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Aquira Kusume

Hirakata, Osaka


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Sumi-e or Suiboku-ga (ink wash painting) is a Japanese or Chinese way of drawing a picture. We use only black ink, which is called 'sumi', using a thin brush (fude). Of course, we don't use any colors except black. We usually draw on paper or silk cloth.
In Sumi-e, we usually grind inkstick over an inkstone to obtain black ink, but prepared inks (bokuju) are also available. Most inksticks are made of either pine or oil soot combined with animal glue.
Even if you want to put some colors, they should be one or two thin ones.
This may be new to you, but I hope you'll try it once, because you have already mastered anything Japanese, like Ukiyo-e and Haiku (very short poem) , not speaking of Judo, Kendo, Karate, or Sumo.

Featured Images

Aquira Kusume - New Sumie 166

New Sumie 166

Aquira Kusume

Roberto Prusso - State of Symbiosis

State of Symbiosis

Roberto Prusso

Aquira Kusume - New Sumie 045

New Sumie 045

Aquira Kusume

Aquira Kusume - Bay Blues 017

Bay Blues 017

Aquira Kusume

Taikan Nishimoto - Music Played On The Harp

Music Played On The Harp

Taikan Nishimoto

Aquira Kusume - Bay Blues 014

Bay Blues 014

Aquira Kusume

Laura Gilmore - Quail


Laura Gilmore

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 130227-4

Sumi-e 130227-4

Aquira Kusume

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 121224-4

Sumi-e 121224-4

Aquira Kusume

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120926-4

Sumi-e 120926-4

Aquira Kusume

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120925-5

Sumi-e 120925-5

Aquira Kusume

Lidija Ivanek - SiLa - Alps Black And White Painting

Alps Black And White Painting

Lidija Ivanek - SiLa

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120924-3

Sumi-e 120924-3

Aquira Kusume

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120924-1

Sumi-e 120924-1

Aquira Kusume

Ousama Lazkani - Tiger head

Tiger head

Ousama Lazkani

Alethea McKee - Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful

Alethea McKee

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120728-4

Sumi-e 120728-4

Aquira Kusume

Oiyee  At Oystudio - The Trek South

The Trek South

Oiyee At Oystudio

Aquira Kusume - Sumi-e 120727-1

Sumi-e 120727-1

Aquira Kusume