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Urban Environment Scenes and City Graffiti



Group Administrator

Yurix Sardinelly

Auckland, E7

New Zealand

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Group Overview

This group was started on August 14th, 2011 and currently has:


339 Members


6,078 Images


16 Discussions

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 Urban Environment Scenes and City Graffiti

About This Group

Express the spirit of an Urban environment.

( An URBAN AREA is characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to areas surrounding it.
Urban areas may be cities, towns or conurbations, but the term is not commonly extended to rural settlements such as villages and hamlets.)

All street artworks/Urban Art, Graffiti, permission walls,
people in the City, City Scenes etc.

Anything really.Could be colored , could be black and white.
Could be cheerful and bright or grunge and gloomy; abstract, realistic, conceptual, philosophical etc.

Please only quality images that you are proud of.

3 works per member per day ONLY please :)

The administrator reserves the right to remove all images that do not fit the format of the group or basic quality standards, but please do not be offended if that is your case.

As administrator I promise to sincerely respect all members and all presented works and provide relaxed and friendly group environment.
Welcome to all :)))

Featured Images

David Bowman - Watercolours


David Bowman

Imran Ahmed - Japanese tourists ride...
Brian Wallace - Red Beret

Red Beret

Brian Wallace

Chuck  Hicks - Crazy Red

Crazy Red

Chuck Hicks

Miriam Danar - Snowy Day - New York...
Chuck  Hicks - Casting A Gaze

Casting A Gaze

Chuck Hicks

Miriam Danar - The Glass of Water

The Glass of Water

Miriam Danar

Kathleen K Parker - Rainy Day Menu Reading

Rainy Day Menu Reading

Kathleen K Parker

Andrei SKY - How fragile we are
Phil Robinson - The Mask

The Mask

Phil Robinson

Steve Harrington - Turf Claim

Turf Claim

Steve Harrington

Yurix Sardinelly - Hallucinogenic Graffiti...
Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Russell Styles - Nothing Hides The Colour...
Brian Wallace - Stafford Hotel - Textures
Andrei SKY - Night street light
Valentino Visentini - Stop Glacee

Stop Glacee

Valentino Visentini

Mary Lee Dereske - Searching


Mary Lee Dereske

Denise Dube - Stairway to Heaven SCP...
Phil Robinson - Prague Spraycan 1

Prague Spraycan 1

Phil Robinson

Miriam Danar - Girl Walking - Noir -...
Erik Brede - Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Erik Brede

Lance Vaughn - Chicago - S Michigan Ave...
Stefan Stevanovic - Traveler


Stefan Stevanovic

Andrei SKY - Rainy abstract

Rainy abstract

Andrei SKY

Yurix Sardinelly - Hallucinogenic Skull...

Hallucinogenic Skull...

Yurix Sardinelly

Rene Triay Photography - Sunset Over the Arena HDR

Sunset Over the Arena HDR

Rene Triay Photography

Denise Dube - Urban Micky

Urban Micky

Denise Dube

Ash Sharesomephotos - Barclays Boris BIkes

Barclays Boris BIkes

Ash Sharesomephotos

Newel Hunter - Vain


Newel Hunter

Ed Weidman - The Other Side Of Love
Victoria Herrera - Beggar


Victoria Herrera

Valentino Visentini - Leave the Cup Behind

Leave the Cup Behind

Valentino Visentini

Hon ning Tse - Busy Highway At Night
Imran Ahmed - Street scene with...
Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Alley at...
Miriam Danar - Night Walk in the City -...
Heart On Sleeve ART  - Illuminati


Heart On Sleeve ART

Imran Ahmed - Bus with woman in road...
Newel Hunter - Hell for Husbands

Hell for Husbands

Newel Hunter

Steven Milner - Twisted Decay - Abstract...
Phil Robinson - Undercroft One

Undercroft One

Phil Robinson

Timothy Lowry - Lonely Street of Blues
Alfredo  Maffei - Joao-ninguem


Alfredo Maffei

Gun Legler - Lost


Gun Legler

Allen Beatty - Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Allen Beatty

Victoria Herrera - Graffiti Smiling Cat...

Graffiti Smiling Cat...

