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Abstracts of Urban and Nature Photography



Group Administrator

Marilyn Cornwell

Grimsby, ON


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Group Overview

This group was started on August 3rd, 2012 and currently has:


365 Members


1,750 Images


65 Discussions

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Abstracts of Urban and Nature Photography

About This Group

This group is for the abstract images - entirely abstract with no noticeable or identifiable object (such as a tree, leaf, stream, be identified).

As well this group is for PHOTOGRAPHIC images. These are created from the physical circumstances of real things where the physical object has been left behind to create abstract works of art seen by the photographer and revealed to the viewer.

The source of this abstract beauty is found in nature such as rocks, trees, floral, leaf and plant details - in the natural world. It also exists in urban settings created by humankind in streets, architecture, reflections, junkyards, behind buildings where many layers of wall paint is peeling, on the surfaces of dumpsters, in metal, paint, cement and glass.

This is NOT for images capturing trees, florals, plants, buildings, nuts and bolts, or urban scenes. The physical object is LESS RECOGNIZABLE - it has been abstracted and is now something different - it tells a new story.

This means that scenic landscapes, city scales, floral portraits, etc are not in the scope of this group. Traditional art is NOT in scope - the group does not accept images tagged with acrylic or that indicate this is an original art work.

Please check your image before you submit it to make sure it will fit with the group scope.

FAA Forum Rules apply in the group. These can be found at:

Featured Images

Mahmoud FineArt - Silky Thoughts

Silky Thoughts

Mahmoud FineArt

Fei Alexander - Surface 2

Surface 2

Fei Alexander

Peta Thames - Three Pillars

Three Pillars

Peta Thames

Marcia Lee Jones - Metal Grass

Metal Grass

Marcia Lee Jones

James Aiken - Starry Night Abstract
Connie Holman - Natural abstract Rock...
Pete Edmunds - Condensation 05 - The...
Peta Thames - Blue


Peta Thames

Rachel Cohen - Moon Drops and Peaches
Fei Alexander - The curve mirrors the sky
Pete Edmunds - Condensation 34 - Vortex...
Steven Schwartzman - Greenbrier Leaf in Fall

Greenbrier Leaf in Fall

Steven Schwartzman

Robert Woodward - Bristle Details

Bristle Details

Robert Woodward

Pete Edmunds - Basketball Arena -...
Nikolyn McDonald - Sand Pattern Abstract #2...
Pete Edmunds - Condensation 05 -...
Susan Serna - Orchid Dreams of Fuchsia
Marcia Lee Jones - Shades Of Excitement

Shades Of Excitement

Marcia Lee Jones

Eva Kato - Frozen River Below
Susan Serna - Hibiscus


Susan Serna

Lauren Hunter - Half and Half

Half and Half

Lauren Hunter

Fred  Sheridan - Ice Tree and Stones

Ice Tree and Stones

Fred Sheridan

Kim Bemis - Ocean City Maryland at...
Susan Serna - Reeds Reflection

Reeds Reflection

Susan Serna

Margaret Juul Ammann - Flourescent


Margaret Juul Ammann

Christine Till - Stairway to Heaven in...
Sandy Tolman - Glass and Steel - 2934
Fei Alexander - Realm No. 6

Realm No. 6

Fei Alexander

Jennifer Rock - Look Beyond

Look Beyond

Jennifer Rock

Diane montana Jansson - Emma


Diane montana Jansson

Pamela Patch - Graffiti Abstract

Graffiti Abstract

Pamela Patch

Pete Edmunds - Condensation 88 - Reef
David Stone - Street Blue

Street Blue

David Stone

Taylor Jones - Molten Hues

Molten Hues

Taylor Jones

Nancy Harrison - Primary Vision

Primary Vision

Nancy Harrison

Jan Bickerton - Burning Bokeh

Burning Bokeh

Jan Bickerton

Nancy Harrison - Fun


Nancy Harrison

First Star Art  - Vertical Chicago by...

Vertical Chicago by...

First Star Art

Robert Woodward - Sundial Bridge And...

Sundial Bridge And...

