alpine Meadow
Minding My  Visions - iSun Electric Glowing...

iSun Electric Glowing...

Minding My Visions

Georgia Mizuleva - Sun Eclipse - May 20 2012

Sun Eclipse - May 20 2012

Georgia Mizuleva

Mikhail Savchenko - Fresh And Wet

Fresh And Wet

Mikhail Savchenko

Jerri Moon Cantone - Butterfly


Jerri Moon Cantone

Marco Oliveira - The Spectacular Spider...
Linda Lin - I Miss You

I Miss You

Linda Lin

Pete Edmunds - Tower Poppies 04B

Tower Poppies 04B

Pete Edmunds

Evie Carrier - St Augustine Clock

St Augustine Clock

Evie Carrier

Rona Black - A Young Maine Coon
Chad Dutson - Sudden Glow

Sudden Glow

Chad Dutson

Valerie E Thomson - Pink cat by the stream

Pink cat by the stream

Valerie E Thomson

Inge Johnsson - Paradise


Inge Johnsson

Talya Johnson - Overlook abstract...

Overlook abstract...

Talya Johnson

Ann Villarreal - Remedy


Ann Villarreal

Mariola Bitner - Bewildered Beauty

Bewildered Beauty

Mariola Bitner

Habib Ayat - Joy N  Peace

Joy N Peace

Habib Ayat

Del Gaizo - Chiaroscuro Wedgie
Claire McCall - Day At The Races II

Day At The Races II

Claire McCall

Sue Jacobi - Mural Painted Archway...
Anton Atanasov Art - Back to the future

Back to the future

Anton Atanasov Art

Eric Lewis - The Bat

The Bat

Eric Lewis

France  Art - Market Day

Market Day

France Art

Edward Paul - Liquid Miles

Liquid Miles

Edward Paul

Joann Vitali - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Prague in the morning fog

Prague in the morning fog

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Kendall Kessler - Blue Day

Blue Day

Kendall Kessler

Lee Roth -  Holiday Decorations
Sandra Foster - Teapot of Yellow...

Teapot of Yellow...

Sandra Foster

Shelley Neff - Sneezeweed


Shelley Neff

Scott Rackers - Path to Apotheosis

Path to Apotheosis

Scott Rackers

Shylaja Nanjundiah - Rajasthani women

Rajasthani women

Shylaja Nanjundiah

Dc Dorey - Red Rock

Red Rock

Dc Dorey

Niels Nielsen - Trains 10

Trains 10

Niels Nielsen

Niels Nielsen - Trains 13

Trains 13

Niels Nielsen

Michael Dillon - Chain rock

Chain rock

Michael Dillon

Andy Za - Happy New Year. Santa...
Paul Ward - Coke Bottles from the...
Karunita Kapoor - Santa Dreams

Santa Dreams

Karunita Kapoor

Carol Wisniewski - Frozen River

Frozen River

Carol Wisniewski

Stanza Widen - A for Anemone and Azure...
Betsy Zimmerli - After the Storm

After the Storm

Betsy Zimmerli

David Broome - Rural Autumn Norwegian...
Susan Savad - Apothecary Stockroom
Archibald Thorburn - The Elks

The Elks

Archibald Thorburn

Daniel Thompson - Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies

Daniel Thompson

Maria June - Motherhood


Maria June

John Straton - Arizona Bell Rock Valley...
Glenn McCarthy - San Diego - From The U S...
Lucia Stewart - The dog and the spider
Lilia D - Poppy field

Poppy field

Lilia D

Kendall Kessler - Ballet


Kendall Kessler

Georgia Mizuleva - Moon at the Forum

Moon at the Forum

Georgia Mizuleva

Joseph Baril - Desert Sunset Northern...
Hartmut Jager - Tribal  Thinker

Tribal Thinker

Hartmut Jager

James Steele - Barn Life

Barn Life

James Steele

Bruce Nutting -  3-D Sunset on the Beach
Teresa Wegrzyn - Path


Teresa Wegrzyn

Pete Edmunds - Tower Poppies 01B

Tower Poppies 01B

Pete Edmunds

Janet Pancho Gupta - The Pride Drawing

The Pride Drawing

Janet Pancho Gupta

Judy Genovese - Christmas Courtyard in...
Nina Stavlund - Through the Wormhole..
Jerry Fornarotto - Golen Gate Bridge from...

Golen Gate Bridge from...

Jerry Fornarotto

Lori Deiter - Go In Style - Outhouses
Leonard Holland - Sun Rays Through The...

