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Abandoned Rusty Old Trucks



Group Administrator

Steven Bateson

Basehor, KS

United States

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This group was started on October 15th, 2013 and currently has:


157 Members


316 Images


7 Discussions

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Abandoned Rusty Old Trucks

About This Group

Photographs, paintings, and drawings of rusted, busted, and abandoned old trucks.

Busted, rusted, and abandoned on farms, roadways, and cities these relics are often overlooked by modern society. Man, time, and the elements have worked to provide the combination of color, textures, and shapes that take on an ever-changing palette. If time is taken to examine these relics we often find amazing results.

Each member may upload 1 image to the group each day.

Would you also like let everyone know where your rusty old truck is located? Consider posting the location and photograph in the discussion area.

Featured Images

Stacy C Bottoms - Old Blue

Old Blue

Stacy C Bottoms

Terry Rowe - Old Faithful Truck
Meldra Driscoll - Farmer

Farmer's Market

Meldra Driscoll

F Leblanc - The Old Ford v2

The Old Ford v2

F Leblanc

Elise Palmigiani - Old Ford In the Back of...
Reid Callaway - From Death To Life

From Death To Life

Reid Callaway

David Arment - Red Ford Pickup For Sale
Timothy Hacker - Colorful Truck

Colorful Truck

Timothy Hacker

Randall Nyhof - Old Vintage Truck and...
Alana Ranney - The Work Truck

The Work Truck

Alana Ranney

Lee Craig - Ford Gets a Facelift
Allison Jennings - Rust in Peace

Rust in Peace

Allison Jennings

Vivian Christopher - Memories Panorama

Memories Panorama

Vivian Christopher

Tricia Marchlik - Used GMC

Used GMC

Tricia Marchlik

Suzanne Muldrow - Old Ford Detail No. 3

Old Ford Detail No. 3

Suzanne Muldrow

John Wilks - Old Truck and abandoned...
Harry B Brown - Engine 2

Engine 2

Harry B Brown

Diane Enright - Where is the Headlight
Cindy Archbell - Last Resting Place

Last Resting Place

Cindy Archbell

Steven Bateson - International Trucking...
Ken Smith - 1946 White Superpower
Randall  Cogle - Gravel


Randall Cogle

Wally Hampton - Rusty Truck 04

Rusty Truck 04

Wally Hampton

Lance Wurst - Old Truck

Old Truck

Lance Wurst

Brian Flick - 150


Brian Flick

Paul Freidlund - Ford V8 emblem

Ford V8 emblem

Paul Freidlund

Ivey Gabriel - Gold Mine

Gold Mine

Ivey Gabriel

William Hendricks - Wheres Grandad

Wheres Grandad

William Hendricks

Chuck  Hicks - Just The Cab

Just The Cab

Chuck Hicks

Eric Glaser - The End of the Line
Jamie Lynn - Mr. Fender

Mr. Fender

Jamie Lynn

Elaine Haberland - Desert Water Bag

Desert Water Bag

Elaine Haberland

Kyle Wasielewski - Dave

Dave's Old Truck Rescue

Kyle Wasielewski

Heather Kirk - General Motors Truck...
Dan Knowler - Ford Model T Rat Rod...
Eddie Yerkish - High Miles

High Miles

Eddie Yerkish

Patrick Derickson - Dodge V8

Dodge V8

Patrick Derickson

Steven Bateson - Fire Truck Blues

Fire Truck Blues

Steven Bateson

Kurt Von Dietsch - Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture

Kurt Von Dietsch

Cynthia Guinn - Chevrolet 3100 Truck

Chevrolet 3100 Truck

Cynthia Guinn

Bryan Hanson - Old Trucks

Old Trucks

Bryan Hanson

Jean Martin - 1958 Chevrolet Apache
Edser Thomas - Old Truck 5

Old Truck 5

Edser Thomas

Joseph Marquis - Country Living

Country Living

Joseph Marquis

Marty Fancy - Faithful Farm Hand

Faithful Farm Hand

Marty Fancy

Carol Wisniewski - Retired Here

Retired Here

Carol Wisniewski

Mark Rogers    - Rusted Classics - The...
Greg Kluempers - Ford F6 End of the Road...
Dan Julien - Old GMC


