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All Things Reflective



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Neal Eslinger

Putnam , CT

United States

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This group was started on October 6th, 2011 and currently has:


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All Things Reflective

About This Group


This group is dedicated to all things Reflective. Water reflections, raindrop reflections, reflections off glass, windows, metal.

Paintings and artwork submissions are welcomed; however please make sure your piece is inspired by reflection/reflections.
Abstract photography is also acceptable as long as the image has also been inspired by a reflection/reflections.

1. Please submit NO MORE than 1 image daily.
2. Please be selective with your submissions.
3. Altered photography is ok.

Thank you for joining 'ALL THINGS REFLECTIVE'

Neal Eslinger

Featured Images

Dustin  LeFevre - Dawn of Dreams

Dawn of Dreams

Dustin LeFevre

Lois Bryan - Tobermory Isle of Mull
Dan Mihai - Picture Lake Awakening
John Straton - Sir Lancelot Du Lac - V2
Michal Kwarciak - Moon Fun

Moon Fun

Michal Kwarciak

Jenny Rainbow - Ghost of Love 1

Ghost of Love 1

Jenny Rainbow

Geoff Childs - Crimson Sunrise Art...
Tracy  Hall - Blue Gold Drop

Blue Gold Drop

Tracy Hall

Mikhail Savchenko - Remover Of Frames Or...

Remover Of Frames Or...

Mikhail Savchenko

Myrna Bradshaw - Golden Reflection

Golden Reflection

Myrna Bradshaw

Inge Johnsson - Cincinnati Skyline

Cincinnati Skyline

Inge Johnsson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Morning Dreams

Morning Dreams

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Cologne Cathedral with...

Cologne Cathedral with...

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Sandra Silva - October Colors

October Colors

Sandra Silva

Alexander Senin - Mister Big

Mister Big

Alexander Senin

Alfio Finocchiaro - Green boat waiting for...

Green boat waiting for...

Alfio Finocchiaro

Rick Locke - Bahamas Beach Pacvillion
Kent Ross - Sunsise


Kent Ross

Hawaii  Fine Art Photography - Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset

Hawaii Fine Art Photography

Joanna Madloch - Just Girls

Just Girls

Joanna Madloch

Debbie Oppermann - Sunrise Splash

Sunrise Splash

Debbie Oppermann

Vishwanath Bhat - Bandon Beach sunset

Bandon Beach sunset

Vishwanath Bhat

SophiaArt Gallery - The Night Fishermen

The Night Fishermen

SophiaArt Gallery

Maria Urso  - Only at Sunset

Only at Sunset

Maria Urso

Rick Locke - Santiago Reflection I
Mitch Shindelbower - East Fork Carson River

East Fork Carson River

Mitch Shindelbower

Kent Ross - Montana Creek

Montana Creek

Kent Ross

Ivan Zeitlin - Orange sunset

Orange sunset

Ivan Zeitlin

Nop Briex - Highland Gold Scotch...
Alexander Senin - Season Of Fallen Leaves

Season Of Fallen Leaves

Alexander Senin

Al Bourassa - Waiting For The Music
Janice Rae Pariza - Last Dollar Road

Last Dollar Road

Janice Rae Pariza

John Straton - B17 Texas Raiders v5
Ian Mitchell - Sunset at the Lighthouse...
Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Light Of The Setting Sun

Light Of The Setting Sun

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 2 -...
Thomas Schoeller - Fiery Swirls of the...

Fiery Swirls of the...

Thomas Schoeller

Dustin  LeFevre - Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm

Dustin LeFevre

Thomas Schoeller - Magnificent Sinopah -...

Magnificent Sinopah -...

Thomas Schoeller

Leanne Seymour - Such Is Life

Such Is Life

Leanne Seymour

Mike Reid - Rainier Soaring Sunrise...
Gregory Ballos - Maroon Bells Covered In...
Scott Thorp - Lemonade


Scott Thorp

Gregory Ballos - Purple Waves in Antelope...
Rick Locke - Westchester Adirondacks
Dawn Kori Snyder - Coho King

Coho King

Dawn Kori Snyder

Patrick Jacquet - Blue hour in Concarneau

Blue hour in Concarneau

Patrick Jacquet

Jon Burch Photography - Reflections


Jon Burch Photography

John Straton - 1932 Packard V8...

1932 Packard V8...

John Straton

Karen Wiles - Coastal Morning Light
Mitch Shindelbower - When Tomorrow Comes

When Tomorrow Comes

Mitch Shindelbower

Thomas Schoeller - A.M. Foster Covered...

A.M. Foster Covered...

Thomas Schoeller

Claudia Mottram - Autumn reflections 1 -...
David T Wilkinson - Ludington Breakwater...