Sun Rays Through The...

Leonard Holland

Janette Boyd - Baby Blue Jay II

Baby Blue Jay II

Janette Boyd

Gloria Ssali - Baptism of The Lord Jesus
Bradley R Youngberg - Sunset At Lovers Key

Sunset At Lovers Key

Bradley R Youngberg

Regina Geoghan - New York Harbor Marina I
Anthony Fishburne - Hawaiian sunrise

Hawaiian sunrise

Anthony Fishburne

John Farr - 2014 What
Alan Hogan - The Calypso

The Calypso

Alan Hogan

Ion vincent DAnu - Van Gogh Almond Blossom...
Trudi Doyle - Stopping by Woods on a...
Christelle Grey - Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Christelle Grey

Juergen Roth - Meet me in the Morning
Tisha McGee - Christmas Frog Greeting...
Bobbie Barth - A Moment To Shine

A Moment To Shine

Bobbie Barth

Alias Alma - Final Harvest

Final Harvest

Alias Alma

Andy Za - Taste The World
Shelley Neff - O Beautiful

O Beautiful

Shelley Neff

Barbara Orenya - Greetings from the North...
Pete Edmunds - Tower Poppies 06

Tower Poppies 06

Pete Edmunds

Chuck  Hicks - Green White And Yellow
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Idarado Mine...

Colorado Idarado Mine...

Janice Rae Pariza

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Ornaments-1973


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Christina Rollo - Pure Joy Hummingbird

Pure Joy Hummingbird

Christina Rollo

Hal Halli - Purple Pansy Wash
Mikhail Savchenko - Storm


Mikhail Savchenko

Linda Brody - Crashing Wave III

Crashing Wave III

Linda Brody

Darren Fisher - Hearts of Color

Hearts of Color

Darren Fisher

Laura Barbosa - Space Guitar

Space Guitar

Laura Barbosa

Arnie Goldstein - Hi


Arnie Goldstein

Katerina Kovatcheva - Hermit crab 6

Hermit crab 6

Katerina Kovatcheva

Wes and Dotty Weber - Embraced By Clouds D8170

Embraced By Clouds D8170

Wes and Dotty Weber

Laurie Search - When Magic
Christine Till - Mariachi Band

Mariachi Band

Christine Till

Anthony Fishburne - Atmosphere


Anthony Fishburne

Mike Griffiths - The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit

Mike Griffiths

Darren Wilkes - Llynnau Mymbyr

Llynnau Mymbyr

Darren Wilkes

Anton Atanasov Art - Chameleon


Anton Atanasov Art

Phil Sadler - Heart Phelt 2014

Heart Phelt 2014

Phil Sadler

Karen Cook - River Reflection

River Reflection

Karen Cook

Michael Ver Sprill - Acadia Marsh Sunrise

Acadia Marsh Sunrise

Michael Ver Sprill

Lianne Schneider - Poppies of Tuscany

Poppies of Tuscany

Lianne Schneider

Inge Johnsson - Raccoon


Inge Johnsson

Giada Rossi - The Temple in my heart ...
Stormm Bradshaw - Six Armed Goddess

Six Armed Goddess

Stormm Bradshaw

Richard Young - Flamenco Performance

Flamenco Performance

Richard Young

Brian Harig - Mount Moran on Snake...
Edward Paul - Dissident


Edward Paul

Raymel Garcia - Armaita


Raymel Garcia

Patricia McCamy - Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

Patricia McCamy

Diane Schuster - Lilies Through A Rainy...
Bob Christopher - Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

Bob Christopher

Leonard Holland - Forest Stillness.

Forest Stillness.

Leonard Holland

Michele  Avanti - Snowflake Rainbows...

Snowflake Rainbows...

Michele Avanti

Patti Deters - High Heel Spat Bootie
Bernardino Luini - Christ among the Doctors

Christ among the Doctors

Bernardino Luini

Shelley Neff - Smithsonian Metro Station
Kathy Barney - Sky High

Sky High

Kathy Barney

Dave Byrne - Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

Dave Byrne

Geoff Childs - Magenta Sunrise over...
Kendall Kessler - Looking Out

Looking Out

Kendall Kessler

David Bowman - Ben Starav

Ben Starav

David Bowman

Shelley Neff - Tang


Shelley Neff

Kim Andelkovic - Three Creeks Service...
Chad Dutson - Once Upon a Rock

Once Upon a Rock

Chad Dutson

Lori Deiter - Autumn Buck

Autumn Buck

Lori Deiter

Donna Tuten - Watergarden


Donna Tuten

Patricia Caldwell - Christmas Bulb

Christmas Bulb

Patricia Caldwell

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Sea Shells Image Art

Sea Shells Image Art

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Kandy Hurley - Watercolor Celtic Cross...
Sassan Filsoof - Riding on the edge

Riding on the edge

Sassan Filsoof

Gregory Ballos - Aspen - Bold and...

