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Angel Photography and Paintings



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Luther Fine Art

Quincy, IL

United States

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This group was started on April 22nd, 2013 and currently has:


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Angel Photography and Paintings

About This Group

This group is for photographic images, paintings and
drawings of Angels. *No graveyard images* *At least
part of the angel's wing must be showing in your image
to be accepted into our group.* *NO CLOUD IMAGES*

Limit of Images per day: 1

Scripture or inspirational message may be included
on your work.

Featured Images

Ivan Guaderrama - Watching Over You

Watching Over You

Ivan Guaderrama

Ivan Guaderrama - His Promise

His Promise

Ivan Guaderrama

Ed Weidman - Mourning Angel

Mourning Angel

Ed Weidman

Cindy Lee Jones - Angel Standing By

Angel Standing By

Cindy Lee Jones

Pamela Allegretto - Gathering Starlight

Gathering Starlight

Pamela Allegretto

Vladimir Berrio Lemm - Angel And Fireman In Gray

Angel And Fireman In Gray

Vladimir Berrio Lemm

Leah Moore - Light Angel

Light Angel

Leah Moore

Jouko Lehto - San Pietro di Mavino....
Jouko Lehto - San Pietro di Mavino....
Mike Roberts - Heavenly Blessings

Heavenly Blessings

Mike Roberts

Leanne Seymour - Life

Life's Journey

Leanne Seymour

David Dehner - Behold I Send an Angel...
Tina A Stoffel - Spirit Angel

Spirit Angel

Tina A Stoffel

Kelvin Kelley - Sorrow


Kelvin Kelley

Charlie Cliques - Angels Never Sleep

Angels Never Sleep

Charlie Cliques

Robyn King - Guardian


Robyn King

Music of the Heart - O Holy Night

O Holy Night

Music of the Heart

Pamela Allegretto - Ride A Shooting Star

Ride A Shooting Star

Pamela Allegretto

Carmela  Sanchez  - Sending love from above

Sending love from above

Carmela Sanchez

Ivan Guaderrama - Making you happy

Making you happy

Ivan Guaderrama

Jane Linders - Angel statue

Angel statue

Jane Linders

Tina A Stoffel - Angelic Clouds

Angelic Clouds

Tina A Stoffel

Elinor Rakowski - Three Angel Carolers

Three Angel Carolers

Elinor Rakowski

Mitch Shindelbower - Angels At Play

Angels At Play

Mitch Shindelbower

Ivan Guaderrama - Sound of an Angel

Sound of an Angel

Ivan Guaderrama

Ed Weidman - I Am The Resurrection...
Ivan Guaderrama - A story of love

A story of love

Ivan Guaderrama

Scott Hill - Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Scott Hill

Marcelle Bartolo-Abela - Saint Michael the...

Saint Michael the...

Marcelle Bartolo-Abela

Pamela Allegretto - Sliding Down Rainbow

Sliding Down Rainbow

Pamela Allegretto

Elena Oleniuc - Angel


Elena Oleniuc

Imran Ahmed - Jesus angels stained...
Pamela Allegretto - Dancing On Moonbeams

Dancing On Moonbeams

Pamela Allegretto

R A W M   - The Angel Is Watching
Ed Weidman - Peace Love

Peace Love

Ed Weidman

Joan Nee - Angel of Gentleness
Josh Hertzenberg - I

I'm By Your Side

Josh Hertzenberg

Thomas Woolworth - Bridge Tender Tower BW

Bridge Tender Tower BW

Thomas Woolworth

Kathleen K Parker - Baby Angel Statue New...

Baby Angel Statue New...

Kathleen K Parker

Lajos Andirko - Angel


Lajos Andirko

Carol Erikson - Bonaventure Angel

Bonaventure Angel

Carol Erikson

Aaron Koster - Angels


Aaron Koster

Jouko Lehto - Stone Angel of...

Stone Angel of...

Jouko Lehto

Micheal Jones - Castel Sant

Castel Sant'Angelo

Micheal Jones

Sandra Clayton - Sandy

Sandy's Angel

Sandra Clayton

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Dispatch Rider Memorial

Dispatch Rider Memorial

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Carol Erikson - Angel


Carol Erikson

Tori Radford -  Wings of an Angel

Wings of an Angel

Tori Radford

Lajos Andirko - You should have taken me
John Flack - Arhangel


John Flack

Asha Carolyn Young - Early Dawn Angel...

Early Dawn Angel...

Asha Carolyn Young

Linda Phelps - Mossy Angel

Mossy Angel

Linda Phelps

Glenyss Bourne - Archangel Metatron...