Robert Woodward

Rona Black - Steel Currents

Steel Currents

Rona Black

Jennifer Rock - Frozen Beach

Frozen Beach

Jennifer Rock

David Stone - Station Wall

Station Wall

David Stone

Lauren Hunter - Reflecting Attitudes

Reflecting Attitudes

Lauren Hunter

James Aiken - Step in the Right...
Jan Bickerton - Marmalade


Jan Bickerton

Dietmar Fink - Waterdrops Nr.2

Waterdrops Nr.2

Dietmar Fink

Edgar Laureano - Glass sphere

Glass sphere

Edgar Laureano

Vivian Christopher - Salt Blocks Bolivia

Salt Blocks Bolivia

Vivian Christopher

Eva Kato - A Wave of Color
Sami Tiainen - Ice Layers

Ice Layers

Sami Tiainen

Tim Richards - River in the Cliff

River in the Cliff

Tim Richards

Holly Martin - Mauve Skies

Mauve Skies

Holly Martin

Marcia Lee Jones - Eagle Wings

Eagle Wings

Marcia Lee Jones

Petros Yiannakas - Canis de Galactic

Canis de Galactic

Petros Yiannakas

Lauren Hunter - 987


Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Horizon


Lauren Hunter

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Wanderer


Sweet Moments Photography

Robert Woodward - Heart Rock

Heart Rock

Robert Woodward

Nikolyn McDonald - Whispering


Nikolyn McDonald

Apurva Madia - V


Apurva Madia

Lauren Kunkler - Dream Waves

Dream Waves

Lauren Kunkler

Steve Taylor - Textured Petals

Textured Petals

Steve Taylor

Susan Serna - Hoarfrost Abstract

Hoarfrost Abstract

Susan Serna

Marcia Lee Jones - Secret Language

Secret Language

Marcia Lee Jones

James Aiken - Ice Wood and Sun...
Fred  Sheridan - Icy Grassland

Icy Grassland

Fred Sheridan

Rachel Cohen - IDS Tower Minneapolis ...
Robert Woodward - Water Ghost

Water Ghost

Robert Woodward

Lee Craig - Red Temptations Abstract
Xoanxo Cespon - Little Pond

Little Pond

Xoanxo Cespon

James Orme - Yellow Pattern

Yellow Pattern

James Orme

Fei Alexander - City Under the Pressures
Lauren Hunter - Blue Ribbon Collage

Blue Ribbon Collage

Lauren Hunter

Sami Tiainen - Winter

Winter's Jewels

Sami Tiainen

Mahmoud FineArt - Flatulence Through The...
Ashley Mann - Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge

Ashley Mann

Ashley Mann - Palo Duro Canyon...
Fred  Sheridan - Iced Stones

Iced Stones

Fred Sheridan

James Orme - Laser Haze

Laser Haze

James Orme

Gary Holmes - Starburst for the New...
Marcia Colelli - Abstract


Marcia Colelli

Robert Woodward - Stream Art

Stream Art

Robert Woodward

Mahmoud FineArt - Frozen Tree Branch

Frozen Tree Branch

Mahmoud FineArt

Andrea Goodrich - Blue Abstract 2

Blue Abstract 2

Andrea Goodrich

Fei Alexander - The Wounded Telephone...
Karol  Livote - Ice Abstract

Ice Abstract

Karol Livote

Jean Schweitzer -  Beach of Calvi

Beach of Calvi

Jean Schweitzer

Craig Rea - Automobile Americana 9
Rona Black - Just a Facade

Just a Facade

Rona Black

Lauren Hunter - Outsider


Lauren Hunter

Mahmoud FineArt - Breeze Through The Leaves
Jan Bickerton - Golden Glow

Golden Glow

Jan Bickerton

Fei Alexander - The Wall Flower

The Wall Flower

Fei Alexander

Ashley Mann - Tracks


Ashley Mann

Wendy Wilton - Sea And Sand

Sea And Sand

Wendy Wilton

Candee Lucas - Stone eclipse

Stone eclipse

Candee Lucas

Lauren Hunter - Driftwood 4

Driftwood 4

Lauren Hunter

Marcia Lee Jones - Layers


Marcia Lee Jones

James Orme - Bright


James Orme

Hilde Widerberg - Geysir


Hilde Widerberg

Fei Alexander - Wall No.22 color version
WEB Shooter - Sunsets at Last

Sunsets at Last

WEB Shooter

Fred  Sheridan - Thrill


Fred Sheridan

James Aiken - Spiral Slide E

Spiral Slide E

James Aiken

Eva Kato - Window Frost

Window Frost

Eva Kato

Diana Sainz - Spiral Spin By Diana...
Edgar Laureano - Whirl


Edgar Laureano

Rona Black - Sky Box at The Getty 2
Craig Rea - Light Art - Flower
Jan Bickerton - Happy Inside

Happy Inside

Jan Bickerton

Craig Rea - Max the Magical Dog
Charmaine Frost - Sunset Splatters

Sunset Splatters

Charmaine Frost

Robert Riordan - Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt

Robert Riordan

Mahmoud FineArt - Greetings from Mushroom...
James Aiken - Perforated Panel...
Jan Bickerton - Hot Gossip