Aspen - Bold and...

Gregory Ballos

Katherine Williams - Girl With Her Fishing...

Girl With Her Fishing...

Katherine Williams

Mike Griffiths - O Come all ye Faithful

O Come all ye Faithful

Mike Griffiths

Sara Wormell - Beer


Sara Wormell

Sue Jacobi Photography - Camels Kneeling Sand...

Camels Kneeling Sand...

Sue Jacobi Photography

Dave Byrne - Peek Abu an Abstract Work
Sami Tiainen - Light Travel

Light Travel

Sami Tiainen

Bob Christopher - Pow Wow Among The Elders

Pow Wow Among The Elders

Bob Christopher

Erhan OZBIYIK - Cotton Club

Cotton Club


Paul Meijering - Peter Falk as Columbo

Peter Falk as Columbo

Paul Meijering

John Straton - Ford Thunderbird 4 Red
Martin Wall - Oxford By Bicycle

Oxford By Bicycle

Martin Wall

Alena Kogan - Canola Field

Canola Field

Alena Kogan

Mikhail Savchenko - Forest Forest Forest

Forest Forest Forest

Mikhail Savchenko

Jeff  Swan - An Old North Dakota Farm...
Lianne Schneider - Home to the Harbor

Home to the Harbor

Lianne Schneider

John Straton - Kitchen inTime

Kitchen inTime

John Straton

Pete Edmunds - Little Orange Boat III
Mariola Bitner - Zakopane Cottage

Zakopane Cottage

Mariola Bitner

Allen Beatty - Lady Liberty  9

Lady Liberty 9

Allen Beatty

Nina Stavlund - Friendly Beauty..

Friendly Beauty..

Nina Stavlund

Mark Kremer - Village church

Village church

Mark Kremer

Charles E McNeal - Serenity at Palma Sola

Serenity at Palma Sola

Charles E McNeal

Artur Bogacki - St Mary Basilica and...
Nancy Merkle - Street Level

Street Level

Nancy Merkle

 Bob Johnston - Ponderosa Pine Cone...
Inge Johnsson - Havasu Creek

Havasu Creek

Inge Johnsson

Marco Oliveira - Scallop Shell BW

Scallop Shell BW

Marco Oliveira

Carla Parris - Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow

Carla Parris

Jerri Moon Cantone - Beavertail Light

Beavertail Light

Jerri Moon Cantone

Meaghan Troup - Heart On Fire

Heart On Fire

Meaghan Troup

Lori Deiter - Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Lori Deiter

Laurine Baumgart - Peaceful garden walk

Peaceful garden walk

Laurine Baumgart

Baljit Chadha - Kinkakuji Golden Temple
Wes and Dotty Weber - Headlands of San...

Headlands of San...

Wes and Dotty Weber

Ana Lusi - Worker bees making honey
Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Harvey House - Route 66

Harvey House - Route 66

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Art K - Sunrise Los Angeles
Eric Nagel - The Face

The Face

Eric Nagel

Alfred de Breanski Snr  - Head of Loch Lomond

Head of Loch Lomond

Alfred de Breanski Snr

Barbara Chichester - Stamen Power

Stamen Power

Barbara Chichester

Ashley Keegan - Tetons Before the Storm
Melencio Sapnu - The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

Melencio Sapnu

Christina Rollo - Sea Breeze Mosaic...

Sea Breeze Mosaic...

Christina Rollo

Regina Geoghan - NYC Morning Blues

NYC Morning Blues

Regina Geoghan

Julie Ketchman - Beaver Lake in Michigan
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Green sliced pear

Green sliced pear

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Georgia Mizuleva - It

It's Not Venice -...

Georgia Mizuleva

Maria June - Mushrooms And Berries
Louise Hill - Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach Pier

Louise Hill

Sonali Gangane - Daisy Entrance

Daisy Entrance

Sonali Gangane

Wes and Dotty Weber - Oregon Coast Sunset W1997

Oregon Coast Sunset W1997

Wes and Dotty Weber

Marco Oliveira - Papaya


Marco Oliveira