Ludington Breakwater...

David T Wilkinson

Andrew Lorimer - Time Passages

Time Passages

Andrew Lorimer

Rene Triay Photography - Light Painting in the Fog

Light Painting in the Fog

Rene Triay Photography

Janet Ashworth - The Churches at Mahone...
Bob and Kathy Frank - Bridge Reflections

Bridge Reflections

Bob and Kathy Frank

Dustin  LeFevre - Arch Arch

Arch Arch

Dustin LeFevre

Lena Kouneva - Still Water

Still Water

Lena Kouneva

Jeff Mize - Sounds of Silence
Andrew Lorimer - Horse Circle

Horse Circle

Andrew Lorimer

Marty Fancy - Morning Mist Rising
Claire Bull - Fifties Dodge

Fifties Dodge

Claire Bull

Christina Rollo - Paradise Reflection...

Paradise Reflection...

Christina Rollo

Ivan Zeitlin - Cabo Reflections

Cabo Reflections

Ivan Zeitlin

Donna Brown - Meteorite


Donna Brown

Bob and Kathy Frank - Abstract Ripples In Green

Abstract Ripples In Green

Bob and Kathy Frank

Dale Powell - Sky on Fire

Sky on Fire

Dale Powell

Rene Triay Photography - Lifeguard Stands at the...

Lifeguard Stands at the...

Rene Triay Photography

Doug Wilton - On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground

Doug Wilton

Bill Tiepelman - Klondike Moody Autumn

Klondike Moody Autumn

Bill Tiepelman

Chuck  Hicks - A Day At The Park

A Day At The Park

Chuck Hicks

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Magic Sunset View from...

Magic Sunset View from...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Aaron Spong - Rustic Barn in Autumn
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Pure Fine Santorini...

Pure Fine Santorini...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Angela A Stanton - The Abstract Curves of...

The Abstract Curves of...

Angela A Stanton

Denise Dube - Among Souvenirs Denise...
Myrna Bradshaw - Green Heron Reflecting

Green Heron Reflecting

Myrna Bradshaw

Lori Deiter - Autumn at Moosehead Lake
Jean Doepkens Wright - Sunset in a Wine Glass

Sunset in a Wine Glass

Jean Doepkens Wright

Dawn Currie - Psalm 116 7

Psalm 116 7

Dawn Currie

Sebastian Musial - Dreamy Japanese Garden

Dreamy Japanese Garden

Sebastian Musial

D Hackett - Lake Front View

Lake Front View

D Hackett

Bill Mock - Side Canal Venice
Darren Wilkes - Ogwens Moon.

Ogwens Moon.

Darren Wilkes

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Yacht Fearless on Lake...

Yacht Fearless on Lake...

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Stuart Litoff - Pyramid Island Bridge

Pyramid Island Bridge

Stuart Litoff

Jon Burch Photography - Clear Creek Rapids

Clear Creek Rapids

Jon Burch Photography

Saija  Lehtonen - Sunshine Through the...
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Morning Meditation...

Morning Meditation...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Chris Berry - After The Tsunami

After The Tsunami

Chris Berry

Darleen Stry - Letchworth Lower Falls
Donna Doherty - Autumn Canoe

Autumn Canoe

Donna Doherty

John Farnan - The Finnieston Crane and...
Lydia Holly - Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks

Lydia Holly

Lee Kirchhevel - Oxbow Bend Sunrise 3

Oxbow Bend Sunrise 3

Lee Kirchhevel

Andrew Lorimer - Algonquin Park Autumn

Algonquin Park Autumn

Andrew Lorimer

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Afrodite Watching Over...

Afrodite Watching Over...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Color My World

Color My World

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rene Triay Photography - The Maze- Marlins Park...

The Maze- Marlins Park...

Rene Triay Photography

Rose-Maries Pictures - A quiet Night

A quiet Night

Rose-Maries Pictures

Roselynne Broussard - Fun At The Fair

Fun At The Fair

Roselynne Broussard

Bill  Wakeley - Summer Green

Summer Green

Bill Wakeley

Mitch Shindelbower - Gadwall Drake 2

Gadwall Drake 2

Mitch Shindelbower

Teresa Ascone - Russian Jack Stream

Russian Jack Stream

Teresa Ascone

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Estancia Villa Maria...

Estancia Villa Maria...

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Ian Mitchell - Dream Boat

Dream Boat

Ian Mitchell

Reid Callaway - Sunrise The Way Home...
Kerstin Ivarsson - Street photograph in...

Street photograph in...