Hot Gossip

Jan Bickerton

Judi Bagwell - Inside the Ferris Wheel
Vlad Bubnov - Bird of Chaos - Metal...
Susan Serna - Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow

Susan Serna

Vlad Bubnov - Mind Bend - Surreal sky...
Steve Taylor - The Fabric of Space

The Fabric of Space

Steve Taylor

Fei Alexander - The Dividing

The Dividing

Fei Alexander

Susan Serna - Underwater World 4

Underwater World 4

Susan Serna


Back in Time


Petros Yiannakas - The Premature Burial

The Premature Burial

Petros Yiannakas

Roseanne Jones - Urban Graffiti

Urban Graffiti

Roseanne Jones

Roseanne Jones - Graffiti Grunge

Graffiti Grunge

Roseanne Jones

Hilde Widerberg - Town House

Town House

Hilde Widerberg

Mother Nature - Crystal Wonderland

Crystal Wonderland

Mother Nature

Leia Sopicki - Plant Life - Red

Plant Life - Red

Leia Sopicki

Mahmoud FineArt - Hello Winter Nr. 2

Hello Winter Nr. 2

Mahmoud FineArt

Fei Alexander - The leaves were here...
Nikolyn McDonald - Three Boards and a Hinge

Three Boards and a Hinge

Nikolyn McDonald

Alexander Senin - Winter Topography

Winter Topography

Alexander Senin

Fei Alexander - Cardboard
Fei Alexander - Stacked Euphemistic-...
Vlad Bubnov - The Wall Cracked

The Wall Cracked

Vlad Bubnov

Lauren Hunter - Aqua and Rust

Aqua and Rust

Lauren Hunter

Ron Evans - Woodland of Amber and...
Ron Evans - Stumps in the Mist
Wendy Wilton - Repetition


Wendy Wilton

Peta Thames - Bricks and Water

Bricks and Water

Peta Thames

Mel Noodelman - Enoki Mushroom

Enoki Mushroom

Mel Noodelman

Leia Sopicki - Plant Life - Green

Plant Life - Green

Leia Sopicki

Fred  Sheridan - Raindrop


Fred Sheridan

David Stone - Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

David Stone

Angela Rose - Macro Rose

Macro Rose

Angela Rose

Zeana Romanovna - Soft Rose Semi Abstract

Soft Rose Semi Abstract

Zeana Romanovna

Hilde Widerberg - Leave And The Squares

Leave And The Squares

Hilde Widerberg

David Stone - Water - Color

Water - Color

David Stone

Lauren Hunter - A Little Outside the...
Hilde Widerberg - The Rainbow Animal

The Rainbow Animal

Hilde Widerberg

Jan Bickerton - Blue of the Night

Blue of the Night

Jan Bickerton

Helga Koehrer-Wagner - Yellow and Green Lines...

Yellow and Green Lines...

Helga Koehrer-Wagner

Mahmoud FineArt - Bark


Mahmoud FineArt

Dorothy Menera - Cliffside Dwellings

Cliffside Dwellings

Dorothy Menera

Lauren Hunter - Tubular Tumble

Tubular Tumble

Lauren Hunter

James Aiken - Perforated Panel...
Robert Riordan - Green Sweep

Green Sweep

Robert Riordan

Tim Richards - Freycinet Shores 2

Freycinet Shores 2

Tim Richards

John Langdon - Black Sand At Low Tide
Jim Finch - Tragopogon dubius
Hilde Widerberg - Crying Eye

Crying Eye

Hilde Widerberg

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - Psycedelic Seabird

Psycedelic Seabird


Hilde Widerberg - Submarine


Hilde Widerberg

James Aiken - Corrugated Music

Corrugated Music

James Aiken

Douglas MooreZart - California Cityscape No....

California Cityscape No....

Douglas MooreZart

Edgar Laureano - Wave 01

Wave 01

Edgar Laureano

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - A Prize Succulent

A Prize Succulent


George Guarino - Dial Up The Action

Dial Up The Action

George Guarino

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Petals of Love

Petals of Love

Sweet Moments Photography




Marcia Colelli - Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Marcia Colelli

Mahmoud FineArt - Gladness


Mahmoud FineArt

Sami Tiainen - Spiking 2

Spiking 2

Sami Tiainen

James Aiken - Architectural Abstract
Alexander Senin - Lot Number 9 Of The...

Lot Number 9 Of The...

