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Altered Photographs



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Kathy Sampson

Washougal, WA

United States

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This group was started on August 13th, 2013 and currently has:

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Altered Photographs

About This Group

This group is for those who love to Alter or Modify the photo's they take!

If your like me, and just can't leave some photo's alone... You just know you can create some Drama or something Breath-Taking.... Original to You and to the World... Then this group is for you!
To 'Qualify' for this group, you must have taken the photo yourself. In processing, you must have changed the 'DNA' of the photo. To see what I mean, take a close look at the example photo I have placed here for you. There are many programs that a person can do this with, available out there for free.
I will not allow simple cropping, and adjusting of color... I'm looking for quality, beauty, and unique. textures, treatments of different types, changing of the DNA, modification... I must be able to SEE the work in one way or another.
No Nudes! No Exceptions! No nipples, no cracks, no man parts, nothing porn, nothing questionable with children... Understood? Thank you!
Should you submit a photo, and I don't except it, please don't take offense, please understand, if it just looks like the perfect photo, it's not what I'm looking for... Try again with a photo that works with the description here on the homepage.
Example Photo:

I hope you all have a great time with this group!

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