Kerstin Ivarsson

Ruslana Levandovska - Wordless Lake

Wordless Lake

Ruslana Levandovska

Marcia Colelli - Yates Mill

Yates Mill

Marcia Colelli

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Hanging Garden II

Hanging Garden II

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Danielle  Parent - Full Moon In Black And...
Bruce Nutting - Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

Bruce Nutting

Doug Norkum - Multi


Doug Norkum

Saija  Lehtonen - Aspen Glow

Aspen Glow

Saija Lehtonen

Kay Novy - Autumn Serenity
John Straton - 1954 Porsche 356...

1954 Porsche 356...

John Straton

Kasia Dixon - Winter Reflections on...
GuoJun Pan - Zen flower 2 -...
Chuck  Hicks - Sunrise Over The Sea
Christine Smart - Bodnant Garden - Pin...

Bodnant Garden - Pin...

Christine Smart

Allen Beatty - New Jersey Empty Sky...
Sarah Loft - Auto Headlight 51
Erik Klein Brinke - Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

Erik Klein Brinke

John Straton - B17 Texas Raiders V2
Vicki Spindler - Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

Vicki Spindler

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Simple Things

Simple Things

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kenny Glotfelty - Autumn Grotto

Autumn Grotto

Kenny Glotfelty

Jean Doepkens Wright - Reflections of Spring

Reflections of Spring

Jean Doepkens Wright

Betsy Zimmerli - Ponder


Betsy Zimmerli

Thomas Woolworth - Vintage Hood Ornament 02

Vintage Hood Ornament 02

Thomas Woolworth

Scott Thorp - Chocorua Refletion

Chocorua Refletion

Scott Thorp

Dustin  LeFevre - Goin

Goin' with the Glow

Dustin LeFevre

Shelby  Young - Doorway at Morris Avenue...
Dean Ferreira - Classic Ford Falcon

Classic Ford Falcon

Dean Ferreira

Shelby  Young - In the Midst of the...
Elmar Langle - Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Elmar Langle

Andrew Lorimer - Where The Spirits Sleep
David T Wilkinson - Vapor Trail Sunset

Vapor Trail Sunset

David T Wilkinson

Alan Kepler - Sierra Contemplation
Chris Berry - 912 pr Pelican In...
Bill Tiepelman - Surrounded By Blue

Surrounded By Blue

Bill Tiepelman

Julie Palencia - Old Schooner

Old Schooner

Julie Palencia

D Hackett - Sky Reflections

Sky Reflections

D Hackett

Four Hands Art - Let
Jerry Cowart - Classic Vintage Shiny...
Sean Griffin - Rogue Reflections

Rogue Reflections

Sean Griffin

Inge Johnsson - Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Inge Johnsson

Pete Edmunds - Little Orange Boat

Little Orange Boat

Pete Edmunds

Dustin  LeFevre - Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

Dustin LeFevre

Vishwanath Bhat - Autumn glory at Oxbow...

Autumn glory at Oxbow...

Vishwanath Bhat

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Trees in the Lake

Trees in the Lake

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Train

Train's A'Comin'

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Cynthia Guinn - Bird Reflection

Bird Reflection

Cynthia Guinn

Donna Doherty - September Storm Clouds
Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Autumn on the River...

Autumn on the River...

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Maria Urso  - Lunar Eclipse 2014

Lunar Eclipse 2014

Maria Urso

Andrew Lorimer - Fall Railway

Fall Railway

Andrew Lorimer

Jijo George - Singapore Cityscape
Nikolyn McDonald - Houseboats - Lake Union...
Rene Triay Photography - Marlins Stadium

Marlins Stadium

Rene Triay Photography

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Darling Harbour Sydney

Darling Harbour Sydney

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Greg Thiemeyer - Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Greg Thiemeyer

Julie Palencia - Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Julie Palencia

Pamela Reynolds - Water Drop Red Background
Ed Weidman - Sunspot Pool Abstract
Jon Burch Photography - Moose Country

Moose Country

Jon Burch Photography

D Hackett - Around the Rock Falls
Mike Dawson - Cannon Beach Tides

Cannon Beach Tides

Mike Dawson

Cathy Mahnke - Mountain Reflected

Mountain Reflected

Cathy Mahnke

Saija  Lehtonen - A Beautiful Fall Morning
Andrew Lorimer - A Canadian Thanksgiving...
Ludmila Nayvelt - Charles River Boston MA

Charles River Boston MA

Ludmila Nayvelt

Kasia Dixon - Dusk on Lake Kochel
Sean Griffin - Ripples


Sean Griffin

Claudia Mottram - White Mountains fall

White Mountains fall

Claudia Mottram

Aimelle - Illusory



WB Johnston - Sharkwood


WB Johnston

Faith Williams - Peace One Earth

Peace One Earth

Faith Williams

Joanna Madloch - Hi There

Hi There

Joanna Madloch

Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix - Colourful Harbour

Colourful Harbour

Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix

Nicole Swanger - Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Nicole Swanger

Jerry Cowart - Autumn Sunlight Cast On...
Gary Whitton - Mt. Timpanogos Reflected...
Terril Heilman - A Lake View

A Lake View

Terril Heilman

Karen Wiles - Sailing Upon Dreams
Kathleen K Parker - Stilettos on Bourbon...