Alexander Senin

Casper Cammeraat - Signs-17


Casper Cammeraat

Mahmoud FineArt - Wind through Grass

Wind through Grass

Mahmoud FineArt

Jan Bickerton - Aura


Jan Bickerton

Rona Black - Gehry Magic

Gehry Magic

Rona Black

Rona Black - The Edge of Night
Pamela Patch - Vertical Abstract

Vertical Abstract

Pamela Patch

Carol Hyman - An Invitation to Sit
Tim Richards - Autumn Deer Spirit

Autumn Deer Spirit

Tim Richards

Lauren Hunter - Window Knots

Window Knots

Lauren Hunter

Christi Kraft - Blue Shade

Blue Shade

Christi Kraft

Hilde Widerberg - The Red Nose

The Red Nose

Hilde Widerberg

Lauren Hunter - The Inner Side of...

The Inner Side of...

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Traces of Ourselves

Traces of Ourselves

Lauren Hunter

Casper Cammeraat - Reach out

Reach out

Casper Cammeraat

Wendy Wilton - Striped


Wendy Wilton

Judi Bagwell - Shadecloth


Judi Bagwell

George Guarino - Emerge Intact

Emerge Intact

George Guarino

Sami Tiainen - Colors of Nature 11

Colors of Nature 11

Sami Tiainen

Marcia Colelli - Weathered


Marcia Colelli

Patricia Januszkiewicz - Berea Sandstone

Berea Sandstone

Patricia Januszkiewicz

Hilde Widerberg - Under Water

Under Water

Hilde Widerberg

Judi Bagwell - Chain Mail

Chain Mail

Judi Bagwell

Debra Vronch - Spikes


Debra Vronch

Sami Tiainen - Colors of Nature 14

Colors of Nature 14

Sami Tiainen

Tim Richards - Canyon Textile Design
Annie  DeMilo - Chordss Abstract

Chordss Abstract

Annie DeMilo

Kate Purdy - A Rainbow Within

A Rainbow Within

Kate Purdy

Jan Bickerton - Kaleidoscope


Jan Bickerton

Mahmoud FineArt - Twisted Branch

Twisted Branch

Mahmoud FineArt

Judi Bagwell - Gridlock


Judi Bagwell

Marcia Colelli - Chipped


Marcia Colelli

Lee Craig - Stepwatch


Lee Craig

Mahmoud FineArt - Dancing Colors

Dancing Colors

Mahmoud FineArt

Petros Yiannakas - Ballerina


Petros Yiannakas

Alexander Senin - Pink And White

Pink And White

Alexander Senin

Marcia Colelli - Boxcar Ladder

Boxcar Ladder

Marcia Colelli

David Bowman - Office Corner

Office Corner

David Bowman

Lee Craig - Thru Rain

Thru Rain

Lee Craig

WEB Shooter - Aspen Wannabe

Aspen Wannabe

WEB Shooter

Hilde Widerberg - The Strange Little...

The Strange Little...

Hilde Widerberg

Hilde Widerberg - The Old Gate

The Old Gate

Hilde Widerberg

Lauren Hunter - Bender


Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Evening Sky

Evening Sky

Lauren Hunter

Hilde Widerberg - Let The Fight Begin

Let The Fight Begin

Hilde Widerberg

WEB Shooter - The Milky Way My Way
Sami Tiainen - Winter Breeze

Winter Breeze

Sami Tiainen

Robert Riordan - Wall Palette

Wall Palette

Robert Riordan

Annie  DeMilo - Saigon Moon Two

Saigon Moon Two

Annie DeMilo

Annie  DeMilo - Tusked


Annie DeMilo

Annie  DeMilo - Centrifugal


Annie DeMilo

Julia Fine Art And Photography - Dachstein Ice Cave

Dachstein Ice Cave

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Annie  DeMilo - Maze


Annie DeMilo

Debra Vronch - Sunrise


Debra Vronch

Edgar Laureano - Blue on wood

Blue on wood

Edgar Laureano

EGiclee Digital Prints - Pink


EGiclee Digital Prints

Patricia Strand - Stacked Gold

Stacked Gold

Patricia Strand

Sami Tiainen - Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher

Sami Tiainen

Newel Hunter - Urban Art 2

Urban Art 2

Newel Hunter

Nikolyn McDonald - Color Palette

Color Palette

Nikolyn McDonald

Sabrina L Ryan - A Whisper of a Leaf

A Whisper of a Leaf

Sabrina L Ryan

Steve Taylor - Birching


Steve Taylor

Sweet Moments Photography                  - We

We'll Dance in Heaven

Sweet Moments Photography

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Metal Abstract

Metal Abstract

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Vivian Christopher - Autumn Aspens