Victoria Herrera

Ed Weidman - New York Harbor Fleet...
Delphimages Photo Creations - Fleet street London

Fleet street London

Delphimages Photo Creations

David Bowman - Cubic Star

Cubic Star

David Bowman

Jim Fitzpatrick - I Left My Turkey in San...
Jim Fitzpatrick - The Rear of the Old...

The Rear of the Old...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Delphimages Photo Creations - Montmartre Hotel...

Montmartre Hotel...

Delphimages Photo Creations

Russell Styles - Asphalt jungle

Asphalt jungle

Russell Styles

Vivienne Gucwa - Bryant Park - Winter...
Robert Versteegen - Station


Robert Versteegen

Rene Triay Photography - Bright Green

Bright Green

Rene Triay Photography

Daliana Pacuraru - Street Photography -...

Street Photography -...

Daliana Pacuraru

Heart On Sleeve ART  - Stop Go

Stop Go

Heart On Sleeve ART

Ethna Gillespie - Beast


Ethna Gillespie

Agrofilms Photography - Gonner


Agrofilms Photography

Chelsea Davidson - Marilyn


Chelsea Davidson

David Bowman - Twin Towers

Twin Towers

David Bowman

Emmanouil Klimis - Walkers


Emmanouil Klimis

Imran Ahmed - Budapest Palace at night...
Imran Ahmed - Cooking breakfast early...
Nafets Nuarb - spy in Dresden

spy in Dresden

Nafets Nuarb

Emmanouil Klimis - Dark Road

Dark Road

Emmanouil Klimis

Rene Triay Photography - Reflecting City Lights

Reflecting City Lights

Rene Triay Photography

Kathleen K Parker - French Quarter Dining at...

French Quarter Dining at...

Kathleen K Parker

Mike Royal - Raining Fear

Raining Fear

Mike Royal

Christopher Gaston - Graffiti


Christopher Gaston

Erik Brede - The Asylum Project -...
Russell Styles -


Russell Styles

Shaun Hopkinson - Rock Lover

Rock Lover

Shaun Hopkinson

Nicholas  Grunas - Red Rose Prada

Red Rose Prada

Nicholas Grunas

Erik Brede - Trinidad in Color Part...
Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Window Shopping In The...

Window Shopping In The...

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Russell Styles - It
Kathleen Struckle - Grand Island Bridges

Grand Island Bridges

Kathleen Struckle

Erik Brede - Nyhavn Harbor

Nyhavn Harbor

Erik Brede

Steven Milner - No


Steven Milner

Cindy Wright - Lime Green

Lime Green

Cindy Wright

Rene Triay Photography - Old Man the Sea and His...

Old Man the Sea and His...

Rene Triay Photography

Joachim G Pinkawa - on an early sunday...

on an early sunday...

Joachim G Pinkawa

Vivienne Gucwa - Nocturne - Night - New...
Erik Brede - The Asylum Project -...
Steve Harrington - Marching To His Own...

Marching To His Own...

Steve Harrington

Steven Milner - Wall Of Famous Authors
Emanuel Tanjala - Lunch time in Washington...
Christine Till - Fog accents of Seattle WA
Susan Savad - At the Ice Cream Parlor...
Steven Milner - Grid Patterns Under The...
Benjamin Matthijs - Hamburg city hall

Hamburg city hall

Benjamin Matthijs

Bob Niederriter - Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision

Bob Niederriter

Alan Harman - Art or Vandalism No.2
Catherine Fenner - Echo


Catherine Fenner

Rene Triay Photography - Stare Intensity--Wynwood

Stare Intensity--Wynwood

Rene Triay Photography

Christine Till - Cityscape Tokyo Japan

Cityscape Tokyo Japan

Christine Till

Yelena Tylkina - Metamorphoses


Yelena Tylkina

Susan Savad - Meet Me at the S and W
Steve Harrington - I Got Rhythm

I Got Rhythm

Steve Harrington

John Telfer - Back To The Sixties
Benjamin Matthijs - Windows of Bo-Kaap

Windows of Bo-Kaap

Benjamin Matthijs

Joan  Minchak - Lone Bike in France

Lone Bike in France

Joan Minchak