Stilettos on Bourbon...

Kathleen K Parker

Betsy Zimmerli - Serenity


Betsy Zimmerli

Lee Kirchhevel - San Diego Skyline 4

San Diego Skyline 4

Lee Kirchhevel

Mike Dawson - Pattern of Six

Pattern of Six

Mike Dawson

Mariola Bitner - Lighthouse at QueensWay...
Donna Brown - Georgia State Fair 2014 ...
Kasia Dixon - Islay Sunrise

Islay Sunrise

Kasia Dixon

Reid Callaway - Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

Reid Callaway

Brenda Conrad - Ornate Door

Ornate Door

Brenda Conrad

Denise Dube - Cranes over Looking the...
Dean Ferreira - Black 57 Thunderbird

Black 57 Thunderbird

Dean Ferreira

Cynthia Guinn - Red Bridge

Red Bridge

Cynthia Guinn

Sarah Loft - Glass Abstract 208
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - United States Coast...

United States Coast...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jijo George - Blue hour

Blue hour

Jijo George

Rene Triay Photography - Barcelona Olympic Stadium

Barcelona Olympic Stadium

Rene Triay Photography

Claudia Mottram - Gone fishing at...

Gone fishing at...

Claudia Mottram

Bill  Wakeley - Autumn Maple Tree

Autumn Maple Tree

Bill Wakeley

Maja Sokolowska - Rembrandt Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

Maja Sokolowska

Georgia Mizuleva - Purple Sunrise Clouds

Purple Sunrise Clouds

Georgia Mizuleva

Claire Bull - Two At the Dock

Two At the Dock

Claire Bull

iina  Van Lawick - Ambience


iina Van Lawick

Elmar Langle - Newcastle Ferry Dock
David T Wilkinson - Marina Sunset Afterglow

Marina Sunset Afterglow

David T Wilkinson

Shelby  Young - Summer

Summer's Last Rose

Shelby Young

Dave Files - Austin Sunrise

Austin Sunrise

Dave Files

Geoff Childs - Orange Rays ocean...
Chad Dutson - Yellow


Chad Dutson

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Abeerden Harbour Hong...

Abeerden Harbour Hong...

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Pamela Patch - Farming Rice in...

Farming Rice in...

Pamela Patch

Shelby  Young - Fluttering Along -...
Jon Burch Photography - Astoria - Megler Bridge

Astoria - Megler Bridge

Jon Burch Photography

Robert McCubbin - Nite Lites

Nite Lites

Robert McCubbin

Alfio Finocchiaro - River boat

River boat

Alfio Finocchiaro

Kris Hiemstra - Rocky Reflection

Rocky Reflection

Kris Hiemstra

Bozena Simeth - Aerial views

Aerial views

Bozena Simeth

Rick Locke - Watery Alhambra

Watery Alhambra

Rick Locke

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Chicago at Dusk

Chicago at Dusk

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Tam Ryan - West Fork Reflections
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Naxos Island Sunset...

Naxos Island Sunset...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Chuck  Hicks - Reflected


Chuck Hicks

Nop Briex - Roundel city wall...
Karen Wiles - Goodnight Sun

Goodnight Sun

Karen Wiles

Vishwanath Bhat - Boise River Sunset Boise...
Mickeys Photography - Sarehole Mill

Sarehole Mill

Mickeys Photography

Ian Mitchell - Misty Dawn Lake

Misty Dawn Lake

Ian Mitchell

Alfio Finocchiaro - Bridge shapes

Bridge shapes

Alfio Finocchiaro

Susan Savad - Kayaking on the Chicago...
Amar Sheow - Bye September

Bye September

Amar Sheow

Christina Rollo - Autumn Morning

Autumn Morning

Christina Rollo

Krista Hott - Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

Krista Hott

Stwayne Keubrick - Explozoom on a french...

Explozoom on a french...