Autumn Aspens

Vivian Christopher

Hilde Widerberg - Fat Duck

Fat Duck

Hilde Widerberg

Debra Vronch - Pink


Debra Vronch

Peta Thames - Peacock Feathers Abstract
Wendy Wilton - Abstract Of Pink

Abstract Of Pink

Wendy Wilton

Mary Bedy - Washed Up 3

Washed Up 3

Mary Bedy

Mother Nature - Autumn Explosion

Autumn Explosion

Mother Nature

Xoanxo Cespon - Beams Farnham Shapes 18
George Guarino - Purity Wash

Purity Wash

George Guarino

Eva Kato - Zebra Water

Zebra Water

Eva Kato

Bobbie Barth - Pastel Playground

Pastel Playground

Bobbie Barth

Luke Moore - Three Two One Liftoff
Annie  DeMilo - Denim Sun Red

Denim Sun Red

Annie DeMilo

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Vintage Patina No. 1

Vintage Patina No. 1

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Mary Bedy - Marsh Grass Reflections...
Robert Riordan - Strata


Robert Riordan

Sami Tiainen - Strike


Sami Tiainen

Dorothy Menera - Downhill Skiing

Downhill Skiing

Dorothy Menera

Wendy Wilton - Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold

Wendy Wilton

Tim Richards - Waves of Time

Waves of Time

Tim Richards

George Guarino - Washed Memory

Washed Memory

George Guarino

Eva Kato - Ripples of Light
George Guarino - Opportunity In Time

Opportunity In Time

George Guarino

George Guarino - Solid Movement

Solid Movement

George Guarino

Brian Chase - Shattered


Brian Chase

Shirley Sirois - Ever Caring

Ever Caring

Shirley Sirois

Elena Nosyreva - Hosta


Elena Nosyreva

Mark Weaver - Abstract


Mark Weaver

Alexander Senin - The Road To Home -...

The Road To Home -...

Alexander Senin

Sandra Pena de Ortiz - The God Man

The God Man

Sandra Pena de Ortiz

Marcia Lee Jones - Mountain Reflection

Mountain Reflection

Marcia Lee Jones

Sabrina L Ryan - A Little Curl

A Little Curl

Sabrina L Ryan

Lee Craig - Lavender and Cream and...
Pamela Patch - Fresnel Abstract

Fresnel Abstract

Pamela Patch

Lenny Carter - Sky Wisps BW

Sky Wisps BW

Lenny Carter

Sabrina L Ryan - A Star

A Star

Sabrina L Ryan

Petros Yiannakas - Cyclist


Petros Yiannakas

Lauren Hunter - Lusted


Lauren Hunter

Newel Hunter - Neon Glow 2

Neon Glow 2

Newel Hunter

Newel Hunter - Urban Abstract 1

Urban Abstract 1

Newel Hunter

Eva Kato - Layers of Hoodoos
Robert Riordan - Fracked


Robert Riordan

George Guarino - Complex Simplicity

Complex Simplicity

George Guarino

George Guarino - Finding Center

Finding Center

George Guarino

Angela Seager - Abstract Iris Dream

Abstract Iris Dream

Angela Seager

Annie  DeMilo - Elicitation


Annie DeMilo

Alexander Senin - Frozen Hearts - Featured...
Bobbie Barth - Autumn in The Air

Autumn in The Air

Bobbie Barth

George Guarino - Being Still

Being Still

George Guarino

Carol Groenen - Nature Abstract - Clear...
Raj Jain - The Wall III

The Wall III

Raj Jain

Lauren Hunter - Fly Away

Fly Away

Lauren Hunter

Alexander Senin - Skin Of The Season -...

Skin Of The Season -...

Alexander Senin

Eva Kato - Starburst


Eva Kato

Raj Jain - The Wall I

The Wall I

Raj Jain

Robert Riordan - Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower

Robert Riordan

Karol  Livote - Simply Straight

Simply Straight

Karol Livote

Ann Johndro-Collins - Lichen this Rock

Lichen this Rock

Ann Johndro-Collins

Marcia Lee Jones - Industrial Smoke

Industrial Smoke

Marcia Lee Jones

Lee Craig - Aspen Shadow

Aspen Shadow

Lee Craig

Ethna Gillespie - Jaundiced Moley

Jaundiced Moley

Ethna Gillespie

Shawna  Rowe - Twisted View

Twisted View

Shawna Rowe

Ethna Gillespie - Ferns


Ethna Gillespie

Alexander Senin - Phone Case - Liquid...

Phone Case - Liquid...

Alexander Senin

Alexander Senin - Phone Case - Liquid...

Phone Case - Liquid...

Alexander Senin

Zeljko Dozet - Cutting In

Cutting In

Zeljko Dozet

Eva Kato - Undulating Rhythm
Alexander Senin - It is over over over...