Archangel Metatron...

Glenyss Bourne

Thomas Woolworth - Young Angel With A Rose

Young Angel With A Rose

Thomas Woolworth

Diane Reed - Angel

Angel's Watching

Diane Reed

Alys Caviness-Gober - Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope

Alys Caviness-Gober

John Flack - Silhoutte Angel

Silhoutte Angel

John Flack

Jason Thompson - Drexel

Drexel's Angel

Jason Thompson

Steven  Michael - St. Mary of the Seven...
Brenda Conrad - Enjoying the Rain

Enjoying the Rain

Brenda Conrad

Cassie Sears - Revelation 8-11

Revelation 8-11

Cassie Sears

Jeff Brooks - Wings


Jeff Brooks

Beth Vincent - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Beth Vincent

Sandy Moulder - Lorraine

Lorraine's Angel

Sandy Moulder

Dariusz Orszulik - Angel in the Alley

Angel in the Alley

Dariusz Orszulik

R A W M   - The Angel Is Watching...
Ivan Guaderrama - Azel


Ivan Guaderrama

Cynthia Sheffield - Warrior Angel

Warrior Angel

Cynthia Sheffield

Carmela  Sanchez  - Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

Carmela Sanchez

Beth Vincent - Dropping Flowers

Dropping Flowers

Beth Vincent

Michael Saunders - Garden Angel of Tower...

Garden Angel of Tower...

Michael Saunders

Ivan Guaderrama - Mateo 24 35

Mateo 24 35

Ivan Guaderrama

Melanie Lankford Photography - Beautifully Cracked

Beautifully Cracked

Melanie Lankford Photography

Reet  Kalamees - Join Me

Join Me

Reet Kalamees

Lisa  Telquist - Sorrowful Angel

Sorrowful Angel

Lisa Telquist

Beth Vincent - Angel - Sepia

Angel - Sepia

Beth Vincent

Ivan Guaderrama - Inspiration


Ivan Guaderrama

Vladimir Barkov - Angel Of Spring

Angel Of Spring

Vladimir Barkov

Manal Ali - Italy

Italy's Angels

Manal Ali

Vladimir Barkov - Iridescent Mill

Iridescent Mill

Vladimir Barkov

Matthew Seufer - Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Matthew Seufer

Stefano Senise - angel with the spear and...
Brenda Conrad - Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Brenda Conrad

First Star Art  - Sending You Love

Sending You Love

First Star Art

Stefano Senise - Roman Baroque

Roman Baroque

Stefano Senise

Halina Kabat - Angel


Halina Kabat

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Angels


Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Asha Carolyn Young - Angels Lingering

Angels Lingering

Asha Carolyn Young

Linda Phelps - Reclining Angel in the...
Susan Schiffer - Dancing Under a Yellow...
Stefano Senise - Angel and Roman Baroque
Sarah Batalka - Angels Of Peace

Angels Of Peace

Sarah Batalka

Jouko Lehto - Angel wings

Angel wings

Jouko Lehto

Ed Tadiello - Reflections


Ed Tadiello

Collette Bortolin - Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

Collette Bortolin

Leanne Seymour - Fallen Angel Wing

Fallen Angel Wing

Leanne Seymour

Elisheva Nesis - After A Ball

After A Ball

Elisheva Nesis

Elisheva Nesis - Pleeeease...


Elisheva Nesis

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Heralding Angel at...

Heralding Angel at...

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Ed Tadiello - Serenity

Serenity's Garden

Ed Tadiello

Ed Tadiello - The Gift Of Peace

The Gift Of Peace

Ed Tadiello

Ed Tadiello - Love

Love's Embrace

Ed Tadiello

Elisheva Nesis - Role Play

Role Play

Elisheva Nesis

Ed Weidman - Blue Sky Angel

Blue Sky Angel

Ed Weidman

Bobbee Rickard - Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

Bobbee Rickard

Brenda Conrad - Autumn Cemetery 2

Autumn Cemetery 2

Brenda Conrad

Deb Halloran - Guardian of the Garden
Sarah Batalka - Give Your Worries To God
Ben Hammond - An Angel in Repose

An Angel in Repose

Ben Hammond

Melanie Lankford Photography - On Bended Knee

On Bended Knee

Melanie Lankford Photography

Elisheva Nesis - Nocturnes. ANGEL
Cassie Sears - Bridal Invitation

Bridal Invitation

Cassie Sears

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Coronation of the Virgin

Coronation of the Virgin

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Linda Galok - Lucky Irish Angel Kisses
Natalia Lvova - Maria and Angels