Stwayne Keubrick

Jane Ford - Lily
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Bodensee  Island Sunset

Bodensee Island Sunset

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Angela A Stanton - Evening Monster Wave

Evening Monster Wave

Angela A Stanton

Tam Ryan - Papago Park

Papago Park

Tam Ryan

Karen Wiles - Royal Peacock

Royal Peacock

Karen Wiles

Jess Williams - Riverbank Under Autumn...
John Straton - King Arthur With Court...
Catherine Melvin - Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Catherine Melvin

Alan Kepler - Autumn Reflection at...
Darin Volpe - V8


Darin Volpe

Paul Mashburn - Byrd Lake Dam

Byrd Lake Dam

Paul Mashburn

Connie Campbell Rosenthal - Mossy Mooring

Mossy Mooring

Connie Campbell Rosenthal

Rene Triay Photography - The Train Conductor

The Train Conductor

Rene Triay Photography

Steven Bateson - Maine Bottle Collector

Maine Bottle Collector

Steven Bateson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Forest Waterfall

Forest Waterfall

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Roland Stanke - Evening Light

Evening Light

Roland Stanke

Mike Griffiths - Sunset on the Dunes

Sunset on the Dunes

Mike Griffiths

Bob Christopher - The Wave Reflected...

The Wave Reflected...

Bob Christopher

Dale Powell - Shem Creek

Shem Creek

Dale Powell

AnneLenes Photos - Autumn


AnneLenes Photos

Betsy Zimmerli - Village View

Village View

Betsy Zimmerli

Bozena Simeth - Aerial views

Aerial views

Bozena Simeth

Kim Bemis - Indian River Inlet...
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Sunset Santorini Greece

Sunset Santorini Greece

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Rick Locke - Tamarindo Reflection
Sipo Liimatainen - Dolphins dream

Dolphins dream

Sipo Liimatainen

Pamela Reynolds - Water Drop

Water Drop

Pamela Reynolds

Renee Sullivan - Sunrise at Swiftcurrent
Inge Johnsson - Maroon Bells Reflection
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Driftwood on the Beach

Driftwood on the Beach

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mike  Dawson - Recurve


Mike Dawson

Saija  Lehtonen - Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Saija Lehtonen

Bob and Kathy Frank - StingRay


Bob and Kathy Frank

Dustin  LeFevre - Ogden Temple Reflection
Christina Rollo - Green Grass Reflection

Green Grass Reflection

Christina Rollo

Sarah Loft - Glass Abstract 239
Cathy Mahnke - Taku Smokeries Reflected
Vishwanath Bhat - Mount Moran from Oxbow...
Lee Kirchhevel - Oxbow Bend Sunrise 2

Oxbow Bend Sunrise 2

Lee Kirchhevel

Four Hands Art - Ancient place

Ancient place

Four Hands Art

Stephen Warren - Dissolving


Stephen Warren

Four Hands Art - In the Hall

In the Hall

Four Hands Art

Al Bourassa - Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory

Al Bourassa

Four Hands Art - The narrow passage

The narrow passage

Four Hands Art

Brenda Conrad - Autumn Reflection 2

Autumn Reflection 2

Brenda Conrad

Nick Mares - New York Metropolitan...
Lee Kirchhevel - Nymph Lake Sunrise 2

Nymph Lake Sunrise 2

Lee Kirchhevel

Greg Thiemeyer - Chicago River -...

Chicago River -...

Greg Thiemeyer

Jon Burch Photography - Green Lake

Green Lake

Jon Burch Photography

Reid Callaway - Mind Game Reflection...
 Andrea Lazar - Black Silk Crocus

Black Silk Crocus

Andrea Lazar

Dean Ferreira - Chevrolet Pickup

Chevrolet Pickup

Dean Ferreira

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of The Canadian...
Tricia Marchlik - Autumn

Autumn's Beauty

Tricia Marchlik

Wendy Wilton - Floating On Blue 22

Floating On Blue 22

Wendy Wilton

Georgia Mizuleva - Mesmerizing Fall...

Mesmerizing Fall...

Georgia Mizuleva

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of Oregon Bandon...
Gary Whitton - Snowy Winter Irrigation...
Eva Kato - Reflected Water Bird
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - La Luna Moment

La Luna Moment

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Rose-Maries Pictures - Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014

Rose-Maries Pictures

Jijo George - Malaysia Aerial

Malaysia Aerial

Jijo George

Georgia Mizuleva - Autumn Lake in the...

Autumn Lake in the...