It is over over over...

Alexander Senin

Annie  DeMilo - Red Brick House...

Red Brick House...

Annie DeMilo

Lauren Hunter - Fade to Gray

Fade to Gray

Lauren Hunter

David Bowman - House Corner

House Corner

David Bowman

Eva Kato - Windows of my Mind
Marcia Lee Jones - Visitors


Marcia Lee Jones

Marcia Lee Jones - The Beginning of...

The Beginning of...

Marcia Lee Jones

Bobbie Barth - Hanging On

Hanging On

Bobbie Barth

Zeljko Dozet - Officirac


Zeljko Dozet

Alexander Senin - Through The Ice Age And...
Christi Kraft - Hallway to Nowhere

Hallway to Nowhere

Christi Kraft

Jenny Forker - Nye 9

Nye 9

Jenny Forker

David Bowman - Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

David Bowman

Ethna Gillespie - Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie

Ethna Gillespie

Christi Kraft - Spheres and Steps

Spheres and Steps

Christi Kraft

Mark Weaver - Abstract


Mark Weaver

David Bowman - De Hoge Brug

De Hoge Brug

David Bowman

Robert Riordan - Heavy Metal 2

Heavy Metal 2

Robert Riordan

Gary Holmes - Angel Wing Variation...
A K Dayton - Minneapolis Abstract I
Gary Holmes - Solar Flair

Solar Flair

Gary Holmes

Matt Dobson - Abstract Tulips Panorama
Fred  Sheridan - Distractions


Fred Sheridan

Annie  DeMilo - Brushstrokes One

Brushstrokes One

Annie DeMilo

Richard Coda - World Trade Center

World Trade Center

Richard Coda

David Bowman - Three Towers

Three Towers

David Bowman

Annie  DeMilo - Warrior Abstract

Warrior Abstract

Annie DeMilo

Robert Riordan - Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface

Robert Riordan

Gary Holmes - Melon Crater Abstract
Robert Riordan - Weathered Paint

Weathered Paint

Robert Riordan

Christi Kraft - Shadows of Carpentry

Shadows of Carpentry

Christi Kraft

Carolyn Kami Loughlin - Fandeck


Carolyn Kami Loughlin

Annie  DeMilo - Arial Abstract

Arial Abstract

Annie DeMilo

Annie  DeMilo - Pipes Pretty in Pink
Roman Aj - Tree


Roman Aj

Karol  Livote - Never Ending

Never Ending

Karol Livote

Sandra Bronstein - Nature

Nature's Mosaic

Sandra Bronstein

Robert Riordan - Steel Wharf

Steel Wharf

Robert Riordan

Lauren Hunter - Inferno


Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Treble Clef

Treble Clef

Lauren Hunter

Ethna Gillespie - Don
Newel Hunter - Urban Abstract

Urban Abstract

Newel Hunter

Thomas Woolworth - Hey Hey Chicago Cub Fans

Hey Hey Chicago Cub Fans

Thomas Woolworth

Annie  DeMilo - Chairstacks


Annie DeMilo

Robert Riordan - Bolt from the Blue

Bolt from the Blue

Robert Riordan

Lauren Hunter - Cauldren


Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Invitation


Lauren Hunter

Sandra Bronstein - Palm Frond Abstract

Palm Frond Abstract

Sandra Bronstein

Eena Bo - Dead Lotuses

Dead Lotuses

Eena Bo

Eena Bo - House On The Lake
Eena Bo - Dimensions


Eena Bo

Eena Bo - Faces


Eena Bo

Mark Weaver - Abstract


Mark Weaver

Rachel Cohen - Spring Stream

Spring Stream

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen - Spring Ahead

Spring Ahead

Rachel Cohen

Newel Hunter - Underneath it all

Underneath it all

Newel Hunter

Newel Hunter - Metal Abstract

Metal Abstract

Newel Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Flame


Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Endeavor


Lauren Hunter

Robert Riordan - Steel Eye

Steel Eye

Robert Riordan

A K Dayton - Black Slash Beige
Paul Hasara - Architecture -...

Architecture -...

Paul Hasara

Paul Hasara - Architecture -...

Architecture -...