Dan Julien

Ashley Mann - GMC No.9

GMC No.9

Ashley Mann

Donald Sewell - Frozen Ford Number Twenty
Ahmed Rashed - Cold and Rusty

Cold and Rusty

Ahmed Rashed

Steve Triplett - A Rusty Abandoned Truck...
Jackson Ordean - Aliso Circle

Aliso Circle '50

Jackson Ordean

Eva Kato - Seen Better Days
Amanda Devitt - Rusty Ford Farm Truck

Rusty Ford Farm Truck

Amanda Devitt

Valerie Loop - Truxton Truck

Truxton Truck

Valerie Loop

Nick Kloepping - International Log Truck
Jackie Carpenter - Grandpa

Grandpa's Mack Truck

Jackie Carpenter

Wayne Meyer - Cathy

Cathy's Truck

Wayne Meyer

Jerry Fornarotto - Abandon Truck

Abandon Truck

Jerry Fornarotto

William Beuther - Runs Good   Needs Work

Runs Good Needs Work

William Beuther

GK Hebert Photography - Rough Chevy

Rough Chevy

GK Hebert Photography

Jim Gerkin - King of the Road

King of the Road

Jim Gerkin

Andrea Goodrich - Abandoned


Andrea Goodrich

Lisa  Telquist - 1941 Dodge Pickup

1941 Dodge Pickup

Lisa Telquist

Owen Pointon - Seen Better Days

Seen Better Days

Owen Pointon

John Stephens - Retired Rusty Relic

Retired Rusty Relic

John Stephens

Paul Mashburn - 1954 Dodge Pickup

1954 Dodge Pickup

Paul Mashburn

Joseph J Stevens - Old Red Nellie

Old Red Nellie

Joseph J Stevens

Jerry Cowart - 1938 Dodge Vintage...
Victor Montgomery - Like A Rock

Like A Rock

Victor Montgomery

Lauren Hunter - As Is

As Is

Lauren Hunter

Richard Bean - Patriotic Winter

Patriotic Winter

Richard Bean

Merrick Imagery - Composed


Merrick Imagery

Jean Noren - Berry Old Truck 2
Sarah Hales - Studebaker


Sarah Hales

Nena Trapp - Colorful Past

Colorful Past

Nena Trapp

James Langner - Nearing The End

Nearing The End

James Langner

Geoffrey Coelho - Chevy C40 No. 1

Chevy C40 No. 1

Geoffrey Coelho

Betty Depee - Last Stop Paradise

Last Stop Paradise

Betty Depee

Dennis Buckman - Of No Further Use

Of No Further Use

Dennis Buckman

Colleen Kammerer - Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels

Colleen Kammerer

Phil Dionne - Rusty Old Farm Truck III
David S Reynolds - Mac Floor

Mac Floor

David S Reynolds

Joseph Harper - Rust In Peace

Rust In Peace

Joseph Harper

James Canning - Vintage Graveyard

Vintage Graveyard

James Canning

Jeff Johnson - Hugo

Hugo's Friends

Jeff Johnson

Janis Morrison - Orange flat deck from...
Richard Stillwell - Old International

Old International

Richard Stillwell

Debby Pueschel - Left to Die

Left to Die

Debby Pueschel

Norm Hoekstra - Rusty Truck

Rusty Truck

Norm Hoekstra

Stephen Stookey - Retired Dodge Truck

Retired Dodge Truck

Stephen Stookey

Diana Sainz - Old Yellow By Diana Sainz
Mike Ronnebeck - Bodie Truck

Bodie Truck

Mike Ronnebeck

David Pinsent - Rusted


David Pinsent

Doug Brook - Abandoned Ford

Abandoned Ford

Doug Brook

Natalie LaRocque - Rustic Winters

Rustic Winters

Natalie LaRocque

Richard Reeve - Handle with Care

Handle with Care

Richard Reeve

Cathy Pierce Payne - Abandoned Truck 2 Round...

Abandoned Truck 2 Round...

Cathy Pierce Payne

Joe Finney - Texas Moving Co. -...