Georgia Mizuleva

Daniel Furon - Night Duty

Night Duty

Daniel Furon

Dado Molina - Capitol Reflection

Capitol Reflection

Dado Molina

Gail Carravetta - Canyon Reverie

Canyon Reverie

Gail Carravetta

Bozena Simeth - Rocks In The Ocean

Rocks In The Ocean

Bozena Simeth

Mariola Bitner - Daring Dahlia

Daring Dahlia

Mariola Bitner

Carol McGunagle - Boat Dock Reflection

Boat Dock Reflection

Carol McGunagle

Kevin Anderson - Henry Bloch Building

Henry Bloch Building

Kevin Anderson

Stuart Litoff - Canoeing on Pyramid Lake
John Straton - Tulsa Police at State...
WB Johnston - Zen Air

Zen Air

WB Johnston

Brenda Conrad - Ruins 2

Ruins 2

Brenda Conrad

James Ekstrom - Great Blue Reflections
David Lobos - Serenity at Eagle Lake...
Jean Doepkens Wright - Endless Clouds

Endless Clouds

Jean Doepkens Wright

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - I am a cutie Duckling

I am a cutie Duckling

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Allan Van Gasbeck - Lily Pads and Reeds

Lily Pads and Reeds

Allan Van Gasbeck

Debbie Oppermann - What

What's What

Debbie Oppermann

Aron Kearney Photography - Sierra Glory

Sierra Glory

Aron Kearney Photography

Rick Locke - Shanghai Reflected
Elmar Langle - Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

Elmar Langle

Oksana Semenchenko - Golf


Oksana Semenchenko

John Straton - Tudor Knight in Armor  v1
Charline Xia - Lake with Fall Color
D Hackett - Colors Of The Falls
Joe Jake Pratt - Clarinet With Pomegranate
Susan Garren - Through to Wizard Island
Rene Triay Photography - The Days Reward

The Days Reward

Rene Triay Photography

Jaunine Ammerman - Reflections of Fall

Reflections of Fall

Jaunine Ammerman

Sipo Liimatainen - Into the blue

Into the blue

Sipo Liimatainen

Sean Foster - Earth Walker

Earth Walker

Sean Foster

France  Art - Vin Blanc

Vin Blanc

France Art

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 1101 - Mysterious journey

1101 - Mysterious journey

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Teresa Ascone - Quonset


Teresa Ascone

Sarah Loft - Glass Abstract 99
Karla Kernz - Arkansas Sunset

Arkansas Sunset

Karla Kernz

Jon Burch Photography - Bear Lake Autumn

Bear Lake Autumn

Jon Burch Photography

Janice Rae Pariza - Priest Lake Colorado

Priest Lake Colorado

Janice Rae Pariza

WB Johnston - Opposing Forces

Opposing Forces

WB Johnston

Donna Tucker - Seth and Spiky Fishing
Ester  Rogers - Bass Tracker Boat

Bass Tracker Boat

Ester Rogers

Olahs Photography - Mother and Child...

Mother and Child...

Olahs Photography

Steve Luther - The Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant

Steve Luther

Lori Tambakis - Petals of White

Petals of White

Lori Tambakis

Feryal Faye Berber - Corella Pears

Corella Pears

Feryal Faye Berber

Julie Palencia - Morning Rays

Morning Rays

Julie Palencia

Michal Kwarciak - Catching a Goldfish

Catching a Goldfish

Michal Kwarciak

Karen Wiles - GLORY of DAWN


Karen Wiles

Jaunine Ammerman - Lake Superior Sunset...

Lake Superior Sunset...

Jaunine Ammerman

Teresa Ascone - Winter Serenity

Winter Serenity

Teresa Ascone

Pete Edmunds - Shoreline


Pete Edmunds

Charlie Cliques - Fool

Fool's Paradise

Charlie Cliques

Diane Schuster - Fall Spectacular

Fall Spectacular

Diane Schuster

Betsy Zimmerli - Between


Betsy Zimmerli

Jaunine Ammerman - Autumn on Red Jack Lake

Autumn on Red Jack Lake

Jaunine Ammerman

Karla Kernz - Fluelen


Karla Kernz

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Palm Beach Harbor

Palm Beach Harbor

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Gary Holmes - Making Waves

Making Waves

Gary Holmes

Roland Stanke - Reflections at Big Bar
Georgia Mizuleva - Kayaking Through Pink...

Kayaking Through Pink...

Georgia Mizuleva

Myrna Bradshaw - Foggy Morning Sunrise

Foggy Morning Sunrise

Myrna Bradshaw

Dustin  LeFevre - Reflection Canyon

Reflection Canyon

Dustin LeFevre

Teresa Ascone - Winter Rose II

Winter Rose II

Teresa Ascone

Gary Whitton - Oeschinensee - Swiss...
Charlie Cliques - New England Landscape...

New England Landscape...

Charlie Cliques

Brian Wallace - Stoney Creek Marina

Stoney Creek Marina

Brian Wallace

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Spellbound


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Barry Jones - Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes

Barry Jones

Saija  Lehtonen - Light Up the Skies

Light Up the Skies

Saija Lehtonen

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Autumn Trees Whakatane

Autumn Trees Whakatane

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Gerald Bienvenu - First Thaw

First Thaw

Gerald Bienvenu

Renee Sullivan - Savannah Romance

Savannah Romance

Renee Sullivan

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Country Tracks

Country Tracks

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Nina Fosdick - Sunset at Lake Mena

Sunset at Lake Mena

Nina Fosdick

Eva Kato - Yosemite Reflection
Neal  Eslinger - Yale-Myers Forest...