Paul Hasara

Xoanxo Cespon - Time on a string 3

Time on a string 3

Xoanxo Cespon

 Tolere - Night light in NYC
Carolyn Kami Loughlin - Metallic


Carolyn Kami Loughlin

Fred  Sheridan - Interruption


Fred Sheridan

DeAnn Peterson - Adobe


DeAnn Peterson

Omaste Witkowski - Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Omaste Witkowski

Roseanne Jones - Urban Grunge 3 of 6

Urban Grunge 3 of 6

Roseanne Jones

Margaret Saheed - Spring Eucalypt Abstract...
Margaret Saheed - Summer Eucalypt Abstract...
Leena Pekkalainen - Waves of Grey

Waves of Grey

Leena Pekkalainen

Roseanne Jones - Urban Grunge 1 of 6

Urban Grunge 1 of 6

Roseanne Jones

Robert Riordan - Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Robert Riordan

Annie  DeMilo - Tuscan Landscape Abstract
Christi Kraft - Blinded By Shadows

Blinded By Shadows

Christi Kraft

Shaun Maclellan - Beauty is Hidden 2

Beauty is Hidden 2

Shaun Maclellan

Carol Groenen - Golden Leaf 2

Golden Leaf 2

Carol Groenen

Gary Cross - Prism
Robert Riordan - Waterfall


Robert Riordan

Zoia  Luecht - Zeil


Zoia Luecht

Steve Taylor - Batman Vs Spiderman

Batman Vs Spiderman

Steve Taylor

Kathie Nichols - Celtic fire

Celtic fire

Kathie Nichols

Kathie Nichols - Path to Consciousness

Path to Consciousness

Kathie Nichols

Robert Riordan - Rail Lines 2

Rail Lines 2

Robert Riordan

Robert Riordan - Eye Beam

Eye Beam

Robert Riordan

Jenny Forker - Inflated Blue and Yellow
Marcia Lee Jones - Space Fallout

Space Fallout

Marcia Lee Jones

Marcia Lee Jones - Orange Eye

Orange Eye

Marcia Lee Jones

John  Bartosik - Stairway


John Bartosik

Xoanxo Cespon - Man made Abstract 1

Man made Abstract 1

Xoanxo Cespon

Xoanxo Cespon - Man made Abstract 2

Man made Abstract 2

Xoanxo Cespon

Xoanxo Cespon - Man made Abstract 3

Man made Abstract 3

Xoanxo Cespon

Annie  DeMilo - Camera Strap Navy Orange
Xoanxo Cespon - Path 1

Path 1

Xoanxo Cespon

Xoanxo Cespon - Path 2

Path 2

Xoanxo Cespon

Mark Van Norman - Hong kong 2

Hong kong 2

Mark Van Norman

Marcia Lee Jones - The View in the Eye

The View in the Eye

Marcia Lee Jones

Lauren Hunter - Lips Askew

Lips Askew

Lauren Hunter

Angela Seager - Art in Architecture 174
Petros Yiannakas - Warrior


Petros Yiannakas

Xoanxo Cespon - Arte Urban 15

Arte Urban 15

Xoanxo Cespon

Marcia Lee Jones - Ravages of Age

Ravages of Age

Marcia Lee Jones

Robert Riordan - Bow Splash

Bow Splash

Robert Riordan

Robert Riordan - Weathered Heart

Weathered Heart

Robert Riordan

Annie  DeMilo - Red Ruby and Chocolate
Steve Taylor - The Cloud of Roses

The Cloud of Roses

Steve Taylor

Gary Cross - The Hulk

The Hulk

Gary Cross

Gary Cross - Spiderman


Gary Cross

Gary Cross - Dr Manhattan

Dr Manhattan

Gary Cross

Gary Cross - Whie Noise

Whie Noise

Gary Cross

Robert Riordan - Shipyard Abstract

Shipyard Abstract

Robert Riordan

Mark Weaver - Absrtract - Rust And...
Karol  Livote - Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Karol Livote

Nadine and Bob Johnston - Azurite a Natural...

Azurite a Natural...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

John  Bartosik - San Nicholas Church

San Nicholas Church

John Bartosik

Robert Riordan - Fiberglass Abstract

Fiberglass Abstract

Robert Riordan

Jacob Brewer - Predator


Jacob Brewer

Christoph Caina - Flowerpower


Christoph Caina

Marcia Lee Jones - The World Above

The World Above

Marcia Lee Jones

Eva Kato - Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell

Eva Kato

Eva Kato - Landscape Abstract
Robert Riordan - Shipwrecked


Robert Riordan

Robert Riordan - Oceanscape


Robert Riordan

Lauren Hunter - Stars and Stripes Forever
Mark Van Norman - 3 Gorges 7

3 Gorges 7

Mark Van Norman

Xoanxo Cespon - Corcubion 10

Corcubion 10

Xoanxo Cespon

Marcia Lee Jones - Red Brick

Red Brick

Marcia Lee Jones

Annie  DeMilo - Heavenly Body

Heavenly Body

Annie DeMilo

A K Dayton - Franklin Liquor

Franklin Liquor

A K Dayton

Rona Black - Topography of Rust
Clare Bambers - Spider

Spider's Web.

