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Abandoned and Forlorn - 3 per day



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Isabella F Abbie Shores

Manchester, Cheshire

United Kingdom

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This group was started on March 29th, 2012 and currently has:


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Abandoned and Forlorn - 3 per day

About This Group

This group is primarily focused on artwork featuring abandoned buildings, vehicles, and other objects.

However, the word forlorn is defined as follows
: bereft, forsaken
: sad and lonely because of isolation or desertion : desolate
: being in poor condition : miserable, wretched
: nearly hopeless

That being the case there is a wider latitude for the subject matter than just abandoned objects. A shot of the deserted landscape of Bandlands National Park in the US could certainly qualify as 'forlorn'. So could a painting of someone standing alone at the end of a pier in NYC on an overcast day. You get the idea.

Group Rules:
1) Any medium allowed, Photography, painting, drawing, digital art, etc.
2) Submissions must be fairly obvious that they fit into 'Abandoned and Forlorn' as described above. I will be pretty liberal in what I accept. However, as an example, abstracts are probably not a good fit, they are often too open to interpretation. If you are unsure about your submission, click the Images tab and look at what images are part of the group to give you feel for what the group is about.
3) Limit 3 images per day please. UPDATE: Sean enabled image limits. I set it to 3 so you don't have to think about it anymore, and I don't have to delete anything!
4) Family friendly. No nudes or so-called 'implied nudity'.
5) Don't be offended if I don't accept one or more of your images without warning. If it isn't within the rules it won't get added to the group.

Featured Images

Randall Nyhof - Death of a Small Midwest...
Bob Christopher - Montana Hauler

Montana Hauler

Bob Christopher

Janine Riley - A Haunting Melody - Old...
Jean Noren - Storm over Abandoned Barn
Phil Koch - There Was A Time
Randall Nyhof - Abandoned Vintage Car...
Wes and Dotty Weber - Harvest Time At Emerson...

Harvest Time At Emerson...

Wes and Dotty Weber

AnnaJo Vahle - Ellen Marie Beached

Ellen Marie Beached

AnnaJo Vahle

Patricia Trudell - Circus Train

Circus Train

Patricia Trudell

Liane Wright - Magnificent Historic...
JC Findley - Message in a Bottle
Lois Bryan -  Just Biding Time
Terry Rowe - Abandoned Dream

Abandoned Dream

Terry Rowe

Susan Candelario - Colorful Rust At ESP

Colorful Rust At ESP

Susan Candelario

Ahmed Rashed - The Test of Time

The Test of Time

Ahmed Rashed

Linda D Lester - Graveyard Cars

Graveyard Cars

Linda D Lester

Priyantha Bhareti - Princes Pier at Dusk

Princes Pier at Dusk

Priyantha Bhareti

Lisa Walsh - Gone


Lisa Walsh

Jean Noren - Look Ma No People
Roland Krawulsky - Cathedral of Work II

Cathedral of Work II

Roland Krawulsky

Lindy Grasser - Moldy Oldy

Moldy Oldy

Lindy Grasser

Edward Fielding - Classic Ford Pickup...

Classic Ford Pickup...

Edward Fielding

Enrico Pelos - 2 WINDOWS AND THE...
Lynn Sprowl - For Rent

For Rent

Lynn Sprowl

Don Wright - WHO Used the Dadgum...
Eric Gendron - Bartlett Station

Bartlett Station

Eric Gendron

Bill Kishonti - Midland Grain Elevator 3
William Havle - Twainhart House

Twainhart House

William Havle

Diana Sainz - Left to Rust by Diana...
Emily Stauring - Hidden In The Pine

Hidden In The Pine

Emily Stauring

Pamela Phelps - Gazebo at the Pond

Gazebo at the Pond

Pamela Phelps

Norma Warden - Shaniko Fire Truck

Shaniko Fire Truck

Norma Warden

Eric Gendron - Boathouse Reflection
Andrew Pacheco - The Old Pier

The Old Pier

Andrew Pacheco

Heather Applegate - Dilapidated


Heather Applegate

Richard Bean - Moulton Mill

Moulton Mill

Richard Bean

Lenora  De Lude - Southwestern Night...

Southwestern Night...

Lenora De Lude

Andrew Paranavitana - Nature

Nature's Reclamation

Andrew Paranavitana

Geoffrey Coelho - Old Wagon in the Barn

Old Wagon in the Barn

Geoffrey Coelho

Andre Faubert - Rusted light

Rusted light

Andre Faubert

Emily Stauring - Abandoned Love

Abandoned Love

Emily Stauring

Ann Powell - Weathered Barn  Stormy...
Darren Wilkes - All Rusted up

All Rusted up

Darren Wilkes

Wes and Dotty Weber - Western Plains Barn D1068

Western Plains Barn D1068

Wes and Dotty Weber

Lois Bryan - Yoooo Hooooo

Yoooo Hooooo

Lois Bryan

Finn Olav Olsen - The Old Church

The Old Church

Finn Olav Olsen

James Eddy - Cabin In A Field Of...
Darren Wilkes - Point Of Ayr Lighthouse
Mike Savad - Jail - Eastern State...
Lance Vaughn - Mojave HDR 016

Mojave HDR 016

Lance Vaughn

Geoffrey Coelho - Underwood Typewriter No....
Alfio Finocchiaro - Baby do not open that...

Baby do not open that...

Alfio Finocchiaro

Bob Phillips - Needs Repairs

Needs Repairs

Bob Phillips

Rick Rauzi - End of the Line

End of the Line

Rick Rauzi

Lance Vaughn - Holbrook AZ - Wigwam...
Gary Heller - This would be the end -...
David Bowman - Dunnottar Castle 1

Dunnottar Castle 1

David Bowman

Paul Freidlund - Abandoned House

Abandoned House

Paul Freidlund

Janine Riley - Barn window Peering...
Benanne Stiens - Miles Country Store

Miles Country Store

Benanne Stiens

Michelle Burkhardt - Neglect in Red

Neglect in Red

Michelle Burkhardt

Rebecca Skinner - Old Friends

Old Friends

Rebecca Skinner

JC Findley - Shipwrecked


JC Findley

Jessica Berlin - Bowling Ally Ball Return
Gary Heller - Al Capone
Victor Montgomery - Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue

Victor Montgomery

Don Wright - ITs A FOOOORD


Don Wright

Rene Triay Photography - What it Once Was

What it Once Was

Rene Triay Photography

Randall Nyhof - Last Days of the Jamie G
Joe Schofield - No Respect

No Respect

Joe Schofield

Phil Dionne - Window To The Soul II