Maria and Angels

Natalia Lvova

Jane Linders - Bellefontaine Angel

Bellefontaine Angel

Jane Linders

Ivan Guaderrama - Angelic Being

Angelic Being

Ivan Guaderrama

Alan Hogan - The Loners

The Loners

Alan Hogan

Patsy Zedar - Angel in Blue

Angel in Blue

Patsy Zedar

Sarah Batalka - Rejoice


Sarah Batalka

Kerri Ann Crau - Angelic Memories

Angelic Memories

Kerri Ann Crau

Mitch Shindelbower - Believe


Mitch Shindelbower

Sarah Batalka - Through The Storm

Through The Storm

Sarah Batalka

Brenda Conrad - Adorned


Brenda Conrad

Mitch Shindelbower - Untitled


Mitch Shindelbower

Mo T - Silence of an Angel
Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Musical Angel Basking in...

Musical Angel Basking in...

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Jouko Lehto - The Castle of Schwerin
Alys Caviness-Gober - Angel Descending

Angel Descending

Alys Caviness-Gober

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Musical Angel Basking in...

Musical Angel Basking in...

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Kay Sparks - Joyous Angel

Joyous Angel

Kay Sparks

Elisheva Nesis - Shtreimel


Elisheva Nesis

Colin Utz - The Berlin Quadriga -...
Jouko Lehto - Niederwalddenkmal


Jouko Lehto

Randy Turnbow - Watching Over

Watching Over

Randy Turnbow

Elisheva Nesis - Angels Of Zodiac Taurus...
Glenyss Bourne - The Angel of Protection
Leah Moore - Until Eternity

Until Eternity

Leah Moore

Leanne Seymour - Angel of Mercy 2

Angel of Mercy 2

Leanne Seymour

Judith Chantler - Angel of Destiny

Angel of Destiny

Judith Chantler

Karen E Camilleri - Stone Angel

Stone Angel

Karen E Camilleri

Michele Napier-Berg - Angel Crying in the Rain

Angel Crying in the Rain

Michele Napier-Berg

First Star Art  - Ascension by jrr

Ascension by jrr

First Star Art

Brenda Conrad - Silent Tears

Silent Tears

Brenda Conrad

Asha Carolyn Young - Messengers of Light

Messengers of Light

Asha Carolyn Young

Jean Hall - Give Us Peace In Our Time
Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott - Angel of the Forest

Angel of the Forest

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott

Ed Weidman - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Ed Weidman

Leanne Seymour - Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy

Leanne Seymour

Kathy Braud - Angels Surround Me

Angels Surround Me

Kathy Braud

Cassie Sears - GOD Shed His Grace On...
Beth Vincent - Mission San Jose
Asha Carolyn Young - Angel Bringing Light to...

Angel Bringing Light to...

Asha Carolyn Young

Angela Dalporto - Sweet Cherub

Sweet Cherub

Angela Dalporto

Sharon Schultz - Angel in the Garden

Angel in the Garden

Sharon Schultz

Jane Linders - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Jane Linders

Linda Galok - Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Linda Galok

Patsy Zedar - Manchester Angel

Manchester Angel

Patsy Zedar

Sheri McLeroy - Angel Kiss 2

Angel Kiss 2

Sheri McLeroy

Mike De Lorenzo -  I Know the Plan I have...
Elena Oleniuc - Deep in thought

Deep in thought

Elena Oleniuc

Kume Bryant - Angel Smile

Angel Smile

Kume Bryant

Kume Bryant - Resting Angel 2

Resting Angel 2

Kume Bryant

Sue Melvin - Sleeping Angel

Sleeping Angel

Sue Melvin

Mark Szep - Prayer for Guidance
Mary Burr - Dissipitation


Mary Burr

Colin and Linda McKie - Necropolis 12

Necropolis 12

Colin and Linda McKie

Mark E Tisdale - Irish Angel in Dublin

Irish Angel in Dublin

Mark E Tisdale

Leah Moore - Watching Over Me

Watching Over Me

Leah Moore

John Hanou - American Flag and Angel...
Teresa Mucha - Roscommon Angel No 1
David Dehner - Angel of Death

Angel of Death

David Dehner

Linda Phelps - Your Heavenly Angel

Your Heavenly Angel

Linda Phelps

Sheri McLeroy - Faith Love Hope 1

Faith Love Hope 1

Sheri McLeroy

Brian Wallace - Spiritual Consciousness
Dale   Ford - Comforting Angel