Yale-Myers Forest...

Neal Eslinger

Eugene Campbell - Sockets


Eugene Campbell

James Ekstrom - Water Droplet

Water Droplet

James Ekstrom

Shelby  Young - Autumn Harvest Sunset
Raymond Salani III - Oxbow Bend in Autumn

Oxbow Bend in Autumn

Raymond Salani III

Maria Feklistova - London

London's eye at night

Maria Feklistova

Guido Montanes Castillo - Artola beach

Artola beach

Guido Montanes Castillo

Nina Fosdick - Natural By Design

Natural By Design

Nina Fosdick

Michael Hoard - The Louisiana Creole...
Danielle  Parent - Water Ripples And Silver...
WB Johnston - Crescent


WB Johnston

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1398 Abstract Thought

1398 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Laura Duhaime - Beautiful Vibrant Sunset
Elmar Langle - Late Summer Sunset

Late Summer Sunset

Elmar Langle

Luther Fine Art - Bayview Bridge  At...

Bayview Bridge At...

Luther Fine Art

Jolly Van der Velden - Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station

Jolly Van der Velden

Andrew Lorimer - Algonquin Park Sunset

Algonquin Park Sunset

Andrew Lorimer

Mario Morales Rubi - Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Consciousness

Mario Morales Rubi

Cathy Mahnke - Seawalk Reflected

Seawalk Reflected

Cathy Mahnke

Eric Albright - Shuksan Dawn

Shuksan Dawn

Eric Albright

Claudia Mottram - Splash 1

Splash 1

Claudia Mottram

Karen Wiles - WHEN the HEAVENS OPEN
Christina Rollo - Coral Confetti Mosaic...

Coral Confetti Mosaic...

Christina Rollo

Mitch Shindelbower - Smoke And Mirrors

Smoke And Mirrors

Mitch Shindelbower

Jess Williams - Glowing Peaks on Lake...
Thierry Borcy - Reflections at Sunset

Reflections at Sunset

Thierry Borcy

Karla Kernz - Three Sides

Three Sides

Karla Kernz

Amanda Stadther - Lake Kaniere New Zealand

Lake Kaniere New Zealand

Amanda Stadther

Jon Burch Photography - Glacial Milk

Glacial Milk

Jon Burch Photography

Ivete Basso - Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Ivete Basso

Teresa Ascone - Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Teresa Ascone

Robert Murray - Sunset Symmetry

Sunset Symmetry

Robert Murray

Saija  Lehtonen - A Golden Evening

A Golden Evening

Saija Lehtonen

Aileen Mozug - Window Series #17

Window Series #17

Aileen Mozug

Alice Betsy Stone - FWFD Fire Department...

FWFD Fire Department...

Alice Betsy Stone

Alice Betsy Stone - Yard Sale Art

Yard Sale Art

Alice Betsy Stone

Kim Bemis - Sunset at the Indian...
Greg Norrell - Schwabacher Autumn...
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Reflections


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rene Triay Photography - Ponta Delgada Azores

Ponta Delgada Azores

Rene Triay Photography

Dustin  LeFevre - Agents of Atlantis

Agents of Atlantis

Dustin LeFevre

Stuart Litoff - Patricia Lake #2

Patricia Lake #2

Stuart Litoff

Rose-Maries Pictures - Memories Of A Sunset 2

Memories Of A Sunset 2

Rose-Maries Pictures

Scott Thorp - Chocorua Waterfront
Angela A Stanton - Evening Play of a...

Evening Play of a...

Angela A Stanton

Charline Xia - Dawning


Charline Xia

Rene Triay Photography - Downtown Miami Skyline...

Downtown Miami Skyline...

Rene Triay Photography

Jijo George - Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Jijo George

Chuck  Hicks - Elegance Reflected
Olahs Photography - Hallelujah


Olahs Photography

Ruth Jolly - Egret on golden pond
Andrea Kainz - Room with a View

Room with a View

Andrea Kainz

Jerry Cowart - Tranquil Scenic Flowing...
Katherine White - Silvery


Katherine White

Ed Weidman - Harry And Leona

Harry And Leona

Ed Weidman

Tam Ryan - Ruffles Have Ridges
Dustin  LeFevre - Fall of the Wasatch

Fall of the Wasatch

Dustin LeFevre

Faith Williams - Nature

Nature's Disco Dance

Faith Williams

Chris Gudger - Crystal Blue Persuasion
Georgia Mizuleva - Reflecting on...