Clare Bambers

Lucinda Walter - Flowing Sand in Antelope...
Alexander Senin - The Angle Project -...

The Angle Project -...

Alexander Senin

Robert Riordan - Light Shards

Light Shards

Robert Riordan

Micheline Heroux - Beach sand art

Beach sand art

Micheline Heroux

Douglas Taylor - A Slice Of Color

A Slice Of Color

Douglas Taylor

Douglas Taylor - Petrified Wood - Color...
Petros Yiannakas - Cyclop


Petros Yiannakas

Xoanxo Cespon - Cores Marineiras

Cores Marineiras

Xoanxo Cespon

Marcia Lee Jones - Crooked Stairs

Crooked Stairs

Marcia Lee Jones

Annie  DeMilo - Dotted Precision

Dotted Precision

Annie DeMilo

Philip Haxby Thompson - River Wood

River Wood

Philip Haxby Thompson

Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis - Splash


Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis

Xoanxo Cespon - Corcubion 3

Corcubion 3

Xoanxo Cespon

Xoanxo Cespon - Arte Urban 10

Arte Urban 10

Xoanxo Cespon

Gary Holmes - Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Gary Holmes

Lauren Hunter - Indian Blanket

Indian Blanket

Lauren Hunter

Newel Hunter - Ladder Effect

Ladder Effect

Newel Hunter

Denise Bossarte - Slipped Boats Series 8-02
Mark Weaver - Abstract


Mark Weaver

Marcia Lee Jones - Old Crone

Old Crone

Marcia Lee Jones

Fran Riley - Overlap


Fran Riley

Robert Riordan - Steel Lines

Steel Lines

Robert Riordan

Marisa Kestel - Drowning all the cares...
Marcia Lee Jones - Fire Arrow

Fire Arrow

Marcia Lee Jones

Fran Riley - Maximum Decay

Maximum Decay

Fran Riley

Marcia Lee Jones - Bright Hues

Bright Hues

Marcia Lee Jones

Lauren Hunter - String Theory

String Theory

Lauren Hunter

Sean Kirkpatrick - Ocean


Sean Kirkpatrick

Petros Yiannakas - Girl Praying

Girl Praying

Petros Yiannakas

Marcia Lee Jones - Orange Tree

Orange Tree

Marcia Lee Jones

Newel Hunter - E equals MC squared

E equals MC squared

Newel Hunter

Robert Riordan - Waterline


Robert Riordan

Jessica Berlin - SS United States...

SS United States...

Jessica Berlin

Sabrina L Ryan - Leaf Abstract

Leaf Abstract

Sabrina L Ryan

Xoanxo Cespon - Arte Urban 3

Arte Urban 3

Xoanxo Cespon

Xoanxo Cespon - Arte Urban

Arte Urban

Xoanxo Cespon

Newel Hunter - Gradients


Newel Hunter

Lauren Hunter - Fantasia


Lauren Hunter

Maia Oprea - Traces


Maia Oprea

Petros Yiannakas - Anarchy


Petros Yiannakas

Petros Yiannakas - Baby Planets

Baby Planets

Petros Yiannakas

Marcia Lee Jones - A Vision of Hell

A Vision of Hell

Marcia Lee Jones

Gary Holmes - Tubular Sunset

Tubular Sunset

Gary Holmes

Lauren Hunter - Angst


Lauren Hunter

Lenny Carter - Ripple Stages 3

Ripple Stages 3

Lenny Carter

A K Dayton - Guitar Abstract I
Robert Riordan - WaveLength


Robert Riordan

Fran McMullen - Glow


Fran McMullen

Rachel Cohen - Ghost of Agave

Ghost of Agave

Rachel Cohen

Mark Weaver - Grafitti Abstract

Grafitti Abstract

Mark Weaver

Mark Van Norman - Paris/Pompidou


Mark Van Norman

Sandra Bronstein - Coming Together

Coming Together

Sandra Bronstein

Clare Bambers - Abstract in Blues.

Abstract in Blues.

Clare Bambers

Peter Benkmann - Turbine


Peter Benkmann

Xoanxo Cespon - Let the Sunshine In 1

Let the Sunshine In 1

Xoanxo Cespon

A K Dayton - The Bean Five

The Bean Five

A K Dayton

Thomas Woolworth - The Sixties

The Sixties

Thomas Woolworth

Robert Woodward - Stacked Green

Stacked Green

Robert Woodward

Matt Dobson - Pumpkin Leaf Abstract 2
Carolyn Marshall - Almost


Carolyn Marshall