Reflecting on...

Georgia Mizuleva

Karen Wiles - Jaguar


Karen Wiles

Louis Macovsky - Looking Glass Window

Looking Glass Window

Louis Macovsky

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Renee Sullivan - Tamarack Reflections

Tamarack Reflections

Renee Sullivan

Margaret Juul - Reflections Electrik

Reflections Electrik

Margaret Juul

Vishwanath Bhat - Sawtooth sunrise in...

Sawtooth sunrise in...

Vishwanath Bhat

Vishwanath Bhat - Boise River in winter

Boise River in winter

Vishwanath Bhat

Dan Myers - Sunset Reflections
Vicki Pelham - Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections

Vicki Pelham

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Jaunine Ammerman - First Color On The Dead...
Jean Doepkens Wright - New Cooper River Bridge

New Cooper River Bridge

Jean Doepkens Wright

Reid Callaway - Perfect Golf Sunset in...
Jon Burch Photography - Fitzsimmons Creek

Fitzsimmons Creek

Jon Burch Photography

Victor Daniel  Rosas Flores - Wood


Victor Daniel Rosas Flores

Teresa Ascone - Bethel House

Bethel House

Teresa Ascone

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Rainbow River

Rainbow River

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Hawaii  Fine Art Photography - Makena Morning

Makena Morning

Hawaii Fine Art Photography

Barbara Chichester - Four Deer Creek

Four Deer Creek

Barbara Chichester

Lauren Hunter - New York Perspective

New York Perspective

Lauren Hunter

D Hackett - Sunrise At The Lake
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Color on the...

Colorado Color on the...

Janice Rae Pariza

Ismo Raisanen - Sunset scenery in...

Sunset scenery in...

Ismo Raisanen

Gun Legler - Her Glass Facade

Her Glass Facade

Gun Legler

Dan Myers - 9th Street Bridge
Debbie Oppermann - The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Debbie Oppermann

Douglas Berry - Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Douglas Berry

Dean Ferreira - Hillsborough Concours...
Sean Griffin - Summer
Sandra Silva - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Sandra Silva

Dora Sofia Caputo - The Brooklyn Bridge - A...

The Brooklyn Bridge - A...

Dora Sofia Caputo

AnnaJo Vahle - Alligator Pod

Alligator Pod

AnnaJo Vahle

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Car Reflections

Car Reflections

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Eugene Campbell - Living Room Safari

Living Room Safari

Eugene Campbell

J Riley Stewart - Moon Setting Over Mount...
Lynda Lehmann - Walkway to Sunset

Walkway to Sunset

Lynda Lehmann

Nicklas Gustafsson - Drop The Bass

Drop The Bass

Nicklas Gustafsson

Richard Brookes - Behind The Waterfall

Behind The Waterfall

Richard Brookes

Stephen Warren - Moon Beacon

Moon Beacon

Stephen Warren

Michal Kwarciak - Waiting in my Dreams

Waiting in my Dreams

Michal Kwarciak

Bill  Wakeley - Nightfall Seascape

Nightfall Seascape

Bill Wakeley

Terry DeLuco - Historic Smithville Shop...
Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley - Lake Gem

Lake Gem

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley

Shelby  Young - Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Shelby Young

Mike Griffiths - Auutmn Reflections

Auutmn Reflections

Mike Griffiths

Brenda Ketch - Halo sunset

Halo sunset

Brenda Ketch

Reid Callaway - Wait Until We Are Full...
Brian Chase - Vancouver
Linda Prewer - This is Your Life

This is Your Life

Linda Prewer

 Andrea Lazar - Steel Black and Blue...
Ian Mitchell - Autumn Waltz

Autumn Waltz

Ian Mitchell

Maria Angelica Maira - Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs

Maria Angelica Maira

John Straton - Garden Water Fall at...
Laurie Search - Misty Memories

Misty Memories

Laurie Search

Cynthia Guinn - Beautiful Sky Over Ocean
Catherine Melvin - Misted Fly Fishing

Misted Fly Fishing

Catherine Melvin

Jaunine Ammerman - Fall In The Park

Fall In The Park

Jaunine Ammerman

Mark Alder - Foggy Harbor

Foggy Harbor

Mark Alder

Jijo George - Singapore City

Singapore City

Jijo George

Lori Deiter - Rural Reflections

Rural Reflections

Lori Deiter

Stuart Litoff - Clouds Above and Below
Cathy Mahnke - Fireweed on the...

Fireweed on the...

Cathy Mahnke

Aron Kearney Photography - A Day at Sea

A Day at Sea

Aron Kearney Photography